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Norfolk Island (Kingston)Quality Row, Kingston Norfolk Island 28991763

1763 inscriptions found - showing from 1 to 500

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
.AmeliaNorfolk Island
.CecilNorfolk Island
.CharlesNorfolk Island
.Esme9 Sep 193011 Jul 199867Norfolk Island
.Esther5 Jul 1952Norfolk Island
.FlorenceNorfolk Island
.GeorgeNorfolk Island
.Laura1907?24 Aug 194235Norfolk Island
.Marli Elizabeth21 Oct 201121 Oct 20110Norfolk Island
.Mildred1913?18 Nov 194835Norfolk Island
.Pa (Uncle Greg)Norfolk Island
.Vivienne8Norfolk Island
??Norfolk Island
??Norfolk Island
??Norfolk Island
??Norfolk Island
??Norfolk Island
??Norfolk Island
??Norfolk Island
??Norfolk Island
??1904199490Norfolk Island
??1966?20 Feb 198115Norfolk Island
??? (Grumpy)31 Dec 19155 Apr 199983h/MaryNorfolk Island
?Arthur John1882?28 Sep 194664Norfolk Island
?Enid3 May 1985Norfolk Island
?James ScottNorfolk Island
?Pearl9 Aug 191916 Nov 197859Norfolk Island
?Percival William10 Aug 1879Aug 189010b. Deepson, Surray, EnglandNorfolk Island
AafjesGerry18 Jan 192426 Jan 201086Norfolk Island
AafjesNancy25 Oct 192420 Dec 200278Norfolk Island
Adams?Norfolk Island
Adams?? Joseph19 Dec 192921 Sep 200979h/VeraNorfolk Island
AdamsAmy Caroline1864?10 Jun 194379Norfolk Island
AdamsAmy Ruth1902?9 Apr 195452Norfolk Island
AdamsAnne1876?10 Feb 194872Norfolk Island
AdamsAnnie Maria Salter3 Sep 18928 Dec 18964dau/Byron Stanley Mitchell & Maria Edith (McCoy); b. Norfolk IslandNorfolk Island
AdamsBeatrice Angelina1898197476w/Brightman GilbertNorfolk Island
AdamsBrightman Gilbert1929h/Beatrice AngelinaNorfolk Island
AdamsByron Stanley Mitchell1 Oct 184710 Sep 190255son/John & Caroline (Quintal); b. Pitcairn Islands; h/Maria Edith (McCoy)Norfolk Island
AdamsCaroline (Kai)1889?16 Jan 197485Norfolk Island
AdamsCatherine (Joyce)7 Mar 191727 Jul 199679w/Eric CyrilNorfolk Island
AdamsCharles Ephraim John24 Apr 192029 Jun 201090son/Guilford Patterson & Helen Elizabeth; h/Heather Elma (Bradshaw)Norfolk Island
AdamsCharlotte25 Oct 1949w/MeadeNorfolk Island
AdamsClara9 Jul 1924w/JohnNorfolk Island
AdamsClara Amy10 Aug 193117 Jul 198654Norfolk Island
AdamsD D1923?8 Apr 199067NX174396Norfolk Island
AdamsDaisy Miriam10 Jul 192127 Dec 199473dau/Brightman & Gertrude; b. Norfolk IslandNorfolk Island
AdamsDianahb. Pitcairn Island; w/JosiahNorfolk Island
AdamsEdnadau/Josiah & Dianah; b. Pitcairn IslandNorfolk Island
AdamsEliza Jemina (Aunt Else)1882197391Norfolk Island
AdamsElizabeth (Bess)19 Aug 1980Norfolk Island
AdamsEphriam (Pumper)1896?2 Sep 196872Norfolk Island
AdamsEric Cyril25 Mar 192026 Nov 200383h/Catherine (Joyce)Norfolk Island
AdamsErnest Byron30 Jul 19249 May 198156h/Nancy RosalineNorfolk Island
AdamsEtta1910?12 Mar 196050Norfolk Island
AdamsEustace (Gindi)1920196040Norfolk Island
AdamsFannyNorfolk Island
AdamsFrances Adelaide1851191261b. Pitcairn IslandNorfolk Island
AdamsFrank Guilford Augustus21 Sep 192416 Mar 199267h/Joyce Irene (Bela)Norfolk Island
AdamsFred (Doc)1923197956Norfolk Island
AdamsFysh (Brassy)4 Oct 1958Norfolk Island
AdamsGeorge ??Norfolk Island
AdamsGeorge (Mac)10 Jul 19289 Mar 199162Norfolk Island
AdamsGuildford Patterson27 Apr 19015 Jan 197169h/Helen ElizabethNorfolk Island
AdamsHarold Webb1913?31 Dec 197461Norfolk Island
Adams (Bradshaw)Heather3 May 19187 Jan 200687w/Charles Ephraim JohnNorfolk Island
AdamsHelen Elizabeth6 Sep 19026 Aug 199390w/Guildford PattersonNorfolk Island
AdamsHenry Joseph (Jel)31 Jul 192115 Dec 196746Norfolk Island
AdamsJohathon1829190677b. Pitcairn IslandNorfolk Island
AdamsJohn1868?17 Jan 194779Norfolk Island
AdamsJohn1909?31 Mar 197364Norfolk Island
AdamsJohn Augustine10 Jul 192431 Oct 199167Norfolk Island
AdamsJohn Campbell21 Nov 1968h/Margaret Isobel (Beveridge)Norfolk Island
AdamsJosiahb. Pitcairn Island; h/DianahNorfolk Island
AdamsJoyce Irene (Bela)w/Guilford AgustusNorfolk Island
AdamsKatharine AmyNov?186118 Apr 186317mdau/Jonathan & Phebe (Quintal)Norfolk Island
AdamsMargaretNorfolk Island
Adams (Beveridge)Margaret Isobel1909?19 Mar 197465w/John CampbellNorfolk Island
AdamsMaria Madeline16 May 18738 Jan 189319dau/Gilbert Warren Fysh & Frances Adelaide (Quintal)Norfolk Island
AdamsMary Ann5 May 18621 Feb 18630dau/Josiah Chester & Diana (Mccoy)Norfolk Island
AdamsMary Christian10 Nov 1925w/William Rosswell MarshNorfolk Island
Adams (Christian)Mary Helena (Nella)190922 Mar 200393Norfolk Island
AdamsMitchellNorfolk Island
AdamsNancy Rosaline23 May 192213 Mar 200077w/Ernest ByronNorfolk Island
AdamsPhebe1824190076b. Pitcairn IslandNorfolk Island
AdamsPhiebe Cleveland25 Jan 185615 Aug 18560dau/Jonathan & Phebe (Quintal); b. Pitcairn IslandsNorfolk Island
AdamsRose Clare9 Nov 1953w/TillyNorfolk Island
AdamsSarahNorfolk Island
Adams (Christian)Sarah Eliza1857191861Norfolk Island
AdamsStephen (Snitch)1925198661Norfolk Island
AdamsThomas E16 Jul 18792 Sep 193556h/Elsie JNorfolk Island
AdamsThomas Lindsay Shepherd1869?11 May 18690son/John & Caroline (Quintal)Norfolk Island
AdamsTilly19 Nov 1927h/Rose ClareNorfolk Island
AdamsWalter Gregory1897?23 Feb 1976792905Norfolk Island
AdamsWayne George (Doggy)1 Jul 195422 Jan 200045son/Bill & ClaraNorfolk Island
AdamsWilliam Joyce (Bill Pumper)30 Apr 192715 Nov 201386Norfolk Island
AdamsWilliam Rosswell Marsh26 Aug 1918h/Mary ChristianNorfolk Island
AdamsWilliam Ward Dillon1851191261Norfolk Island
Adams-FriendKatherine11 Nov 193025 Apr 201483Norfolk Island
Adams-JacksonJoy2 Aug 195123 Nov 201665dau/Daisy MiriamNorfolk Island
AldousPercival13 Sep 1899son/Pm & ENorfolk Island
AllenAlbert Roy1904?2 Aug 196561son/Frank Augustus & Mary JaneNorfolk Island
AllenDwight1822?21 Feb 191188b. USA; h/Esther (Cook)Norfolk Island
AllenEdward1902?9 Jun 196462son/Frank Augustus & Mary JaneNorfolk Island
AllenEsther Ann20 Jun 1928Norfolk Island
AllenFrank Augustus1873?31 Jan 195582h/Mary JaneNorfolk Island
AllenGerald20 Sep 1965h/Hilda EthelynNorfolk Island
AllenHenry Bertrum1913?10 Mar 19141son/Edward & IdaNorfolk Island
AllenHenry Dwight1898?23 Jan 192123son/Frank Augustus & Mary JaneNorfolk Island
AllenHilda Ethelyn2 Sep 1953w/GeraldNorfolk Island
AllenMary Jane1871?17 Aug 195281w/Frank AugustusNorfolk Island
AllenWilliam F1917KIA FranceNorfolk Island
AlstonJacqueline HopeNorfolk Island
AmosKathleen Lorna1921198968Norfolk Island
AndersonCharles James14 May 19207 Mar 200988Norfolk Island
AndersonDaisy Catherine (Geggie)30 Jun 1983Norfolk Island
AndersonEvan C17 Sep 19121 Oct 199482b. Chester, EnglandNorfolk Island
Anderson (Tahere)Hoana Mae21 May 19374 Apr 200971b. Thames, New Zealand; w/John oliverNorfolk Island
AndersonJohn Oliver (Jack)15 Feb 193124 Dec 199968b. Norfolk Island; h/MaeNorfolk Island
AndersonMichael1807?23 Sep 183427Norfolk Island 156
AndersonMoray1905?4 May 196964Norfolk Island
AndersonNoreen Elizabeth19 Jul 193621 Mar 201578w/LeoNorfolk Island
AndersonRobert (Bob)28 Feb 193724 Apr 200366h/JackieNorfolk Island
AndersonRoseNorfolk Island
AnscombEnid1907?16 Jun 196558Norfolk Island
ApplemanRita26 Dec 192527 Feb 198357Norfolk Island
ArcherArthur7 Oct 1979son/Louisa; h/FlorenceNorfolk Island
ArcherLouisa21 Nov 1931Norfolk Island
ArmstrongKevin George1911?18 Apr 196857Norfolk Island
ArthurMaitland Horton1937?29 Feb 197235h/GloriaNorfolk Island
AshburnerGladys Violet19 Jul 18966 Apr 198285b. Bristol, EnglandNorfolk Island
AshworthColdwell McMaster1865?3 Jul 196095h/Eileen CampbellNorfolk Island
AshworthEileen Campbell1871?23 Aug 195786w/Coldwell McMasterNorfolk Island
AtkinsonJohn1802?5 Feb 184037Norfolk Island 174
AullFreddy1956?8 Dec 197822son/Frederick & MargaretNorfolk Island
BadcockJohn2 Feb 1807Norfolk Island 173
BaigentReginald Henry1892?Mar 195462Norfolk Island
BaileyCharles1881?5 Jan 196382h/FloraNorfolk Island
BaileyCharlotte1885?17 Apr 1986101Norfolk Island
BaileyClara Bell1887?24 Feb 196881w/Gilbert EdwinNorfolk Island
BaileyClara H14 Feb 188317 Dec 196077Norfolk Island
BaileyDavid Cecil1910?6 Jun 198070NX1707Norfolk Island
Bailey (Christian)Dorothy May24 Dec 190220 Apr 199188w/George AllenNorfolk Island
BaileyEdna Catherine1895?24 Jul 198287w/Thomas BrayNorfolk Island
BaileyEmily Wellesley1852?11 Jan 192270w/GeorgeNorfolk Island
BaileyFlora15 Oct 1951w/CharlesNorfolk Island
BaileyGeorge1849?25 Aug 193687h/Emily WellesleyNorfolk Island
BaileyGeorge Allen1903?9 Apr 199289h/Dorothy May (Christian)Norfolk Island
BaileyGilbert Edwin1875?10 Mar 197095h/Clara BellNorfolk Island
BaileyHarvey1919?20 May 193213son/Charles & FloraNorfolk Island
BaileyHerbert28 Jun 18718 Aug 193665h/SettNorfolk Island
BaileyMarie Ann1927?21 Mar 201689dau/Thomas Bray & Edna CatherineNorfolk Island
BaileyThomas Bray1893?9 Dec 196269h/EdnaNorfolk Island
BairdJohn1807?1 Aug 183528Norfolk Island 89
BairdRoy Feardon1873?8 Apr 194572Norfolk Island
Baker (Christian)D Joan22 Sep 191726 Mar 199173Norfolk Island
BakerEileen Joyce1918?30 Nov 199375Norfolk Island
BakerRichard Christian3 Nov 19527 Dec 201058Norfolk Island
BaldockAlfred Essex182112 Apr 184827Norfolk Island 23
Barfoot (Nobbs)Kathleen1915199378w/FrankNorfolk Island
BarkerDaphne25 Mar 1988Norfolk Island
BarkerHolly Amy1880195777Norfolk Island
BarkmanCecil Gerhard7 Jul 192011 Dec 200383b. SwedenNorfolk Island
BarrAlice11 Oct 1978Norfolk Island
BarrettLilian May Ruth19 Dec 191912 Oct 200282w/Patrick TerenceNorfolk Island
BarrettPatrick Terence28 Oct 192021 Nov 200181h/Lilian May RuthNorfolk Island
BarryJames1807?6 Jan 184436b. Co Kerry, IrelandNorfolk Island 186
BartleLinda Mary13 Mar 191914 Jun 199980Norfolk Island
BartlePhillip1906199185Norfolk Island
BashamIrene12 May 193913 Dec 201778Norfolk Island
BatailleEmma1888?1 Mar 196072Norfolk Island
BatailleFay Norma22 Aug 192613 Oct 199569Norfolk Island
BatailleLouis Victor1881?6 Dec 195675Norfolk Island
Bataille (Christian)Mildred8 Mar 192918 Sep 201586Norfolk Island
BatailleRichard Albert17 Jun 192217 Dec 199371Norfolk Island
BatailleSeabury1848?15 Nov 191163w/AlbertNorfolk Island
BatchelorJohn1740?15 Jun 178848b. EnglandNorfolk Island
BatesBrian George14 Sep 19383 Dec 200870Norfolk Island
BatesFranklin (Capt)1832?1 Nov 191381Norfolk Island
BatesHerbert1865?26 Sep 190540Norfolk Island
BatesSandra Anne5 Jan 1971Norfolk Island
BathieAlbert Stuart (Abb)1917?12 Aug 197659h/Amy Kathleen (Adams)Norfolk Island
Bathie (Adams)Amy Kathleen1918?1 Feb 200890w/Albert Stuart (Abb)Norfolk Island
BatiruaSeremaia (Jerry)17 Nov 197514 Dec 201035Norfolk Island
BattyGeorge1887?23 Jun 196073h/ElizabethNorfolk Island
BaxendaleGwendoline Martha1900195656Norfolk Island
BaxendaleRichard Salisbury1895196873Norfolk Island
BaxterJudith27 Feb 19358 Mar 200570w/John LorkingNorfolk Island
Bazley(McCarty)DianaNov 179017910dau/John & Ann (Beardsley); b. Norfolk IslandNorfolk Island
Beadman (Christian)Maree Kathleen (Mim)12 Jan 19333 Aug 201582w/Russell Harold (Russ)Norfolk Island
BeadmanRussell Harold (Russ)1 Sep 192120 Sep 201493h/Maree Kathleen (Mim) (Christian)Norfolk Island
Beale (Evans)Louise Jane7 Feb 196731 Aug 199932dau/Lou & Frances; w/AndrewNorfolk Island
BearMary1865?18 Sep 190439w/RobertNorfolk Island
Beazly(McCarty)CharlesDec 179418005son/John & Ann (Beardsley (Beazley)); b. Norfolk IslandNorfolk Island
BedingfieldKathleen7 Jun 19377 Oct 200164Norfolk Island
BedwellPatrick1816?3 Jul 184226b. City Dublin, IrelandNorfolk Island 158
BeecheySamuel6 May 179917 Jul 18034son/Samuel & MargaretNorfolk Island
BeersJohn1838?21 Jun 190365Norfolk Island
BeersJohn1838?21 Jun 190365Norfolk Island
BeirneLeonard James23 Jan 192312 Dec 201289h/Marie; QX34883Norfolk Island
BeldenMelvina1901?3 Sep 199897w/StephenNorfolk Island
BeldenStephen1828?4 Nov 190678Norfolk Island
BellR1882?28 Mar 1966844663Norfolk Island
BennettCharles1875194065b. Napier, New ZealandNorfolk Island
BergagninGwendoline Helen Crystal17 Sep 19202 Jun 201594Norfolk Island
BergagninJohn Henry20 Oct 19452 Jul 201670Norfolk Island
BergagninMirto7 Sep 190621 May 199588Norfolk Island
BerginThomas1812?1 Aug 183523Norfolk Island 90
BerryThomas1811?11 Sep 183423Norfolk Island 150
BertelsonNina Olive1920200989Norfolk Island
BestJohn Charles1809?15 Feb 184030Norfolk Island 1
BeveridgeGeorge Andrew5 Jul 1949Norfolk Island
Beveridge (Nobbs)Gordina6 Sep 18929 Nov 1995103Norfolk Island
BibbeySamuel1804Norfolk Island
BiddlecombeThomas E1838?19 Jan 186728b. Devonshire, EnglandNorfolk Island
BiggBeattie1914?5 Sep 198975Norfolk Island
BiggCecily Margaret28 Nov 19433 Dec 200461Norfolk Island
BiggKeith Norman Charles27 Apr 193826 Sep 200870Norfolk Island
Birdsey (Christian)Elizabeth Clarke (Lizzie)1886?25 Apr 196781Norfolk Island
BirdseyNorman Hamilton1879?23 Aug 195576Norfolk Island
BirkettJames Alan1909?2 Jan 198677Norfolk Island
BirkettJean Susie22 Jun 1976Norfolk Island
BirkettW A (Bill)1888?27 Dec 197284Norfolk Island
BishopJohn2 Dec 1842son/WilliamNorfolk Island
BishopKeith MillardNorfolk Island
BishopNorah Jane MitchellNorfolk Island
BlaneyMartha1787?Apr 183649w/JamesNorfolk Island 96
BlaxlandGregory George1 Jan 18463 Sep 192680son/George & Mary Loftus (Rees); b. Woolun, Hunter River, NSW; h/Grace Connell (Laycock)Norfolk Island
BluettKenneth Gabriel1925?28 Jun 196742h/EthelNorfolk Island
BlugherWilliam ArthurNorfolk Island
BorginAnn1807?8 Mar 183830w/WilliamNorfolk Island 92
BorginJeanMay 183717 Mar 18380dau/William & Ann; b. Sydney NSWNorfolk Island 91
BowmanNorman JohnAug 1893Oct 197986Norfolk Island
BranchMary Ann182411 Feb 18338dau/William & Mary; b. Sydney NSWNorfolk Island 41
BrennanR T (Ray)1924?31 Mar 199672h/Fran; S 7650Norfolk Island
BrittonVincent George CawthornJul 1901Sep 196362b. Wellington, New Zealand; h/NormaNorfolk Island
BroadJennie28 Jun 191230 Jun 200593Norfolk Island
BrownCharles Samuel1829?13 Sep 184122Norfolk Island 45
BrownJohn1813?11 Sep 184330Norfolk Island 185
BrownLeslie Q (Les)22 Mar 19304 Apr 201282Norfolk Island
BrownMartin Richard1917?1 Mar 199376Norfolk Island
BryanJamesAug 1844b. Co Tipperary, IrelandNorfolk Island 146
BryantJohn28 Jul 1789Norfolk Island
Buffett?Norfolk Island
Buffett?w/ArthurNorfolk Island
Buffett?? LeeNorfolk Island
Buffett (McCoy)Adele Faye13 Apr 195016 Aug 199747w/Charles RonaldNorfolk Island
BuffettAlice Claris5 Nov 190611 Mar 198174w/Frederick StanleyNorfolk Island
BuffettAlice InezNorfolk Island
BuffettAlice Maude (Maudie)20 Aug 191711 Jan 201294w/George William (Hackett)Norfolk Island
BuffettAllan Charles8 Jul 1969h/GlynnitaNorfolk Island
BuffettAllanby Oswald (Oswald)13 May 18832 Sep 18833mson/Edward Young & Alice Bertha (Quintal); b. Norfolk IslandNorfolk Island
BuffettAllen5 Aug 185119 Jan 192170b. Pitcairn IslandNorfolk Island
BuffettAllen Anthony (Puddles)28 Oct 196018 Apr 200847son/Mervyn & Josephine; h/SherylNorfolk Island
BuffettAnn Lindsay1867?25 Jul 194376Norfolk Island
BuffettAnona192214 Feb 193513dau/George Hunn Nobbs (Nobby) & Gladys Amelia (O'Brian)Norfolk Island
BuffettArthur14 Mar 191221 Sep 200189h/MaryNorfolk Island
BuffettArthur Ward1905198681Norfolk Island
BuffettAugustadau/Henry & HarrietNorfolk Island
BuffettAugustus Wentworth21 Aug 186111 Mar 18631y 7mson/Thomas & Louisa (Quintal); b. Norfolk IslandNorfolk Island
BuffettAustinNorfolk Island
BuffettC RNorfolk Island
BuffettC W Lindsay1853?8 Sep 192168Norfolk Island
BuffettCampbell1890?1 Oct 195767h/Pearl; 2144Norfolk Island
BuffettCharles10 Jul 186323 Nov 18634mson/John & Elizabeth (Young); b. Norfolk IslandNorfolk Island
BuffettCharles Aldin15 Jan 19196 Apr 199172b. Norfolk IslandNorfolk Island
BuffettCharles Ivens (Potts)2 Mar 191414 Jan 199580Norfolk Island
BuffettCharles John (Chico)1969?28 Jun 198516son/Charles (Pots) & VandaNorfolk Island
BuffettChristopher2 Feb 1914h/SaterfieldNorfolk Island
BuffettClaude L1892?27 Sep 193947Norfolk Island
BuffettClifford James24 Aug 19193 Jun 199272Norfolk Island
BuffettColin Lindsay (Boonie)1907?1 Apr 198780h/Heather LyndaNorfolk Island
Buffett (Rossiter)Daisy1902?10 Jul 199088dau/Hardie & Annie; w/ThomasNorfolk Island
BuffettDavid27 May 18277 Aug 192496son/John & Dorothy (Young); b. Pitcairn Islands; h/Martha (Young) & Maria Elizabeth (Quintal)Norfolk Island
BuffettDavid BNorfolk Island
BuffettDavid Campbell Dunsmere (boy)11 Dec 19138 Jan 200187b. Norfolk Island; h/Ruth; NX70977Norfolk Island
BuffettDianne Vanita2 Nov 194925 Jan 200858dau/David D C (Boy) & RuthNorfolk Island
BuffettDinah ??w/John FNorfolk Island
BuffettDorgas1832?3 Dec 191785Norfolk Island
Buffett (Young)Dorothy1800?23 Apr 186363dau/Edward & Mauatua (Maimiti); b. Pitcairn Islands; w/JohnNorfolk Island
BuffettEdward1837?26 Nov 191174Norfolk Island
BuffettElaine Claudette17 Jul 194716 May 200557dau/George William (Hackett) & Alice Maude (Maudie)Norfolk Island
BuffettEleanor Jane1858?18 Mar 193577w/WardNorfolk Island
Buffett (Young)Elizabeth8 Sep 182610 Oct 186337dau/George & Hannah (Adams); b. Pitcairn Islands; w/JohnNorfolk Island
BuffettEmily Gladys1 Jun 187317 Oct 195380Norfolk Island
BuffettEmma1847?12 Aug 191669w/Fortesque MNorfolk Island
BuffettEstelle E14 Jan 19152 Oct 199580Norfolk Island
BuffettFletcher Christian30 Jul 186110 Nov 18676son/Edward & Louisa Victoria Rose (Quintal); b. Norfolk IslandNorfolk Island
BuffettFlorence Violet1907?1 Oct 196659Norfolk Island
BuffettFortesque M1847?12 Aug 191669h/EmmaNorfolk Island
BuffettFrederick Stanley31 Aug 189729 Sep 198060h/Alice ClarrisNorfolk Island
BuffettGeorge Hunn Nobbs (Nobby)22 Jun 18856 Dec 195772son/Edward Young & Alice Bertha (Quintal); b. Norfolk Island; h/Gladys Amelia (O'Brian)Norfolk Island
BuffettGeorge William (Hackett)27 Jan 191131 May 199685b. Norfolk Island; h/Alice Maude (Maudie)Norfolk Island
BuffettGertrudeFeb 188821 Sep 196274Norfolk Island
BuffettGlynnita5 Dec 1946w/Allan CharlesNorfolk Island
BuffettGustav Ephraim1 Jun 192013 Feb 194726b. Norfolk IslandNorfolk Island
BuffettHardie Rhodes1902?9 Dec 193129son/R F & E GNorfolk Island
BuffettHarrietw/HenryNorfolk Island
BuffettHarriett Esther Julia1905?14 Jul 198176Norfolk Island
BuffettHarry20 Apr 19412 Jan 201068h/PaddyNorfolk Island
BuffettHeather Lynda1927?2 Jan 198457w/Colin Lyndsay (Bonnie)Norfolk Island
BuffettHelen Evelyn17 Aug 18835 Oct 197895Norfolk Island
BuffettHelen Evelyn (Eveline Helena Eva)23 Jul 184928 Feb 192979dau/John & Elizabeth (Young); b. Pitcairn IslandNorfolk Island
BuffettHenryh/HarrietNorfolk Island
BuffettHenry Seymour1 May 1932b. Pitcairn Island; h/Marianne SelinaNorfolk Island
BuffettHenry W1884?2 Oct 196581h/Laurie INorfolk Island
BuffettHubert Claude1 Mar 18722 Jul 189523son/Thomas & Louisa (Quintal); b. Norfolk IslandNorfolk Island
BuffettIvens Francois (Toon)30 Nov 194319 Jul 200460h/ShelleyNorfolk Island
BuffettIvy (Boomps)1918?3 Dec 198264Norfolk Island
BuffettJ W Ward1860?11 Mar 192464Norfolk Island
BuffettJessie Barbara1922?27 Jun 199068Norfolk Island
BuffettJohn16 Jul 17975 May 189193b. Hull, Bristol, Gloucestershire, England; h/Mary (Christian) & Dorothy (Young)Norfolk Island
BuffettJohn21 Jul 182623 Jun 190679son/John & Dorothy (Young); b. Pitcairn Island; h/Elizabeth (Young)Norfolk Island
BuffettJohn29 Aug 18719 Apr 18727mson/David & Martha (Young); b. Norfolk IslandNorfolk Island
BuffettJohn Charles (Beef)4 May 194615 Jan 201669Norfolk Island
BuffettJohn Charlton (Funny)23 Aug 189717 Oct 196669b. Norfolk Island; h/Mary Catherine (Locket); N117042Norfolk Island
BuffettJohn E1863?17 Oct 194784Norfolk Island
BuffettJohn Henry Claude16 Dec 189519 May 18971son/William Henry & Harriet Eliza (Nobbs); b. Norfolk IslandNorfolk Island
BuffettJohn William Ward (William)1859?11 Mar 192464son/David & Martha (Young)Norfolk Island
BuffettJoseph Allen McCleave (Allen)5 Aug 185119 Jan 192169son/John & Elizabeth (Young); b. Pitcairn Islands; h/Kathleen Laura (Nobbs)Norfolk Island
BuffettJosephine1941?23 May 196726w/MervynNorfolk Island
BuffettKathleen20 Dec 18531 Jun 193076b. Pitcairn Island; w/AllenNorfolk Island
BuffettLaurie I1891?11 Oct 192130w/Henry WNorfolk Island
BuffettLeslie Nobby25 Jul 190931 May 199585Norfolk Island
BuffettLillias Ellen (Lyn)21 Jan 19239 Sep 200582w/Rowland Henry (Ron)Norfolk Island
Buffett (Quintal)Louisa7 Mar 18295 Feb 187343dau/Edward & Dinah (Adams); b. Pitcairn Islands; w/ThomasNorfolk Island
Buffett (Quintal)Louisa Victoria Rose30 Dec 183927 Aug 189253dau/Arthur & Martha (Quintal); b. Pitcairn Islands; w/EdwardNorfolk Island
BuffettMaria E1839?25 Apr 190061w/DavidNorfolk Island
BuffettMarianne Selina4 Feb 18561 Mar 194387b. Pitcairn Island; w/Henry SeymourNorfolk Island
Buffett (Young)Martha19 Jan 183030 Jan 187242dau/George & Hannah (Adams); b. Pitcairn Islands; w/DavidNorfolk Island
BuffettMary7 Mar 191828 Aug 199981w/ArthurNorfolk Island
BuffettMary Catherine (Locket)25 Apr 190821 Jan 197173w/John CharltonNorfolk Island
BuffettMinnieNorfolk Island
BuffettN H ANorfolk Island
BuffettNeil Mervyn29 Feb 19645 Aug 199430Norfolk Island
BuffettNeville Albert Herbert25 Sep 19128 Jan 194431son/George Hunn Nobbs & Gladys Amelia (O'Brian); b. New Zealand; NX73683Norfolk Island
BuffettNobby1885?6 Dec 195772Norfolk Island
BuffettOswald2 Sep 1893son/Young & BerthaNorfolk Island
BuffettPaddy2 Jan 194613 Dec 201468w/HarryNorfolk Island
BuffettPearl1898196769Norfolk Island
BuffettPearl SelinaNorfolk Island
BuffettPeter1883?11 Apr 195471Norfolk Island
BuffettPeter Hugh John6 Feb 19436 Sep 199148h/BeverleyNorfolk Island
BuffettPhillip Arthur12 Mar 195019 Apr 198030Norfolk Island
BuffettReuben Reginald12 Jun 1953Norfolk Island
BuffettReubena1870?3 Oct 192656w/GNorfolk Island
BuffettRobert Edward3 Jan 186323 Apr 195390Norfolk Island
BuffettRobert Eyer1899?13 Feb 197374Norfolk Island
BuffettRobert Inskip16 Dec 186915 Jul 187118mson/Thomas & Louisa (Quintal); b. Norfolk IslandNorfolk Island
BuffettRowland Henry (Ron)20 Oct 191819 May 199172h/Lillias Ellen (Lynn)Norfolk Island
BuffettRuth21 May 19187 Sep 199779w/David C D (Boy)Norfolk Island
BuffettSelwyn Rowland (Selly)1911?21 Sep 198372Norfolk Island
BuffettShane Seymour9 Sep 195821 Dec 200547Norfolk Island
BuffettShelley LorraineNorfolk Island
BuffettSusan1872?16 Feb 193361w/DavidNorfolk Island
BuffettThomas3 Jan 182518 Oct 190073son/John & Dorothy (Young); b. Pitcairn Island; h/Louisa (Quintal) & Dorcas (Young)Norfolk Island
BuffettThomas1910?1 Apr 197969son/John & Dinah; h/Daisy (Rossiter)Norfolk Island
BuffettThomas Austin5 Sep 185110 Feb 187422son/David & Martha (Young); b. Pitcairn IslandsNorfolk Island
BuffettThomas Henbury27 Sep 18576 May 186810son/Thomas & Louisa (Quintal); b. Norfolk IslandNorfolk Island
BuffettVanda Marianna5 Jan 193811 Sep 201375Norfolk Island
BuffettWilliam S1930?9 Jul 197242Norfolk Island
BuffettYvonne Muriel19 Oct 195225 Oct 200452Norfolk Island
Burgess (Young)Agnes Kathleen (Kitty)13 Oct 189612 Aug 197679dau/Frederick & Ester Linda (Quintal)Norfolk Island
BurgessEdna May12 Sep 1968Norfolk Island
BurgessFrederick Thomas8 Mar 192522 Jul 199671son/Robert & Kathleen (Kitty) (Young)Norfolk Island
BurgessMary L1920?16 May 199575Norfolk Island
BurgessWilliam W1918?15 Aug 199880Norfolk Island
BurkeWalter180422 Sep 183428b. Co Tipperary, IrelandNorfolk Island 149
BurnsMartin1801?10 Sep 184140b. Co Clare, IrelandNorfolk Island 180
BurrellByron Hugh11 Nov 19359 Nov 201478h/NoelleNorfolk Island
BurrellEvelyn Mary (Nean)2 Jan 190116 Jun 200099Norfolk Island
BurrellH B10 Dec 1960NZ 1008Norfolk Island
ButlerJohn1791?22 Sep 183443b. EnglandNorfolk Island 132
ButterfieldKevin James (Weetie)5 Jun 193718 May 200870b. Sydney, New South Wales, Australia; h/RobinNorfolk Island
CameronJ W1908?19 Jul 195648h/Elsie; NX38076Norfolk Island
CampbellMalcolm Charlesson/Wilfred & NeaNorfolk Island
CannavanEdward1820?17 Jan 184726Norfolk Island 36
CarrAlec (Dadda)1887?11 Mar 197689h/ElizabethNorfolk Island
CarrElizabeth27 Jul 1964w/AlecNorfolk Island
CarrJane28 Jan 19135 May 199178w/JohnNorfolk Island
CarrJohn28 Jul 191627 Dec 199579h/JaneNorfolk Island
CarrKenneth5 Oct 1914Norfolk Island
CaslakeJoseph1809?21 Jul 184334Norfolk Island 118
CassidyMary-Anne1812?11 Feb 184936b. Drogheda, Ireland; w/JohnNorfolk Island 34
CastletonWilliam13 Dec 1836Norfolk Island
CavanaghJohnAug?181622 Mar 185033Norfolk Island 108
CavillRichard1928199870h/PaddyNorfolk Island
ChampionMarlene PatriciaNorfolk Island
ChampionRonald ForsterNorfolk Island
ChampionSarah1851?31 Dec 189443h/WilliamNorfolk Island
ChannerArthur1852?20 Aug 192977Norfolk Island
ChannerEmillie May1888?24 Jun 196880Norfolk Island
ChapmanBerry (Royer)1919200990w/H F (Tot)Norfolk Island
ChapmanClive Edgar27 Jun 19296 Apr 199969son/Edith MarionNorfolk Island
ChapmanDawn Valerie9 May 19255 Dec 201792Norfolk Island
ChapmanEdith Marion22 Nov 1935Norfolk Island
ChapmanElizabeth Isabella1853?28 Nov 192370w/John JoyceNorfolk Island
ChapmanEnid6 May 192116 May 198261Norfolk Island
ChapmanH F (Tot)1891196271h/Berry (Royer)Norfolk Island
ChapmanJohn Joyce1848?29 May 191870h/Elizabeth IsabellaNorfolk Island
ChapmanJohn Robert (Robbie)11 Sep 192413 May 199974Norfolk Island
ChapmanRobert Paul1960?14 Sep 19611son/Robbie & EnidNorfolk Island
ChaseFrank Howard19 Jan 1935Norfolk Island
ChaseSatte1891?22 Mar 193645Norfolk Island
CheasleyThomas ??13 Apr 189826 Aug 198991Norfolk Island
ChownAlexander Robert1947?2 Feb 197629Norfolk Island
ChristianAbby Constance1873?20 Nov 18818dau/Charles Driver & LucyNorfolk Island
Christian (MacDonald)Agnes MacDonald (Aggie)17 Jan 193724 Dec 200063w/Holder StanleyNorfolk Island
ChristianAlbert31 Mar 184319 Jan 186118son/Thursday October & Mary Polly (Young); b. Pitcairn IslandsNorfolk Island
ChristianAlbert E (Hunkie)16 Aug 190712 Dec 197366Norfolk Island
ChristianAlec (Ya Ya )14 Oct 1973Norfolk Island
ChristianAlex Nash1922?7 Jul 195836Norfolk Island
ChristianAlice M1860192666Norfolk Island
ChristianAlice Maude26 Aug 185928 May 192565dau/Benjamin Claudius & Eliza (Quintal); b. Norfolk Island; w/Henry Samuel HuntNorfolk Island
ChristianAllen Charles1920?6 Feb 194222Norfolk Island
ChristianAllen Guy31 Oct 19101 May 192110Norfolk Island
ChristianAndrew4 Jul 184126 May 186221son/Charles & Charlotte (Quintal); b. Pitcairn IslandsNorfolk Island
ChristianAndrew Johnstone Nash1884?9 Sep 193551Norfolk Island
ChristianAnna1871?14 Oct 195483Norfolk Island
ChristianAnna Maria (Nin)23 Feb 189914 Oct 198687Norfolk Island
ChristianAnsbury G (Jim)18 May 192213 May 200683h/ShirleyNorfolk Island
ChristianArthur Munro22 Oct 192631 Dec 199367son/Henry Sandford & Jessie Maree Ann (Munro); b. San Francisco, California, USA; h/Maxine Loraine (Thompson)Norfolk Island
Christian (Buffett)Augusta Elizabeth20 Aug 185811 Apr 188628dau/John & Elizabeth (Young); w/George SelwynNorfolk Island
ChristianAustin1875?10 May 196388h/CatherineNorfolk Island
ChristianBenjamin Eustace16 Dec 19164 Oct 198063h/NaomiNorfolk Island
ChristianBennie1895?7 Jan 196065h/MariaNorfolk Island
ChristianCartyNorfolk Island
ChristianCatherine1885?6 Apr 195671w/AustinNorfolk Island
ChristianCharles181822 May 188667son/Charles & Sully; b. Pitcairn Island; h/Charlotte (Quintal)Norfolk Island
ChristianCharles Allen25 Mar 18559 Dec 191055h/Nora Lorona (Nobbs)Norfolk Island
ChristianCharles Anthony18 Nov 19451 Dec 19450son/Ben & NaomiNorfolk Island
ChristianCharles Driver1829?22 Oct 190677h/LucyNorfolk Island
ChristianCharles Ett1887?31 Mar 194962Norfolk Island
ChristianCharles Henryson/Howard & AmyNorfolk Island
Christian (Quintal)Charlotte182216 Aug 188361dau/Arthur & Catherine (McCoy); b. Pitcairn Islands; w/CharlesNorfolk Island
Christian (Evans)Charlotte Gertrude (Dolly)28 Aug 193119 Aug 201785w/Maxwell DalyellNorfolk Island
ChristianCharlotte Maria Elizabeth (Girlie)13 Dec 18944 Sep 198287Norfolk Island
ChristianClara Amy1885?29 Jun 194762Norfolk Island
ChristianCraiglene1917?13 Dec 192912dau/Julius & NaomiNorfolk Island
ChristianDebbie Anne5 Feb 196519 May 200540Norfolk Island
ChristianDorothy Anna13 Jan 190124 Feb 199392w/Holman (Homie)Norfolk Island
ChristianE Pearl1886?17 Feb 189913dau/H & AliceNorfolk Island
ChristianEdwin1865?31 Aug 193368h/EdwinaNorfolk Island
ChristianEdwina1868?11 Jan 194375w/EdwinNorfolk Island
ChristianEliza22 Feb 187925 Mar 189516dau/Charles Richard Holmes & Mary Ann Isabella (Adams); b. Norfolk IslandNorfolk Island
ChristianEliza Pearl30 May 188017 Feb 189918dau/Hunt S (Henry Samuel Hunt) & Alice Maude (Christian); b. Norfolk IslandNorfolk Island
ChristianElizabeth89Norfolk Island
Christian (Quintal)Ellen4 Feb 18377 Nov 191073dau/John & Maria (Christian); b. Pitcairn Islands; w/John StephenNorfolk Island
ChristianEllen Maria23 Apr 18591 May 18590dau/Isaac & Miriam (Young); b. Norfolk IslandNorfolk Island
ChristianEllen Maria24 Apr 18591 May 18590dau/Isaac & Mary (Young)Norfolk Island
ChristianEmily Sarah21 Jul 1966Norfolk Island
ChristianEphraim1dau/Eustace & LaraNorfolk Island
ChristianEphraim15 Feb 184320 May 192075son/John & Mary (Christian); b. Pitcairn Islands; h/Polly (Pauline) (Adams)Norfolk Island
ChristianErnest Selwyn10 May 190725 Nov 197770Norfolk Island
ChristianErnie18 Dec 19349 Nov 199459Norfolk Island
Christian (Menges)Ethel Julia (Telly)18 Feb 19005 Jan 193332Norfolk Island
ChristianEustace1870?17 Oct 194474h/LaraNorfolk Island
ChristianFisher25 Oct 1926h/MaudeNorfolk Island
ChristianFletcher Ewan3 Jun 193214 Jul 200169Norfolk Island
ChristianFrances16 Sep 194325 Jul 201571w/HowardNorfolk Island
ChristianFrancis? (Frank)1897?16 Dec 195154Norfolk Island
ChristianFrank Bell4 Oct 188622 Dec 196478h/Jessie WentworthNorfolk Island
ChristianFranklyn Consett Reuben (Frankie)1924?21 Oct 19896543930Norfolk Island
ChristianFrederick Walter22 Nov 192728 Jun 198961Norfolk Island
ChristianG E (Teddy)1928?4 Apr 197749h/Irene MarjorieNorfolk Island
ChristianGeorge Brightman1879?10 Nov 195475h/Josephine IsabelNorfolk Island
ChristianGeorge Henry Parkins1853194087b. Pitcairn IslandNorfolk Island
ChristianGeorge Howard1890?12 Jun 193040Norfolk Island
ChristianGeorge Selwyn25 Jul 18571 Feb 188932son/Charles & Charlotte (Quintal); b. Norfolk Island; h/Augusta Elizabeth (Buffett)Norfolk Island
ChristianGeorge Starr1902?13 Nov 198280h/Hagar LouisaNorfolk Island
ChristianGilbert Augustien28 Mar 19093 Apr 195142h/Olwen AgnewNorfolk Island
ChristianGilbert Edwin9 Sep 184410 Jan 186521son/Charles & Charlotte (Quintal); b. Pitcairn Islands; h/Jemima Sarah (Nobbs)Norfolk Island
ChristianGwendoline (Gwen)24 Apr 192222 Feb 200481Norfolk Island
ChristianHannah Maria18651970105Norfolk Island
ChristianHarvey Brooke18 Jun 197523 Sep 196113son/Charles Driver & Lucy MariaNorfolk Island
ChristianHenry Samuel Hunt12 Oct 18458 Jun 190559son/Isaac & Miriam (Young); b. Pitcairn Island; h/Alice MaudeNorfolk Island
ChristianHenry Samuel Hunt (Hunt S)28 Oct 18458 Jun 190559son/Isaac & Miriam (Young); b. Pitcairn Islands; h/Eleanor Clotilda & Alice MaudeNorfolk Island
ChristianHolder Stanley17 Aug 192023 Jul 199675son/Cornelius Stephen Holder & Rita Lawrence (Taylor); b. Norfolk Island; h/Agnes MacDonald; NX72322Norfolk Island
ChristianHolman (Homie)10 Oct 189325 May 194854b. Norfolk Island; h/Dorothy AnnaNorfolk Island
ChristianIan1936?19 Jan 19371son/Frank Bell & Jessie WentworthNorfolk Island
ChristianIrene Marjorie1927200780w/G E (Teddy)Norfolk Island
ChristianIsaac26 Apr 182531 Oct 187752son/Charles & Sarah; b. Pitcairn Islands; h/Miriam (Young)Norfolk Island
ChristianIsaac Goldie1933?12 Sep 196633h/Clara AmyNorfolk Island
ChristianJacob24 Sep 183316 Oct 187744son/Fletcher & Peggy (Christian); b. Pitcairn Island; h/Nancy (Quintal) & Maria Elizabeth (Quintal)Norfolk Island
ChristianJane2 Dec 186516 Dec 194378Norfolk Island
ChristianJessie Wentworth5 Jan 189626 Aug 195862w/Frank BellNorfolk Island
ChristianJohn Reuben1899?2 Sep 191516son/Reuben & AnnaNorfolk Island
ChristianJohn Stephen5 Oct 184316 May 191875son/Fletcher & Peggy (Christian); b. Pitcairn Islands; h/Ellen (Quintal)Norfolk Island
ChristianJohn Thornton30 Apr 186217 Apr 18697son/John Stephen & Ellen (Quintal); b. Norfolk IslandNorfolk Island
ChristianJoseph HenryNorfolk Island
ChristianJosephine Isabel1883?7 Feb 194057w/BrightmanNorfolk Island
ChristianJoy30 May 1986Norfolk Island
ChristianJulius Herbert7 Jan 189315 Jul 196370son/Lorenzo Fisher & Emily Maude (Quintal); b. Norfolk Island; h/Naomi Augusta (Nobbs); N117050Norfolk Island
ChristianJulius Reubin (Caeser)28 May 192025 May 198564Norfolk Island
ChristianLara1860?16 Sep 194282w/EustaceNorfolk Island
ChristianLaurence Moore19 Apr 192728 Feb 201385h/PatriciaNorfolk Island
ChristianLawrence Wayne9 Oct 195712 Sep 201153son/Dalyell & DollyNorfolk Island
ChristianLeonard1851?19 Nov 192675h/JaneNorfolk Island
ChristianLorna Amelia8 Dec 192419 Apr 201792w/Stephen (Nig)Norfolk Island
ChristianLouisa Heagar21 Oct 191528 Oct 199782dau/William (Pat) & Ellen Louise (Christian)Norfolk Island

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