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Moorefields Uniting Church (Moorefields Methodist)Maramba Close, Kingsgrove NSW 220856

56 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
Barnett (Laurie)Mary Jane26 Feb 185525 May 193883dau/Thomas & Jean (Davidson); b. Braidwood, NSW, Australia; w/StephenMoorefields Uniting Church NSW
BarnettStephen24 Feb 184922 Jul 191364?son/William & Louisa (Kingston); b. Braidwood, NSW, Australia; h/Mary Jane (Laurie)Moorefields Uniting Church NSW
BrownAlexander Simpson1891?17 Feb 195968son/James & HelenMoorefields Uniting Church NSWG, 46
BrownHazel Beryl191226 Sep 19131dau/Henry J (Harry) & Ada J; b. Goulburn, NSWMoorefields Uniting Church NSWC, 54
BrownJohn Charles1868?23 Jul 195183Moorefields Uniting Church NSWL, 14
BurrellDonald27 Oct 1931son/G & DubberMoorefields Uniting Church NSW
ChapmanKenneth1919?Jul 19256son/Sydney & WinifredMoorefields Uniting Church NSWK, 41
ChapmanLucyetta1871?29 May 194877dau/William Thomas & Caroline; w/ThomasMoorefields Uniting Church NSWB, 01
ChapmanThomas21 Jul 1934h/LucyettaMoorefields Uniting Church NSW
ChardHarriet1820?24 Aug 191090w/ThomasMoorefields Uniting Church NSWD, 33
ChardJames1777?29 Mar 185679Moorefields Uniting Church NSWA, 07
ChardThomasson/James; h/HarrietMoorefields Uniting Church NSW
CockJohnh/Mary AnnMoorefields Uniting Church NSW
CockMary Ann1920dau/William & Isabella; w/JohnMoorefields Uniting Church NSW
EvansGordon Spence28 Oct 19191 May 194222son/Edward Charles & Elizabeth; b. Belmore, NSW; N256809Moorefields Uniting Church NSWMth C, 45
EvansWilliam1867?21 May 192861h/Ada Ann (Kelsey)Moorefields Uniting Church NSW
FaulksJoseph6 Sep 18406 Mar 191473son/Thomas & Mercy (Woolley); b. Whissendine, Rutland, England; h/Bridget (King) & Eliza (Barnes)Moorefields Uniting Church NSW
Fludder (Tomkins)Winifred Myra Grace26 Dec 19136 May 193824son/James & Elizabeth Lydia (Pettit); b. Burwood, NSW, Australia; h/Arthur FrederickMoorefields Uniting Church NSW
Gall (Brown)Eliza Duncan1938Moorefields Uniting Church NSW
GrahamJohn183918 Jul 192586son/Archibald & Mary (Campbell); b. Sydney, NSW; h/Mary (Merchant)Moorefields Uniting Church NSW
Graham (Merchant)Mary1845?8 Dec 192681dau/Elias & Jane (McKenzie); b. New South Wales; w/JohnMoorefields Uniting Church NSW
GreyHerbert Vance14 Mar 18748 Dec 192955son/John James & Isabella (Gray); b. Kiama, NSWMoorefields Uniting Church NSW
Humphrey aka Humphries (Benfield)Murtha29 Sep 1906dau/John & Mary; w/William (Humphrey/Humphries)Moorefields Uniting Church NSWMeth. H.S.
Humphrey aka HumphriesWilliam1868son/Henry & Rebecca; h/Martha (Benfield)Moorefields Uniting Church NSWMeth.
JonesLloyd12 Apr 191729 Jul 194629son/Walter Edgar & Mabel Thirza; b. Belmore, NSW; NX18567Moorefields Uniting Church NSWMth I, 59-60
Jurd (Barnett)Elsie Ellen21 Sep 188118 May 195069dau/Stephen & Mary Jane (Laurie); b. Braidwood, New South Wales, Australia; w/Alfred JosephMoorefields Uniting Church NSWRow: A1_54
KingErnie J9 Feb 1918son/John & HarrietMoorefields Uniting Church NSW
King (Whiting)Harriet1853?15 Jun 192067formerly Whiting; w/Daniel F (Whiting) & JohnMoorefields Uniting Church NSW
KingJohn1860?8 Oct 192464h/HarrietMoorefields Uniting Church NSW
LeesAlexander John13 Apr 181711 Jun 189679son/William & Jane; b. Sydney, NSW, Australia; h/Rosetta (Prentice)Moorefields Uniting Church NSWB, 29-30
LeesAndrew185627 Feb 190245son/Andrew John & Rosetta (Prentice); b. O'Connell Town, NSW, Australia; h/Sarah Elizabeth (Eagles)Moorefields Uniting Church NSWC, 30
LeesBenjamin185811 Jul 193577son/Alexander John & Rosetta (Prentice)Moorefields Uniting Church NSWB, 29-30
Lees (Fullick)Dinah1856?8 Aug 191256w/William RobertMoorefields Uniting Church NSWB, 37-37a
LeesEdward Alexander John15 May 185115 Jan 189644son/Alexander John & Rosetta (Prentice); b. Kingsgrove, NSW, Australia; h/Rebecca (Chard)Moorefields Uniting Church NSWB, 27-28
Lees (Prentice)Rosetta10 May 181820 Nov 190587dau/William & Elizabeth (Vickers); b. Sydney, NSW, Australia; w/Alexander JohnMoorefields Uniting Church NSWB, 29-30
Lees (Eagles)Sarah Elizabeth12 May 186127 May 194685dau/Richard Henry & Mary (Moon); b. Appin, NSW, Australia; w/AndrewMoorefields Uniting Church NSWC, 30
LeesWilliam Robert24 Nov 184518 Oct 193387son/Andrew John & Rosetta (Prentice); b. Ashfield, NSW, Australia; h/Dinah (Fullick)Moorefields Uniting Church NSWB, 38
Macdonald?Ruby E193419 Sep 19340dau/Herbert Henry & Olive myrtle (Clough); b. Nsw, AustraliaMoorefields Uniting Church NSWSectio C 8
MartinArchibild Gordon1884?18 Apr 194561son/Archibald & MargaretMoorefields Uniting Church NSWA1, 12
MooreJames1868?1 Aug 193062son/JamesMoorefields Uniting Church NSW
NortonHerbert James188514 Nov 197085son/Isaac & Maria (Wilkie); h/Annie Louise (Mitchell)Moorefields Uniting Church NSW
ParkesIsaac4 Jan 182328 Dec 190077son/John & Margaret (Southern); b. Petersham NSW, Australia; h/Sarah (Dent)Moorefields Uniting Church NSW
Peake (Parkes)Esther181518 May 188872dau/John & Margaret (Southern); b. Petersham, NSW, Australia; w/John RobertMoorefields Uniting Church NSW
PeakeIsaac16 Sep 183826 Nov 192082son/John Robert & Esther (Parkes); b. Tempe, NSW, Australia; h/Martha (Holley)Moorefields Uniting Church NSW
PeakeJohn Robert28 Feb 181512 Aug 188671son/John & Elizabeth (Alcock); b. Parramatta, NSW, Australia; h/Esther (Parkes)Moorefields Uniting Church NSW
Peake (Holley)Martha18432 Apr 193288dau/George & Elizabeth (Chant); b. Picton, NSW, Australia; w/IsaacMoorefields Uniting Church NSW
Pearson (Eagles)Eva May187528 Mar 190933dau/Richard Henry & Mary (Moon); b. Picton, NSW, Australia; w/JosephMoorefields Uniting Church NSW
PithersJames26 Jan 1895son/William & AnnMoorefields Uniting Church NSW
PriceArthur Samuel Kenneth Studd8 Aug 1945son/Charles Edward & Ethel Ada Elizabeth; h/Minnie I F (Singles)Moorefields Uniting Church NSWH, 45
PriceCharles Edward187212 Oct 194978son/David & Maria; b. Paddington, NSW; h/Ethel Ada ElizabethMoorefields Uniting Church NSWH, 44
PriceCharles F D (Fred)4 Sep 1922son/Charles Edward & Ethel A EMoorefields Uniting Church NSWH, 45
PriceEthel Ada Elizabeth17 Jan 1964dau/John & Ruth; w/Charles EdwardMoorefields Uniting Church NSWH, 44
PriceJames Walter OwenDec 1916?24 Jun 19176mson/Charles Edward & Ethel A EMoorefields Uniting Church NSWH, 44
Tomkins (Evans)Myra189321 Aug 192128dau/William & Ada Ann (Kelsey); b. Sydney, NSW; w/William JamesMoorefields Uniting Church NSWH, 57-58
WattAlfred22 May 1903Moorefields Uniting Church NSW
WhitingPercy James18879 May 191729son/Daniel F & HarriettMoorefields Uniting Church NSW

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