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BexhillGrace Road., Bexhill NSW 2480293

293 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
AllenElizabeth1893?20 Jun 194249dau/Jack & AnnBexhill NSW
AllenJohn Henry1888?3 Jul 193345son/John H & Mary R HBexhill NSW
ArthurAnnie1891?27 Jun 191524dau/Daniel & Kate Griffin; w/Joseph HBexhill NSW
BaileyAmos16 Nov 1865194580son/Thomas & Mary; h/Louisa MBexhill NSW
Bailey (Snowdon)Louisa M18 Jun 1857192567dau/Thomas & Susanah; w/AmosBexhill NSW
BarberAlfred1842?21 Sep 192381h/MaryBexhill NSW
BarberMary1863?14 Jul 190643w/AlfredBexhill NSW
Bassett (Johnston)Gladys Irene1909?8 Nov 199283w/JohnBexhill NSW
BassettJohn1904?30 Apr 197975son/Francis & Flora Rankin; h/JohnBexhill NSW
BeacomElizabeth1886?17 Apr 18904dau/Robert & ElizabethBexhill NSW
BeacomHenry1884?24 Apr 18906son/Robert & ElizabethBexhill NSW
BeacomHilda Grace1913?26 Feb 198268w/John HBexhill NSW
BeacomJohn H14 Mar 1986h/Hilda GraceBexhill NSW
BennettDoris M1912?22 Jan 198673Bexhill NSWCol
BennettPhilip H1921?30 Jul 200786Bexhill NSWCol
BinneyAileen22 Jun 191713 Feb 200789Bexhill NSW
BlackEmily22 Jun 1899dau/John S & LydiaBexhill NSW
BoyesElla Mary18971995Bexhill NSW
BradburyChristina1846?13 Nov 192781w/ThomasBexhill NSW
BradburyThomas1846?16 Jun 191266h/ChristinaBexhill NSW
Brewer (Hunter)Charlotte Jane1875?12 Sep 195378dau/William & Anne; w/Robert HenryBexhill NSW
BrewerRobert Henry10 Aug 18633 Nov 192764son/William & Mary (Tew); b. Jones Island, Manning River, NSW, Australia; h/Theresa (Smart) & Charlotte Jane (Hunter)Bexhill NSW
ButlerLeonard (Paddy)1896?22 Aug 196468Bexhill NSW
CameronAllan1846?11 Feb 191164son/Angus & Sarah; h/MargaretBexhill NSW
CameronHugh1882?4 Aug 191836son/Allan & MargaretBexhill NSW
CameronJean McLachlan1888?15 May 191022dau/Lachlan & Sarah JaneBexhill NSW
CameronLachlan1840?1 Jun 192686h/Sarah JaneBexhill NSW
CameronMargaret1856?15 Sep 193276dau/Angus & Margaret; w/AllanBexhill NSW
CameronMargaret1877?3 Sep 190932dau/Allan & MargaretBexhill NSW
CameronRuby Bethel1889?1 May 190920dau/Allan & Margaret; b. MacLean NSW, AustraliaBexhill NSW
Cameron (McLeod)Sarah Jane1855?23 Nov 192671dau/Norman & Christina; w/LachlanBexhill NSW
CampbellDenis Geoffrey (Dino)6 Jul 19417 Sep 200463Bexhill NSW
CampbellRoslyn Patricia (Roz)28 Dec 194120 Aug 200260Bexhill NSW
CasonAnnie Beryl22 May 19164 Oct 200185w/Frederick GriffithBexhill NSW
CasonFrederick Griffith1916?28 Jul 199680h/Annie Beryl; 32671Bexhill NSW
ClarkAnn1815?3 Sep 190590w/FrancisBexhill NSW
ClarkCharlotte1856?1 Apr 194690dau/CharlesBexhill NSW
ClarkDavid1855?17 Oct 193075son/David & AgnesBexhill NSW
ClarkJames1850?23 Nov 191060son/Frank & AnnBexhill NSW
ClarkWilliam K14 Oct 1921son/JohnBexhill NSW
Clarke (Dawes)Hilda May16 Sep 19024 Jul 199188dau/Caleb & Annie; w/Reginald DavidBexhill NSW
ClarkeReginald David1896?8 Jul 198892h/Hilda May; 2932Bexhill NSW
ColesGeorge W (Sonny)14 Mar 193530 Jul 199762Bexhill NSWCol
ConnorDeniBexhill NSW
CookeAnnie Jean1873?6 Apr 190633dau/John & ChristinaBexhill NSW
Cooke (Hunter)Dorothy Frances1904?12 May 197672dau/John Robert & Emily Hunter; w/Ewing EdgarBexhill NSW
CookeEwing Edgar1892?4 Jan 197279son/Samuel & Isabella; h/Dorothy FrancesBexhill NSW
CookeRobert A2 Sep 1902son/Samuel R & IsabellaBexhill NSW
CrossDaniel1830?20 Jun 192191b. Cambridgeshire, England; h/SarahBexhill NSW
CrossMinnie1884?18 Aug 192137dau/Daniel & SarahBexhill NSW
CrossSarah1831?26 Mar 191280b. Huntingdonshire, England; w/DanielBexhill NSW
CrowtherGraham J10 Apr 19562 Dec 199842Bexhill NSWCol
Crozier (Gray)Jane1811?15 Sep 189180?formerly Hetherington; dau/John & Mary (Hetherington); b. Co Fermanagh, Ireland; w/John (Hetherington) & HenryBexhill NSWUnmarked
CullenHenry1854?27 Jan 193580son/William & Mary A; h/Margaret WrightBexhill NSW
CullenMargaret Wright1855?11 Jul 194893dau/William & Christina; w/HenryBexhill NSW
DawesAlexander Caleb7 Jan 19380son/Gilbert R & Marion MaryBexhill NSW
DawesAnnieJul?19065 Dec 19093dau/Caleb & Annie MargaretBexhill NSW
Dawes (Wilson)Annie Margaret18754 May 197197dau/John & Annie; b. Kiama, NSW; w/CalebBexhill NSW
DawesCaleb2 Jun 18703 Jan 195887son/Richard & Mary (Pearson); b. Dapto, NSW; h/Annie Margaret (Wilson)Bexhill NSW
Dawes (Gregory)Clara Ann187620 Nov 197599dau/William & Sarah (Pearson); b. Berrima, NSW; w/GeorgeBexhill NSW
DawesGeorge1 Dec 186822 Jan 195182son/Richard & Mary (Pearson); b. Wollongong, NSW; h/Clara Ann (Gregory)Bexhill NSW
DawesJames William1936?23 Dec 195115son/Gilbert R & Marion MaryBexhill NSW
DawesLaura JeanDec 19134 Feb 19140dau/Caleb & Annie MargaretBexhill NSW
DawesMarion Mary1906?27 Oct 195448w/Gilbert RBexhill NSW
Dawes (Pearson)Mary1843?2 Jan 193187dau/James & Zilpah; w/RichardBexhill NSW
DawesMillie Irene1908?6 Feb 192112dau/Caleb & Annie MargaretBexhill NSW
DawesRichard22 Oct 184527 Nov 192075son/Edward Bannister & Elizabeth (Hukins); b. Albion Park, NSW; h/Mary (Pearson)Bexhill NSW
DealAnna1866?3 Nov 190034w/JohnBexhill NSW
DeanHarrie18531942h/EmilyBexhill NSW
DeevesClarence H1885?25 Jun 191732son/Henry & ElizabethBexhill NSW
DeevesElizabeth1846?11 May 191165dau/Stephen & HannahBexhill NSW
DeevesElizabeth A Y1857?21 Nov 194083w/HenryBexhill NSW
DeevesHenry1853?11 Dec 192875h/Elizabeth A YBexhill NSW
DeevesHenry1854?11 Dec 192874b. Co Tipperary, IrelandBexhill NSW
DeevesHenry George (Harry)1914?28 Jun 198167NX73369Bexhill NSW
DeevesJohn1925?4 Oct 198459Bexhill NSW
DeevesMary Elizabeth1885?8 Aug 192742w/Oliver ClydeBexhill NSW
DeevesMuriel Elizabeth1919?13 Aug 19212dau/Oliver & MaryBexhill NSW
DeevesOliver Clyde1886?5 Nov 194256h/Mary Elizabeth; 558Bexhill NSW
DeevesRichard1836?12 Dec 190569son/Stephen & HannahBexhill NSW
Dior (Chapman)Neica1921?4 Oct 200988Bexhill NSWCol
FairfullLillias Fraser1868?10 Sep 193870w/Thomas AuchterlonieBexhill NSW
FairfullRonald James1899?8 Mar 193737son/Thomas A & Lillias FBexhill NSW
FairfullThomas Auchterlonie1867?1 May 195487h/Lillias FraserBexhill NSW
FitzpatrickFlorence Yvonne1925?15 Jul 199873w/LesBexhill NSW
FunnellJames18282 Jun 1912b. Sussex, EnglandBexhill NSW
FunnellJane23 Sep 1897b. Paisley, ScotlandBexhill NSW
GarrettElsie AdaMar 1891dau/Henry & JemimaBexhill NSW
GayAnnie1861?12 Jan 189129w/JohnBexhill NSW
GayRobert CharltonJan 18906 Nov 18900son/John & AnnieBexhill NSW
GibsonBarry Charles9 May 194418 Jul 199955Bexhill NSW
GleesonLeslie Michael1916?15 Jul 198569Bexhill NSW
GleesonMarcel Cora1916?22 Nov 199579Bexhill NSW
GodbeeEliza1839?27 Dec 191879w/JohnBexhill NSW
GodbeeJohnApr?183622 Oct 190872h/ElizaBexhill NSW
GraceJoycew/Mervyn HarveyBexhill NSW
GraceMervyn Harvey14 Jun 19169 Feb 199477h/JoyceBexhill NSW
GrayBruce S24 Jun 19615 Aug 199332Bexhill NSW
GrayOswald7 Jan 19191 Jul 19190son/John J & Hannah SBexhill NSW
GrebertHarold Colin1912?26 Jun 199280QX7430Bexhill NSWCol
GrebertMildred RoseJun?190917 Nov 192112dau/Anthony & Agnes JBexhill NSW
GregoryDouglas Henry1918?5 May 196345son/Stanley George & EffieBexhill NSW
GregoryEffie1888?10 Jul 196577w/Stanley GeorgeBexhill NSW
GregoryJemima Jane1860?25 Jul 194282dau/William & SarahBexhill NSW
GregoryLloyd William24 Jun 192312 Jun 200783Bexhill NSW
GregoryMervyn Stanley1913?28 Jun 194532son/Stanley George & EffieBexhill NSW
Gregory (Pearson)Sarah1 Aug 183814 Jun 191578dau/James & Zilpah (Andrews); b. Aylesbury,Buckinghamshire, England; w/WilliamBexhill NSWMethodist H2
GregoryStanley George1885?26 Nov 195065h/EffieBexhill NSW
GregoryVida Grace15 Feb 19151 Jun 200085w/DougBexhill NSWCol
GregoryWilliam9 Feb 184031 Mar 191375son/William & Rebecca (Dearling); b. Wescott,Surrey, England; h/Sarah (Pearson)Bexhill NSWMethodist H1
Hall (Kingsland)Emily Ruth1866?190438dau/George & Matilda; w/George W HBexhill NSW
HaugWilliam Albert1871?3 Dec 192554son/Charles & Mary HBexhill NSW
HavilahCaroline1852?31 Jan 193784w/EugeneBexhill NSW
HavilahEugene1849?13 Apr 193586h/CarolineBexhill NSW
HavilahInez Maisie1910?2 Oct 199585w/John EugeneBexhill NSWCol
HavilahIsabel Mary1882?189513dau/Eugene & CarolineBexhill NSW
HavilahJohn Eugene (Hugh)1908?27 Mar 199889h/Inez MaisieBexhill NSWCol
HendersonJack1911?22 May 200695h/Vera ElsieBexhill NSWCol
Henderson (Clark)Vera Elsie1911?27 Jun 200594w/JackBexhill NSWCol
HingThomas Harold Richard1914?14 Jul 198874Bexhill NSW
HughesAlan Lindsay1918?22 Mar 198768son/Henry Hercules & Violet WilliaminaBexhill NSW
HughesHenry Hercules14 Apr 1964son/Henry & Mary AnneBexhill NSW
HughesViolet Williamina9 Feb 1965dau/Henry & Margaret; w/Henry HerculesBexhill NSW
Hunter (Burns)Anne1842?30 Apr 191775w/WilliamBexhill NSW
HunterArthur Reuben1911?4 Feb 196755son/John Robert & Emily; h/GraceBexhill NSW
Hunter (Blencowe)Emily1870193968dau/Thomas & Eliza; b. Burrawang NSW; w/John RobertBexhill NSW
HunterEsther Anne1866?22 Oct 191650dau/William & AnnBexhill NSW
HunterEvelyn (Madge)27 Mar 19189 May 201092w/Frederick JamesBexhill NSW
HunterFrederick James4 Dec 191324 Jun 198975h/Evelyn (Madge)Bexhill NSW
Hunter (McMinn)Grace1910?20 Jul 2010100w/Arthur ReubenBexhill NSW
HunterGrace Evangeline1907?19 Aug 19158dau/John R & EmilyBexhill NSW
HunterGwendoline Edith4 Feb 193514 May 200671Bexhill NSW
Hunter (McMinn)Jessie Rosetta26 Dec 191323 Nov 199177dau/Samuel John & Grace Jane (Douglas); b. Bellingen, NSW, Australia; w/Victor CecilBexhill NSW
HunterJohn Clive1904?5 Feb 195954h/Vera Emma EdithBexhill NSW
HunterJohn F W1 Apr 19419 Oct 201069Bexhill NSWCol
HunterJohn Robert1867?193770son/William & Ann; h/EmilyBexhill NSW
HunterMary Ellenor1885?24 Jul 191934w/FrederickBexhill NSW
HunterOwen BennettMar 19104 Jun 19100son/John R & EmilyBexhill NSW
Hunter (Alexander)Vera Emma Edith1907?11 Mar 200193w/John CliveBexhill NSW
HunterVictor Alexander7 May 19506 Mar 19532son/Victor Cecil & Jessie Rosetta (McMinn)Bexhill NSW
HunterVictor Cecil7 Nov 191418 Jul 199176h/Jessie Rosetta (McMinn)Bexhill NSW
HunterWilliam1832?12 Jan 191178h/AnneBexhill NSW
JacksonTony A13 Feb 195722 Apr 198528h/JenniferBexhill NSWCol
JamesJames Kernick30 Jan 186126 Mar 192160son/William & MariaBexhill NSW
JamesJoseph Cyril12 Sep 188916 Aug 190919son/John & SarahBexhill NSW
JohnstonJames181529 Jul 189782son/Andrew & RebeccaBexhill NSW
JonesChristopher Charles4 Nov 19456 Sep 200458h/LorraineBexhill NSWCol
JosephEmanuel1854?17 Oct 191056Bexhill NSW
KendallWilliam1884?Jan 191429Bexhill NSW
KnightArthur Joseph1881?20 Oct 192039h/EthelBexhill NSW
KnightColin John1919?29 Jul 199071son/Arthur Joseph & Ethel; h/ShirleyBexhill NSW
Knight (Pearson)Ellen1846?26 May 192882dau/James & Zilpah; w/JohnBexhill NSW
KnightJohn17 Mar 18449 Aug 191975son/George & Rebecca (Dearling); b. Shellharbour, NSW; h/Ellen (Pearson)Bexhill NSW
KnightThomas31 Jan 184621 Apr 192579son/George & Rebecca (Dearling); b. Jamberoo, NSW; h/Cecilla (Cavill) & Elizabeth (Smith)Bexhill NSW
LaingAgnes1817?26 Apr 190184Bexhill NSW
LaingJohn1821?24 May 190079Bexhill NSW
LancasterBetty Joy1927?5 Apr 198659Bexhill NSWCol
LawrenceClive Henry29 Feb 1988Bexhill NSWCol
LeeRitchard G J (Ritchie)Dec 1890?7 Sep 190110son/Richard G C & ElizabethBexhill NSW
LloydKaren Jeannette7 Dec 19609 Aug 200443Bexhill NSW
LocktonAlice AmeliaNov?187017 Jul 192150dau/William & Mary; w/WilliamBexhill NSW
LocktonAlice Mary28 Feb 1955dau/William & Alice AmeliaBexhill NSW
LocktonCharles1899?10 Dec 198485son/William & Alice; h/Lillias FBexhill NSWCol
LocktonEmily May1894?6 Sep 1997103dau/William & AliceBexhill NSW
LocktonErnest1892?9 Sep 18920son/William & Alice AmeliaBexhill NSW
Lockton (Fairfull)Lillias F (Queenie)1901?21 Aug 199897w/CharlesBexhill NSWCol
LocktonWilliam1846?24 Mar 193386son/Charles & Elizabeth; h/Alice AmeliaBexhill NSW
LocktonWilliam Henry7?Nov 189119 Dec 18910son/William & Alice AmeliaBexhill NSW
LovellWilliam1913?12 Jun 199582h/Joyce; NX65789Bexhill NSW
Maguire (McKinnon)Mary McDonald16 Oct 1985w/John FrancisBexhill NSW
MallonRobin Mariee13 Jan 195914 Dec 200142Bexhill NSW
ManewellIsabella1841?18 Jan 191977Bexhill NSW
ManewellJohn18 Aug 1928son/Ambrose & ElizaBexhill NSW
ManewellJohn Charles1881?1 Aug 194867son/John & IsabelBexhill NSW
ManewellLilian LeeJan 1880?1 Nov 195373dau/Joshua & LydiaBexhill NSW
MatthewsRobert1857?1 Jun 192366Bexhill NSW
MaxwellHarold Ambrose1905?22 Mar 196761son/Paterson & Lilias FredaBexhill NSW
Maxwell (Bradbery)Lilias Freda1876?12 Aug 196488dau/Thomas & Christeena; w/PatersonBexhill NSW
MaxwellPaterson1866?29 Nov 194377son/John & Ann Jane; h/Lilias FredaBexhill NSW
McGovernEllen1868?12 Jul 191547w/JosephBexhill NSW
McGovernJoseph1869?28 Jul 195990h/EllenBexhill NSW
McKinnon (McDonald)Mary183723 Mar 189759dau/Kenneth & Catherine; b. NSW, Australia; w/RoderickBexhill NSW
McKinnonMary Isabella1864?21 Mar 195287dau/Roderick & MaryBexhill NSW
McKinnonRoderick1835?29 Aug 191479son/Malcolm & Sarah; h/Mary (McDonald)Bexhill NSW
McLeayRobert J1872?5 Mar 190532son/Robert & Mary JBexhill NSW
McMinnAlexander WatsonJun 1972son/James & Lydia; h/EdnaBexhill NSW
McMinn (Hunter)Edna1901?9 Sep 193130w/Alexander WatsonBexhill NSW
McPhersonColin1833?24 Apr 192087son/John & AnneBexhill NSW
McPhersonColin1878?4 Jun 192951son/Hugh & Jane EllenBexhill NSW
McPherson (Hunter)Hazel Emily1912?25 Sep 198775w/Robert JohnBexhill NSWCol
McPhersonHugh1830?18 Feb 190978h/Jane EllenBexhill NSW
McPhersonJane Ellen1837?8 May 191578w/HughBexhill NSW
McPhersonJohn1870?30 Nov 195181son/Hugh & Jane EllenBexhill NSW
McPhersonRobert John1909?17 May 199081h/Hazel EmilyBexhill NSWCol
MitchellJessieBexhill NSW
NobleAlice M188517 Mar 18905dau/John & Isabella (McGill); b. Lismore, NSWBexhill NSW
NobleAnn Elizabeth (Annie)1876Jan 18804dau/John & Isabella (McGill); b. Burrawang, NSWBexhill NSW
Noble (Gabb)Annie Luella1917?16 Aug 199174w/Norman StuartBexhill NSWCol
NobleGeorge A188712 Mar 18881son/John & Isabella (McGill); b. Lismore, NSWBexhill NSW
NobleHazel MarySep 190715 Aug 19080dau/Thomas & Susannah MBexhill NSW
Noble (McGill)Isabella23 Aug 184523 May 191569dau/Andrew & Jean (McNiven); b. Albion Park, NSW; w/JohnBexhill NSW
NobleJohn4 Aug 18448 Oct 191571son/John & Ann (Fletcher); b. Jamberoo, NSW; h/Isabella (McGill)Bexhill NSW
NobleJosiah George1866?23 Dec 195690son/John & AnnBexhill NSW
NobleMartha1862?30 Sep 192866dau/Robert & AnnBexhill NSW
NobleMary1835?5 Jan 192387b. County Fermanagh, IrelandBexhill NSW
NobleMavis Elizabeth Irene1904?30 Sep 198278Bexhill NSW
NobleNorman A18839 Nov 18896son/John & Isabella (McGill); b. Lismore, NSWBexhill NSW
NobleNorman Stuart1902?23 Nov 198179h/Annie LuellaBexhill NSWCol
NobleRobert Alison188118 May 190726son/John & Isabella (McGill); b. Robertson, NSWBexhill NSW
OddieWilliam10 Jun 1995b. Edinburgh, Scotland; h/MaryBexhill NSWCol
OsborneEmily Frances23 Apr 1873Aug 1912w/Ernest MauriceBexhill NSW
OsborneErnest Maurice1869?13 Feb 192353h/Emily FrancesBexhill NSW
Osborne (Baldwin)Esther184617 Jul 192579dau/Thomas & Louisa (Davis); b. Gloucestershire, England; w/TheodoreBexhill NSWPresbyterian
OsborneEsther1849?17 Jul 192576dau/Thomas & LouisaBexhill NSW
OussaSharif Awad19702010son/Awad & ArmidaBexhill NSW
PageKathleen1916?8 May 199377Bexhill NSWCol
ParkerSamuel James1909?23 Feb 19166son/Samuel & Mary CBexhill NSW
ParnellClarice Janette1887?25 Sep 193346dau/Robert & Charlotte MariaBexhill NSW
Parnell (Childs)Frances Ruby1901?2 Jul 196867dau/Henry & Ada; w/LawrenceBexhill NSW
ParnellLawrence1879?13 Feb 194565son/Thomas & Elizabeth; h/Frances RubyBexhill NSW
PearsonEdward31 Aug 18442 Mar 193186b. Donegal, IrelandBexhill NSW
PearsonElizabeth8 Feb 185722 Mar 194285b. Donegal, IrelandBexhill NSW
PerryEsmond John1915?30 Aug 199378NX43440Bexhill NSW
PerryKathryn Joan1 Jul 191811 Dec 200082Bexhill NSW
PisaniMichael Vincent1952?4 Apr 200452Bexhill NSW
ReidStephen John8 Nov 19614 May 200543Bexhill NSW
RestallDelma ElizabethMay?194910 Oct 19512dau/George Kenneth & Helen HazelBexhill NSW
RoseGordon Clarence1919?28 Sep 199172h/Nancy MargaretBexhill NSWCol
RoseNancy Margaret1924?10 Feb 201085w/Gordon ClarenceBexhill NSWCol
SandeesonCharlotte Maria1858?19 Oct 192769dau/William & MaryBexhill NSW
SandeesonIrene Eleanor1892?2 Aug 194250dau/Robert & Charlotte MariaBexhill NSW
Sandeeson (Skinner)JanetJun?182023 Jan 190382dau/Alexander & Isobel (Jopp); b. Rhynie, Aberdeenshire, Scotland; w/JohnBexhill NSW
SargentAbba Sophia13 Jun 189715 Oct 19003dau/George Washington & BridgetBexhill NSW
SargentBridget Maria8 Aug 185712 May 190850w/George WashingtonBexhill NSW
SargentSamuel Wells1827?23 Apr 189568h/CarolineBexhill NSW
Schultz (Sargent)Abba Sophia24 Jan 186218 Jul 189432dau/Samuel Wells & Caroline; w/JohnBexhill NSW
SeagerThomas W12 Jan 191011 Nov 200696Bexhill NSW
ShackellIleen Teresa1885?7 Dec 190520dau/Bernard & ElizabethBexhill NSW
Sharpe (Windsor)Elizabeth Charlotte1876?25 Aug 195680dau/George & Sarah; w/James HenryBexhill NSW
SharpeJames Henry1870?5 Jul 190232son/David & Maryatta A; h/Elizabeth CharlotteBexhill NSW
SmallRobert Henry1913?19 Jan 197763son/William Henry & Nellie ElizaBexhill NSW
SmithElizabeth1827?15 Dec 191083dau/Samuel & CatherineBexhill NSW
SmithLousia1870?16 Dec 194373Bexhill NSW
SmithWilliam1863?15 Jul 193673Bexhill NSW
Spedding (Parsons)Elizabeth28 Mar 18507 May 191565dau/Richard & Emily; b. Colac Vic; w/WilliamBexhill NSW
SpeddingWilliam23 Oct 1924son/James; h/Elizabeth (Parsons)Bexhill NSW
SpencerGeorge Alexander1868?13 Jul 193971son/George & IsabellaBexhill NSW
SpinksThomas HenryAug?188031 Mar 189211son/Edward & IsabellaBexhill NSW
StrongAlexander1883?11 Oct 196582h/Margaret EllenBexhill NSW
StrongAlexander (Alec)1912?5 Aug 200896h/Valetta RoseBexhill NSW
Strong (Pearson)Margaret Ellen1886?15 May 196983w/AlexanderBexhill NSW
StrongValetta Rose1917?24 Aug 199982w/AlexanderBexhill NSW
StuartPat1919?4 Jul 196546w/BillBexhill NSW
SwainMary Crane1863?5 May 194279dau/Reuben & EleanorBexhill NSW
SwainWilliam James1861?18 Jul 193978son/James & LucyBexhill NSW
TandyEliza Anne1860?3 Jun 191151dau/John & Emily ABexhill NSW
ThompsonFrederick1868?11 Jun 192052h/MaudeBexhill NSW
TimmsEva Isabell29 Jul 191422 Sep 19140dau/Arthur V & IsabelBexhill NSW
TippettLois Harriet24 Jun 196711 Mar 199123Bexhill NSW
Trimble (Dawes)Laura28 May 18749 Nov 196793dau/Richard & Mary (Pearson); b. Avondale, NSW; w/William ChristieBexhill NSW
VidlerBeatrice Gertrude1900?17 Feb 197877dau/Robert John & Gertrude; b. Plymouth, England; w/ClementBexhill NSW
VidlerClement24 Sep 189623 Apr 197073son/George Stephen & Eliza Jane (Harris); b. Jamberoo, NSW; h/Beatrice Gertrude (Taylor); 475Bexhill NSW
VidlerJohn Gordon (Jack)1923?10 Sep 199875h/Laurel RaeBexhill NSW
VidlerLaurel Rae1946?18 Feb 199447w/John GordonBexhill NSW
VidlerRobert Clement Gilroy25 Aug 19199 Sep 196142son/Clement & Beatrice Gertrude (Taylor); b. Plymouth, England; h/Eileen Marie; NX154581Bexhill NSW
VidlerRobert Frederick1947?23 Jul 19470son/Robert Clement & Eileen Marie (Vidler)Bexhill NSW
VirtueAlga Marshall1918?7 Feb 197152dau/Marshall Noble & AnnieBexhill NSWCol
VirtueAllan (David)20 Jan 19349 Apr 199662son/John Walter & Irene (Walmsley); h/Dawn (Strong)Bexhill NSWCol
VirtueEva1896?18 Jul 195155dau/Robert & Sarah AnnieBexhill NSWCol
VirtueGwenyth Hope3 Nov 192212 Mar 199370Bexhill NSWCol
VirtueHackett1900?27 Sep 196363Bexhill NSWCol
Virtue (Walmsley)Irene Gray1903?25 Nov 198481w/John WalterBexhill NSWCol
VirtueJohn Walter1896?22 Jun 198791h/Irene GrayBexhill NSWCol
Virtue (Sharpe)Marjorie Adele1902?14 Mar 197673dau/James Henry & Eliza Charlotte; w/Stanley JosephBexhill NSW
VirtuePatricia1924?27 Oct 200177Bexhill NSWCol
VirtueStanley Joseph1899?8 Apr 196970son/Robert & Janet; h/Marjorie AdeleBexhill NSW
WallaceMelecia Jane29 Apr 2004Bexhill NSW
WalmsleyEmma1892?24 Sep 18942dau/Edward G & MatildaBexhill NSW
WillisKenneth Wilbur30 Jul 19335 Apr 200773Bexhill NSWCol
Willis (Pharo)Stella1908Feb 200596?dau/George & Grace Adelaide (Green); b. Ryde, NSW; w/Wilbur HarryBexhill NSW
WillisStephen Kenneth17 Sep 19549 Dec 200955Bexhill NSW
WillisWilbur Harry1909199081?h/Stella (Pharo)Bexhill NSW
WindsorAllan H G1900?5 Feb 197473Bexhill NSW
WindsorGeorge1845?8 Aug 192176son/Richard & Elizabeth; h/SarahBexhill NSW
WindsorLeila MaisieJun 19102 Jan 19110dau/George R & Minnie BBexhill NSW
WindsorRichard Roderick Manning1880?16 Dec 196585son/George & SarahBexhill NSW
WindsorSarah1857?26 Apr 192467dau/Patrick & Mary; w/GeorgeBexhill NSW
WindsorSarah Adele1888?15 Apr 195769Bexhill NSW
WithersCatherine18341902w/DanielBexhill NSW
WithersDaniel (Big Dan)18201900h/CatherineBexhill NSW
Yager (Dean)Eliza Irene29 Aug 189031 Aug 198191dau/Harrie & Emily; w/Percy CharlesBexhill NSW
YagerPercy Charles1883?10 May 195269son/Christian & Fanny; h/Eliza IreneBexhill NSW
YoungJamesina1895?14 Jan 198286Bexhill NSW

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