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Thornborough Cemetery QLD. Click here for cemetery details

SurnameGiven NamesBirth DateDeath/BurialAgeRemarksPortionRowPlotImage
AbelEmily Maud1871?13 May 190130b. Adelaide SA; mother; unmarked
BulsHeinrich Carl Wilhelm1835?27 Sep 189459son/Heinrich Carl & Mary (Blunt)
ClarkBeatrice MayNov 19036 Feb 19040dau/William & Catherine
ClarkWilliam1863?20 Dec 190946h/Catherine (Sweeney); father
ClarkWilliam (Willie)Jun 189421 Jan 18950son/William & Catherine
CrossElizabeth1839?23 Aug 188142b. Sheffield Eng;
CummingsAnne1840?27 Nov 191676dau/Charles & Christiana (Coe); mother
CummingsChristinaApr?187212 Dec 189624dau/Joseph & Anne Cummings
CummingsChristopher1870?7 Jan 192756son/Joseph & Anne
CummingsJoseph1839?14 Aug 191172father
CummingsMargaret Henry1878?11 Jan 196283
CummingsRobert Charles1867?17 Jan 192860son/Joseph & Anne
CummingsVictorNov?19188 Feb 193920acc killed
CummingsWilliam Edward1868?15 Aug 191749son/Joseph & Anne
EagleRobert Charles1829?1 Apr 189667son/Edward Henry & Elizabeth (Naylor)
EagleThomas1837?9 Oct 189356son/Edward Henry & Elizabeth (Naylor)
EvendenEmma1834?16 Jul 188854dau/John & Lucy (Wood); mother; gm
EvendenGeorge Jonathan1830?23 Aug 190777father; gf
FryerEliza 1860?16 Feb 191352b. Eng; dau/Thomas; mother
GibbinsEthel Ann MaudJul?188113 May 18875dau/James & Mary Ann (Berne)
GielisEdith Mary1896?23 Aug 18993dau/Francis Henry & Mary Ann Louisa Jane
GielisFrancis Henry1860?24 Feb 191655son/Leopold Henry & Bridget; father
GielisLeopold Henry1834?3 Sep 189763h/Bridget (Corbet); father
GielisMary Ann Louisa Jane1866?23 Jan 190942mother
KavanaghJoseph1862?8 Sep 190846poss son/James & Rose M (Martin); fallen
KnudstrupNeils Peter FritzNov?18467 Sep 191669son/Gorgen & Ellen Christine (Sinkersen); husband
MaherJames1850?2 Mar 188635b. Kilkenny Ire; son/Martin & Bridget (Carey); husband
MurphyFrancis Lawrence19103son/Joseph Patrick & Annie (Breslin)
MurphyJoseph Patrick18991son/Joseph Patrick & Annie (Breslin)
MurphyKathleen19060dau/Joseph Patrick & Annie (Breslin)
MurphyMargaret Elizabeth1891?190211dau/Charles & Margaret (Foley)
MurphyMichael Edward18991son/Joseph Patrick & Annie (Breslin)
QuillMary 1861?21 Nov 190241dau John & Julia (Leonard);
QuillPatrick1843?29 Jun 190663
RowanPatrick1840?19 Sep 189454husband; father
SmithWilliam29 Sep 1879
TaylorIsabella1846?7 Feb 188538b. Scot
ThomasCharles Robert16 Sep 18882 Oct 191830son/Joseph & Jane Clement (Sloane)
WhiteJohn1838?25 Feb 190364b. Omagh Co Tyrone Ire
WoodsGertrude13 Sep 18980dau/Alexander & Isabella Matilda (Evenden)

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