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Abercrombie River Private Oberon AreaNSW00
AberdareCessnock Street, AberdareNSW2,0242,017(complete to 2008-09-09)
AberdeenSegenhoe Street, AberdeenNSW883880(complete to 2006-10-30)
AberfoyleAberfoyle Road, AberfoyleNSW513(complete to 1998-12-31)
Aboriginal InscriptionsVarious cemeteries NSW00
Adaminaby Anglican ChurchStoke St AdaminabyNSW00
Adaminaby Catholic ChurchCosgrove St AdaminabyNSW00
Adaminaby Happy Valley PrivateBushrangers Hill Rd AdaminabyNSW00
Adaminaby NewBushrangers Hill Rd AdaminabyNSW00
AdelongOberne St AdelongNSW5510(partial listing)
Adjungbillyoff Fernhill Rd AdjungbillyNSW00
Akolele Cemetery Point AboriginalCemetery Point Rd AkoleleNSW00
AlbertMelrose-Dandaloo Road, AlbertNSW9298(complete to 2007-11-15)
Albion ParkCroome Road, Albion Park RailNSW409407(complete to 2007-10-31)
Albion Park AnglicanChurch Street, Albion ParkNSW455453(complete to 2007-10-31)
Albion Park CatholicTongarra Road, Albion ParkNSW442442(complete to 2007-10-31)
Albion Park PioneerRussell Street, Albion ParkNSW7171(complete to 2007-10-17)
Albion Park Presbyterian Columbarium250 Tongarra Road, Albion ParkNSW1010(complete to 2007-10-19)
AlburyWaugh Rd North AlburyNSW00
Albury Glenmorus GardensUnion Rd AlburyNSW00
Albury PioneerWaugh Rd North AlburyNSW00
Albury WarWaugh Rd North AlburyNSW00
AlectownNewell Highway AlectownNSW123121(complete to 2014-08-03)
Alexanders GravesMitchell Highway MolongNSW00
AllandaleAllandale Road CessnockNSW00
Allman Hill HistoricClarence Street, Port MacquarieNSW36(complete to 2010-03-07)
Allworth BooralThe Bucketts Way AllworthNSW00
Allynbrook AnglicanAllyn River Road, AllynbrookNSW206206(complete to 2010-02-28)
Alma Park LutheranCemetery Rd Alma ParkNSW00
Alne Bank Private61 Alne Bank Lane GerringongNSW77(complete to 2014-09-15)
Alphadale (Wollongbar)Alphadale Road WollongbarNSW432432(complete to 2012-03-31)
AlstonvilleAlstonville Cemetery Road, AlstonvilleNSW1,9871,986(complete to 2012-04-08)
AmarooBorenore Rd AmarooNSW00
Anderson MemorialRawson Park MosmanNSW00
Andrew Brown Privateoff Cooerwul Rd LithgowNSW00
Angel Close HistoricAngel Close ForsterNSW79(complete to 2013-09-19)
Angledale Crossing Graves Privateoff Angledale Rd AngledaleNSW00
Angledool AngledoolNSW3434(complete to 2014-02-18)
Angledool Graves AngledoolNSW00
Angledool New AngledoolNSW00
Angourie YambaAngourie Rd YambaNSW00
Anna Bay LawnNelson Bay Road, Anna BayNSW558558(complete to 2002-08-31)
Appin Anglican ChurchChurch St AppinNSW00
Appin Catholic ChurchCnr Appin Rd & King St AppinNSW00
Arabella Jewhurst Family Private (Underbank)Salisbury Rd BrownmoreNSW00
Arakoonoff Lighthouse Road, ArakoonNSW552550(complete to 2005-12-26)
Araluen Apple Tree FlatMajors Creek-Araluen Rd AraluenNSW00
Araluen North North AraluenNSW00
Araluen West Araluen WestNSW00
Archer MaherMurga Rd MandageryNSW00
ArdlethanAriah St ArdlethanNSW00
Argents HillNorth Arm Rd Argents HillNSW00
Ariah ParkGarvins Rd Ariah ParkNSW00
Arkstone Private Oberon AreaNSW00
Armatree Lone GraveCastlereagh Highway ArmatreeNSW00
Armatree Sunnyside (Sunnyside Private)Castlereagh Highway, ArmatreeNSW88(complete to 2005-03-24)
ArmidaleLynches Rd ArmidaleNSW00
Ashcroft PrivateYarrawah Hendersons Rd The RocksNSW00
Ashfield Anglican ChurchAlt St AshfieldNSW1,5010(partial listing)
AshfordInverell St AshfordNSW00
Ashley AshleyNSW00
AstonDelegate-Bombala Rd AshtonNSW00
Attungaoff Neal Street, AttungaNSW295265(complete to 2006-08-13)
Austinmer NSW00
Avalon Anglican ColumbariumCnr Barrenjoey Rd and Kevin Ave, AvalonNSW5757(complete to 2009-10-15)
Avondale AdventistCentral Rd CooranbongNSW00
Baan BaaKamilaroi Hwy Baan BaaNSW00
Back Cullen (Briars Flat)Back Cullen Road, Cullen BullenNSW1821(complete to 2012-08-27)
Badgerys Creek Uniting ChurchPitt St Badgerys CreekNSW00
BagtownPedley Rd HanwoodNSW554(complete to 2016-05-27)
Bailey Familyoff Wollombi Road, St AlbansNSW1617(complete to 2011-06-09)
Bailey Private798 Upper Macdonald Road Upper MacdonaldNSW00
Balala Station PrivateKingstown Rd BalalaNSW00
BaldryRenshaw McGirr Way BaldryNSW5050(complete to 2014-09-28)
BalladoranEura Forest Rd BalladoranNSW00
Ballandry Station PrivateBlack Gate Rd Myall ParkNSW00
Balldale Kentucky BalldaleNSW00
BallimoreFederation St BallimoreNSW00
Ballimore Lone Graveoff Golden Hwy BallimoreNSW00
Ballina Pioneer Memorial ParkPark St BallinaNSW00
Balmain Pioneers Memorial ParkNorton St LeichhardtNSW10,6150(complete to 2014-11-03)
BalranaldMoa St BalranaldNSW00
Balranald Aboriginal BalranaldNSW00
Banana (Hannahs Bridge) NSW00
Bancannia Lone Graveoff Silver City Hwy Little Bancannia LakeNSW00
Bandon GroveOff Chichester Dam Road, Bandon GroveNSW9392(complete to 2007-09-04)
BangalowGranuaille Crescent, BangalowNSW1,5361,536(complete to 2009-06-30)
Bankstown Catholic ChurchChapel Rd BankstownNSW00
Bannaby Anglican ChurchBannaby Rd BannabyNSW00
BannockburnCemetery Rd BannockburnNSW00
Banool PrivateWeja Rd UngarieNSW00
Bar Island Bar IslandNSW00
BaradineCreek Road, BaradineNSW882880(complete to 2006-03-02)
BarellanCemetery Rd BarellanNSW00
BargoGreat Southern Rd BargoNSW00
BarhamMoulamein Rd BarhamNSW00
Barham Memorial ParkBarham Street, LismoreNSW367367(complete to 2013-05-05)
BarmedmanGoldfields Way BarmedmanNSW00
Barnsley Private (Johnson Private)Taylor Ave BarnsleyNSW8181(complete to 2014-11-03)
BaroogaCemetery Road, BaroogaNSW261260(complete to 2007-08-29)
BarrabaWest Street, BarrabaNSW2,1652,009(complete to 2006-09-21)
Barragundy NSW00
BarrengarryBendeela Rd BarrengarryNSW00
Barrenjoey LighthouseBarrenjoey Headland Palm BeachNSW00
Barrington PioneerBarrington East Road, BarringtonNSW6667(complete to 2009-12-12)
BarringunMitchell Hwy BarringunNSW00
BarryBarry-Neville Rd BarryNSW00
Barton Parkoff Castlereagh Highway WallerawangNSW00
Batemans BayPrinces Highway Batemans BayNSW00
Batemans Bay HistoricBent St Batemans BayNSW00
BathurstMitchell Highway BathurstNSW86(partial listing)
BatlowCemetery Rd BatlowNSW00
Baw Baw Methodist Church (Thurlow Methodist Church)Range Road Baw BawNSW00
Bear Hill KookabookraNSW00
Bedgerebong (Bedgerabong)Rodgers St BedgerebongNSW127125(partial listing)
Bedgerebong GravesCondobolin Rd North CondobolinNSW00
BeechwoodCnr Koree Island & Pappinbarra Roads, BeechwoodNSW345345(complete to 2009-05-31)
BegaPrinces Highway BegaNSW00
Belar Creek NSW00
Belebula Canowindra NSW00
Belford AnglicanBell Road, Lower BelfordNSW4256(complete to 2010-04-30)
Belgrave (Bingleburra)Allyn River Road, EcclestonNSW119119(complete to 2000-04-30)
BellataMillie Road, BellataNSW8385(complete to 2006-03-30)
BellawongarahKangaroo Valley Rd BellawongarahNSW1818(complete to 2014-11-01)
BellbrookOff Armidale-Kempsey Road, BellbrookNSW125125(complete to 2010-09-03)
BellingenLyon Street, BellingenNSW2,2082,208(complete to 2010-07-19)
Belltrees PrivateBelltree Road, BelltreesNSW1623(complete to 2010-04-05)
BelmontGreen Street, BelmontNSW3,1143,112(complete to 2006-12-31)
Belmore Station NSW00
Bemboka BembokaNSW30(partial listing)
Ben LomondBen Lomond Road, Ben LomondNSW5255(complete to 2004-09-08)
Ben Lomond CatholicInn Road, Ben LomondNSW7368(complete to 1989-12-31)
BenaOff West Wyalong-Condobolin Road, BenaNSW7879(complete to 2007-04-30)
Benandarah NSW00
Bendalong North NSW00
BendemeerCaroline Street, BendemeerNSW313312(complete to 2007-11-06)
Bendemeer Haning Graves PrivateWatsons Creek Rd BendemeerNSW00
Bendemeer Longford Graves PrivateWatsons Creek Rd BendemeerNSW00
Bendemeer OldCaroline St BendemeerNSW00
Bendick MurrellWirrimah Rd Bendick MurrellNSW00
Bendolba AnglicanChinchester Dam Rd BendolbaNSW207207(complete to 2013-09-09)
Benedictine Nuns PrivateMountain Rd JambarooNSW00
Benerembah Run PrivateMurrumbidgee River Rd Benerembah RunNSW00
BengallaOld Rd BengallaNSW160(complete to 2014-05-09)
Bennett Springs Private (Harris Family Private)Bennett Springs Road Hovells CreekNSW66(complete to 2014-10-23)
Bennetts Creek NSW00
Berembed Station Private Graves Grong GrongNSW00
Berkeley PioneerInvestigator Drive, UnanderraNSW322267(complete to 2002-10-19)
BermaguiTathra-Rd BermaguiNSW00
Berridale (Gegedzerick)Gegedzerick Road BerridaleNSW878878(complete to 2010-08-20)
BerriganMomalong St BerriganNSW00
BerrimaBerrima Rd BerrimaNSW00
Berrima Anglican ChurchArgyle St BerrimaNSW00
BerryKangaroo Valley Rd BerryNSW00
Berry JerryLewis Lane Berry JerryNSW00
Berry Old NSW00
Bethel Trinity Lutheran NSW00
Bethleham Lutheran NSW00
BethshanTingley Rd, WyeeNSW435435(complete to 2010-08-31)
BethungraLovers Lane BethungraNSW00
Bevendale Anglican ChurchBevendale Rd BevendaleNSW00
BexhillGrace Road. BexhillNSW290315(complete to 2012-04-07)
Bibbenluke Privateoff Moore Springs Rd BibbenlukeNSW00
Big HillArthursleigh Rd Big HillNSW00
Big Hill Uniting ChurchBrayton Rd Big HillNSW00
Big Meadow Peelwood NSW00
Biggaoff Mulgowie St BiggaNSW00
BightWingham-Tinonee Road BightNSW00
Bill's Cornerbetween Wee Waa & Burren Junction NSW00
Billys Lookout Graves Lake CowalNSW00
Bilpin BilpinNSW00
Bimba NSW00
Bimbalingal Station PrivateCrawfords Rd Lake CargelligoNSW00
BinalongWellington St BinalongNSW00
Binda Anglican ChurchQueen St BindaNSW00
Bindara Station (Netley Station)Old Pooncarie Road MenindeeNSW77(complete to 2014-04-03)
Bindogundra Private NSW00
Bingaraoff Riddell Street, BingaraNSW3,0322,110(complete to 2007-04-24)
Bingara Catholic Church NSW00
BinnawayLeaders Road, BinnawayNSW668667(complete to 2005-11-17)
Binya PrivateForest Drive BinyaNSW00
Biraganbil PrivateGoolma Road, GulgongNSW99(complete to 2011-09-16)
Birrie NSW00
Birriwa Privateoff Castlereagh Hwy BirriwaNSW00
Birubi PointOcean Avenue, Anna BayNSW7074(complete to 1999-12-31)
Bishops Bridge AnglicanWollombi Road, Bishops BridgeNSW129149(complete to 2003-08-14)
Black Gate Grave Malta LakeNSW00
Black Hill Uniting ChurchBlack Hill Road, Black HillNSW5656(complete to 2006-01-31)
Black MountainElder Lane, Black MountainNSW125128(complete to 2010-07-12)
Black Springs (White Springs)Campbells River Road, Black SpringsNSW128131(complete to 2006-10-19)
Black StumpBlack Stump Way CoolahNSW00
Blackbuttoff Spalding St Maksville NorthNSW00
BlackheathGreat Western Highway BlackheathNSW00
Blackman Merrick FamilyBrowns Gap Rd HartleyNSW00
Blackmans FlatCastlereagh Highway, Blackmans FlatNSW3939(complete to 2004-11-24)
Blacktown Catholic ChurchAllawah St BlacktownNSW00
Blackville Catholic BlackvilleNSW44(complete to 2008-06-17)
Blair Graves PrivateCaroline St BendemeerNSW00
Bland East Station NSW00
BlayneyOrange Rd BlayneyNSW00
Bloom Hill Private Oberon AreaNSW00
Bo Bo Creek (Burrell Creek)Hillview Lane, Burrell CreekNSW268267(complete to 2008-11-04)
Bobadah (Carpina)Nymagee-Condobolin Rd BobadahNSW00
Bobundara StationBobundarra-Maffra Rd BobundaraNSW00
Boconnoc PrivateBuckenderra Rd BuckenderraNSW00
Bodallaoff Princes Highway BodallaNSW00
BodangoraMine Road, BodangoraNSW15012(complete to 2002-11-05)
Bogan Gateoff Condobolin Road, Bogan GateNSW252253(complete to 2002-01-31)
Boggabillaoff Newell Highway BoggabillaNSW00
Boggabilla OldBrown St BoggabillaNSW00
BoggabriCaxton Street West, BoggabriNSW1,3111,309(complete to 2006-03-31)
Boggabri LawnCaxton Street West, BoggabriNSW6767(complete to 2006-03-31)
Boggy Swamp Creek GravesPutty Rd Boggy SwampNSW00
BogolongHenry Lawson Way, GrenfellNSW44(complete to 2010-08-30)
Bogolong Creek graveHenry Lawson Way Bogolong CreekNSW00
Boiga Gravesoff Hill End Rd BoigaNSW00
Bolaro PrivateBolaro Rd BolaroNSW00
BoliviaNew England Highway BoliviaNSW00
Boloco (Beloka)Cobbin-Beloka Road, BelokaNSW316316(complete to 2010-08-20)
Bolong (Fullerton) BolongNSW00
Bombalaoff Monaro Highway BombalaNSW00
Bon Accord Station Private BoorgaNSW00
BonalboClarence Way BonalboNSW261261(complete to 2014-02-01)
Bong BongArgyle St & Church Rd Moss ValeNSW20(partial listing)
Bonnoim NSW00
BonshawSpark St BonshawNSW00
Booberoi Station PrivateLachlan Valley Way EuabalongNSW00
BookhamChildowla Rd BookhamNSW00
Books Ferry Catholic1029 St Albans Road, Central MacdonaldNSW4040(complete to 2011-06-09)
Boolambayte (Sunnyside) BoolambayteNSW00
BooligalLachlan Valley Way BooligalNSW00
Booligal Gravesoff Cobb Hwy BooligalNSW00
Booligal Station PrivateCobb Hwy BooligalNSW00
BoomeyMolong-Euchareena Rd BoomeyNSW00
BoomiBenson St BoomiNSW00
BoonongoUrana Rd MorundahNSW00
Boonoo BoonooMount Lindesay Rd Boonoo BoonooNSW00
Booragul Pioneer (Teralba Pioneer)Billy Goat Hill, BooragulNSW1313(complete to 2010-08-31)
Booral Anglican ChurchThe Bucketts Way BooralNSW236232(partial listing)
Boorook BoorookNSW00
Booroolong BooroolongNSW2222(complete to 2000-12-31)
BooroorbanThrale St BooroorbanNSW00
BoorowaCemetery Rd BoorowaNSW00
BooyongWaterloo St BooyongNSW00
Boree CreekCemetery Rd Boree CreekNSW20(partial listing)
BotanyMilitary Rd MatravilleNSW50(partial listing)
Bottin Family GravesMorts Folly Rd Dignams CreekNSW00
BourkeGorrell Ave BourkeNSW00
Bow Bow CreekThe Bucketts Way Bow Bow CreekNSW00
Bowenfels CatholicOld Bathurst Road, BowenfelsNSW9195(complete to 2007-11-14)
Bowenfels Private NSW00
Bowling Alley Point (Dungowan Parish General)off Woolomin Road, Bowling Alley PointNSW15188(complete to 2009-12-14)
BownaOff Plunkett Road, BownaNSW2831(complete to 2009-08-30)
BowningCossack St BowningNSW00
BowralKangaloon Rd BurradooNSW30(partial listing)
Bowral Anglican ChurchBendooley St BowralNSW00
Bowral Uniting ChurchBendooley St BowralNSW00
Bowral Wesleyan (Burradoo)Burradoo Rd BowralNSW00
BowravilleGumbayngirr Road, BowravilleNSW1,2051,204(complete to 2010-07-04)
Boydtown NSW00
Bradys Gully (Gosford North)Henry Parry Drive GosfordNSW6565(complete to 2014-09-27)
BraidwoodUabba Rd BraidwoodNSW20(partial listing)
Braidwood Badgery Vault NSW00
Braidwood LawnCowper Street BraidwoodNSW568567(partial listing)
BranxtonDalwood Road, BranxtonNSW666663(complete to 2009-05-15)
Branxton Anglican ColumbariumCessnock Road, Branxton NSWNSW189197(complete to 2009-05-15)
Branxton CatholicStation Street, BranxtonNSW9971,215(complete to 2009-05-31)
Branxton Uniting Church Columbarium9-11 Drinan Street, BranxtonNSW5050(complete to 2009-05-15)
BraytonBulls Pit Rd BraytonNSW00
BreadalbaneMutmutbilly Rd BreadalbaneNSW00
BredboYayouk Street, BredboNSW159162(complete to 2012-07-05)
BreezaOff Kamilaroi Highway, BreezaNSW7369(complete to 2007-09-27)
Breeza Anglican ChurchHogarth St BreezaNSW00
Brewarrinaoff Young St BrewarrinaNSW00
Brewarrina Graves BrewarrinaNSW00
Brewonoff Mullins Swamp Rd BrewonNSW00
BrewongleOConnell Rd BrewongleNSW00
BribbareeBribbaree-Bindi Rd BribbareeNSW00
Bridgman AnglicanGoorangoola Road, BridgmanNSW5665(complete to 2009-04-26)
Brindley Park Grave NSW00
Bringagee Station Private CarrathoolNSW00
Brisbane Valley Catholic (Foleys Creek Catholic)off Beaconsfield Road, Foleys CreekNSW1717(complete to 2009-12-31)
Brisbane Water Private Oberon AreaNSW00
BrocklesbyLee Rd BrocklesbyNSW00
Brogo Graves NSW00
BrokeCharlton Road, BrokeNSW347347(complete to 2011-07-09)
Broke Anglican Church NSW00
Broke CatholicPaynes Crossing (Wollombi) Road, BrokeNSW1111(complete to 2011-07-14)
Broken Dam Ariah ParkNSW00
Broken HillBarrier Highway Broken HillNSW00
Bronte Hall Anglican ChurchChurch Lane Bronte HallNSW00
Bronte Station PrivateCobb Highway MossgielNSW00
BrooklynBrooklyn Road, BrooklynNSW278278(complete to 2004-12-31)
BrookongUrana-Lockhart Rd BrookongNSW00
Brotheroney Station Private KiacatooNSW00
Broulee Memorial GardensBroulee Rd BrouleeNSW00
BrownsRiver Rd Lower PortlandNSW00
Browns Gap PrivateBrowns Rd Browns GapNSW00
Brownsville Anglican Church35-37 Prince Edward Dr BrownsvilleNSW1,0681,024(complete to 2014-05-11)
BrungleMcGruers Rd BrungleNSW10(partial listing)
Brunkerville Uniting Church1407 Freemans Drive, BrunkervilleNSW217217(complete to 2007-12-31)
Brunswick Heads Pilgrim Memorial ParkOld Pacific Hwy Brunswick HeadsNSW1010(complete to 2013-10-06)
Brushy Hill Lake GlenbawnNSW00
BuccaCemetery Road, BuccaNSW3232(complete to 2006-07-31)
Bucka BendiniNorth Arm Rd Argents Argents HillNSW00
Buckburraga Private Oberon AreaNSW00
Buckenbowra NSW00
Buckendoon NSW00
Buckingbong Station Private GillenbahNSW00
BugaldieGuinema Road, BugaldieNSW1513(complete to 2006-03-01)
BugildieGuinema Rd BugildieNSW1515(partial listing)
Bukalong PrivateGunningrah Rd BukalongNSW00
BukkullaAshford Rd BukkullaNSW00
BulahdelahRed Gum Road, BulahdelahNSW1,2201,217(complete to 2009-02-28)
Bulga AnglicanInlet Road, BulgaNSW204204(complete to 2012-03-25)
BullagreenCoonamble Rd BullagreenNSW00
Bullamalite Private BullamaliteNSW00
Bullamita NSW00
BulliCarrington Street, BulliNSW5,7825,759(complete to 2010-09-06)
Bulli Anglican66 Park Road, BulliNSW473472(complete to 2010-06-25)
BumbaldryKangarooby Rd BumbaldryNSW00
Bumbaldry Lone Graveoff Mid Western Hwy BumbaldryNSW00
Bumberry (Bumbury)Lake Endeavour Road BumberryNSW720(partial listing)
BundanoonFerndale Rd BundanoonNSW00
Bundanoon Anglican ChurchChurch St BundanoonNSW00
Bundanoon Uniting ChurchChurch St BundanoonNSW00
BundarraDawkins Street, BundarraNSW600117(complete to 1954-01-01)
Bundella BundellaNSW00
Bungaraby NSW00
Bungarby GraveGardens Rd BungarbyNSW00
Bungay NSW00
BungendoreRutledge St BungendoreNSW00
Bungendore Anglican ChurchGibralter St BungendoreNSW00
Bungendore Gravesoff Bungendore Rd TurallaNSW00
BungoniaOallan Ford Road BungoniaNSW00
Bungowannah BungowannahNSW00
BungwahlThe Lakes Way BungwahlNSW231231(complete to 2007-07-31)
Bungwahl OldOff The Lakes Way, BungwahlNSW1012(complete to 2009-05-24)
Bunnan AnglicanBunnan Road, BunnanNSW4242(complete to 2005-10-27)
Burke and Wills Dost Mahomet GraveBroken Hill Rd MenindeeNSW00
Burra Camoo Station NSW00
Burrabogie Station PrivateSturt Highway HayNSW00
BurragaBathurst Road, BurragaNSW126126(complete to 2006-11-09)
Burraga Oldoff Burraga Rd BurragaNSW00
BurragateBurragate Rd BurragateNSW00
Burragorang Lone GraveSheehys Creek Rd Burragorang Conservation AreaNSW00
BurrawangChurch St BurrawangNSW366366(complete to 2015-12-30)
Burrawang Catholic Church (St Peters Catholic Church)45 Church St BurrawangNSW182182(complete to 2015-12-30)
Burrawang South PrivateYarrabandai-Warroo Road, YarrabandaiNSW1010(complete to 2006-05-31)
Burren JunctionOff Walgett Road, Burren JunctionNSW6870(complete to 2006-03-28)
Burrendong Valley (Mookerawa)Lake Burrendong, via WellingtonNSW110110(complete to 2004-06-14)
Burrier Graveoff Burrier Rd BurrierNSW00
BurrumbuttockHowlong Rd BurrumbuttockNSW00
Burrumbuttock Lutheran ChurchBethel Rd BurrumbuttockNSW00
Busby Private NSW00
Buttai Elliott PrivateJohn Renshaw Drive, ButtaiNSW5538(complete to 2008-04-18)
Buttai Price PrivateJohn Renshaw Drive, ButtaiNSW2334(complete to 2008-04-18)
Buttai Wilfred Elliott PrivateJohn Renshaw Drive, ButtaiNSW77(complete to 2008-04-18)
Bygoo Station PrivateBygoo Lane ArdlethanNSW00
Bylong AnglicanRylstone Road, BylongNSW4444(complete to 2002-06-05)
Bylong CatholicUpper Bylong Road, BylongNSW54(complete to 2002-06-05)
Byng Wesleyan ChurchWest Guyong-Rd ByngNSW00
Bynya NSW00
Byrockoff Maroona St ByrockNSW00
Byron BayCemetery Rd Byron BayNSW1,0601,059(complete to 2013-10-20)
Caddigat PrivateCaddigat Rd CaddigatNSW00
CadiaCadia Rd CadiaNSW00
Cadow PrivateLachlan Valley Way CadowNSW00
Cal LalVia Kulcurna Station Darling River Cal LalNSW240(complete to 2014-06-15)
Caloola Union ChurchTrunkey Rd CaloolaNSW00
Camberwell Anglican ChurchGlennies Creek Road, CamberwellNSW225225(complete to 2008-01-31)
CambewarraBangalee Rd CambewarraNSW4050(complete to 2014-10-09)
CamdenCawdor Road, CamdenNSW1,7951,791(complete to 2009-06-30)
Camden Anglican Church (St Johns)Menagle Rd CamdenNSW804804(partial listing)
Camden CatholicCawdor Road, CamdenNSW917916(complete to 2009-06-30)
Camden WarCawdor Road, CamdenNSW2323(complete to 2009-06-30)
Campbells Hill (West Maitland)South St TelarahNSW12,3821,790(complete to 2014-03-19)
Campbelltown Anglican (St Peters)cnr Broughton St & Howe St CampbelltownNSW10(partial listing)
Campbelltown Catholiccnr Broughton St & George St CampbelltownNSW00
Campbelltown Huon Family Private CampbelltownNSW00
Campbelltown Presbyteriancnr Broughton St & Moore Oxley Bypass CampbelltownNSW00
Campbelltown St Patricks College (Campbelltown Methodist Congregational)College Rd CampbelltownNSW33(partial listing)
Canbelegooff Gilgunnia - Canbelego Rd CanbelegoNSW135135(partial listing)
CandeloCandelo-Bega Rd CandeloNSW00
CangaiHanging Rock Rd CangaiNSW00
CanonbaCemetery Rd CanonbaNSW00
CanowindraCemetery Lane CanowindraNSW00
Canowindra Anglican ChurchChurch St CanowindraNSW00
Canterbury Anglican ChurchHardy St CanterburyNSW00
CaperteeCastlereagh Highway, CaperteeNSW205178(complete to 2002-08-14)
Captains FlatCaptains Flat (Braidwood) Rd Captains FlatNSW00
CaragabalMid Western Highway CaragabalNSW6060(complete to 2014-08-04)
Caragabal Station Private CaragabalNSW00
CarcoarCarcoar Rd CarcoarNSW00
Carcoar Anglican ChurchBelubula St CarcoarNSW2323(complete to 2014-11-05)
CargoCudal-Cargo Road, CargoNSW457434(complete to 2008-06-07)
Carinda CarindaNSW00
Carinda GraveBinghi Bridge Rd CarindaNSW00
Carinda Historic CarindaNSW610(complete to 2008-07-31)
Carindah-Marthaguy Creek NSW00
Carlingford Anglicanoff Marsden Road, CarlingfordNSW700700(complete to 2011-02-27)
Caroona MissionMission Rd CaroonaNSW10(partial listing)
Carowra Tank Graves IvanhoeNSW00
Carrathooloff River Rd CarrathoolNSW00
CarringtonNorth Arm Cove Rd, CarringtonNSW2121(complete to 2000-07-31)
CarrollOff Oxley Highway, CarrollNSW136139(complete to 2006-09-23)
CarrowbrookMt Royal Rd CarrowbrookNSW00
Carwell PrivateWindamere Lake Road, RylstoneNSW3636(complete to 2002-02-12)
Carwoola Anglican ChurchCaptains Flat Rd CarwoolaNSW00
CasinoWest Street, CasinoNSW3,7333,733(complete to 2011-01-23)
Casino LawnReynolds Street, CasinoNSW5,0115,011(complete to 2009-12-31)
Cassilis AnglicanCassilis Road, CassilisNSW208214(complete to 2004-05-13)
Cassilis Catholic (Dalkeith)Llangollen Road, CassilisNSW143143(complete to 2004-05-13)
Cassilis Neely Family Private NSW00
Cassilis Old General Cemetery (Dalkeith)Scott Street CassilisNSW00
Castle HillGilbert Road, Castle HillNSW2,6322,630(complete to 2012-01-13)
Castle Hill Anglican245a Old Northern Road, Castle HillNSW160160(complete to 2011-01-22)
Castlebrook LawnWindsor Rd KellyvilleNSW00
CastlereaghCnr East Wilchard St & Church lane, CranebrookNSW7775(complete to 2011-11-23)
Castlereagh Methodist Church (Castlereagh Cemetery)castlereagh st Castlereagh NswNSW00
Castlereagh Uniting ChurchOld Castlereagh Rd CastlereaghNSW00
CathcartShort St CathcartNSW00
Cathcart Oldoff Dragon Swamp Rd CathcartNSW00
Catherine Hill BayNorthwood Road, Catherine Hill BayNSW956956(complete to 2011-11-27)
Cattai Rose Farm Lone GravePost Office Road CattaiNSW00
Cavan Grave PrivateCavan Rd CavanNSW00
Cawdor Uniting ChurchCawdor Road, CawdorNSW793785(complete to 2009-04-30)
Central Macdonald (Jurds Private)Settlers Rd Central MacdonaldNSW00
Central Macdonald Anglican ChurchSt Albans Road Central MacdonaldNSW00
CessnockAllandale Rd CessnockNSW237165(partial listing)
Charles Harpur GraveEurobodalla Rd EurobodallaNSW00
Charles Whatley GraveMcDougall Drive ColoNSW00
CharlestownWaran Rd KahibahNSW10(partial listing)
Charleyong NSW00
Charleys Forest GraveCharleys Rd Charleys ForestNSW00
Charlieville NSW00
ChatsburyRhyana Rd ChatsburyNSW00
Chatswood Catholic Church (Coopers Flat)35 Anderson St / 94 Archer St ChatswoodNSW221(partial listing)
Chatswood Pioneers Memorial Reserve (Chatswood South Methodist)Mowbray Road West, ChatswoodNSW12792(complete to 2012-01-31)
Cherry Tree HillYetman Rd Cherry Tree HillNSW00
Cherrybrook Uniting Church (West Pennant Hills Uniting Church)134 New Line Road, CherrybrookNSW415413(complete to 2009-01-31)
ChichesterChichester Rd ChichesterNSW00
Chichester Anglican ChurchChichester Rd ChichesterNSW00
Chinderah (Cudgen General)Chinderah Road, ChinderahNSW2727(complete to 2008-06-17)
Chinese InscriptionsVarious cemeteries NSW6264(complete to 2006-05-28)
Christians Minde Jervis BayBooderee National Park Jervis BayNSW00
Church PointMcCarrs Creek Rd & Pittwater Rd Church PointNSW1210(complete to 2014-06-30)
ClandullaNevell St ClandullaNSW00
Clarence LawnArmidale Road, South GraftonNSW7,9597,957(complete to 2007-12-31)
Clarence River Private NSW00
Clarence TownCemetery Fire Road, Clarence TownNSW731655(complete to 2007-07-31)
Clarence Town AnglicanCnr Grey & Queen Streets, Clarence TownNSW6162(complete to 2007-07-31)
Clifden NSW00
Clifford Downs Station Private ColeamballyNSW00
Club Forster ColumbariumStrand Street, ForsterNSW336336(complete to 2009-04-30)
ClunesCemetery Rd ClunesNSW719719(complete to 2013-09-28)
Clydesdale St Philips Anglican Church NSW00
Coalcliff NSW00
Coaldale NSW00
Coaldale Lone Grave 1Coaldale Rd CoaldaleNSW00
Coaldale Lone Grave 2Coaldale Rd CoaldaleNSW00
Coast Hospital (Prince Henry Hospital)Cape Banks Rd Little BayNSW8684(complete to 2014-08-28)
CobarSunset Drive CobarNSW00
CobargoMortuary Rd CobargoNSW00
Cobbadah Station CobbadahNSW00
Cobbitty Anglican ChurchCobbitty Rd CobbittyNSW00
CobboraGolden Highway, CobboraNSW109108(complete to 2005-02-17)
Coffs Harbour HistoricCoff Street, Coffs HarbourNSW4,7514,744(complete to 2010-07-31)
Coffs Harbour Lawn (Karangi Lawn)Coramba Road, KarangiNSW2,6152,614(complete to 2010-06-30)
ColeamballyLovegrove Rd ColeamballyNSW00
ColinroobieWillows Rd ColinroobieNSW00
CollarenebriHerbert St CollarenebriNSW383383(partial listing)
Collarenebri Aboriginaloff Herbert St CollarenebriNSW00
Collaroy Station PrivateGolden Highway, CassilisNSW3031(complete to 1995-12-31)
Collector AnglicanBourke Street, CollectorNSW108110(complete to 2012-07-24)
Collector CatholicBourke Street, CollectorNSW138138(complete to 2012-08-07)
Collector Uniting ChurchBourke Street, CollectorNSW7779(complete to 2012-03-30)
CollieTrangie Road, CollieNSW3131(complete to 2004-03-24)
Collitts Inn NSW00
Colly BlueOff Coonabarabran Road, Colly BlueNSW1423(complete to 2008-07-21)
Colo Lone GraveMcDougall Drive ColoNSW00
Colo Vale Private NSW00
Coman Family GravesWamban Rd KioraNSW00
ComaraTowal Creek Rd ComaraNSW00
ComboyneO'Sullivans Lane, ComboyneNSW316316(complete to 2010-12-31)
Come by ChanceWalgett-Pilliga Rd Come by ChanceNSW5252(partial listing)
Comiala Flat Private MunmurraNSW00
Comleroy Road (Kurrajong Wesleyan)141 Comleroy Road KurrajongNSW00
Conapaira Station Private Rankins SpringsNSW00
Concord Catholic ChurchBroughton St ConcordNSW00
Condah CreekSilver City Hwy Fowlers GapNSW00
CondobolinMaitland & Boona Streets, CondobolinNSW4,2082,830(complete to 2007-04-30)
Condobolin Sacred ParkCnr Molong & Station Streets CondobolinNSW5555(complete to 2004-01-31)
ConjolaPrinces Highway, ConjolaNSW9687(complete to 2009-01-01)
Conjola Murray FamilyPrinces Highway ConjolaNSW00
CoobaNangus Rd CoobaNSW00
Cooerwull NSW00
Cookamidgeraoff Cookamidgera Rd CookamidgeraNSW1515(complete to 2014-08-29)
CookardiniaMahers Rd CookardiniaNSW00
CoolabahCobar Road, CoolabahNSW1818(complete to 2005-04-14)

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