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Bowraville General Cemetery NSW. Click here for cemetery details
SurnameGiven NamesBirth DateDeath/BurialAgeRemarksPortionRowPlotImage
AhearnDonald Edward1906?30 May 195044son/Victor William & Catherine Ada; husband; father; acc killedAng
AlexanderCheryl Maree19522002motherRC
AllanClive Henry Joseph (Joe)1910?16 Dec 199383h/Lily MayMth
AllanDiana Letitia1924?18 Apr 196440née Crowe; w/Harold WilliamMth
AllanDoris May25 Jan 192821 Aug 199870w/Noel Vickery; motherCol
AllanHarold William (Mick)4 Dec 19192 Oct 199778?h/Diana Letitia. Birth Date, Death Date and Age do not agree.Mth
Allan James Henry1842?13 Oct 191674son/James & Eliza; h/LoisPbn
AllanLily May (Bub)1909?23 Jun 200192née Barber; w/Clive Henry JosephMth
AllanLois1843?18 Aug 191471née Trees; w/James HenryPbn
AllanNoel Vickery (Snow)29 Aug 19269 Apr 200780h/Doris May; fatherCol
AllanRoy Andrew19 Oct 192412 Jan 199873Col
ApplebyFlorence Myrtle13 Aug 19163 Nov 200286née Riddell; w/Vincent BruceAng
ApplebyMary Ann1882?17 Dec 197997née Davidson; dau/John & Charlotte; w/Richard ThomasAng
ApplebyRichard Thomas1870?8 Jan 194271son/Richard & Myrah; h/Mary AnnAng
ApplebyVincent Bruce18 Sep 190911 Mar 198979h/Florence MyrtleAng
AppletonJohn15 Dec 189015 Mar 198190b. Sowerby EngAng
ArgentEmma Louisa1872?8 Sep 195482née Scrivener; w/JohnPbn
ArgentJohn1863?4 Jan 193773h/Emma LouisaPbn
ArkleArthur Robert1930?26 Jun 200575Ang
ArklePeter John1956?6 Mar 198528Ang
AstonCecil Roy1906?6 Jan 196457son/John & Matilda MayAng
AstonClara Laurel1910?21 Apr 198878née Duckett; w/Jack; rem/RayAng
AstonClarance Blaney1876?1 Sep 192347son/Thomas & Mary APbn
AstonHazle Nash1879?11 May 190728son/Thomas & Mary AnnPbn
AstonJack1904?5 Jan 197065h/Clara LaurelAng
AstonJohn1872?29 Dec 194977son/Thomas & Mary Ann; h/Matilda May; fatherAng
AstonJohn Ray1930?28 Feb 199463h/Shirley; fatherAng
AstonMary Ann1849?8 Jun 191869b. Co Antrim Ire; w/Thomas; motherPbn
AstonMary Rita1892?26 Feb 198289née Owens; w/Sidney; motherRC
AstonMatilda May1880?3 Sep 196686née Hall; dau/Joseph & Annie Matilda; w/John; motherAng
AstonSidney1885?25 Jul 196580husband; fatherPbn
AstonThomas1843?26 Aug 192178h/Mary AnnPbn
AstonVeronica Joan1923?1 Sep 196744dau/Sidney & Mary Rita; sisterRC
AstonVicki Ann17 Aug 19600dau/John Ray & ShirleyAng
AustenMary Anne1869?4 Oct 196697motherRC
BaileyAlice Amelia1882?22 Sep 195270née Smith; w/William Edgar; motherPbn
BaileyCarlyle William1908?31 Mar 197364son/William Edgar & Alice Amelia; brotherPbn
BaileyEdwin George1910?16 Dec 194333son/William Edgar & Alice Amelia; brother; acc killedPbn
BallardArline Lavina14 Feb 1977née Ballard; dau/Markham John & Hephzibah; w/Clydeville GeorgePbn
BallardClydeville George (Clyde)1912?7 Jun 197462son/George Claud & Alice Amelia; h/ArlinePbn
BallardDebbie Irene3 Jul 19600dau/Douglas John & Olga JoyceAng
BallardEdith1902?4 Jun 197573dau/Hubert McDowell & MaryPbn
BallardEdward James Ned)1925?19 Jan 198660h/Phyllis; fatherPbn
BallardHazel (Joyce)26 Aug 191924 Mar 200888née Greenaway; w/RusAng
BallardOlga Joyce17 Apr 193715 Oct 200568wife; mother; gmCol
BannonBeryl1929?18 Feb 195626née Scvrivener; dau/Clarence Thomas & Ethel Evelyn; w/Vincent Dominic; motherRC
BannonVincent Dominic1924?4 Dec 19856165515 Cpl RAAF; h/Beryl & Anne; father; gfRC
BarberJoan Mercedes1917?3 Jan 199072née Hennessey; w/WesleyRC
BarberLily Maud1892?15 May 195765née Beilby; w/William; motherMth
BarberMuriel Jean1930?12 Jan 195019dau/William & LilyMth
BarberWesley1913?15 Nov 198168h/Joan MercedesRC
BarberWilliam1882?25 Sep 196179h/Lily Maud; fatherMth
BarclayElvina May1914?1 Aug 197864née Smith; w/Eric Elton; motherPbn
BarclayEric Elton1909?5 Apr 199081h/Elvina May; fatherPbn
BarghCharles1907?3 Nov 195649h/Irene Ada; fatherAng
BarghGeoffrey Charles1935?20 Feb 196226son/Charles & Irene Ada; husband; father; acc killedAng
BarghIrene Ada1912?8 Jan 196047née Down; dau/William & Olga Antonia; w/Charles; motherAng
BartleyMargaret Joan20 Feb 194929 Nov 199849mother; sister; gmAng
Beacham LenmarkerMth
BeachamPeter1877?5 Mar 194365son/Henry & Mary; husband; fatherRC
BellisAlbert John1877?1 Jun 194063h/Jane; fatherAng
BellisJaneOct?186822 Aug 196899w/Albert John; motherAng
BellisJean MacDonald1907?21 Jan 193527dau/Donald & JohannahAng
BellisWilliam Henry1911?29 Nov 193221son/Albert John & janeAng
BelmanSydney Charles28 Aug 1955son/Alfred Charles W & Lena MayAng
BertieCecilia Matilda1901?1 Mar 198381RC
BettsArrabella Jane (Jackie)1894?22 Sep 196268née Mackay; w/George; motherPbn
BettsGeorge1886?4 Aug 197084h/Arrabella Jane; fatherPbn
BettsLachlan Leith1920?13 Nov 200888NX99443 Sgt 34 Wks CoyCol
BilbeeMarjorie Isabella13 Jan 192313 Oct 200481née Mottley; w/James; mother; gmCol
BlackmanOswald George1906?21 Jun 197872son/George Albert & Clara JaneAng
BonifaceClarissa Maude18861916née McKay; w/Robert Henry; bur RookwoodCol
BoorerElizabeth Rose1940?19 Jul 198949Ang
BoorerMargaret Alice189510 Mar 1988Pbn
BoorerThomas John1898?14 Jul 1978801444 Tpr 6 ALH; husband; fatherPbn
BowmanMichael John (Mick)7 Jan 19615 May 199029RC
BradleyAngus1854?6 Sep 192369son/William & Betsy; h/Caroline Ann; fatherPbn
BradleyAngusena Victoria (Sena)1890?19 Jun 196575dau/Angus & Caroline Ann BradleyPbn
BradleyBetty June24 Mar 194125 Feb 200462w/Carl; motherCol
BradleyCaroline Ann1862?17 May 193270née Kleindienst; dau/William & Louisa B M; w/Angus; motherPbn
BradleyChristopher Percival (Rev)1896?8 Aug 197478son/Angus & Caroline Ann; brotherPbn
BradleyDavid John (Doc)1929?5 Dec 199566husbandCol
BradleyElizabeth18501888née Walters; w/DonaldCol
BradleyJane Olga (Jinny)1892?8 Jun 197987dau/Angus & Caroline Ann BradleyPbn
BradleyJohn Robert1861?8 Sep 195291son/William & BetsyPbn
BradleyKendall Ivor1895?19 Feb 199094h/Mary HarrietPbn
BradleyLouisa1861?Oct 194584née Kleindienst; dau/Christopher & Louisa; w/John Robert; motherPbn
BradleyLucy Flora22 Aug 19083 Jun 199081née Snodgrass; w/William Christopher; motherPbn
BradleyMary Harriet1908?14 Nov 198476née Shales; w/Kendall IvorPbn
BradleyMerle1897?30 Aug 198285Pbn
BradleyRowley Clyde1891?24 Oct 197180son/John Robert & Louisa; fatherPbn
BradleyWilliam Christopher26 Jul 1973son/John Robert & Louisa; h/Lucy; fatherPbn
BransdonGeorge Eno1885?14 Jul 191934son/George & RoseAng
BroadheadDugald Roy1923?15 Dec 199572Pbn
BroadheadGeorge Charles1892?26 Jul 197381son/Frederick & Roseanne; h/Marian Mary; fatherPbn
BroadheadMarian Mary1895?9 Sep 198287née Drysdale; w/George Charles; motherPbn
BrownAden Irvin1896?19 Sep 195559son/William Mathias & Jane Pbn
BrownCecil Lloyd1905?31 Aug 198378h/Florence Emma; fatherPbn
BrownFlorence Emma1908?25 Sep 199587w/Cecil Lloyd; motherPbn
BrownIslett Margaret McL1891?19 Jul 194453?née Coulter; dau/William James & Emily; w/William James; motherMth
BrownJane1877?22 Apr 194871née Brown; w/William Mathias; motherPbn
BrownJanet Louisa1883?9 Sep 197895née White; w/Robert Tristram; motherPbn
BrownLeonard Powell1900?22 Feb 194645son/William Mathias & JanePbn
BrownLester Robert19 Nov 192124 Apr 199775h/Phyllis Lola; fatherCol
BrownMerle Oliver (Brownie)20 May 191017 Aug 198979h/Clara (Detlefsen); father; gfPbn
BrownPhyllis Lola13 Aug 192012 Apr 200887w/Lester Robert; motherCol
BrownReuben Robert19480son/Lester & PhyllisCol
BrownRobert Reuben5 Dec 1948son/Lester Robert & Phyllis LolaAng
BrownRobert Tristram1875?18 Jun 196287h/Janet Louisa; fatherPbn
BrownUnnamed male19451945sbson/Lester & PhyllisCol
BrownWilliam James1878?11 Mar 195576h/Islett Margaret McL; fatherMth
BrownWilliam Mathias1871?11 Nov 194473h/Jane; fatherPbn
BrownhillBertha Matilda Jeffery1887?28 Sep 195063née Saunders; dau/Joihn & Amelia; w/Frank HerbertAng
BrownhillFrank Herbert1880?4 Jan 197493son/Joseph John & unk; h/Bertha Matilda JefferyAng
BrownhillTrevor John1922?27 Jan 198966Ang
BruceGordon1923?22 Aug 200077NX38007 Spr CEMECol
BulleyLucy Martha1862?9 Sep 193169née Brown; w/William Henry; motherPbn
BulleyWilliam Henry1860?4 May 192565h/Lucy Martha; fatherPbn
BusteedBaby0son/K & MRC
ButlerAlan Hudson1905?28 Jun 196257son/Alan & Rose Ada; rem/AnneAng
ByrnesCecil Roy19041907son/John Patrick & ChristinaCol
ByrnesErima Olive18881890dau/John Patrick & ChristinaCol
ByrnesEveleyn Jane18831902dau/John Patrick & Christina ByrnesCol
ByrnesHilton Clyde1919?7 Jan 200787NX123895 Tpr 15 Mtr Rgt; h/Doreen; fatherMth
ByrnesWilliam18841907son/John Patrick & ChristinaCol
CampbellEric Stanley (Jim)18 Feb 19158 Sep 198671fatherRC
CampbellRonald Maxwell8 Dec 193713 Nov 199860h/Melissa & Annette; fatherPbn
CarbinJames1875?17 Aug 191641son/Patrick & unkRC
CarbinPatrick11 Jun 1930son/Owen & SarahRC
CarbinSusan27 Apr 1924dau/Edward & SusanRC
CarterDavid1863?9 Nov 194784son/David & Catherina; h/Jessie Ross; fatherPbn
CarterJessie Ross1871?28 Jul 195988w/David; motherPbn
CarterKatie1898?14 Aug 192325dau/David & Jessie RossPbn
CarterReginald John1892?2 Jan 191320son/John & GertrudePbn
CassinEdward1864?9 Aug 192662son/Michael & Mary; h/Sarah; fatherRC
CassinLucy Sarah1871?7 Feb 193462née Wicks; dau/Alfred & Elizabeth; w/Edward; motherRC
CassinNeville John1926?13 Dec 198357RC
CassinQueenie May1906?27 Aug 195953née Joyce; dau/John & Margaret; w/Thomas Edward; motherRC
CassinThomas Edward1899?30 Oct 196970son/Edward & Lucy Sarah; h/Queenie May; fatherRC
ChamberlainWalter Ernest1875?25 Feb 192650son/Walter & Margaret; husband; fatherAng
ChapmanGeorge1881?15 Jun 193049husband; fatherPbn
ChapmanIsabellaMay?18536 Jan 190652motherPbn
ChurchillAlice Jane1886?9 Jun 197993née Mackay; dau/Alexander & Elizabeth Lucilla; w/Charles SpencerMth
ChurchillCharles Spencer1886?16 Jul 197185son/Charles Spencer & Matilda; h/Alice JaneMth
ChurchillLeo (Dickie)1920?25 Jun 199676Mth
ClancyDenis14 Dec 1920acc killedRC
CloughBarry JosephJul?19343 Mar 19372son/Harold Ernest & Mary MagdalineRC
CloughHarold Ernest1895?27 Feb 196064son/Thomas & Winifred; h/Mary Magdaline; fatherRC
CloughJohn Bernard1929?10 Feb 200171husband; father; gfRC
CloughMary Magdaline1904?26 Oct 198581w/Harold Ernest; motherRC
ColbLeslie Norman1925?27 Apr 197651135081 LAC RAAF; h/Sylvia Cecilia; fatherRC
ColbSylvia Cecilia1 Feb 19253 Mar 200984née Barnes; w/Leslie Norman; motherRC
CollinsCyril Temperly18 Dec 19233 Jun 198157b. DorrigoMth
CollinsRobert Andrew26 Aug 192112 Oct 199574h/Elaine; fatherCol
ConenEmily23 Nov 18867 Apr 18870dau/Joseph & SarahPbn
ConenLouisa1843?10 Jul 188239b. Co Fermanagh Ire; w/JosephPbn
ConenMontgomery ArthurJul?187626 Oct 18771son/Joseph & LouisaPbn
ConenSarah AnnJan 187322 Dec 18730dau/Joseph & LouisaPbn
ConlonMary Dorothy (Sr)12 Dec 1946RC
ConnorsElizabeth Maude1899?28 Apr 197172RC
ConnorsEllen Josephine1894?9 Apr 196975née Bannon; dau/Patrick & Mary Ann; w/John FrancisRC
ConnorsFrances Isobelle1908?7 Jun 197062née Bellis; dau/Albert John & Jane; w/John DominicAng
ConnorsJohn19420son/John Dominic & Frances IsobelleAng
ConnorsJohn1870?12 Sep 195989son/Michael & Sarah; h/Mary AnnRC
ConnorsJohn Dominic1910?21 Aug 200090h/Frances IsobelleAng
ConnorsJohn Francis1894?27 Jul 195157son/Thomas & Susan Isabella; h/Ellen JosephineRC
ConnorsLawrence Bede1897?20 Oct 197578RC
ConnorsMary Ann1873?29 Apr 195885prob née McPhillips; dau/Michael & Ellen; w/JohnRC
CookAlfred Henry1862?29 Apr 193977son/John Peter & Katherine; h/Jessie ElvinaMth
CookBernard Victor26 Jun 194026 May 200867RC
CookDorothy19081934née Parkins; w/Garnet; bur MacksvilleCol
CookEric Noel3 Dec 192614 Sep 199164son/Garnet Leslie & Dorothy; brother; uncleMth
CookGarnet Leslie1 Dec 19014 Dec 199089h/Dorothy & MargaretMth
CookJanette1941?7 Feb 198038wife; motherRC
CookJessie Elvina1875?21 Jul 195782née Coulter; w/Alfred HenryMth
CookMagnus Victor1898?6 Apr 197274son/Alfred & Jessie; h/Mary Agnes; fatherRC
CookMargaret21 Dec 19061 Aug 199992w/Garnet; motherMth
CookMary Agnes1902?7 Jul 198280née Laverty; w/Magnus Victor; motherRC
CooperJoseph Alexander1888?3 Oct 196476son/David & Mary Jane; husband; fatherAng
CoulterBernard24 Jun 194825 Jun 19480son/William Rex & Mary MargaretRC
CoulterDouglas Rex1 Nov 193911 Jun 19400son/William Rex & Mary MargaretRC
CoulterElsie Irene1900?9 Aug 198282Mth
CoulterEmily1852?22 Feb 193582dau/William & Roseina; w/William James; motherMth
CoulterEmma18831968w/William John; motherMth
CoulterGregory Allan26 Nov 194527 Feb 200660h/Nilima; fatherRC
CoulterHercules Ernest Gosford1890?28 Jun 195060son/William & Emily; husband; fatherMth
CoulterIrene PearlApr?19099 Oct 19156dau/William John & EmmaMth
CoulterKen19071990h/Mary; brotherMth
CoulterMary19041973née Grant; w/KenMth
CoulterMary Margaret21 Dec 191122 Aug 199987née Ahearn; w/William Rex; motherRC
CoulterTerry Ray29 Aug 19888 Jul 200314son/Gregory Allan & Nilima; brotherRC
CoulterWilliam John18761940h/Emma; fatherMth
CoulterWilliam Rex10 Mar 191323 Mar 195946h/Mary Margaret; fatherRC
CowellHazel Madge6 Nov 191316 Jan 199884nee? McKayMth
CowinJames1856?6 Jun 191862fatherMth
CowinJohn JamesSep?188517 Jun 196478son/James; h/Kate May; fatherMth
CowinKate May1891?7 Dec 197887née Grace; dau/Frank & Rebecca; w/John JamesMth
CoxEileen Veronica1909?30 May 196354dau/John & Susan CoxRC
CoxHarold Alexander1896?25 Mar 195962h/Irene Victoria; fatherRC
CoxIrene Victoria1897?19 Sep 197376née Owens; w/Harold Alexander; motherRC
CoxJohn1862?24 Jul 193775h/Susan; fatherRC
CoxMollie1893?15 Apr 197784dau/John & Susan CoxRC
CoxSusan1862?28 Sep 193775w/John; motherRC
CrabbAlice Louisa1892?19 Nov 196573née Smith; dau/William Henry & Gertrude Lavina; w/Stephen ThomasMth
CrabbJennifer2 Apr 19572 Apr 19570dau/Keith Stephen John & Margaret LaraineMth
CrabbKeith Stephen John1924?17 Jan 196742h/Margaret Laraine; fatherMth
CrabbStephen Thomas1892?28 Jul 196775son/John Thomas & Elizabeth; h/Alice LouisaMth
CrossinghamGeorge Edward1919?13 Aug 199273h/Mary Margaret (Maloney); fatherRC
CrossinghamHenry Albert18611933h/Jane Gilliban Wiseman (McKay)Col
CrossinghamJane1867?1 Aug 190235dau/Donald & Jane G W; w/HenryPbn
CrossinghamMary Jane1889?8 Aug 197889dau/John & Ellen Maria; motherAng
CroxtonMartha1840?7 Jul 191373dau/Thomas & Mary; sisterPbn
DaleyAlbert Charles27 Jan 191412 Jan 199883h/MonicaRC
DaleyJohn Henry1888?1 Mar 196273son/Erwin William & Molly; h/Margaret LovinPbn
DaleyMargaret Lovin1889?27 Jan 196171née McLennan; dau/Murdoch & Margaret Ross; w/John HenryPbn
DaleyMonica1913?10 Apr 196653née Fleming; dau/Michael & Sarah; w/Albert CharlesRC
DanielsHarry24 May 183326 Sep 190572b. Kensington Eng; son/John & Winifred; h/NellPbn
DawsonNorman George1919?26 Sep 199778NX115032 Gnr 53 Armd Rgt; h/Phyllis; fatherMth
DayBob1924?12 Mar 198560RC
DayDane Anthony (Tony)1929?31 Jan 199060RC
DayDaphne Mary4 Mar 19316 Aug 200271Pbn
DayFrancis Graham (Frank)6 Aug 192515 Jul 199670Pbn
DayGrahame Anthony26 Jan 196426 Jan 1964sbson/Francis Graham & Daphne MaryPbn
DayJames1874?18 Mar 195378son/Patrick & MaryRC
DayJohn1862?27 Mar 194279RC
DayMary1841?2 Sep 191978dau/Thomas & Mary; w/Patrick; motherRC
DayMichael David (Mick)17 Aug 193012 Jan 199665RC
DayMuriel Eileen1903?9 Jun 198582RC
DayPatrick1824?10 Jul 1925101b. Co Limerick Ire; son/John & Ann; h/Mary; fatherRC
DayPatrick1875?3 Jun 191338son/Patrick & MaryRC
DeanCharles1907?28 Sep 198982h/EllenAng
DeanEllen1914?19 Sep 198571née Martin; w/CharlesAng
DenhamViolet Lily1898?4 Jul 198284Pbn
DevirDominick1836?11 Mar 191881son/Ellen; h/Julia; fatherRC
DevirJulia1837?17 Oct 191477dau/Nicholas & unk; w/Dominick; motherRC
DevirNicholas1875?4 Jul 195984son/Dominick & JuliaRC
DietrichHarry Peter1935?18 Feb 199054RC
DobsonAlice MaryDec 192615 Mar 19270dau/Alexander & AliceRC
DobsonBarbara Lynette1936?29 Jan 197134dau/Jack & Doris MayAng
DoonerAllan H28 Feb 190828 Oct 198072N181853 L/Bdr RAA; h/Edna Regina; fatherRC
DoonerEdna Regina1910?16 Apr 199181née Bowditch; w/Allan; motherRC
DownWilliam1872?23 Feb 194673son/John & Myria; h/Olga Antonia; fatherAng
DruryAllan Cassie (Mick)19101978h/Marjorie Edeline; father; gfPbn
DruryKevin24 Oct 193627 Jun 199154Pbn
DruryMarjorie Edeline (Marj)19141994w/Allan Cassie; mother; gmPbn
DuncanMargaret Mary14 Mar 19265 Jan 199467née Kelly; w/Victor JamesRC
DuncanVictor James11 May 192015 Feb 199069h/Margaret MaryRC
DunnKim Lesley13 Nov 1960dau/Colin Lesley & Marion ShirleyPbn
DwanEmily Louisa8 Nov 190324 Sep 198783b. Rozelle NSW; d. BrisbaneRC
DyballThomas William1865?19 Nov 189530son/Thomas & Matilda; acc killedPbn
DyerClaude Vincent20 Apr 19146 May 197662son/James Albert & Eva FlorenceAng
DyerEva Florence25 Jul 188814 May 197687née Mackay; w/James Albert; motherAng
DyerHeather Dawn27 Aug 193528 May 200771Col
DyerJames Albert25 Dec 18871 Jun 196678h/Eva Florence; fatherAng
DyerMary1850?13 Jul 188939née Gore; w/Walter ThomasPbn
DyerWalter Thomas1842?6 Aug 191169h/MaryPbn
EdwardsMary Ann Amelia1862?28 May 195088dau/Arthur & Margaret; w/William; motherAng
EdwardsWilliam1848?25 Jun 193284son/Robert & unk; h/Mary Ann Amelia; fatherAng
EldridgeCatherine A E1907?21 Apr 199891wife; motherCol
EldridgeRobert G1904?4 Mar 198479husband; fatherCol
EldridgeYvonne Viola19 Aug 192729 Aug 200982w/Norm; motherCol
EliasAmber Evelyn1879?26 Nov 196182née Clegg; w/Francis; crem RookwoodRC
EliasClarence (Backie)7 Feb 191711 Aug 200285RC
EliasElsie Enid (Mulligan)3 Jun 190714 Dec 198780RC
EliasFrancis1874?20 Jun 194874h/Amber Evelyn; fatherRC
ElliottHeather May12 May 192429 Jul 200480Col
EnnisAda May1884?27 Feb 195570née Fisher; dau/Thomas & Jane; w/William Henry; motherAng
EnnisAlven Leslie30 Oct 19570son/Leslie George & Gladys MaryAng
EnnisWilliam Henry (Harry)1886?5 Jan 197487son/William & Lydia; h/Ada May; fatherAng
EvansDorothy Evelyn Violet29 Nov 19098 Oct 198373née Simpson; dau/Alfred & LucyAng
EvansMarie Maisie Carmel1922?6 Nov 194927née Cox; dau/Harold Alexander & Irene Victoria; w/JosephRC
EversonLeo Norris1932?5 Oct 195321son/James Norris & Sarah Ida; brotherAng
FallonJohn1880?19 Aug 191838son/Lawrence & EllenRC
FarmerBrian Andrew16 Mar 193228 Apr 196634son/Sydney William & Rose AnnieRC
FarmerSydney William1896?20 May 193842son/David William & Ellen; h/Rose Annie; fatherRC
FarrugiaJoseph1912?8 Jul 199179father; gf; ggfMth
FarrugiaJoseph1941?2 Dec 198342husband; fatherMth
FauchonAdella Mary1866?29 Sep 194276dau/John Matthew & Levenia Ann; w/Robert Edward; motherAng
FauchonGeorge Young1895?16 Apr 191217son/Robert Edward & Eleanor M (sic); drownedAng
FauchonIrene Jane1901?30 Dec 196665dau/Robert Edward & Adella Mary FauchonAng
FauchonRobert Edward1848?19 Dec 193688b. Maidstone Eng; h/Adella Mary; fatherAng
FinucanMartin1833?9 Feb 192288son/Andrew & MaryRC
FinucanMary1856?29 Apr 194185dau/Patrick & BridgetRC
FitzpatrickEva Gladys1932?15 Jan 199158Ang
FitzpatrickRonald J1922?9 Oct 200482Ang
FlemingJessie Eileen1901?17 Jun 199291née Austen; w/Rupert RoystonRC
FlemingPatrick1859?4 Dec 188223son/Thomas & MaryRC
FlemingRonald Claude1921?13 Nov 199877h/Valerie; father; gfRC
FlemingRupert Royston1896?19 Jun 1976802025 Pte 32 Bn; h/Jessie EileenRC
FlemingSarah1869?16 Dec 193465dau/James & MargaretRC
FlemingThomas1793?3 Sep 188996b. Co Meath Ire; fatherRC
FlemingThomas James1890?20 Jul 1957671624 Pte 34 Bn; son/Michael & SarahRC
FlemingVena Adelaide1904?6 Sep 197773dau/Michael & SarahRC
FletcherDavid Bruce1953?8 Jun 198633son; brother; uncleAng
FletcherErma Kathleen1920?21 Nov 200080née Bates; w/Frederick James; motherAng
FletcherFrederick James1915?19 Sep 199681N443946 Pte ASC; h/Erma Kathleen MerleAng
FletcherJames1884?31 Dec 197288son/James & unkAng
FlickEmily Amelia1910?4 Jan 197261née Smith; dau/Edward James & Mary Ann; w/Percy VictorRC
FlickPercy Victor (Ben)1908?14 Feb 197566son/William Thomas & Rosanna; h/Emily Amelia; brotherRC
FlickRosanna1933ne Woods; dau/Daniel & Rosanna; w/William; motherRC
FlickWilliam Thomas1941son/John & Alice May; h/Rosanna; fatherRC
FoleyDavid Leslie26 Oct 19099 Apr 198878Pbn
FoleyIris Mary16 Feb 19209 Jul 199373b. BrooklanaPbn
FoleyThomas Miles1918?12 Jul 199173NX29578 Cpl 2/2 MG BnPbn
ForbesAlfred1882?14 Aug 195472h/Margaret Eva; fatherRC
ForbesColin1893?24 Feb 197682son/Henry & Mary; h/Violet MaryMth
ForbesColin Mervyn28 Jun 192421 Feb 200782Mth
ForbesJames Clayton1906?18 Apr 197569h/Hilda; fatherRC
ForbesLawrence John1951?26 Nov 197726son/James Clayton & Hilda; brother; acc killedRC
ForbesMargaret Eva1885?1 Jun 196378w/Alfred; motherRC
ForbesRaymond Alfred15 Oct 19541 Feb 200550brotherRC
ForbesViolet Mary1896?1 Apr 198286née Field; w/ColinMth
FowlerIvy May1903?3 Oct 198885?Pbn
FowlerJames1873?14 Mar 194571son/James & Sarah; h/Rebecca Armstrong; fatherPbn
FowlerJames Alfred8 Apr 190828 Oct 200092husband; father; gfPbn
FowlerJohn1833?24 Sep 191380RC
FowlerLouisa Adelaide1912?10 Jul 197058née Cook; dau/John Alexander & Agnes Elvina; w/Sydney George; motherPbn
FowlerRebecca Armstrong1870?5 Jul 194979née Summerville; dau/James & Ann; w/James; motherPbn
FowlerSydney George1900?10 Mar 198584h/Louisa Adelaide; fatherPbn
FreemanBruce9 Mar 193223 Aug 200270h/Ida; fatherRC
FreemanCyril Walter (Wally)11 Sep 190823 Oct 199688father; gfPbn
FreemanElizabeth Margaret J1904?10 Jul 197268née White; dau/Charles & Miriam Rose; w/Wilfred SAng
FreemanWilfred S1903?22 Oct 198178h/Elizabeth Margaret JAng
FullerAllan James (George)1951?9 Dec 198736Mth
FullerAthol Clyde (Ben)1913?3 Aug 197360h/Lillian Rita; father; gfAng
FullerClarence Raymond (Charlie)1911?11 May 198675Mth
FullerElva Augusta1889?26 Jun 196576w/Wilmot Henry; motherPbn
FullerErrald Clyde (Paddy)1920?24 Apr 199575NX117177 Sgn Cps Sigs; h/Una May; father; gf; ggfPbn
FullerGeorge Alexander1881?29 Dec 196382son/Harry & Catherine; h/May Isobel; fatherMth
FullerGwen28 Mar 195131 Aug 200352mother; gmPbn
FullerLillian Rita (Lil)1917?15 Jan 199880née Gee; w/Athol Clyde; mother; gmAng
FullerLionel Charles (Viv)1915?23 Mar 200387Pbn
FullerMay Isobel1894?28 Sep 197379w/George Alexander; motherMth
FullerRoy Elwin (Feenie)11 May 1995N465629 WO2 4 Fld Coy; h/Vivienne; father; gfRC
FullerRuby Irene1894?22 Jun 197783née Ballard; w/William CMth
FullerThelma Lavina1925?3 Jul 200883née Gee; w/Wilfred WilliamCol
FullerTravis Dudley15 Mar 19172 May 19170son/Wilmott & ElvaCol
FullerUna May22 Jul 191731 Jul 200588née Ryde; w/Errald Clyde; mother; gmPbn
FullerWayne Paul (Fred)1956?14 Mar 200447h/Urmila; fatherPbn
FullerWilfred William (Dine)1918?9 Aug 200890h/Thelma LavinaCol
FullerWilliam C1886?18 Jul 195872h/Ruby Irene; fatherMth
FullerWilmot Henry (Billy)1890?3 Mar 197887h/Elva Augusta; fatherPbn
GaddesAngus Murdock1860?7 Jun 195393fatherPbn
GaddesAugustus Mackay1864?16 Jun 194884h/Hannabell Alice; fatherPbn
GaddesBasil Oliver1914?26 Mar 194732son/Augustus Mackay & Hannabell Alice; brotherPbn
GaddesCecil Roy1906?1 Jun 196256son/Richard & Rosina (Mooney)Pbn
GaddesColin Keith1904?1 Oct 19117son/Augustus Mackay & Hannabell AlicePbn
GaddesDon BarryNov?193021 Apr 194514son/Alfred Frederick & Chlorine MayPbn
GaddesDoris1917?18 Sep 193518dau/Hugh Donald & Elsie Emily GaddesPbn
GaddesDorothy Elizabeth1877?1 Jan 194163dau/George & CharlottePbn
GaddesDuncan Forbes McKay1871?30 Jul 195079son/William & Jane; father; brotherPbn
GaddesElsie Emily1889?22 Jul 197384dau/Charles & Theresa; w/Hugh Donald; motherPbn
GaddesEmma1856?15 Dec 189438née Byrnes; w/WilliamPbn
GaddesHannabell Alice1881?14 Sep 191736w/Augustus Mackay; motherPbn
GaddesHugh Donald1879?23 May 194667son/William & Jane; h/Elsie Emily; fatherPbn
GaddesJane1 Apr 184010 Dec 193191b. Dungog; dau/Angus & ChristinaPbn
GaddesJohn DouglasFeb 19485 Dec 19480son/Mervyn St Clair & GwendolinePbn
GaddesMervyn1913?13 Aug 198067husband; fatherPbn
GaddesReginald1915?5 Nov 198469h/Nellie; fatherPbn
GaddesRex GmarkerRC
GaddesRichard1858?18 Sep 190749son/William & Jane; husband; fatherPbn
GaddesRobert St Clair (Bob)1900?4 Apr 197474son/Richard & Rosina (Mooney)Pbn
GaddesRosina1878?16 May 194567motherPbn
GaddesSt Clair Alexander1874?16 Sep 196490son/William & Jane; fatherPbn
GaddesWilliam1832?12 Apr 190270son/William & Christina; husband; fatherPbn
GaddesWilliam FrederickMay 19296 Dec 19290son/Alfred Frederick & Chlorine MayPbn
GannonPatrick1889?12 Nov 192435son/Timothy & MargaretRC
GarvenDorothy Emma1908?24 Apr 199486w/Geoffrey James; motherAng
GarvenGeoffrey James1907?26 May 197467son/James & Alice Evelyn; h/Dorothy Emma; father; gfAng
GarvenJames1873?20 Jan 194874son/James & Elizabeth; h/Alice Evelyn; fatherAng
GarvenJames Ronald1931?1 Sep 197241son/Geoffrey James & Dorothy Emma; brotherAng
GibsonClarice GraceDec 1913?19 Jul 192915dau/Charlotte WMth
GilAniela21 Jun 189130 Oct 198493b. Poland; mother; gmRC
GilbertMildred Margaret1899?26 Sep 196364née Owens; w/William J; motherRC
GilbertWilliam J (Jack)1902?3 Oct 199088h/Mildred MargaretRC
GilkisonEmily Sarah23 Mar 1952née Grant; dau/Edward & Mary Jane; w/Samuel; sisterRC
GillonAmy Elizabeth1892?13 Sep 197280née Wilkinson; w/John JamesRC
GillonElizabeth1867?6 Jul 196093née Moran; dau/Hugh & Ann; w/Timothy; motherRC
GillonEllen1868?17 Feb 194576née Moss; dau/John & Theresa; w/PatrickRC
GillonJohn1809?31 Dec 189990h/Honorah; fatherRC
GillonJohn Bertrum1896?9 Oct 196872son/Patrick & EllenRC
GillonJohn James1886?19 Jun 196882h/Amy ElizabethRC
GillonKingsley LewisApr?193520 Sep 19394son/Joseph Lewis & Olive ChristinaRC
GillonLilian May1886?23 Sep 195872late Brown; w/Michael HenryRC
GillonMichael Henry1888?28 Feb 195263son/John & Mary Ellen; h/Lilian MayRC
GillonNorah (Honorah)1834?31 Oct 190167née Harrington; w/John; motherRC
GillonNorman Victor1920?4 Apr 199272RC
GillonPatrick1864?25 Jan 193065son/John & Hanorah; h/EllenRC
GillonTimothy1861?11 Aug 193877son/John & Honorah; h/Elizabeth; fatherRC
GleesonMary Violet1911?31 Mar 200290née Rowe; w/Patrick JamesRC
GleesonPatrick James1910?23 Jul 198979h/Mary VioletRC
GleesonPeter William1880?15 Jul 197595son/James John & Bridget; h/Sarah Josephine; fatherRC
GleesonSarah Josephine1879?11 Jul 196485dau/Patrick & Alice; w/Peter William; motherRC
GlydeDavid1898?31 May 196365h/Lottie MabelPbn
GlydeHazel Mae1926?18 Apr 198963w/Stanley David; motherPbn
GlydeLottie Mabel1894199095née Mackay; w/DavidPbn
GlydeStanley David1923?19 Jul 200885h/Hazel Mae; father; gfPbn
GoodwinArthur Ernest1898?18 Feb 199192h/Sarah ElizabethAng
GoodwinCharles Alfred1873?1 Jun 193865h/Matilda JaneAng
GoodwinCharles Robert1904?23 Aug 197066son/John Archibald & Johannah; h/Muriel (Duckett); fatherRC
GoodwinJames18 May 1913son/James & Mary A; h/MargaretRC
GoodwinLurline1936?14 Nov 194812dau/Charles & Muriel; sister; acc killedRC
GoodwinMargaret23 Aug 1923nee McDermott; w/James; dau/John & Mary Ann (Richards)RC
GoodwinMary1932?14 Nov 194816dau/Charles & Muriel; sister; acc killedRC
GoodwinMatilda Jane1873?20 Jun 193764née Scrivener; dau/William & Emily; w/Charles AlfredAng
GoodwinNorman RobertJun?192716 Mar 197951son/Arthur Ernest & Sarah Elizabeth; husband; fatherAng
GoodwinPearl Iris1898?14 Aug 198789née White; dau/William & Williamina; w/George LMth
GoodwinSarah Elizabeth1902?1 Mar 198683née Grace; w/Arthur Ernest; motherAng
GoreArthur Robert1888?16 Sep 193951h/Phoebe GracePbn
GoreEileen Janet1904?1 Jun 199187née McDonald; w/Vincent RoyPbn
GoreFrederick L1884?26 Jun 195268husband; fatherPbn
GoreGeorge William188112 Oct 1955h/Irene Stella; father; gfMth
GoreIrene Stella1889?23 Dec 194253w/George William; motherMth
GoreJack Hubert1930?20 Dec 195727son/Vincent R & Eileen J; brother; acc killedPbn
GoreMartha Ann1894?25 Apr 197682née Cook; dau/Edward & Eva Jane; w/Frederick L; motherPbn
GoreMary Jane1860?24 Jul 194686née Ballard; dau/Luther & Sarah Ann; w/WilliamPbn
GoreMelvena Millicent1908?29 Jun 191810dau/George William & Irene StellaMth
GoreNorma Mary26 Jul 192227 Jul 200280née Bradley; w/Wesley; mother; gmCol
GorePhoebe Grace1895?19 Jun 198388née Argent; w/Arthur RobertPbn
GoreRex Wallace1909?30 Jun 192819son/George William & irene StellaMth
GoreRita Stella1913?6 May 194229dau/George William & Irene Stella GoreMth
GoreRonald James (Toby)27 Jun 193328 Jan 199763late RANPbn
GoreVincent Roy1899?27 Jan 199292h/Eileen JanetPbn
GoreWilliam1858?24 Feb 194788son/Henry & Annie; h/Mary JanePbn
GorelyClarkson FrederickSep?19524 Jul 197017son/Jack Kenneth & Millicent Margaret; brotherPbn
GorelyEmily Mary1878?27 Jan 196687dau/Robert Jeremiah & Mary Ann; w/Frederick Bertram; motherMth
GorelyFrederick Bertram1887?6 Sep 197285son/Charles & Maude; h/Emily MaryMth
GorelyJack Kenneth1 Feb 191410 Dec 199682h/Millicent Margaret; fatherMth
GorelyMillicent Margaret31 Mar 191711 Sep 199477née Tuck; w/Jack Kenneth; motherMth
GouldDesmond Jack (Jack)8 Feb 192616 Oct 200579fatherMth
GraceAlbert Ernest1869?24 Aug 193162h/Louisa JanePbn
GraceAnnie Alexander1884?1 Jul 195268dau/Walter & Catherine; auntAng
GraceBruce William1943?16 Nov 197734son/Walter Albert & Effie May; h/Carol Anne; fatherAng
GraceCarol Anne1947?8 Jul 197225dau/James & Alma; w/Bruce William; motherAng
GraceCatherine1847?13 May 193386née Simon; w/Walter; motherPbn
GraceClaude Nelson29 Jan 19113 May 194939?son/William George A & Elizabeth; h/Elsie; father. Birth Date, Death Date and Age do not agree.Pbn
GraceColin William1921?28 Dec 198665h/Florence Jean; fatherAng
GraceEffie May24 Jan 190820 Jan 198778w/Walter Albert ErnestAng
GraceElizabeth1872?19 Oct 194977née Dyer; dau/George Thomas & Mary; w/William George AlexanderAng
GraceEmily1885?13 Jul 198297née Mackay; w/Victor Edwin; auntPbn
GraceFlorence Jean1924?30 Apr 199268née Newman; w/Colin William; motherAng
GraceFrank1847?26 Jul 193588h/Rebecca; fatherPbn
GraceFrank Ernest25 Jun 18908 May 197281h/VioletPbn
GraceGeorge Edward1893?26 Apr 193542son/Walter & Catherine; brotherPbn
GraceHenry William1946?15 Oct 198034son/Colin & Jean; h/Anne; fatherAng
GraceLouisa Jane1876?2 Sep 190428née Churchill; w/Albert ErnestPbn
GraceNellie Matilda1904?28 Jul 19084dau/William George A & ElizabethPbn
GraceRebecca1850?11 Feb 191463née Argent; dau/Allen & Emma; w/Frank; motherPbn
GraceRoy Frank ThomasOct?19062 Aug 19081son/William George A & ElizabethPbn
GraceVictor Edwin1882?3 Aug 196987son/Frank & Rebecca; h/EmilyPbn
GraceViolet31 Dec 188813 May 197283née Brigden; w/Frank ErnestPbn
GraceWalter1841?28 Jun 189857h/Catherine; fatherPbn
GraceWalter Albert Ernest1905?26 Jul 195146son/Albert Ernest & Louisa Jane; h/Effie May; fatherAng
GraceWalter Jacob1874?15 Jun 192248son/Walter & Catherine; brotherPbn
GraceWilliam George Alexander1874?29 Dec 196692son/Frank & Rebecca; h/ElizabethAng
GrahamAlexander (Alex)1854?11 May 193682son/Thomas & Ann; fatherPbn
GrahamAnn1834?14 Aug 190975dau/John & Ann; motherPbn
GrahamClarence Roy1917?20 Jun 197053h/Ilma Mary; fatherAng
GrahamDavid1870?1 Oct 191242son/Thomas & Ann; h/Mary ElizaPbn
GrahamErrold Lester1913?20 Aug 198774NX5917 Sgt 2/4 Bn; h/Margaret; fatherRC
GrahamIlma Mary1920?31 Mar 197958née Marsh; dau/George Clarence & Mary Eliza; w/Clarence Roy; motherAng
GrahamMary Eliza1870?16 Jun 194878née Allan; w/David; dau/James Henry & LoisPbn
GrahamVincent Thomas1905?21 Dec 195348son/David & Annie MariaMth
GrantAlec Paul1924?1 Jan 198560husband; father; gfAng
GrantAlex1858?16 Feb 193374son/Alexander & Jessie; h/Isabella; fatherPbn
GrantAllan1895?2 Sep 195762son/Alexander & Isabella; h/Caroline; fatherPbn
GrantArthur9 Jan 1935son/Edward & Mary Jane; brotherRC
GrantBrian Joseph1936?6 May 198448husband; fatherRC
GrantCaroline1902?9 Sep 198583née Mottley; w/Allan; motherPbn
GrantCatherine Theresa1877?28 Nov 196386dau/Dennis & unkRC
GrantCharles1907?14 Jul 193932son/Alexander & IsabellaPbn
GrantEdward1844?15 May 192177son/Thomas & Ellen; h/Mary Jane; fatherRC
GrantElizabeth Rachael1892?9 Mar 197582dau/Henry & Jane; mother; gmRC
GrantFay Grace6 Jan 19346 Jul 199157RC
GrantGeorge1884?14 Jul 196480son/Edward & Mary JaneRC
GrantHarriet Idalia1877?19 Feb 191335née Sullivan; dau/William F & Harriet; w/ThomasPbn
GrantIsabella1865?20 Oct 193570dau/James & Isabella; w/Alexander; motherPbn
GrantIslet Jane25 Nov 1970w/Thomas; motherAng
GrantJohn Edward1874?13 Aug 195783son/Edward & Mary JaneRC
GrantJohn Edward (Ward)29 Dec 191426 Oct 199176fatherRC
GrantKeith Charles1930?10 May 198252h/Ruth; fatherPbn
GrantMary Jane1847?2 Oct 193184née Brennan; dau/William & Mary A; w/Edward; motherRC
GrantMuriel Maude1899?6 Sep 197576née Owens; dau/John & Anne; w/Vivian AndrewRC
GrantPeter Edward1922?2 Apr 195331son/Thomas & Islet JaneAng
GrantSamuel Irvine (Toddy)1905?1 Oct 19105son/John & LouisaRC
GrantThomas1878?20 Nov 196890son/Edward & Mary JaneRC
GrantVivian Andrew1900?23 Sep 196363son/John edward & Louisa Jane; h/Muriel MaudeRC
GrantWilliam David0markerRC
GrantWilliam Patrick1930?4 Jan 194514son/Vivian Andrew Bernard & Muriel MaudRC
GreavesBruce Cameron28 Nov 19269 Aug 200073h/Dorothy Isabel; fatherPbn
GreavesDorothy Isabel10 Feb 192919 May 200980w/Bruce Cameron; motherPbn
GreenanJames1867?14 Jan 193567son/Patrick & MaryRC
GreenawayElizabeth Ettie1886?3 Jun 195165w/Thomas Henry; motherAng
GreenawayRobert John25?Aug 19416 Oct 19410son/Cyril & OliveAng
GreenawayThomas Henry1886?27 May 195367h/Elizabeth Ettie; fatherAng
GreeneHeather25 Jun 192314 Dec 199673née LynchMth
GuihenJames1870?12 Oct 191444son/Patrick & Mary; husbandRC
HalversonAgnes1902?29 Oct 193836née Grace; dau/Albert Ernest & Louisa Jane; w/George EPbn
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