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23 cemeteries found in TAS
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Apslawn Llandaff16403 Tasman Highway BichenoTAS2636(complete to 2013-11-14)
Cascade Brewery131 Cascade Rd Hobart SouthTAS12(complete to 2013-12-19)
Circular HeadBrowns Road, StanleyTAS670670(complete to 2011-07-09)
Cranbrook Uniting ChurchTasman Hwy CranbrookTAS9292(complete to 2014-02-01)
DunalleyAnnie St DunalleyTAS201250(partial listing)
Gala KirkTasman Hwy CranbrookTAS9292(complete to 2014-02-01)
Hobart St DavidDavey Street HobartTAS572571(complete to 2011-10-02)
Melton Mowbray9 Blackwell Road Melton MowbrayTAS5352(complete to 2013-11-11)
Miscellaneous Inscriptions TASFrom various cemeteries, TAS420(partial listing)
Penguin GeneralMain St PenguinTAS00
Richmond Anglican Church Tasoff Wellington St RichmondTAS719719(complete to 2014-02-17)
Richmond Catholic Church TasSt Johns Circle RichmondTAS579579(complete to 2014-02-14)
Richmond Congregational Church TasTorrens St RichmondTAS4141(complete to 2014-02-15)
Ross Anglican ColumbariumChurch Street, RossTAS3737(complete to 2011-10-03)
Ross OldPark Street, RossTAS2424(complete to 2011-10-04)
StanleyBrowns Road, StanleyTAS670670(complete to 2011-07-09)
Swansea Anglican TasWaterloo Rd SwanseaTAS341341(complete to 2014-02-17)
Swansea Catholic TasWaterloo Rd SwanseaTAS6666(complete to 2014-02-17)
Swansea Uniting TasWellington St SwanseaTAS107107(complete to 2014-02-10)
Triabunna Catholiccnr Henry St & Victoria St TriabunnaTAS7781(complete to 2013-11-16)
Tunbridge Old MethodistMain Rd TunbridgeTAS67(complete to 2013-11-11)
Wesley Vale Uniting Church NewPort Sorell Road, Wesley ValeTAS8585(complete to 2008-02-29)
Wesley Vale Uniting Church OldPort Sorell Road Wesley ValeTAS1200(complete to 2007-12-31)

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