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2 cemeteries found

CawarralHelena Lane, Cawarral QLD 470223
WarconsWarcons Rd, Cawarral QLD 47020

23 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
BotoColin George15 Mar 193126 May 200877Cawarral QLD
BotoJoan15 May 1930dau/Thomas George & Marina AnnCawarral QLD
BotoKim Weston (Kimmy)1960?30 Jul 19666Cawarral QLD
Boto (Sleeman)Marina Ann5 Jun 19042 Jul 200096dau/Charles & Sarah Jane (Neale); w/Thomas GeorgeCawarral QLD
BotoNeale6 Sep 19790son/Noel & BeverleyCawarral QLD
BotoRex1970?18 Nov 198313Cawarral QLD
BotoThomas George29 Jan 18993 May 197273son/John & Susan (Moyle); h/Marina AnnCawarral QLD
Chadwick (Hall)Ellen1841?3 Dec 190261dau/John & Ann (Pidcock); w/Henry JCawarral QLD
FlenadyRoy Henry8 May 192630 Dec 199771Cawarral QLD
GordonDorothy May28 Jun 193725 Jan 199860Cawarral QLD
GrayNorman John3 Jul 2002Cawarral QLD
HolroydJohn Henry1864?16 Feb 191954son/Robert Henry & Mary Ann (Niven)Cawarral QLD
LyonCoral Isobelle1918?12 Nov 200789w/Digby JCawarral QLD
LyonDigby J1923?3 Mar 200278h/Coral IsobelleCawarral QLD
LyonDonald Digby1939?25 Feb 197232son/Digby J & Coral IsobelleCawarral QLD
LyonErrol Bertrand (Sarge)13 Apr 194122 Jan 200967R54471Cawarral QLD
LyonJohn Fawcett1843?21 Jan 192177son/Richard & Ursula (Fawcett); h/MaryCawarral QLD
LyonJohn Fawcett1882?13 Feb 190724son/John Fawcett & MaryCawarral QLD
Lyon (Brennan)Mary1853?27 Jul 190754dau/Patrick & Margaret (Purcell); w/John FawcettCawarral QLD
PeckoverJohn1 Jan 19101 Aug 200797Cawarral QLD
Peckover (Pocock)Mary Ellen3 Jun 191713 Feb 198870Cawarral QLD
SimpsonJustin James15 Oct 197430 May 200025Cawarral QLD
SmithJames Ernest73Cawarral QLD

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