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Pearce Family Private Cemetery Baulkham Hills NSW. Click here for cemetery details

SurnameGiven NamesBirth DateDeath/BurialAgeRemarksPortionRowPlotImage
ArchdallBarry Yelverton15 Feb 185229 Oct 187220son/Charles & Matilda
ArchdallCharles (Rev)16 Sep 18088 Feb 187970[BA]; b. Ire; son/Henry & Annie; father
ArchdallMatilda Adelaide6 Jan 18107 May 189080dau/Thomas & Sidney; mother
ArchdallMatilda Louisa Elinor13 Mar 18564 May 187620dau/Charles & Matilda Archdall
BestIsobel Mary18 Oct 192021 Feb 199675
FletcherDarcy F (Frank)Sep?187726 Jan 18824son/John Francis & Henrietta
FletcherHenrietta25 Dec 1888dau/William Thomas & Eliza; mother
KapralShanelle Marie19 Nov 19982 Dec 19980
PearceAlfred NealeFeb 188616 Dec 1959son/George Woodward & Amelia Emily; father
PearceAllan Neale14 Jul 191430 Oct 199581[DFM]; son/Alfred Neale & Daisie;
PearceAmelia Emily1856?31 Jan 193376dau/Alfred G J & Amelia;
PearceDaisy (Daisie)5 Dec 18844 Dec 196681mother
PearceEdward Henry25 Sep 191320 Nov 199683son/Edward W C A & Nellie;
PearceEdward Henry1839?1 Apr 191273son/William Thomas & Eliza; father
PearceEdward W C A (Toby)18781933son/Edward Henry & Isabella; father
Pearce Eliza1811?28?Feb 1878?66?dau/Edward & Henrietta;
PearceEmma S 13 Aug 1918dau/John & Martha;
Pearce George Henery1842?18475son/Matthew Woodward & Mary Ann; stone flaked
Pearce George Henery18470son/Matthew Woodward & Mary Ann; stone flaked
PearceGeorge Woodward21 Sep 191213 May 198875son/George A & Mary E
PearceGeorge Woodward1852?26 Jul 192270son/Matthew Woodward & Mary Ann;
PearceGordon Archdall19151933son/Edward W C A & Nellie
PearceHenry M A (Rev)1881?12 Jun 191938son/Edward Henry & Isabella A
PearceIan Neale1950?19 May 19577son/Allan Neale & Jean Elizabeth
PearceJean Elizabeth (Betty)11 Aug 19329 Aug 199966mother
PearceJoan Berenice2 Nov 19167 Aug 200487dau/Thomas A & Isabel M; mother; gm
Pearce John Henry1851?3 May 187221son/Matthew Woodward & Mary Ann
Pearce Kate
Pearce Martha SusannahJun?184824 Feb 18501dau/Matthew Woodward & Mary Ann
Pearce Mary Ann 1815?19 Nov 187661dau/Daniel & Mary A; mother
Pearce Mary Ann 22 Nov 18380dau/Matthew Woodward & Mary Ann
PearceMary Ann Aglonby27 Mar 1920dau/William M N & Charlotte P; mother
PearceMatthew S1850?3 Feb 191766son/William Thomas & Eliza
Pearce Matthew Woodward1807?May 187871?son/Matthew & Martha; father
PearceNellie18821941dau/John Walter & Mary Ann; mother
PearceNorman Robertson25 Sep 19179 Dec 198972NX56887 Cpl 6 Cps Sigs; son/Edward W C A & Nellie; father; gf
PearcePaula Anne18 Oct 19279 Oct 198759
PearceSelby Vincent M C1892194452son/William Arthur & Mary Ann Aglonby;
PearceThelma Kathleen18971966dau/Allen & Kate;
PearceVeira W1904200096
PearceWilliam28 Mar 1897son/Matthew & Mary A;
PearceWilliam Arthur12 Oct 1938son/William & Emma; father
PeelMargaret Neale30 Nov 192317 Apr 200177
RankenMinnie Amelia C1879?6 May 195273dau/James Lorn & Henrietta

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