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Coonabarabran AnglicanDalgarno Street, Coonabarabran NSW 23571085

1085 inscriptions found - showing from 1 to 500

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
?Charles1971Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
?Edward26 Dec 1881? 18820Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
?Romona1935?18 Apr 198247Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
?Rosanna16Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
AbbottDaphne May10 Aug 1961Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
AbbottHillary (Chark)1954?21 Jun 198026Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
Abbott (Kable)Ruby Evelyn191714 Feb 200083dau/Adelena (Kable); b. Gulgong NSW, Australia; w/William AlbertCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
AbbottWilliam Albert19145 Sep 199479son/William Albert & Henrietta Elsie May (Green); b. Gulgong NSW, Australia; h/Ruby Evelyn (Kable)Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
Adams (White)Ida Mary1878?1 Feb 191334w/Adam BlairCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
AllanJoyce KathleenDec 193018 Jul 1978Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
AllanStanleyJun 193211 Jan 1987Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
AllanTony20 Sep 19540Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
AlstonAlan4 Feb 192625 Aug 198963son/William Henry & Ivy May; 161792Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
AlstonIvy May1899?15 Jan 197474w/William HenryCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
AlstonJack4 Feb 19266 Feb 19260son/William Henry & Ivy MayCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
AnshawPhilip J1860?28 Jul 193878Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
AntawAlfredCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
AntawAlice1878?7 Oct 196486Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
Antaw (Rothery)Caroline Helena1897?30 Oct 198184w/Charles WilliamCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
AntawCharles William1894?9 Feb 196974h/Caroline Helena; 2027Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
Antaw (Quinton)Daisy Mary Martha1903?28 Jul 197370w/Oswald CyrilCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
AntawGeorge1856?23 Dec 193175Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
AntawJohn Charles1938?9 Oct 196325son/Charles William & Caroline HelenaCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
AntawKaren19691971dau/Cyril Keith & Shirley JeanCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
AntawOswald Cyril1897?6 Jan 198183h/Daisy Mary MarthaCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Armstrong (Gregory)Frances Irene1893?23 Feb 192026w/Charles WalterCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
AttwoodCharles1866?21 Nov 191751h/AdaCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Baccon (Smith)ElizabethMar?182224 Jun 189270w/Thomas SantCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BacconThomas SantSep?181628 Mar 188669h/ElizabethCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BaconArthur William Henry30 May 189514 Oct 199095h/Pansy MayCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Bacon (Keeping)Emma Mary1869?15 Mar 195484w/William HenryCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BaconFrieda Elizabeth1926?23 Mar 197952w/John HenryCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BaconGeorge H1823?14 Aug 191794h/Maria FCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BaconJean Mary1921?9 Feb 197856Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
BaconJohn Henry1923?8 Mar 199773h/Frieda ElizabethCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BaconMaria F1837?1 Jun 191073w/George HCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Bacon (Canham)Pansy May27 Oct 189414 Oct 198792w/Arthur William HenryCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BaconWalter John Marshal1898?31 Mar 196263son/William Henry & Emma MaryCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BaconWilliam Henry1866?22 May 195690h/Emma MaryCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BaileyAlbert Charles189225 Sep 1953Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
BaileyMargaret Maude1902?20 Apr 196361Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
BakerBrendaCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BakerChristopher N28 Mar 19660son/Paul & JoanCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BakerPerth1891?6 Mar 195563h/Vera EileenCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BakerTheresa Anne28 Mar 195225 Jun 198028Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
Baker (Jerrett)Vera Eileen24 Mar 190716 Oct 198982dau/Charles Alfred & Catherine (Miller); b. Boggabri, NSW, Australia; w/PerthCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Barber (Jones)Eileen Grace1900?21 Aug 197373w/Roumaine LanceCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BarberRoumaine Lance1884?27 Feb 194358h/Eileen GraceCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Barker (Broadie)Emily Elizabeth22 Nov 191022 Aug 200291w/Roy CecilCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BarkerRoy Cecil3 May 19023 Jul 197472h/Emily ElizabethCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Barnes (Brown)Ida Elizabeth1899?21 May 199293w/William AlexanderCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BarnesJames Albert3 Jan 1974son/William Alexander & Ida ElizabethCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BarnesWilliam Alexander1891?21 Dec 196675h/Ida Elizabeth; 3350Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
BarnettFanny Baker17 Jan 18741 May 195480Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
BassettWilliam Thomas1934?3 Jan 198247h/IreneCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BayleyJohn C15 Jul 1988Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
BayleyKathleen May1915?14 Dec 197964Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
BaylissEllen1891?21 Apr 197382Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
BaylissThelma May1932?8 Jul 197947Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
BealeIsobelle Violet1884?23 Dec 194864w/Joseph StroudCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BealeJoseph Stroud1874?2 May 194066h/Isobelle VioletCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BeazleyAmous C1832?16 Jul 192492h/Emily WCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BeazleyEmily W1829?3 Jul 191485w/Amous CCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Beeton (Bingham)Eva Marie1893?9 Aug 197380w/William JohnCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BeetonWilhelmina1848?6 Oct 192173w/WilliamCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BeetonWilliam1847?15 Jul 189346h/WilhelminaCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BeetonWilliam John1890?30 Aug 194050h/Eva MarieCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BellRichard Livingstone1920?6 Sep 19277son/Norman L & Ruth ECoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BellWilliam Maunder29 Apr 1949h/KayCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Bennett (Jackson)Daisy Emma1888?27 Sep 195365w/William JCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BennettWilliam1839?8 Jan 193292son/William & Mary JCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BennettWilliam John1880?15 Jun 196787h/Daisy EmmaCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BeresfordMary Frances1921?4 Mar 197250dau/Hugh Buckingham & Marjorie JosephineCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BeresfordWilliam Coventry de la Poer2 Jun 18879 Jul 193851son/Henry Tristram de la Poer? & Louisa MargueriteCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BerneyLynne-Maree23 Aug 195826 Dec 19580dau/Wally & OliveCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BerwickRita Marion1922?14 Feb 198966Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
BibbJack1911?14 Nov 198473h/Jean KathleenCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Bibb (Harper)Jean Kathleen1914?14 Dec 198975w/JackCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BibbMalcolm1939?13 May 19445son/John & Jean KathleenCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BibbStephen1974?18 Aug 199016Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
BirchellJim1894?9 Nov 193541h/MaudeCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BirchellMary1857?26 Dec 192164dau/John & Mary; w/William HenryCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BirchellWilliam Henry29 Sep 1927h/MaryCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Blackburn (Naseby)Ada Amelia16 Oct 189112 Jan 196674dau/Frederick & Mary Anne; w/William Jonathan GCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BlackburnFamily (The)Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
BlackburnOlive May14 May 19233 Jan 19284dau/William & AdaCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BlackburnOwen Bruce22 Feb 19331 May 197138son/William J G & Ada AmeliaCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BlackburnSylvenus Bruce1887?4 Apr 194255N393418Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
BlackburnThelma1896?14 May 193539Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
BlackburnWilliam Jonathan G16 Jun 188617 Jul 197286son/John & Margaret; h/Ada Amelia (Naseby)Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
BlacklockJoseph A1881?19 Aug 194463Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
Blackman (McKellor)Leila B1884?10 May 196379w/Samuel AlfredCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BlackmanSamuel Alfred1864?6 Sep 193773h/Leila BCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BlackmanSarah Ann1870?14 Aug 195181w/Sidney HerbertCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BlackmanSidney Herbert1868?13 Nov 192961h/Sarah AnnCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BondEleanor1803?11 Jan 187571Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
BonningtonThomas R1871?5 Jul 191948son/John & Emma (Blowes); h/Sarah A (Delaney)Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
BorderAllan John1928?8 Jun 197951Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
Border (Brooks)Amelia1884?19 Oct 191834w/George HCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Border (Martin)Anne Henrietta185615 Feb 194488dau/George & Isabella (Butler); b. Chippendale, NSW; w/Frederick HenryCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BorderArthur Thomas1892?20 May 195765Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
BorderBeryl11 Dec 192816 Apr 195627dau/George & GertrudeCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BorderCollin Frederick1930?18 Feb 196534son/John Harold & Tossy MaryCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BorderEdith MayJan 1887?25 Jul 18925dau/Frederick H & Anna Henrietta (Martin)Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
BorderFrederick Henry1856?3 Feb 192265h/Anne Henrietta (Martin)Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
BorderGeorge HenryOct?188126 Apr 196684h/GertrudeCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BorderHenry1818?14 Aug 190284b. England; h/MaryCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BorderJohn Harold1900?18 Feb 196564h/Tossy MaryCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BorderMary1822?12 May 190684b. England; w/HenryCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BorderMary Enid14 Jul 191224 Jul 19120dau/George H & AmeliaCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BorderTossy Mary1905?16 Jun 195550w/John HaroldCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BorderZellia IdaAug?189710 Feb 191113dau/Frederick H & Anna Henrietta (Martin)Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
BotfieldEdward Allan1909?2 Jun 195142son/Edward Alfred & May Alice LilyCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BotfieldMary Beatrice1917?22 Aug 192710dau/Charles J & Beatrice PCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Botfield (Purvis)Olive May1898?6 Mar 196566w/Willis RoyCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BotfieldWillis Roy1902?24 Aug 196765h/Olive MayCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BowdenJohn Lee (Erky)1953?2 Jun 198027Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
BowenJames1880?12 Sep 195676Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
BowenNormyCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BradberyEdna Dulcie1928?5 Oct 199971Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
BrainFrederick William1853?23 Dec 194390son/Thomas & Sarah Christina; h/Sarah Ann (Hanson)Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
BrainFredrick William1886?12 Jan 193144son/Frederick William & Sarah AnnCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BrainJanene15 Dec 1963dau/Warwick & LynCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BrainJessie Caroline8 May 190627 Jan 197770w/Victor EdwardCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BrainJessie Rita1900?31 Oct 194343Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
Brain (Cohen)Leila Mary Florence18 Jan 190315 Jun 197572w/Sidney CharlesCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Brain (Hanson)Sarah Ann1866?1 Oct 192963dau/Nicholas & Sarah; w/Frederick WilliamCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BrainSidney Charles12 Sep 190531 Oct 198479h/Leila Mary FlorenceCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BrainVictor Edward20 Jul 18992 Feb 197474h/Jessie CarolineCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BridgesBeverley1937?5 Mar 197941Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
BridgesClarence Leslie1912?15 Sep 197765Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
BridgesCora1900?12 Apr 198585w/Harold CecilCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BridgesHarold Cecil1894?20 Dec 196773h/Cora; 2992Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
BridgesHilda1912?15 Nov 198068Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
BrittonBert HenryNov?191523 Feb 19171Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
BrittonFrederick12 Oct 1962Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
BrittonFrederick James12 Aug 1972son/Frederick & Mary ElizabethCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BrittonHarriet May7 Jul 1973Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
BrittonHenry (Mick)1868?1 Sep 195789Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
BrittonKevin1984?13 Oct 19873son/Mick & BerylCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BrittonMary Elizabeth1872?3 Aug 196997Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
BrooksJohn1847?17 Jan 192678h/Maria SCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Brooks (Proctor)Maria S1852?20 Oct 193280w/JohnCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BrooksRobert1893?6 Jun 194754h/Ruby SarahCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Brooks (Leslie)Ruby Sarah1894?31 Mar 198186w/RobertCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BrownCecil Albert1903?6 May 196360Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
BrownCecil Ward1882?9 Jan 193956h/SarahCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BrownR1892?9 Nov 194654Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
BrownWalter F1892?1 Oct 193442son/Ada S; 1546Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
Bruce (Harrison)Lyla Beatrice (Jo)1904?4 Feb 194136w/Andrew ACoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BuckleyRoland "Everest"1888?8 Jan 194657son/Patrick & EllenCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BurboroughCharles6 Jan 1973Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
BurboroughEthel Pearl1889?9 Aug 197485Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
BurnsJoan Violet1938?12 Nov 197032w/LionelCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
BushAlexander (Jack)1918?4 Feb 198263Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
BushGeorge1882?29 Aug 195371h/Louise MaudeCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Bush (Canham)Louise Maude1890?23 Jul 196878w/GeorgeCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
ByersEdwin1878?25 Nov 194264Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
CahillEdward1889?6 Jul 197283Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
CahillMary Jane1883?5 Jul 197087Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
CallaghanMaurice S1913?30 Dec 193522Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
Callaghan (Sharrock)Sarah J1892?18 Sep 191826w/Maurice JCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
CallaghanVera May1906?14 Aug 197468Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
CallaghanVincent George1910?5 Dec 196959Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
CameronJohn William1898?20 Sep 194749Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
CanhamBertie Allan1898?20 Jun 199294h/Georgina MayCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
CanhamErnest Alfred11 Jan 190024 Apr 198282h/Harriett AliceCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Canham (Miller)Ethel Mary31 Mar 18959 Dec 198893dau/John William & Susan (Miller); b. Enmore via Uralla, New South Wales, Australia; w/William EdwardCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
CanhamFay1933?13 Oct 19352dau/Ernest A & Alice HCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Canham (Arnold)Georgina May1902?15 Jan 197976w/Bertie AllanCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Canham (Cooper)Harriett Alice13 Apr 190824 Jul 198880w/Ernest AlfredCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
CanhamMary Ann1862?7 Feb 195390w/JohnCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
CanhamRonald4 Sep 1932son/Ernest A & Alice HCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
CanhamSidney Allan28 Jun 189223 Jul 196876son/John & Mary Ann; h/Victoria M (Cooper); 58540Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
CanhamWalter "Mick"6 Aug 190922 Jun 199989Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
CanhamWilliam Edmund1920198464son/Sidney Allan & Victoria May (Cooper)Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
CanhamWilliam Edward1885?9 Sep 196277son/John & Mary Ann (Terry); h/Ethel MaryCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
CarneyHugh1898?4 Jun 197577Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
CarrAllan24 Aug 1975Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
CarrHerbert Henry1880?14 Mar 194261Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
CarrMary2 May 18661 Apr 1967100Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
CarrMolly?Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
CarringtonJean Mary21 Jul 191721 Dec 199982w/RupertCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
CarringtonRupert Markam1911?2 May 198675h/Jean; NX9867Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
ChadGordon Granville1919?2 Apr 198869son/Samuel & Linda; h/Jean IreneCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Chad (Stoltenberg)Jean Irene1917?4 Feb 200082w/Gordon GranvilleCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
ChappellMary Elizabeth1868?20 Jun 195284Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
ChatfieldAlfred William1861?17 Sep 192160h/Jane MaryCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
ChatfieldAlfred William1894?6 Sep 194551h/FlorenceCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
ChatfieldCyrilJan 1919?21 Mar 19201son/Alfred William & FlorenceCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
ChatfieldGeorge Andrew1896?16 Nov 196165son/Albert William & JaneCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Chatfield (Cain)Jane Mary1869?25 Jul 194071w/Alfred WilliamCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
ChatfieldRussell John1949?20 Jun 19589son/Eliza JosephineCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
ChinnLeonard Alfred1899?13 Sep 197374Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
ChinnPeter Alan12 Aug 19616 Oct 19610son/Alan & LoisCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Church-Olsen (Blackburn)AdaJul?186814 Mar 192960w/Charles HCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Church-OlsenIvan HansDec 1907?13 Aug 192719son/Charles H & AdaCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
ClareAnnie12 Jul 184420 Apr 187934b. Liverpool, England; w/TheodoreCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
ClareJohn Thomas19061993h/MelbaCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
ClareJoseph1 Dec 18711 Jul 18742son/Theodore & AnnieCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Clare (Lemon)Louisa Mary1878?27 Jul 196587w/Thomas TheodoreCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
ClareMay1908?2 Jun 196355Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
ClareThomas Theodore1870?8 Sep 195989h/Louisa MaryCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
CoatesSarahFeb?183821 Oct 188951w/John ACoonabarabran Anglican NSW
CoeThomas1879?10 Feb 193757Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
CogganCecil Carlisle1904?24 Oct 198379h/Florence AdelaideCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Coggan (Harvey)Florence Adelaide1916?27 Jan 196952w/Cecil CarlisleCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
ColeWestley Walter1893?20 Mar 197884h/Myra ValerieCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
CollierAnthony James1943?3 Mar 197430son/Edward & Mary ElizabethCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
CollierEdward John1905?5 Aug 198075h/Mary ElizabethCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Collier (Lumley)Mary Elizabeth1915?23 Mar 196751w/Edward JohnCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
ComberAnnie1859?13 Jun 194182dau/Matthew & Sarah; w/John WilliamCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
ComberJohn William185710 Apr 194184son/Edward & Elizabeth; b. Wellingrove, NSW; h/AnnieCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Condoleon(3 babies)17 Apr 19340Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
CooperEdmund1867?14 Feb 195486h/Harriet ElizaCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
CooperEdmund Roy1910?9 Oct 198373Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
CooperEileen Elizabeth1901?26 Jun 198382Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
Cooper (Arnold)Harriet Eliza1885?29 May 196883w/EdmundCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
CooperJamesJun?18713 May 194977Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
CooperMaud1927?6 Jan 200375Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
CooperNoel Desmond25 Jul 193027 Jun 199564h/OliveCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
CooperOlive1931?13 Dec 198958w/Noel DesmondCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Cormie (Harper)Alice Isabel1904?24 Jun 198177w/Stanley WilliamCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
CormieStanley William1902?25 Apr 195553h/Alice IsabelCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
CornwellAlice Maud1894?7 Jan 198388Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
CornwellCharles Stephen1861?4 Mar 192967Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
CornwellSamuel Walter1889?31 May 1957682826Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
CouzensCharles James1906?12 Sep 198074h/VioletCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
CouzensViolet Ida1905?13 May 198378w/Charles JamesCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
CoxArthur Mervyn1936?6 May 198246Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
CoxGladys1912?29 Aug 196149w/Norman FrancisCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
CoxNorman Francis1900?27 Jul 197373h/GladysCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
CragoLeslie Maxwell (Max)192915 Oct 197645son/Phillip Henry & Kinnet Leslie (Brownie) (Barber); h/Judith Zoe (Capps)Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
CragoScott Edward1 Jun 196927 Dec 198213son/Leslie Maxwell (Max) & Judith Zoe (Capps); b. Coonabarabran NSW, AustraliaCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
CraneJane1828?9 Mar 191384w/WilliamCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
CraneWilliam28 Aug 18271 Dec 190275son/Thomas & Martha (Needham); b. Leicester, England; h/Jane (Charlesworth)Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
CraneWilliam L C (Willie)Jun?189916 Oct 191617son/Herbert Edward & Sophia Rachael (Bailey); b. Kiama, NSWCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
CroxonAlbert1872?9 Apr 192452Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
CroxonAlfred1828?23 May 189668h/Ursula RogersCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
CroxonElsie Olive1890?6 Apr 192333Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
CroxonUrsula Rogers1832?31 Jul 189765w/AlfredCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
CurreyHenry Albert1895?25 Nov 194045Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
CutlerClara Ann1880?11 Sep 193353dau/John Joseph & Sarah AnneCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Cutler (Nash)Sarah Anne1858?11 Oct 194486w/John JosephCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
DallasCharles Henry29 Sep 18623 Aug 193875h/Mary SusannahCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
DallasGeorge Henry9 May 18194 Feb 190686b. Scotland; h/Eliza (Taylor)Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
Dallas (Barnes)Mary Susannah5 Apr 18676 Nov 193972w/CharlesCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
DallasNeil RaeJan 19308 May 19300son/Clement Norman & Ivy M (Godbolt)Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
DammerelClive William1916?22 Apr 198872h/Dorothy; NX69699Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
DammerelDorothy May30 Apr 192523 Dec 200176w/Clive WilliamCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
DaviesBruce Llanover12 Apr 190429 Jan 198681h/Grace MargaretCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
DaviesGrace Margaret29 May 19104 Apr 199887w/Bruce LlanoverCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
DawsonCecil Henry11 Aug 18965 Apr 197275son/George Alfred Haigh & Mary Eliza (Whitfield); b. Adamstown, New South Wales; h/Eileen May; 5681Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
Dawson (Sinclair)Eileen May1900?15 Jun 198181w/Cecil HenryCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
DawsonGeorge Alfred H1876?29 Aug 193256h/Mary ElizaCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
DawsonHubert Clyde23 Aug 189810 Sep 196870son/George Alfred Haigh & Mary Eliza (Whitfield); b. Quirindi, New South Wales; h/Lyla A (Harper); 3400 & N349063Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
DawsonJack1921?3 Apr 197857Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
Dawson (Whitfield)Mary Eliza1875?29 Nov 195984w/George Alfred HCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
DawsonStanley George1914?18 Mar 197358Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
DeansIra1910?7 Mar 19121son/Joseph A & Mary E (Birchell)Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
DebneyHerbert Stanley1907?19 Nov 197669Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
DelaneyLancelot James1901?13 May 197069h/MildredCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Delaney (Reakes)Mildred190422 Aug 197672dau/William George & Mary Ann A (Oates); b. Narromine, NSW; w/Lancelot JamesCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
DenhamJean Ellen192027 Sep 1964Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
DenmanBeavis Martha1873?30 Oct 196592h/Isabella AnnCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Denman (Beavis)Isabella Ann1875?15 Sep 195176w/Beavis MarthaCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
DennisErnest Sidney1878?20 Aug 195981h/Mary ElizabethCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
DennisJessie Helene1920?4 Apr 198161Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
Dennis (Crabtree)Mary Elizabeth1885?2 Jun 195267w/Ernest SidneyCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
DennisNeil Robert1949?6 Oct 197728Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
DickinsonIrene Joyce1923?28 Sep 198461Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
DicksBelcha1890?24 May 197383h/Janet LouiseCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
DicksCharles1864?23 Jan 195388Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
DicksElizabeth Ann1872?26 Jun 194573Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
Dicks (Riches)Hannah1861?22 Nov 194887w/JamesCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
DicksHenry (Darb)1858?17 Aug 195193Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
DicksJames1851?31 Mar 191664h/HannahCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
DicksJames10 Apr 18875 Oct 197083son/James & HannahCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Dicks (London)Janet Louise1890?17 Jul 198797w/BelchaCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
DicksRoderick James Alexander1913?16 Jun 199784h/Ruby MayCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Dicks (Dennis)Ruby May1913?25 Aug 197865w/Roderick James AlexanderCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
DicksStafford1936?26 Aug 19382son/Roderick James Alexander & Ruby MayCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
DixonUnnamed26 Jul 19190son/Fletcher C & Inez CCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Docker?26 Jan 1920Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
DoddWilliam Rees1906?9 May 198074Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
DominickJohn1882?29 Sep 197492h/Mary JaneCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Dominick (Leckie)Mary Jane1887?23 Nov 196881w/JohnCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
DonohoeAlbert JamesSep?19084 Mar 192617son/Patrick A & Minnie ACoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Douglas (Bird)Florence M A1865?19 Mar 192660w/George JosephCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
DouglasGeorge Joseph1869?16 Jul 195283h/Florence M ACoonabarabran Anglican NSW
DouglasNorman1900?13 Dec 193232son/George Joseph & Florence M ACoonabarabran Anglican NSW
DouglasStella Hope1894?19 Nov 18984dau/George Joseph & Florence M ACoonabarabran Anglican NSW
DowAlfred George1893?15 Dec 198390h/ElsieCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
DowBelinda Dianne1 Apr 197812 Dec 19791dau/Ron & DianneCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
DowCarl A1915?17 Feb 197660h/Jean; NX37777Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
DowElsie1892?13 Aug 198290w/Alfred GeorgeCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
DowGregory Edward30 Nov 19497 Mar 199141Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
DowRonald Fortescue19472005Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
DowningGeorge1795?15 May 187277b. Suffolk, England; h/ElizaCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
DowsettBertha Pauline1894?7 Mar 196166dau/FrederickCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
DowsettEline Sophia18 Jul 193813 Sep 199759Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
DowsettFrederick Alfred1875?20 May 195984son/GeorgeCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
DowsettTrixieCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
EastburnHarry James1936?6 Mar 198649Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
EatockWilliam Donald1899?20 Sep 196869son/William & LucyCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
EdmondstoneRossCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
EdmonstoneMicheal John16 Jan 1979Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
EdwardsCaroline1873?11 Dec 191845Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
EdwardsEdward Douglas1906?23 Oct 198680Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
EdwardsEsther (Peg)1907?26 Aug 197568Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
EdwardsFredrick Lennox1871?8 Dec 194877Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
Edwards (Blackburn)Isabel22 Nov 192928 Jul 197242w/NormanCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
EdwardsNorman11 Dec 192629 Apr 197447h/IsabelCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
EdwardsRuth Esther17 Apr 1973Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
EdwardsUnnamed2 Oct 1885? Oct 18850son/Frederick William & ElizabethCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
EmmottHarold8 Jul 189018 Jan 197786776Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
EmmottMary Jane13 Feb 190118 Mar 197675Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
EnrightAnnie Maria1840?29 Nov 187737dau/Thomas; b. IrelandCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
EvansAileen Annette1941?17 Aug 198342Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
EvansAlwyn Thomas1880?5 Sep 196484h/Lillian MabelCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
EvansBeatrice37w/RayCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
EvansJean Yvonne1936?5 Jul 195418dau/Cecil Morley & Ismay IdaCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
EvansLillian Mabel1881?31 Mar 196785w/Alwyn ThomasCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
EvansPamela JoyMar?19471 Feb 19535dau/Edwin Seymour & Edith ElaineCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
EvansRay62h/BeatriceCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
EvansWallace Walford1888?25 Aug 194355son/John George & HarrietCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
EversonAnnie1839?26 Jan?1930?90?Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
EwingJessie AgnesSep 187628 Mar 18770dau/John P & Eleanor (Bond)Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
EwingWilliam James1861?30 Oct 188221son/John P & Eleanor (Bond)Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
FeatherbeBetty1933?3 Apr 199259Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
FeatherbeEllen Harriet1876?17 Jul 197296Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
FeatherbeGeorge Frederick1868?25 Aug 195789Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
Featherbe (Harper)Lavina Mary27 Dec 1948w/Alfred G WCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
FentonSarah Jane1876?16 Aug 193559Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
FiegertAlvina Christina1890?6 Mar 197887Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
FiegertRobert Paul1887?22 Jul 197083Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
FieldSarah Jane29 Jan 1934Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
FinlayJames Edward18991900son/Walter J & Sarah ACoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Fitte (Liebentritt)Henrietta Eleanor187429 Aug 196187dau/George Christian Theodore & Emma; b. Mudgee, NSW; w/Herman RudolphCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
FitteHerman Rudolph1876?18 Aug 191135h/Henrietta EleanorCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
FitzherbertArthur James1883?28 Mar 197086Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
FitzherbertViolet E29 Jul 1965Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
FloodBarry James2 Jul 19662 Jul 19660son/Barry & AnnetteCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
FookWilliam1862?30 Nov 1964102Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
ForrestEdward9 Nov 1935h/AdelaideCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
FosterWCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
FouracreAlbert1880?10 Jan 194059h/AliceCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
FouracreAlice1884?15 Oct 195773w/AlbertCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
FoyJong Joe1886?197387Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
FoyMoya1886?197690Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
FrazerEdwin Everingham1884?29 Oct 196076h/Victoria Ann (Martin)Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
FrazerHerbert Andrew MillsOct?188112 Apr 18886son/Francis Stephen & Sarah JaneCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Frazer (Martin)Victoria Ann1891?14 Apr 198291dau/Robert William & Rosetta Ann (Taylor); w/Edwin EveringhamCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
FrenchGeorge James1886?12 Jan 195770h/EllenCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
FrenchPhona May1961?3 Jan 198422Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
FrenchThomas Henry1933?25 Feb 198955Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
FrenchWalter Clarence1907?3 Jan 195547son/George James & EllenCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
FullerHerbert James1893?23 Apr 196976Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
FuryEdward A9?Aug 1915son/Edward J & MaryCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
GardinerBertram1899?16 Jan 197878h/RuthCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
GardinerCaroline May1900?29 Aug 193838Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
GardinerElizabeth1843?21 Sep 191269w/WilliamCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
GardinerFrancis Neville1908?3 Apr 194133son/James & Annie BeatriceCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Gardiner (Phillips)Hannah Eve1874?23 Aug 196389w/WilliamCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
GardinerHorace19 May 190428 Jul 199187son/William & Hannah EveCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
GardinerMavis28 Jan 189428 Jul 198692Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
GardinerOswald1898?28 Aug 195254Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
Gardiner (Louden)Ruth1909?26 Oct 199889w/BertramCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
GardinerWilliam1833?6 Mar 191783h/ElizabethCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
GardinerWilliam1873?17 Mar 194268h/Hannah EveCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
GarnseyCharles Frederick1874?31 Jan 193863son/Charles Frederick & MaryCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
GermanAmeliaSep?18793 Mar 18844dau/Charles Colwell & Eliza LemonCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
GermanCharles Colwell1845?3 Jan 192276h/Eliza LemonCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
GermanCharles Colwell1874?29 Nov 191743son/Charles Colwell & Eliza LemonCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
GermanEliza Lemon1848?19 Aug 191971w/Charles ColwellCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
GettensAllen Thomas5 Jun 19126 Nov 197866h/Doris Evelyn JuliaCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Gettens (Dicks)Doris Evelyn Julia6?Mar 19083 Aug 1977w/Allen ThomasCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
GilesJoseph H1862?10 Feb 192461Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
GilmourAlice12 Oct 19077 Sep 199082Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
GoldfinchJohn Thomas28 Oct 189419 Nov 197076son/John Thomas B & AmeliaCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Golding?Jim19 Aug?1957?Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
GordonConnie May1897?22 Mar 196365w/Harold DavidCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
GordonHarold David1902?25 May 197977h/Connie MayCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
GouldUnnamed7 Jul 19120dau/H V & W ECoonabarabran Anglican NSW
GrahamGeorge William8 Jul 191425 Oct 198571Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
GrahamKeith15 Mar 1987Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
Grantham (Jolly)Martha1836?17 May 189660w/Thomas PCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
GranthamThomas P1832?7 May 190977h/MarthaCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
GreenAnnie Maria Clements1858?4 Jan 187516dau/G & SarahCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
GreenhalghAlbert Keith1897?12 Nov 198285Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
Greenhalgh (Frazer)Frances Sarah1895?15 Oct 197681w/Harold ErnestCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
GreenhalghHarold Ernest1894?14 Feb 198893h/Frances SarahCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Griffiths (Bruce)Millicent Cora Emily14 Jun 191611 May 197458dau/William Henry & Emma Evelyn (Greenaway); b. Warren NSW, Australia; w/Oscar ValentineCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HallJohn12 May 18461 Jan 191669b. EnglandCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HardingJamesCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HardingJames1804?5 Jul 187470Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
Hardy (Harper)May Eustina23 Jun 189515 Oct 195863w/Harry VCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HardyWalter James1918?28 Aug 195537son/Harry Vincent & MayCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HarlowWilliam Thomas18824 Jul 196783son/Thomas & Jessie Alice (Morton); b. Bourke, NSW; h/Lillie (Smith)Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
HarperAlbert Edward1879?30 May 194364h/Jennett ElizabethCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Harper (Pulham)Alma Irene1914?31 Mar 198469w/Edward LeighCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Harper (Ainslie)Annie Bedoria1903?17 Dec 193431w/Francis GCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HarperDavid1872?30 Jul 194472son/William & EustinaCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HarperEdward L1913?31 Aug 198875son/Stanley E & Marion ACoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Harper (Border)Elizabeth Mary1879?4 Jun 196687w/WilliamCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Harper (Wurth)Eustina C1846?15 Dec 191266w/WilliamCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HarperFlora Isobel19 Mar 190915 Aug 199788Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
HarperFrank1899?4 Oct 197576Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
HarperGeorge Frederick18623 May 193773son/William & Eustina (Harper); b. Mudgee; h/Maud Mary (Martin)Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
Harper (Phillips)Gladys May1907?25 Jun 200295w/Horace PatrickCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HarperHarold1900?9 Oct 191414son/George F & Maud MCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HarperHorace Patrick1903?5 Jun 195754h/Gladys MayCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Harper (Louden)Jennett Elizabeth1889?2 May 196475w/Albert EdwardCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HarperLawrence Edward1915?26 Sep 196853son/Albert Edward & Jennett ElizabethCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Harper (Loudon)Marion Alexandria May7 Feb 1957w/Stanley ECoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Harper (Mills)Mary E J1879?12 Nov 195879Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
Harper (Martin)Maud Mary1 Jul 186415 Dec 195894dau/George G & Isabella (Butler); b. Bomera; w/George FCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HarperMaxwellNov?19384 Oct 195819son/Edward Leigh & Alma IreneCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HarperMilton JohnMar?19248 Sep 19273son/Patrick J & Theresa JCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HarperNoel Horace (Bouble)29 Sep 19322 Nov 199664Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
HarperStanley E17 Sep 1963h/Marion Alexandria MayCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Harper (Duce)Susan Ann186618 Oct 192255dau/Thomas & Charlotte Jane (Pearson); b. Coonabarabran NSW; w/James WilliamCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HarperWilliam1836?29 Sep 191276h/Eustina CCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HarperWilliam1870?21 Nov 193464h/Elizabeth MaryCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HarperWilliam KeithJul?190517 Mar 19093son/James W & Susan AnnCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Harper?Jack1872?May 1947?75Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
HarrisArthur1856?24 Dec 192872h/Maria AnnCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HarrisArthur Thomas24 Apr 192914 Sep 198758b. Coonabarabran NSW, Australia; h/LilaCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Harris (Dicks)Doris Victoria10 Oct 191016 May 200291w/James ThomasCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HarrisDulcie May9 Jul 19280dau/Frederick C & Lillian M ECoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HarrisEdward George1896?26 Mar 193639son/Arthur & Maria AnnCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HarrisFrederick Charles10 Sep 190625 May 200093h/LilCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HarrisJames Thomas1903?30 Oct 195754h/Doris VictoriaCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HarrisJohn RichardNov?189210 Apr 18941son/Arthur A & Annie MCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HarrisMaria Ann1864?18 Dec 194783w/ArthurCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Harris (Rogers)Mary Eveline1910?25 Mar 195443w/Walter HCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HarrisMayMay 18996 Jun 18990dau/Arthur A & Annie MCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HarrisonBrian OwenDec 1947?28 Aug 196517son/Norman Owen & Ilfra EuniceCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HarrisonColin DavidApr?196115 Aug 19654son/Norman Owen & Ilfra EuniceCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HarveyAlbert Thomas9 May 190831 May 199688son/Henry & Elizabeth MaryCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HarveyCharles Richard1905?4 Jan 197973h/RebeccaCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Harvey (Taylor)Elizabeth Mary1881?12 Feb 195169w/HenryCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HarveyHarold J1937?23 Jan 195214son/Raymond John & Marjorie Mary ConstanceCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HarveyHenry1876?17 May 196993h/Elizabeth MaryCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HarveyRaymond John1913?24 Jul 199683h/Marjorie Mary ConstanceCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HarveyRebecca1912?1 Dec 199482w/Charles RichardCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HarveyTracey Maree6 Mar 196227 Aug 19642dau/John & BeverleyCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HarveyWilliam Robert2 Oct 1985Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
Hawkins (Price)Amy188230 Oct 197189dau/John Thomas & Emily Maud (Neale); b. Gunnedah NSW; w/John WilliamCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HawkinsJohn William1884?30 May 195874h/Amy (Price)Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
HaxbyMerle1931?8 Dec 19310dau/Edwin Charles Hind & Catherine Merle (Northcott)Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
HeadAlfred Ernest1872?24 Jul 194876h/EllenCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Head (Davison)Ellen1868?20 Aug 195789w/Alfred ErnestCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Hellyer (Magann)Ella Ivy1893?10 Feb 197985w/Wilfred JohnCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HellyerJohn1846?10 Apr 192781h/Mary MargaretCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Hellyer (Nash)Mary Margaret1850?26 May 192474w/JohnCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HellyerMolly (Lilly Mary R)Jan 1926?24 Dec 194721dau/Wilfred John & Ella IvyCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HellyerRaymond William1891?16 Jun 197382son/John & Mary MargaretCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HellyerWilfred John1889?1 Dec 196374h/Ella IvyCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HerbertAlice Aroha1906?12 Aug 194337w/ArthurCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HerbertEdwin Thomas1886?16 Oct 190014son/George & Sarah JaneCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Herbert (Taylor)Sarah Jane1859?1 Sep 190546w/GeorgeCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HewsonErnest1876?26 Oct 194064h/Jessie CherryCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Hewson (Kennedy)Jessie Cherry1882?29 Nov 194260w/ErnestCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HibbertFrancis Joseph17 Oct 186613 Jun 189932son/Joseph & Harriet (Shapton); b. Wilberforce, NSWCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HigginsHorace William1905?1 Nov 197873h/MaryCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Higgins (Lumley)Iris1917?19 Mar 198668w/Maurice EdwardCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HigginsIsabella10 Dec 18703 May 194271b. Braidwood; w/WilliamCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Higgins (Callaghan)Mary13 May 19148 Sep 199783w/Horace WilliamCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HigginsMaurice Edward1912?11 Oct 197159h/IrisCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HigginsWilliam Maurice (Bill)1935?17 Jan 198246Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
HillJohn1828?30 Mar 188253?son/SamuelCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HintonJeffrey Eric Charles2 Oct 1956son/Keith Oswald & Kathleen JuneCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HitchenGladys JaneAug?189927 Jul 191919dau/George & Jamessina JCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HitchenJamesinna Jane1862?23 Aug 194280w/GeorgeCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HodgeNorman Rosco9 Aug 1948h/Sarah ChristinaCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Hodge (Brain)Sarah Christina25 Jan 1953w/Norman RoscoCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HodgesH Jane1863?27 Nov 193168Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
HoffmanTimothy James3 Feb 197029 Jan 19754Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
HogdenCharles Sidney1908?8 Mar 197061Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
HogdenSusan Jane1878?23 Oct 195173Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
Holder-KeepingArthur William1912?13 Aug 196957h/Martha; N463931Coonabarabran Anglican NSWG, 39
Holder-KeepingMartha E1911?11 Jul 2013102b. Australia; w/Arthur WCoonabarabran Anglican NSWAnglican Section G, 40
Holder-Keepingsee KeepingCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Holland (Thornton)Islet Marjorie1914?11 Jan 199984w/Richard FrederickCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HollandRichard Frederick1909?14 May 197465h/Islet Marjorie; NX20682Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
HoltAlbert Alexander1875?21 Apr 195176Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
HoltMargaret Mary1873?20 Apr 195077Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
HoneysettJeffrey1937?21 Jun 197841h/PhyllisCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Hosking (Winder)Amy Aileen187716 May 197093dau/Thomas & Emily (New); b. Maitland NSW, Australia; w/WilliamCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HoskingGeorge27 Feb 18608 Dec 194989son/George & Anna Maria (Foss); b. Mudgee NSW, AustraliaCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Hosking (Hewson)Lila1910?17 Jul 199383dau/William Walter & Elizabeth A (Kennedy); b. Coonamble NSW, Australia; w/Richard RoyCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HoskingRichard Roy1908?1 Mar 195950son/Andrew Joseph & Kezia Jessie (Maguire); b. Coonabarabran NSW, Australia; h/Lila (Hewson)Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
HoskingWilliam186230 Jun 193875son/George & Anna Maria (Foss); b. Mudgee NSW, Australia; h/Annie (Buckley) & Amy Eileen (Winder)Coonabarabran Anglican NSW
HullBarbara JaneCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HullKeith LeoCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HumphrysGeorge1875?12 Feb 192044son/George & JaneCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HuntCharles1893?7 Apr 196572h/EdithCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
Hunt (Bacon)Edith1891?7 Oct 198190w/CharlesCoonabarabran Anglican NSW
HuntNorman Henry5 Dec 191419 Aug 199277h/DaphneCoonabarabran Anglican NSW

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