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O'Connell Catholic Cemetery NSW. Click here for cemetery details

SurnameGiven NamesBirth DateDeath/BurialAgeRemarksPortionRowPlotImage
??Elizabeth57broken, eroded
BellamyRobert StanleyMay 189818 Aug 18980son/Stanley B & Margaret
BourkeMargaret1841?10 Nov 189150mother
BourkeRichard1879?17 Nov 18801son/Walter & Margaret
BourkeWalterSep 18771 Apr 18780son/Walter & Margaret
BourkeWalter1838?8 May 188648father
BurkeJohn1847?3 Oct 189952father/Mary Ann
BurkeMary1841?2 Aug 187938b.Tuam, Co. Galway Ire;
BurkeMary Ann1868?26 Dec 189628dau/John
BurnsJohnNov?184910 Oct 187525
ClearyLucy Gertrude1884?18 Mar 18905dau/William & Mary
ClearyMargaretAug?18682 Feb 18701dau/William & Mary
ClearyPatrick Matthew George0son/William & Mary; poss. d.1877
DavisElizabethFeb?187624 Jun 18815dau/Patrick & Honora
DavisJohn24 Apr 18710son/Patrick & Honora
DavisWilliam JohnMay?18787 Sep 189012son/Patrick & Honora
Donnellan [sic]Mary Ann1857?21 May 187720dau/Edward & Hanorah (Donnelly)
Donnellay [sic]Edward1868?3 Dec 188315son/Edward & Hanorah; d. 11 Dec 1878
DonnellyAnn1786?28 Apr 187892mother
DonnellyEdward1790?30 Nov 1891101father; unmarked
DonnellyEdward Augustine1876?4 Apr 189721son/Henry & Sarah L
DonnellyHanorah1831?17 Jun 188453mother
DonnellyHenry1826?18 Dec 187751b. Parramatta; son/James & Ann
DonnellyHenry1862?26 Mar 188623son/Henry & Sarah L
DonnellyHenry Joseph10 Oct 1899son/John & Lucy A; unmarked
DonnellyJames1784?26 May 186884father
DonnellyJames1828?18 Sep 190173of the Fish River; son/James & Ann
DonoghueJames1841?10 Sep 188443son/Thomas & Catherine;
DonoghueThomasOct?186813 Jan 18712son/James & Ellen
DowneyElizabeth AnnMay 187724 Mar 18780dau/Michael & Elizabeth
DowneyMichael1838?25 Apr 189052father; killed rlwy acc.
DurackLawrence1811?31 Jul 188372prob; father
EganMrs1843?20 Dec 187532?prob. Mary Egan, dau/Michael & Honora
EganWilliam1800?7 May 187878
FlanaganJohn1795?25?Jan 187074
FoleyLawrence1798?18 Nov 188082s/w Margaret Mary
FoleyMargaret Mary1816?19 Mar 188871s/w Lawrence
ForanMichael1838?16 Mar 187233
ForanPatrick1834?20 Mar 188954
HarmitageMary1820?10 Oct 187757see Hermitage
HarrisCatherine1824?3 Feb 1895?70mother
HarrisEdwin15 Apr 186521 Nov 189530son/Matthew H & Catherine
HarrisHenry1847?8 Jul 186922son/Matthew H & Catherine
HearnJohn A1836?16 Sep 188145son/John; indexed as John Ahearn
HermitageMary1820?10 Oct 187757b. Ire; w/William Burns & Bigley Hermitage; mother
HigginsCatherine18328 May 1904b. Co. Tipperary Ire; mother
HigginsJohn10 Jan 183526 Nov 190974b.Co Limerick Ire; father
KennaDaniel12 Jan 179818 Mar 1898100son/Patrick; indexed as Kinna
LockeEdward1863?27 Jul 187613son/Edward & Mary
LockeEllenDec 1857?2 Sep 187618not indexed; prob. dau/Edward & Mary
LockeMichael1861?1 Aug 187615son/Edward & Mary
Lockrn [sic]Ellen1817?19?Jun 187053indexed as Lockeren; dau/Miles & Nancy
MahoneyJohanna1813?6 Sep 188673mother
MahoneyJohn1875b. Ireland; father; fallen
MahoneyKatharineJan 1883?23 Dec 18841dau/Maurice & Hannah
MahoneyMaurice1845?23 Mar 188741b. Co. Waterford, Ire; h/Hannah (née Harris); father
McCormickPatrick1821?19 May 187352son/Daniel & Margaret
McGonegalCharles John188418840son/Michael & Eliza; unmarked
McGonegalEliza1884, mother; part missing
O'ConnorJohn Edward1880?25 Apr 189010son/James & Helen; killed rlwy accident
O'HaraCharles13 Aug 1876?fallen, broken, eroded
ParkerAnn1808?23 Oct 189183
ParkerThomas1799?13 Sep 187172b. Co. Wexford;
RadfordMary1841?12 Oct 188140?mother
RadfordMaud1878?25 Apr 189012dau/James P & Mary; killed rlwy accident
ReillyMargaret1813?29 Jun 188875dau/William & Catherine; fallen, broken
ReillyWilliam1810?23 Oct 189383prob. son/John & Mary; unmarked
RoweJohn1812?25 Apr 186957father
RoweMichael185320 Sep 1858son/John & Ann
RoweThomas1841?18 Apr 187231son/John & Ann
RyanEdward1883son/Michael & Honorah; footstone
RyanHonora11 Sep 1883?91?eroded
RyanMatthew Michael18372 Feb 189255h/Elizabeth (Davis)
SharkeyMartin1829?Dec 186940son/John & Catherine; footstone
ShepherdEllen1865?6 May 189833
WhitefordJohn184217?Feb 186825son/John & Catherine (née Bligh)
WilcoxMary Ann1862?18?Mar 188118dau/Richard & Margaret
WilliamsMary21 Aug 1901mother; unmarked
WilliamsWilliam1812?24 Oct 188876father

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