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1 cemetery found

Hinton Smith PrivateNulla Nulla Lane, Hinton NSW 232116

16 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
SmithCharles Stuart24 Mar 187726 Jan 196486son/James Montagu & MarionHinton Smith Private NSW
SmithElsie1896?30 Aug 193135Hinton Smith Private NSW
Smith (Box)Elsie Isobel18871931w/George StansellHinton Smith Private NSW
SmithGeorge Stansell1886198195son/James Montagu & Marion; h/Elsie IsobelHinton Smith Private NSW
SmithGladys Marion29 Jan 192117 Jun 200382dau/George Stansell & Elsie IsobelHinton Smith Private NSW
SmithHarold1870?19 Dec 191848son/James Montagu & MarionHinton Smith Private NSW
SmithJames Montagu1837?15 May 188851h/MarionHinton Smith Private NSW
SmithJames Montagu17 May 192417 Feb 198762son/George Stansell & Elsie Isobel; h/Marie MayHinton Smith Private NSW
SmithMalcolm AlbertOct?195321 Sep 19562son/James Montague & Marie MayHinton Smith Private NSW
Smith (Foster)Marie May20 Feb 192925 Nov 200071w/James MontaguHinton Smith Private NSW
Smith (Harmon)Marion1847?22 Dec 192073w/James MontaguHinton Smith Private NSW
SmithMay24 Jul 18830dau/James Montagu & MarionHinton Smith Private NSW
SmithReginald1884?9 Sep 196783son/James Montagu & MarionHinton Smith Private NSW
SmithViola1867?9 Feb 194072dau/James Montagu & MarionHinton Smith Private NSW
Truebridge (Smith)Jean Elizabeth12 Jul 192223 Feb 201491dau/George Stansell & Elsie Isobel (Box); w/Leonard MolishHinton Smith Private NSW
TruebridgeLeonard Molish11 Jul 19202 Jun 200988h/Jean Elizabeth (Smith)Hinton Smith Private NSW

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