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O'Connell AnglicanBeaconsfield Road, O'Connell NSW 279587

87 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
BartonRobert1810?22 Nov 186353son/Charles & Susannah Weld (Johnston); b. London, England; h/Jemima (Chapman) & Sarah Jane (Lofty)O'Connell Anglican NSWAng
BrownRobert Stafford184022 Oct 192383son/William & Jane (Stafford); h/Catherine (Rowney)O'Connell Anglican NSW
BurgessBarbara1807?6 May 187265?w/JohnO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
BurgessJohn1800?19 Apr 187474h/BarbaraO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
BushellRichard1819?22 May 185839O'Connell Anglican NSWAng
ClarkBaby24 Nov 18750O'Connell Anglican NSWAng
ClarkFrederick Thomas15 Sep 1879son/Henry & CatherineO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
ClarkGeorge RobertOct 189615 Jan 18970son/Henry & CatherineO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
ClarkMary AnnAug 187422 Dec 18740dau/Henry & CatherineO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
CochrenWilliam1839?10 Jun 187637son/James & MaryO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
DalrympleMaria1804?2 Jul 187571w/PatrickO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
DraperElizabeth8 Jun 189224 Dec 18920dau/George & Emma JO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
DurackJane1813?31 Oct 188572w/LawrenceO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
DurackJohn Plunkett1858?17 Aug 188628son/Lawrence & JaneO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
Eastment (Searle)Eleanor1833?30 Jun 189865w/WilliamO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
FellowsAlbert1875?7 May 18772O'Connell Anglican NSWAng
FellowsAlfred1874?13 Apr 18773O'Connell Anglican NSWAng
FellowsEmily E A1862?13 Jul 188422O'Connell Anglican NSWAng
GrayElizabeth1832?25 Aug 187038w/WilliamO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
HarrisAlbert1 Oct 1950son/Henry & Mary AnnO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
HarrisArthur Carrington1886Mar 1981h/Elizabeth CatherineO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
HarrisElizabeth Catherine1894Jul 1973dau/Henry & Sarah; w/Arthur CarringtonO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
HarrisEmily Jane1860?19 Aug 195393dau/Robert Disney & Elizabeth; w/AlbertO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
HarrisErnest Herbert1879?22 Oct 189516son/Henry & HannahO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
HarrisHenry1810?21 Dec 188777O'Connell Anglican NSWAng
HarrisMary Ann4 Sep 1892O'Connell Anglican NSWAng
HarrisMatthew Hughes1804?5 Apr 186965?O'Connell Anglican NSWAng
HerringHannahSep?186624 May 18758dau/Thomas & SarahO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
Herring (Lofty)Sarah14 Nov 183113 May 189362formerly Barton; dau/Maria (Lofty); b. Essex, England; w/Robert (Barton) & ThomasO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
HerringThomas6 Mar 181318 Jan 188773b. London, England; h/Sarah Jane (Lofty)O'Connell Anglican NSWAng
Hill (Lovett)Eliza Isabella1856?29 May 188024?w/AmosO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
HutchisonAlfred JamesJan 1885?15 Jun 189611son/William & JaneO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
JeffsDeborah1839?2 Feb 187131?w/SamuelO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
JonesMary1801?19 Jan 186058w/William JohnO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
KeenJoseph1795?26 Dec 183843O'Connell Anglican NSWAng
KennaRichard1939O'Connell Anglican NSW
Kinna (Campbell)Elizabeth Mary1822?27 Feb 1921dau/James & Annie (McPherson); b. Inverness, Scotland; w/Daniel JamesO'Connell Anglican NSW
LovettMary Ann1843?27 Jul 188037?w/JohnO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
LovettSarah Isabella187230 Apr 18764dau/John & Mary AnnO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
LoweGeorgie1852?29 Apr 188129w/Alfred MajorO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
MenziesJames1834?12 May 188551O'Connell Anglican NSWAng
MontgomeryGeorge1808?29 Jun 188375son/Hudson & ElizabethO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
MorganAlfred1862?20 Sep 187715son/John & CatherineO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
MorganArthur Henry1886?10 May 195973O'Connell Anglican NSWAng
Morgan (Finnamore)Catherine29 May 182526 Jun 191185dau/Peter & Elizabeth (Hanley); b. Sydney, NSW, Australia; w/JohnO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
MorganEliza1847?24 Jan 186820dau/John & CatherineO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
MorganHenry1852?6 Nov 191664h/SarahO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
MorganJohn21 Oct 181916 Dec 189879son/George & Ann (Collins); b. Campbelltown, NSW, Australia; h/Catherine (Finnamore)O'Connell Anglican NSWAng
MorganSarah1854?28 Nov 194187w/HenryO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
MurrayAlicia1838?12 Nov 191072w/GeorgeO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
MurrayGeorge1832?29 Jun 191482h/AliciaO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
PeelWilliam1776?30 Sep 183559O'Connell Anglican NSWAng
Peters (Purdon)Alice Beatrice188231 Jan 1964O'Connell Anglican NSWAng
PurdonAgnes1853?22 Sep 191663w/GeorgeO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
PurdonAlicia Jane1868?7 Jun 195082dau/William & JaneO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
PurdonBertha Hilda29 May 18910dau/George & AgnesO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
PurdonCecil Alan188931 May 1959son/Henry & Mary AnnO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
PurdonGeorge1849?11 Jul 192677h/AgnesO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
PurdonGeorge Emmanuel1876?23 Jan 195376son/William & JaneO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
PurdonHenry30 Mar 1917h/Mary AnnO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
Purdon (Smith)Mary Ann17 Nov 1938w/HenryO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
PurdonMatilda1865?189328dau/William & JaneO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
PurdonRosie Nina1897?27 Dec 191316dau/George & AgnesO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
RennickHugh1837?25 Jun 186831O'Connell Anglican NSWAng
RichElizabeth Olver1810?1 Sep 187767w/PhilipO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
RobertsTamison Ellen26?Feb 18712 Apr 18710dau/Philip & Elizabeth (Hitchins); b. Tindales HollowO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
SargentJohn1876?15 Jun 196791son/William & MariaO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
SargentWilliam Bagent1884?25 Sep 195571O'Connell Anglican NSWAng
SaundersJonathan Henry3 Apr 196224 Aug 200038O'Connell Anglican NSWAng
SellarsElizabeth1868?26 May 195890O'Connell Anglican NSWAng
SimmonsThomas183828 Nov 189153son/Thomas & Catherine (Hartfree); b. Chertsey, Surrey, England; h/Rachel (O'Neil)O'Connell Anglican NSWAng
SpicerAgnes1855?5 Aug 194085dau/John & MaryO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
SpicerAlfred Edmond1863?11 Apr 194481h/FrancesO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
SpicerEric Murray1898?27 Apr 196062h/Mary AlexanderO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
SpicerFrances1870?29 Oct 196191w/Alfred EdmondO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
SpicerJohn Alexander15 Apr 185918 Jun 193273son/John & MaryO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
SpicerLilian Mary30 Apr 190618 Sep 198175dau/Alfred Edmond & FrancesO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
SpicerMary29 Dec 183116 Oct 191482w/JohnO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
Spicer (Sellars)Mary Alexander7 Feb 190412 Apr 199995w/Eric MurrayO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
SpicerMuriel Grace24 Mar 1973dau/Alfred Edmond & FrancesO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
TompsonCharles William11 Apr 187329 Aug 18734yson/Theodore Lachlan & Elizabeth Ann (Webb); b. O'Connell Plains NSW, AustraliaO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
Tompson (Webb)Elizabeth Ann7 Jul 184114 Mar 187635dau/William & Ann (Mutton); b. Riverstone,NSW; w/Theodore LachlanO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
TownsendWilliam11 Feb 179119 Sep 184857b. Finsbury, Middlesex, England; h/Rebecca (Sunderland)O'Connell Anglican NSWAng
TrevanionD'Arcy Edgar12 Jan 1954h/IdaO'Connell Anglican NSW
Walker (Hassall)Eliza Cordelia1804?6 Jul 183531dau/Rowland Hill & Elizabeth (Hancox); b. Parramatta. NSW. Australia.; w/Rev WO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
WardRebecca1814?26 Jan 187156?w/ThomasO'Connell Anglican NSWAng
WhitakerFred C6 Mar 18668 Jul 189226b. Berkshire House Keighley, EnglandO'Connell Anglican NSWAng

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