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1 cemetery found

DuaringaKing St, Duaringa QLD 471278

78 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
AllendenWilliam5 Jun 1924son/William & Emily (Jones)Duaringa QLD
BakerEmma1871?23 Aug 194877w/William EdwardDuaringa QLD
BakerOliver1915?26 Nov 198772Duaringa QLD
BakerWilliam Edward1859?Jun 193980h/EmmaDuaringa QLD
BarnardAlice Agnes1881?14 Nov 195574w/Charles AshmallDuaringa QLD
BarnardCharles Ashmall1867?24 Jul 194275h/Alice AgnesDuaringa QLD
BeattieBridget Tess1870?4 Jul 188111dau/JohnDuaringa QLD
BeattieJohn1829?5 Dec 190071Duaringa QLD
BerryDuncan1898?17 Jul 192729h/Lily JaneDuaringa QLD
CarsonMargaret Diamond1891?27 Jul 190817Duaringa QLD
ComollattiAbondi1889?9 Jan 196576spouse/Florance AnnieDuaringa QLD
ComollattiAnne1860?5 Mar 193272w/AntonioDuaringa QLD
ComollattiAnthony Leonard15 Oct 20096 Jul 20109mDuaringa QLD
ComollattiAntonio1837?15 Aug 191275h/AnneDuaringa QLD
ComollattiFlorance Annie1898?26 Sep 198587w/AbondiDuaringa QLD
ComollattiJames Douglas3 May 192726 Feb 198962Duaringa QLD
ComollattiMonotti21 Jan 1920Duaringa QLD
Comollatti (Dettrick)Neta14 Mar 190626 Jan 198579w/ProtassieDuaringa QLD
ComollattiProtassie2 Feb 189512 Aug 196570spouse/Neta (Dettrick)Duaringa QLD
Comollatti (Strohfeldt)Rose Isabel17 Jan 189628 Nov 197276w/Thomas AlbertyDuaringa QLD
ComollattiThomas Alberty29 Dec 190231 Dec 198482h/Rose IsabelDuaringa QLD
CorkillHarriet1865194681w/LouisDuaringa QLD
CorkillLouis1861194584h/HarrietDuaringa QLD
D' ArcyKate16 Apr 18395 May 191475Duaringa QLD
D'ArcyLawrence17 Jan 187225 Feb 192755son/KateDuaringa QLD
DempseyEdmond Kelvin13 Nov 189426 Sep 195157Duaringa QLD
DempseyJason (Jas) D'Arcy22 Mar 190428 Jun 192521Duaringa QLD
DempseyLillian Diamond1888?2 Mar 18891dau/Edward & LouisDuaringa QLD
DettrickArthur1901?4 Jun 198786h/MaryDuaringa QLD
DettrickMary1910?18 May 200292w/ArthurDuaringa QLD
DettrickThomas Arthur1944?19 Sep 197329Duaringa QLD
DiamondElizabeth20 Dec 1887w/HenryDuaringa QLD
DiamondHenry6 Jan 1885h/ElizabethDuaringa QLD
DiamondJames24 May 184417 May 192581Duaringa QLD
DiamondJohn8 May 183928 Apr 192586Duaringa QLD
DiamondMary1836?22 May 188953dau/Henry & ElizabethDuaringa QLD
DiamondThomas1850?27 May 188232Duaringa QLD
DraperDaniel Alfred1896?17 Oct 197781Duaringa QLD
DraperDaniel John24 May 186815 Feb 192557h/HarrietDuaringa QLD
DraperDavid183822 Sep 190971son/Daniel & Susan Jane (Yates); b. Otford,Kent, England; h/Harriet (Moon)Duaringa QLD
DraperEva Agnes1908?16 May 198678w/Samuel FrankDuaringa QLD
Draper (Moon)Harriet12 Jun 191123 Jun 191170dau/Samson Samuel & Harriet (Bateup); b. Mayfield,Sussex, England; w/DavidDuaringa QLD
DraperHarriet1884?25 May 196480w/Daniel JohnDuaringa QLD
DraperLindsay Norman10 Dec 19147 Feb 196248Duaringa QLD
DraperSamuel Frank1903?14 Jul 198784h/Eva AgnesDuaringa QLD
DraperSydney Edward1905?17 Jul 197267Duaringa QLD
DraperWilliam David1893?11 Nov 193542Duaringa QLD
DunneArthur Thomas1891?8 Apr 195261h/IreneDuaringa QLD
DunneJohn Edward1898?17 Oct 195860Duaringa QLD
FletcherBernard Mervyn1916?15 Mar 19182Duaringa QLD
FletcherBertie Osmond1897?31 Jan 191013son/HenryDuaringa QLD
FletcherClaude Henry1906?28 Nov 195448Duaringa QLD
FletcherHenry1836?21 May 190569Duaringa QLD
FletcherMyrtle Millicent May96Duaringa QLD
HayesRose Isabella68Duaringa QLD
IrwinJanet Isabella29 May 1930w/J WDuaringa QLD
MathesonAlex Joseph1868?3 Jul 193971Duaringa QLD
MathesonAngus1876?10 Jul 195175h/MaryDuaringa QLD
MathesonMary26 Aug 1972w/AngusDuaringa QLD
MillsMaureen OliveDec 1941?12 Sep 19429mDuaringa QLD
MooreSarah Emma1862?26 Jan 193472w/WilliamDuaringa QLD
MooreWilliam1857?30 Sep 192164h/Sarah EmmaDuaringa QLD
PageNeville Dudley15 Mar 190214 Dec 19029mDuaringa QLD
ReedAlfred Arthur1888?2 Jun 191325Duaringa QLD
ReedGeorge1864?28 Jun 194177h/MaryDuaringa QLD
ReedHannah1835191580w/WilliamDuaringa QLD
ReedMary1879?25 Jun 193758w/GeorgeDuaringa QLD
ReedWilliam1834190672h/HannahDuaringa QLD
SmithReginald John1925?29 Nov 195429Duaringa QLD
ThomassonLillian BerylMay 1903?30 Mar 190410mDuaringa QLD
ThomassonViolet EvelynMay 1903?29 Feb 19049mDuaringa QLD
WalshCharles George1920?20 Oct 198161Duaringa QLD
WalshEdgar1922?6 Oct 194018son/PatrickDuaringa QLD
WalshEmily Theresa1894194248Duaringa QLD
WalshHelena Jane1863?1 Dec 192461Duaringa QLD
WalshPatrick1888?29 Jul 194254Duaringa QLD
WanchapNeville Douglas13 Feb 1967Duaringa QLD
WeldonAlexander26 Mar 1920Duaringa QLD

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