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1 cemetery found

YaambaIris St, Yaamba QLD 470436

36 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
BlancheWilliam Walter1903?18 Mar 193330Yaamba QLD
ClarkJessie18 Apr 1923Yaamba QLD
ClarkJohn Reid1837?24 Jul 192285Yaamba QLD
CoddCatherine9 Feb 1938w/HenryYaamba QLD
CoddHenry1856?9 Aug 192569Yaamba QLD
DiverJames Alfred11 Jan 189114 Apr 191726Yaamba QLD
GeddesAndrew10 May 18412 Aug 191675son/John & Wilsey (Clementson); b. Annan, Dumfries-shire, Scotland; h/Mary Jane (Pretty)Yaamba QLD
GeddesCleminson Wills26 Sep 190420 Apr 199085son/William Cleminson & Rose Spencer (Wills); b. Rockhampton, Qld, AustraliaYaamba QLD
GeddesDorothy Irving23 May 187516 Apr 189115dau/Andrew; b. Yaamba, Qld, AustraliaYaamba QLD
GeddesDorothy Irving23 May 187516 Apr 189115dau/Andrew & Mary Jane (Pretty); b. Yaamba, Qld, AustraliaYaamba QLD
Geddes (Pretty)Mary Jane20 Apr 184218 Oct 191876dau/Edward James & Mary (Hardy); b. Belfast, Antrim, Ireland; w/AndrewYaamba QLD
Geddes (Wills)Rose Spencer16 Sep 188221 Feb 196986b. Springsure, QLD; w/William CleminsonYaamba QLD
GeddesThomas13 Nov 183626 Jul 191679son/John & Wilsley (Clementson); b. Annan, Dumfrieshire, ScotlandYaamba QLD
GeddesWilliam Cleminson28 Feb 187126 Sep 193968son/Andrew & Mary Jane (Pretty); b. Glen Geddes, QLD; h/Rose Spencer (Wills)Yaamba QLD
GibsonJohn [Jack]1858?8 Oct 193880Yaamba QLD
JessopStella Adele23 Feb 189621 May 18993Yaamba QLD
KahlHarriet1861?20 Feb 194281w/Thomas ArthurYaamba QLD
KahlThomas Arthur12 Mar 18857 Jun 196681Yaamba QLD
LastEllen Marie184710 Mar 192578Yaamba QLD
LastJoseph1843?28 Oct 192380Yaamba QLD
MacDonaldArthur Leslie1 Jun 187315 May 194773son/Peter Fitzallan; b. Yaamba, QLD, AustraliaYaamba QLD
MacDonaldCharles Alexander9 May 186210 Aug 188422son/Peter Fitzallan; b. Yaamba, Qld, AustraliaYaamba QLD
MacDonaldDonald Cameron2 Apr 192211 Jul 193412son/Arthur Leslie; b. Rockhampton, Qld, AustraliaYaamba QLD
MacDonaldHarry Baynes1 Feb 191213 Jan 200087b. Yaamba, Qld, AustraliaYaamba QLD
MacDonaldPeter Fitzallan4 Sep 183019 Jun 191988b. Campbelltown, NSW, AustraliaYaamba QLD
MacDonaldPeter Fitzallan28 Apr 194829 Apr 199547b. Rockhampton, Qld, AustraliaYaamba QLD
McCartneyAdam30 Jan 184129 Apr 188746b. Patna, Ayrshire, ScotlandYaamba QLD
McDonaldPeter Fitzallan4 Sep 183019 Jun 191988son/Alexander & Sarah (Warby); b. Campbelltown, NSW, Australia; h/Julia Louisa (Ayrey)Yaamba QLD
MooreJames1866?28 May 193468Yaamba QLD
Moore (Hiddos)Sarah1841?28 Feb 190261Yaamba QLD
Pacey (Cameron)Flora5 Mar 1906Yaamba QLD
Rose Spencer (Wills)Geddes16 Sep 188221 Feb 196986b. Springsure, Qld, Australia; w/William Cleminson (Geddes)Yaamba QLD
SmithRobert1835?2 Jun 188348Yaamba QLD
Tait (Lander)Margaret29 Mar 1926Yaamba QLD
Tait (Hodgins)Minnie Margaret16 Nov 1919Yaamba QLD
TaitWilliam6 Dec 187023 Jun 190978b. Lerwick, Shetland, ScotlandYaamba QLD

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