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1 cemetery found

Corowa PioneerFederation Ave, Corowa NSW 264655

55 inscriptions found

Family NameGiven NamesBirthDeathAgeDetailsCemeteryRow, Plot
?AliceCorowa Pioneer NSW
?WalterCorowa Pioneer NSW
CastleRuby L16 Aug 1945Corowa Pioneer NSW
PoidevinHoraceCorowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorAlice Maude11 Aug 1917dau/William & Jane; w/Walter L TaylorCorowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorCatherine14 Sep 196881?yw/CharlesCorowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorCharles8 Jun 196380?yh/CatherineCorowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorCharles Roy15 Apr 1961Corowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorEmmaw/GeorgeCorowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorGeorgeh/EmmaCorowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorStephenson/George & EmmaCorowa Pioneer NSW
Taylor?ChesterCorowa Pioneer NSW
MorrowWilliam Albert (Peter)19206 Jun 200685son/Patrick C & Elizabeth E; b. Narrandera, NSW; h/Isabel May (Ward)Corowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorEmma Lloyd1858?24 Apr 194688yw/CharlesCorowa Pioneer NSW
Gibbs (Wilson)Agnes27 Jul 186223 Jun 194279dau/James & Christian (Christina) (Wilson); b. Larbert, Sterlingshire., Scotland; w/Joseph (Wilson)Corowa Pioneer NSWNorthern Section 38, 3
GibbsJoseph12 Mar 18625 Oct 193472son/George & Susanna (Miller/mellor); b. Green Ponds (now Kempton), Tasmania, Australia; h/Agnes (Wilson)Corowa Pioneer NSWNorthern Section 38, 3
TaylorJohn1864?27 Nov 194985yh/Ada MatildaCorowa Pioneer NSW
ParkinWilliam Henry1865?2 Nov 191954yh/LilianCorowa Pioneer NSW
LeBoeufKate Rothery1866?3 Feb 194983dau/George Pridden & Catherine ChristinaCorowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorAda Matilda1866?28 Oct 194478yw/JohnCorowa Pioneer NSW
McLaurin (Cullen)Christina Marion187122 Dec 195382dau/William & Jeanette (Fraser); b. Wood Wood VIC, Australia; w/Robert McGibbonCorowa Pioneer NSWPbn
Smith (Robinson)Jane15 Dec 187230 Nov 196989dau/John & Margaret; b. Buraja NSW, Australia; w/DavidCorowa Pioneer NSW
MorrisThomas Charles (Tom)18744 Oct 195581son/Joseph & Elizabeth (Adams); b. Patricks Plain, NSW, Australia; h/Amy Clare (Nickson); Boer 244Corowa Pioneer NSW
ParkinAlfred1876?12 Aug 195377yh/Caroline E.Corowa Pioneer NSW
ParkinCaroline E1876?15 Apr 194064yw/AlfredCorowa Pioneer NSW
PoidevinHarold1877?15 Jan 196689yh/SusanCorowa Pioneer NSW
PoidevinSusan1886?14 Feb 197185yw/HaroldCorowa Pioneer NSW
ParkinFrederick John188021 Oct 18807mson/Thomas & SarahCorowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorArthur Ernest1881196382son/Charles & Emma (Lewis); b. Albury NSW, AustraliaCorowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorArthur Ernest1881196382?Corowa Pioneer NSW
ParkinEvelyn1882?30 Sep 188312mdau/Thomas & SarahCorowa Pioneer NSW
Morris (Nickson)Amy Clare18832 May 195269dau/Edwin & Esther (Merrett); b. Holbrook, NSW, Australia; w/Thomas Charles (Tom)Corowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorCharles1883?8 Jun 196380h/CatherineCorowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorE.a.1886?9 Nov 193852yh/Clare; 327Corowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorCatherine1887?14 Sep 196881w/CharlesCorowa Pioneer NSW
WarkEdward1887?9 Dec 196679yh/Olive SusanCorowa Pioneer NSW
WarkOlive Susan1889?19 Aug 197283yw/EdwardCorowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorGuy1889?Jan 18989yson/Charles & EmmaCorowa Pioneer NSW
HarrisonErnest1891?3 Aug 196574son/Walter & AnnieCorowa Pioneer NSW
ParkinEdward Lionel1891?19 Sep 196372yCorowa Pioneer NSW
ParkinEdward Lionel1891?19 Sep 196372yCorowa Pioneer NSW
ParkinEthel May1892?5 Dec 196876yCorowa Pioneer NSW
OatsArthur Leslie18955 Jun 195964son/William James & Mary Ann (Finemore); b. Chiltern VIC; h/Pearl Beatrice (McKay)Corowa Pioneer NSW
Willams (Parkin)Stella1897?18 Apr 193235dau/George & Margaret; w/S.c. (Williams)Corowa Pioneer NSW
Oats (McKay)Pearl Beatrice189813 Feb 197779dau/Arthur & Margaret (Cook); b. Chiltern VIC; w/Arthur LeslieCorowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorMurray H190129 Jul 193938yson/John & Ada; h/IreneCorowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorEmiline Louise1902?17 Nov 199088yCorowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorCharles15 Aug 1903h/EmmaCorowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorIrene D1910?1?Oct 199686yw/Murray HCorowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorAileen1920?31 Jan 19211ydau/Charles & CatherineCorowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorAileen1920?31 Jan 19211Corowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorAileen1920?31 Jan 19211dau/Charles & CatherineCorowa Pioneer NSW
TaylorAlan Graeme1942?19 May 195412Corowa Pioneer NSW
MorrowAllan William1944?14 Aug 200763son/William Albert (Peter) & Isabel May (May) (Ward)Corowa Pioneer NSWLawn
TaylorJanet Alice5 Nov 1969Corowa Pioneer NSW

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