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1 cemetery found

Corowa PioneerFederation Ave, Corowa NSW 264655

55 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
?AliceCorowa Pioneer NSW
?WalterCorowa Pioneer NSW
PoidevinHoraceCorowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorEmmaw/GeorgeCorowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorGeorgeh/EmmaCorowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorStephenson/George & EmmaCorowa Pioneer NSW
Taylor?ChesterCorowa Pioneer NSW
ParkinFrederick John188021 Oct 18807mson/Thomas & SarahCorowa Pioneer NSW
ParkinEvelyn1882?30 Sep 188312mdau/Thomas & SarahCorowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorGuy1889?Jan 18989yson/Charles & EmmaCorowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorCharles15 Aug 1903h/EmmaCorowa Pioneer NSW
MorrowWilliam Albert (Peter)19206 Jun 200685son/Patrick C & Elizabeth E; b. Narrandera, NSW; h/Isabel May (Ward)Corowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorAlice Maude11 Aug 1917dau/William & Jane; w/Walter L TaylorCorowa Pioneer NSW
ParkinWilliam Henry1865?2 Nov 191954yh/LilianCorowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorAileen1920?31 Jan 19211ydau/Charles & CatherineCorowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorAileen1920?31 Jan 19211Corowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorAileen1920?31 Jan 19211dau/Charles & CatherineCorowa Pioneer NSW
Willams (Parkin)Stella1897?18 Apr 193235dau/George & Margaret; w/S.c. (Williams)Corowa Pioneer NSW
GibbsJoseph12 Mar 18625 Oct 193472son/George & Susanna (Miller/mellor); b. Green Ponds (now Kempton), Tasmania, Australia; h/Agnes (Wilson)Corowa Pioneer NSWNorthern Section 38, 3
TaylorE.a.1886?9 Nov 193852yh/Clare; 327Corowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorMurray H190129 Jul 193938yson/John & Ada; h/IreneCorowa Pioneer NSW
ParkinCaroline E1876?15 Apr 194064yw/AlfredCorowa Pioneer NSW
Gibbs (Wilson)Agnes27 Jul 186223 Jun 194279dau/James & Christian (Christina) (Wilson); b. Larbert, Sterlingshire., Scotland; w/Joseph (Wilson)Corowa Pioneer NSWNorthern Section 38, 3
TaylorAda Matilda1866?28 Oct 194478yw/JohnCorowa Pioneer NSW
CastleRuby L16 Aug 1945Corowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorEmma Lloyd1858?24 Apr 194688yw/CharlesCorowa Pioneer NSW
LeBoeufKate Rothery1866?3 Feb 194983dau/George Pridden & Catherine ChristinaCorowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorJohn1864?27 Nov 194985yh/Ada MatildaCorowa Pioneer NSW
Morris (Nickson)Amy Clare18832 May 195269dau/Edwin & Esther (Merrett); b. Holbrook, NSW, Australia; w/Thomas Charles (Tom)Corowa Pioneer NSW
McLaurin (Cullen)Christina Marion187122 Dec 195382dau/William & Jeanette (Fraser); b. Wood Wood VIC, Australia; w/Robert McGibbonCorowa Pioneer NSWPbn
ParkinAlfred1876?12 Aug 195377yh/Caroline E.Corowa Pioneer NSW
Smith (Robinson)Jane15 Dec 187230 Nov 196989dau/John & Margaret; b. Buraja NSW, Australia; w/DavidCorowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorAlan Graeme1942?19 May 195412Corowa Pioneer NSW
MorrisThomas Charles (Tom)18744 Oct 195581son/Joseph & Elizabeth (Adams); b. Patricks Plain, NSW, Australia; h/Amy Clare (Nickson); Boer 244Corowa Pioneer NSW
OatsArthur Leslie18955 Jun 195964son/William James & Mary Ann (Finemore); b. Chiltern VIC; h/Pearl Beatrice (McKay)Corowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorCharles Roy15 Apr 1961Corowa Pioneer NSW
ParkinEdward Lionel1891?19 Sep 196372yCorowa Pioneer NSW
ParkinEdward Lionel1891?19 Sep 196372yCorowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorArthur Ernest1881196382son/Charles & Emma (Lewis); b. Albury NSW, AustraliaCorowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorArthur Ernest1881196382?Corowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorCharles8 Jun 196380?yh/CatherineCorowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorCharles1883?8 Jun 196380h/CatherineCorowa Pioneer NSW
HarrisonErnest1891?3 Aug 196574son/Walter & AnnieCorowa Pioneer NSW
PoidevinHarold1877?15 Jan 196689yh/SusanCorowa Pioneer NSW
PoidevinSusan1886?14 Feb 197185yw/HaroldCorowa Pioneer NSW
WarkEdward1887?9 Dec 196679yh/Olive SusanCorowa Pioneer NSW
WarkOlive Susan1889?19 Aug 197283yw/EdwardCorowa Pioneer NSW
ParkinEthel May1892?5 Dec 196876yCorowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorCatherine14 Sep 196881?yw/CharlesCorowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorCatherine1887?14 Sep 196881w/CharlesCorowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorJanet Alice5 Nov 1969Corowa Pioneer NSW
Oats (McKay)Pearl Beatrice189813 Feb 197779dau/Arthur & Margaret (Cook); b. Chiltern VIC; w/Arthur LeslieCorowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorEmiline Louise1902?17 Nov 199088yCorowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorIrene D1910?1?Oct 199686yw/Murray HCorowa Pioneer NSW
MorrowAllan William1944?14 Aug 200763son/William Albert (Peter) & Isabel May (May) (Ward)Corowa Pioneer NSWLawn

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