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1 cemetery found

TomingleyTomingley NSW 2869119

119 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
AitchesonHenrietta Rose1883?26 Jul 18907dau/James & AnnTomingley NSW
AngusClifford Arthur Clyde1897?3 Aug 18970son/James & MargaretTomingley NSW
AngusIda Nellie Lillian1895?1 May 18961dau/James & MargaretTomingley NSW
AngusJack1937Tomingley NSW
AngusJames1858?7 Jul 189638son/Neil & MargaretTomingley NSW
AngusMargaret Sarah1888?29 Mar 18957dau/James & MargaretTomingley NSW
AshbyCecil1910?6 Feb 19100son/Ivy M JTomingley NSW
AstillRosetta Mary1873?16 Feb 189926dau/Henry & ElizabethTomingley NSW
BekonGeorge1834?13 Jul 190874Tomingley NSW
BerryMary1887?16 May 18870dau/Emily BTomingley NSW
BridleFrank1887?30 Nov 18870Tomingley NSW
BrownFrederick1896?5 Nov 18960son/Henry & FrancesTomingley NSW
BuckleyCharles1872?12 Aug 189826son/James A & Grace ATomingley NSW
BuckleyDoris Amy1899?2 Aug 18990dau/James J & Mary ATomingley NSW
BunningsDavid Laurence1945201065h/LauraTomingley NSW
CannonChristopher John20 Nov 196225 May 200340h/SaraTomingley NSW
CarterMargaret A M1905?9 Jun 19050dau/James & Ruby V PTomingley NSW
CarterMary Edith1890?8 Aug 18900dau/Andrew & Elizabeth ATomingley NSW
CarterThelma1905?5 Jun 19050dau/James & Ruby V PTomingley NSW
CavanaghDennis1851?2 Apr 191362son/William & MargaretTomingley NSW
ClancyLouisa1907?16 Mar 19070dau/John & LenaTomingley NSW
ClementsGertie 5 Nov 190135Tomingley NSW
Cross (Menz nee Pumpa)Johanne (Annie)9 Jun 185817 Feb 192162formerly Menz; dau/Christian & Johanne (Jurban); b. Hope Valley, Highercombe Dist. SA, Australia; w/John Henry Herman (Menz) & Thomas OakmanTomingley NSW
DarlingtonMuriel1906?19 May 19060son/Albert E & ElizabethTomingley NSW
DavisonGeorge Henry Arthur 12 Oct 19024son/George & FlorenceTomingley NSW ,
DawsonRose Elizabeth May1902?7 Oct 19020dau/Ernest & Lottie MTomingley NSW ,
DeanCharles26 Nov 188526 Nov 188512hson/Charles & Kate; b. Dubbo NSWTomingley NSW
DeanRichard John1887?2 Feb 18870son/Charles & Kate KTomingley NSW
DouglasErnest Andrew1894?24 Mar 18940son/MargaretTomingley NSW
DriverGeorge1876?21 Apr 192246Tomingley NSW
DriverJanet1852?29 Jun 192270dau/David & CatherineTomingley NSW
DriverMary1875?14 Apr 192247dau/George & TheresaTomingley NSW
DriverWalter Scott1836?19 Mar 189458son/Charles & JanetTomingley NSW
DunsheaHarold1887?17 Apr 190013son/John & MaryTomingley NSW
DunsheaMary1895?26 Jun 18950dau/Amos G & Emily WTomingley NSW
FarlowJames1840?10 Mar 190060son/WilliamTomingley NSW
ForesterMary1840?11 Dec 192989dau/Thomas & JaneTomingley NSW
ForresterJames1834?29 Jun 190470Tomingley NSW
GoldingPercy1888?6 Jul 18902son/Thomas & EvaTomingley NSW
GoldingRichard1890?25 May 18900son/Thomas & JaneTomingley NSW
GrahamMary Ellen1868?21 Sep 189830dau/Edward; w/F JTomingley NSW
GrayJohn Duncan1862?29 Nov 188119son/Robert & JanetTomingley NSW
GrenfellDavid1861?15 Oct 189837son/ThomasTomingley NSW
Gun YoungWalter Norman1900?13 Aug 19000son/Charles & LouisaTomingley NSW
HaleJames22 Sep 1908son/Joseph & Mary ATomingley NSW
HaleVoilet Millicent1899?4 Oct 18990dau/EmilyTomingley NSW
HarperCatherine Grace1866?11 Jan 189226dau/David & CatherineTomingley NSW
HarperDavid1825?22 Oct 188964son/John & JuneTomingley NSW
HarperDudley James5 May 192129 May 200180h/MargaretTomingley NSW
HarperRuby Irene28 Nov 190022 Nov 198685w/James DavidTomingley NSW
HodgesIvy May1901?1 Oct 19010dau/Albert & Francis MTomingley NSW
HodgessJoseph Pryor1840?28 Nov 190767son/Samuel & ElizabethTomingley NSW
HoranLeslie Herbert1915?7 Mar 19150son/Celelia JTomingley NSW
HoranThomas1858?6 Mar 191254son/John & AnneTomingley NSW
JonesAlbert William1864?4 Nov 189733son/Alfred R & MariaTomingley NSW
KearinesArthur Edward1911?29 Mar 19110son/James & Florence ATomingley NSW
KellyMargaret Elizabeth1900?17 Jan 19000dau/Henry G & HenriettaTomingley NSW
KellyThomas1838?13 Jun 190062son/Thomas & KateTomingley NSW
LanghamMatilda1878?27 Dec 189315dau/Thomas & MaryTomingley NSW
LanghamThomas1867?9 Oct 193568son/Thomas & MaryTomingley NSW
LanghamWilliam1874?15 Aug 188915Tomingley NSW
LeeWilliam1909?9 Jan 19090Tomingley NSW
LynchThomas1846?23 Jan 189650Tomingley NSW
LyonHarriett1864?3 Sep 189834Tomingley NSW
MayGrannyTomingley NSW
MayJoseph1878?13 Sep 192850Tomingley NSW
McCuddenAlice1852?4 May 191563dau/John & Mary; w/J PTomingley NSW
McCuddenJohn Patrick1849?18 Mar 192980Tomingley NSW
McDonaldFlora1888?14 May 18891dau/Donald & ElizabethTomingley NSW
McDonaldHugh1886?22 Sep 18860Tomingley NSW
McDonaldJohn1836?30 Jul 188852Tomingley NSW
McKennonEwan1824?10 Jun 190177Tomingley NSW
McNabbArthur James1886?16 Apr 189711son/James & MaryTomingley NSW
MenziesHannah Maria1834?5 Sep 190672dau/John & MargaretTomingley NSW
MillgateElizabeth1873?5 Dec 190330dau/AndrewTomingley NSW
MitchellEmma1814?21 Oct 189783dau/Bryan & AmyTomingley NSW
MohrMay Evelyn1900?15 Apr 19000dau/John J & Sara ATomingley NSW
MorrisJames1914?12 Jun 19140Tomingley NSW
MorrisJohn1907?16 Aug 19070son/MaudTomingley NSW
ParrWilliam Sydney1897?21 Nov 18970son/William H & MaryTomingley NSW
PayneAnnie May1892?24 Sep 190614dau/John & ElizabethTomingley NSW
PickenElizabeth1838?6 May 191678dau/William & Mary ATomingley NSW
PickenJoseph William1830?8 Aug 190777son/JosephTomingley NSW
PickenMary1855?5 Oct 189641son/Frederick & SarahTomingley NSW
PickenWilliam Joseph1857?6 Aug 190649son/John & ElizabethTomingley NSW
PrentgastThomas Edward1886?28 Dec 18860Tomingley NSW
PringleGeorge1902?24 Nov 19020son/FannyTomingley NSW
PyersAlice1891?23 Nov 190716dau/Robert & RoseTomingley NSW
ReakesClarice Gwenda1923?26 Mar 19230dau/Clarence L & MarciaTomingley NSW
ReillyBridget M1838?11 Jun 190466dau/Patrick & ElizabethTomingley NSW
RosserLouis185220 Dec 192573son/Louis & Mary Ann (Edwards); b. New South Wales, Australia; h/Alice Kate (Kate) (Nixon)Tomingley NSW
SaraElsie May1901?28 Nov 19021dau/Fredrick & ElizabethTomingley NSW
ScattergoodHannah1837?13 Aug 192487dau/CharlesTomingley NSW
ScattergoodSamuel1852?29 Jun 192371son/Samuel & MariaTomingley NSW
SchwarzMeinrad1847?2 Nov 190861Tomingley NSW
SmithBaby0Tomingley NSW
Smith (Bartlett)Elizabeth1853?17 Apr 189744dau/George & Ann; w/ThomasTomingley NSW
StaffordDorothy Isabel1903?26 Nov 19030dau/Henry F & Clara ETomingley NSW
StanfordElleen1901?11 Jan 19010dau/Ernest D & Hannah MTomingley NSW
TattersallAmy1867?4 Sep 190033dau/DonaldTomingley NSW
TattersallBaby1895?14 Apr 18961Tomingley NSW
TattersallCatherine Violet1893?22 Sep 18985dau/John F & AmyTomingley NSW
TattersallEmma Christina1900?14 Nov 19000dau/John & AmyTomingley NSW
TattersallHector Davis1899?15 Oct 18990son/John F & AmyTomingley NSW
TattersallHenry1872?28 Dec 189624son/James & KatherineTomingley NSW
TattersallJames1868?10 Apr 188820son/James & CatherineTomingley NSW
TattersallWilliam1871?3 Jul 190332son/James & KatherineTomingley NSW
ThompsonBlanche1897?2 Mar 18970dau/Lachlan & Ellen RTomingley NSW
TretheneyFredrick Samuel James 22 Sep 19021son/Gidgeon & ElizabethTomingley NSW
Unknown1851?30 Jun 190150Tomingley NSW
VooghtDaniel1833?27 Jun 189865son/Daniel & ElizabethTomingley NSW
WaddickJohn Bede1895?20 Dec 18950son/Sarah ATomingley NSW
Wah SingMinnie Vernia1893?26 May 18985dau/Charles & SarahTomingley NSW
Wah SingSarah1858?22 Aug 191254dau/Charles H; w/CharlesTomingley NSW
WatsfordArthur James87Tomingley NSW
WeirJohn 12 Feb 190262son/PeterTomingley NSW
WythesThomas1830?21 Dec 189767son/ThomasTomingley NSW
WythesThomas Edward1862?12 Jul 191654son/Thomas & Maria LTomingley NSW
YoungEffie Beatrice1907?1 Jan 19070dau/Alexander W & Florence CTomingley NSW

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