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Roma General Cemetery QLD. Click here for cemetery details
SurnameGiven NamesBirth DateDeath/BurialAgeRemarksPortionRowPlotImage
??Ada18 Jan 1905
??Jason5 Oct 197227 Dec 19720son; brother; no family name
AbbertonFrancis1922?19 Sep 196947h/Maureen; father
AblettDerek Kenneth (Joe)1926?28 Jul 199872Col
AdcockAlice Windsor18921931wife; mother
AdcockGeorge Clement Royal1892?11 Jun 196169son/George Richard & Mary Ellen; father
AdcockGeorge Richard23 Feb 18698 Jun 194273h/Mary Ellen; father
AdcockKenneth Samuel Joseph1898?24 Aug 195052husband; father
AdcockMary Ellen1865?26 Jul 192661née Beckett; w/George Richard; mother
AdrianMargaret1892?22 Feb 196673
AhernBridget5 May 1960w/Thomas; mother; gm
AhernDennis10 Jul 1982brother
AhernDonald1900?3 Oct 196363brother
AhernGordon1900?11 Feb 196463
AhernGordon Leslie1934?2 Dec 199763brother
AhernMarcella P1905?21 Oct 198479
AhernMargaret Catherine1861?28 Jun 195089mother
AhernThomas1884?22 Feb 194863h/Bridget; father
AhernThomas Joseph Vincent1920?29 Oct 198868
AhlVictor23 Aug 19241674 Pte 47 Bn
AhrensCatherine1835?20 Jan 187640w/Charles
AirdRobert Godsil1915?21 Jul 195944husband
AisthorpeCharles Roy1905?28 Jul 198580h/Phyllis Jean; father
AisthorpeDavid Munro27 Aug 198317 Sep 19852son/John & Alice; brother; acc. drowned
AisthorpePhyllis Jean1916?18 Apr 198670w/Charles Roy; mother
AisthorpeSydney Edward11 Feb 19158 Jan 199983husband; father
AkeroydS T1890?18 Mar 1943521651 Cpl 2 Pnr Bn
AlexanderEdward Campbell18 Jan 1956h/Leonora; father
AlexanderElisabeth Napier1906?25 Jun 198680
AlexanderJane Napier26 Nov 19450dau/Dick & Beth
AlexanderLeonora26 Oct 1956w/Edward Campbell; mother
AlexanderLeslie Kemp11 Feb 19084 May 197971h/Phyllis Isabella; father
AlexanderPhyllis Isabella20 Aug 191322 Feb 199985née Carlile; w/Leslie Kemp; mother
AlexanderRichard McLean1904?15 Nov 197672
AllenAllan James1885?5 Oct 191934h/Catherine Eva
AllwoodDonald James21 Mar 19402 Nov 200060h/Hazel; father; gfCol
AllwoodHazel1920?26 Jul 197555w/Richard John; mother
AllwoodRichard John1914?22 Jun 198672h/Hazel; father
AlthoferHenry Albert1921?13 Mar 199371
AndersenJane1845?22 Jan 191064
AndersenWilhelm1890?12 Sep 196777
AndersonAlan23 May 192115 Dec 199170b. Stanley Eng
AndersonAlfred S18701936b. Scot; brother
AndersonCaroline1855?4 Aug 195095grandmother
AndersonChristina3 Jan 18714 Apr 193665née Dick; w/James
AndersonEileen Theresa1888?26 Dec 196476mother
AndersonElizabeth Anne1902?29 Apr 197371wife; mother
AndersonEmma (Pem)1899?15 May 198485mother; gm
AndersonEric19241984son; brother; uncle
AndersonEuan Seaton (Andy)1938?15 Jun 198850
AndersonFrancis John Stuart1907?1 Apr 192215son/Alfred Stuart & Mary Ann (née McAuley)
AndersonFrank G18621904b. Scot; brother
AndersonGilbert Roy1905?7 Feb 198175
AndersonJames8 Jan 18588 Sep 191557b. Scot; h/Christine
AndersonJessie Matilda1861?2 Aug 193675
AndersonJohn H R18661943b. Scot; brother
AndersonMary Ann23 Aug 1944aunt
AndersonMay1916?21 Aug 197559
AndersonRaymond Douglas20 Sep 194120 Aug 199856
AndersonSamuel Gordon1895?15 Jun 197681241 Dvr 4 MG Bn; husband; father
AndersonThomas1 Jan 194315 Jun 200158
AndersonWilliam1886?12 Feb 195568husband; father
AndertonEdiltrudis Cecilia MaryFeb 19091 Apr 19090dau/Angilbert Wilfrid Tempest & Jeannette (née Fitzgerald)
AndertonMildred JeannetteApr?19084 Dec 19124dau/Angilbert Wilfrid Tempest & Jeannette (née Fitzgerald)
AndrewsBrian Henry1938?10 Jul 198648h/Barbara
AndrewsBridget Harriet18721942w/Thomas Robert; mother
AndrewsLloyd James (Jim)26 Feb 191017 Jan 200594Lwn3
AndrewsThomas Robert18641945h/Bridget Harriet; father
AndrewsVincent Everard1905?15 Jun 197368husband; father
AnscombeAlbert Nathaniel1915?8 May 197661
AnscombeAnne Isabell1899?4 May 198081mother; gm; ggm
AnscombeCarrie Mabel1903?26 Dec 197370wife; mother
AnscombeDrusilla1878?16 Feb 196889née Green; w/William George; mother; gm
AnscombeEliza Jane May1913?26 Mar 199581mother; gm; ggm
AnscombeFrank Ernest1901?7 Nov 196564husband; father
AnscombeJune EJun 193629 Jan 19370
AnscombeKeith Robert1941?10 Sep 196625son; brother
AnscombeWilliam George1869?15 Apr 195586h/Drusilla
AnscombeWilliam Thomas23 Jan 189516 Jun 1961663354 Dvr 4 MTC; husband; father; gf; ggf; acc. killed
AntonArthur1892?18 Apr 196472son/Peter & Elizabeth
AntonElizabeth1868?15 Oct 190739née Worley; w/Peter; mother
AntonHarry Francis1900?12 May 195858son/Peter & Elizabeth
AntonPeter1862?11 Oct 193775h/Elizabeth; father
AntonWilliam Thomas7?Oct 190713 Jan 19080son/Peter & Elizabeth
ArnoldCharles8 Dec 184812 Feb 192476?h/Hannah Eliza; father. Age does not agree with Birth & Death Dates.
ArnoldHannah Eliza20 Jun 18547 Oct 192167née Slaughter; w/Charles; mother
ArnoldIsaac Henry14 Oct 1935father
ArnoldMay24 Apr 191720 Apr 198971marker
ArthurEdith (Edie)1902?13 Jun 192927dau/Henry Edward & Margaret Arthur
ArthurRosemary Veronica Chandler1924?19 May 199672mother; gm
ArthurScott MacLean1947?11 Jul 197023son/Allan & Grace; h/Jill; father; acc. killed
ArundellArthur Ronald1927?12 Feb 199062h/Fay Noreen; father
ArundellFay Noreen1932?6 Nov 198957w/Arthur Ronald; mother
ArundellRonald Arthur1965?3 Jun 198823son/Arthur Ronald & Fay Noreen; brother; acc. killed
AshburnJessie Louisa5 Mar 18943 Nov 192935dau/James & Jessie Duthie; w/William Ernest Archie
AshburnJoseph Wallace18911935father
AshburnLinda1902?14 Dec 197270w/William Ernest Archie; mother
AshburnReginald George13 Dec 1958brother; uncle
AshburnWilliam Ernest Archie1 Sep 1960h/Jessie Louisa & Linda; father
AshelfordAlfred1908?17 Sep 197264h/Violet Mary; father
AshelfordViolet Mary1913?25 Jun 199178w/Alfred; mother
AshleyGeorge Henry1908?23 Jan 196758brother
AshmeadArchibald Charles Donald1898?17 Apr 194244son/Charles George & Kate; husband; father
AshneyGeorgiana Emma16 Sep 18501 Feb 192877née Hallet; w/Thomas; mother
AshneyOlivia Elizabeth Emma1903?5 Mar 199187née Hicks; w/William Herbert Benjamin
AshneyThomas1832?23 May 190876h/Georgiana Emma; father
AshneyWilliam Herbert Benjamin1885?30 May 196580son/Thomas & Georgiana; h/Olivia Elizabeth Emma
AspinallHenry Moon (Dr)1848?13 Nov 188133b. Pendleton Lancs; son/William & Olivia; husband
AspinallJack1910?25 May 198373h/Nellie; father
AspinallNellie1915?12 May 198166w/Jack; mother
AtkinsEdward Robert1875?15 Jul 194368
AtkinsElizabeth Bradby185611 ??? 18570dau/James Bradby & Marion; fallen, flaked
AtkinsEmmeline A J1881?3 Jun 196988w/Ernest Henry; mother
AtkinsErnest Henry1879?3 Jul 195374h/Emmeline A J; father
AtkinsJames Bradby12 Mar 18183 Apr 188264h/Marion; father
AtkinsMarion1823?27 Jul 190279née Willen; w/James Bradby; mother
AtkinsWilhelmina Alice1869?18 Oct 195283
AtkinsWilliam Jack1903?10 Nov 194239son/Ernest Henry & Emmeline A J
AtkinsonColin Micheal7 Jul 19698 Jul 19690son
AtkinsonGeorge1910?17 Feb 197564husband
AtwellRoy AlfredFeb?19097 Jul 192415son/George & Kate (née Holloway)
AuchterBertie Charles11 Feb 190926 Jan 19188son/William & Emily Sophia
AuchterEmily Sophia1877?27 Dec 192548née Wedmaier; w/William; mother
AuchterJessie1846?30 May 190761b. Tas; née Morris; w/John; mother
AuchterJohn1846?21 Nov 193690h/Jessie; father
AuchterMay Lillian22 Jun 1919dau/William & Emily Sophia
AuchterWilliam1875?12 Aug 195075son/John & Jessie; h/Emily Sophia; father
AuldThomas John 7 Oct 193627 Sep 198952h/Marlene; father
AvardAllan Lindsay16 Sep 192527 Aug 199670
BabarouichValerie Ann1941?29 Jun 196221daughter; sister
BabnikFranc1908?7 Oct 197365
BadgeryMalcolm Fox1889?26 Nov 193950Lieut 3 MG Bn
BadgeryMary Emily5 Mar 189827 Aug 198789née Moore
BainRobert Gilmour14 Nov 192425 Jul 200378h/Edna; fatherLwn2
BakerGeorge Ernest19252002h/TopsyLwn1
BakerHarry Arthur19091994h/Lucy Florence; father
BakerLucy Florence19101991w/Harry Arthur; mother
BakerMercy Joyce25 Nov 192218 Jan 200178w/Robert Malcolm Bruce; mother; gm
BakerRobert Malcolm Bruce24 Apr 192014 Apr 199675h/Mercy Joyce; father; gf
BakerWalter (Bunge)1888?21 Aug 197486h/Sarah; father
BakerWalter Clifford1914?11 Apr 199278h/Patricia; father
BalcombeDavid John18 Apr 195722 Apr 200043
BalderstonThomas1839?26 Jan 191474b. Kirkaldy Scot
BaldoFrank M1892?17 Mar 195158husband
BaldoLance McMahon29 Sep 19351 Apr 199357h/Theresa; father
BaldoNellie24 Nov 1967rem/Henderson family
BallLily Mary1879?13 Sep 194970wife; mother
BallMarjorie Elizabeth1904?16 Aug 199591mother; gm; ggm
BallardLilian Mary1887?21 Jun 190720dau/Samuel James & Eliza Ballard
BallardSamuel James1857?22 Jan 194587h/Eliza (née Lewis); father
BallingerMary Jane2 Jun 1978w/William; mother
BallingerWilliam7 Jan 1967h/Mary Jane; father
BamblingTara Ann21 Nov 19845 Oct 200419dau/Wayne & Jennifer; sisterLwn3
BanksAubrey1911?15 May 196958husband; father
BanksElsie May1913?21 Oct 200087
BannisterRobert JDec 1918?2 Aug 193617son; brother
BaratEtienne J18811944h/Justine Marie Lucie Madelaine
BaratJustine Marie Lucie M18921954née Brault; w/Etienne J
BaratMarie11 Dec 1935w/Mathieu
BaratMary ElizabethJun?18708 Feb 194675née Pascoe; w/Adorio; mother
BaratMathieu1844?15 Jun 191470h/Marie
BarberGarry William1941?29 Dec 198746husband; father
BarkerGeorge William1912?29 Jun 198169h/Lily; father
BarkerJulia Bessie1878?9 May 194668wife; mother
BarkerLily1901?9 Dec 198281w/George William
BarkerW G1882?16 Oct 195270128 Tpr Boer War & AIF
BarkerWalter George1905?8 Mar 196862brother
BarlowAnnie4 Feb 191914 Apr 198869sister
BarlowCyril12 Jul 19212003QX45941 Gnr AA RgtLwn1
BarlowLily1886?11 Jan 197992
BarlowWace1881?11 Aug 194261
BarnesGordon MerleJul 191617 Feb 19170son/Charles Augustus & Jessie Rosina (née Anderson)
BarryLaurence Dubois29 Aug 19352888 Dvr 13 Bn
BartelsGina FlorenceNov?199710 Jun 19991dau/Jillian
BartelsNorma Merle4 Mar 19315 Jan 199361née Power
BartlemJohn Frank1892?29 May 19152333 Pte 16 Bn kia Gallipoli; son/Margaret Ellen Byrnes
BartlemJohn Thomas Gilchrist1868?27 Oct 191951h/Margaret Ellen
BartlemMargaret Ellen1864?8 Aug 195995née Byrnes; w/John Thomas Gilchrist; mother
BartleyJoan Ellen16 Oct 195119 Jul 200048w/Sonny; mother; gm
BartleyThomas1896?27 Jun 195963
BarwickRedge1913?31 Jan 197965father; gf
BassettDorothea Eleanor19 Jun 188627 Mar 196679née Ashburn; w/Samuel Symons; mother; gm
BassettEthel Hilda1893?12 Dec 192936née Pelling; w/Francis Rendell
BassettFrancis Rendell1884?23 Sep 194763h/Ethel Hilda
BassettHenryOct?187316 Nov 18741son/Samuel Symons & Isabella
BassettHenry Augustus28?Aug 187518 Jul 18760son/Samuel Symons & Isabella
BassettIsabella24 Nov 184811 May 1924?b. Geelong Vic; née Cameron; w/Samuel Symons; mother
BassettJack Cameron3 Mar 192017 Jun 198464h/Pat; father
BassettJames Davis19191978b. Roma; h/Peggy Allaroy; father
BassettKathleen Mary Patricia17 Mar 191422 Jan 199883w/Samuel Symons Jnr; mother
BassettPeggy Allaroy19241998b. Dalby; née Sheridan; w/James Davis; mother
BassettRobert James1880?11 Feb 1924433235 Pte 53 Bn; son/Samuel Symons & Isabella
BassettRuby18871971b. Wee Waa NSW; w/William Augustus; mother
BassettSamuel Symons18871977h/Dorothea Eleanor; father; gf
BassettSamuel Symons13 Mar 184025 Dec 191272b. Cornwall Eng; h/Isabella; father
BassettSamuel SymonsApr?18707 Jul 188313son/Samuel Symons & Isabella
BassettSamuel Symons Jnr21 Oct 191618 May 196447h/Kathleen Mary Patricia; father
BassettThora Dorothea6 Mar 191217 May 19131dau/Samuel Symons & Dorothea Eleanor
BassettWilliam Augustus18871973h/Ruby; father
BassettWilliam Kenneth18 Jun 194112 Sep 19410son/William Neville & Ruth
BassettWilliam Neville19151995h/Ruth; father
BatesEdith Marion20 Dec 189417 Aug 199095dau/John & Mary (née Burton) Bates
BatesJohn1863?13 Jul 192259h/Mary; father
BatesMary1864?20 Sep 194076née Burton; w/John; mother
BatesMary1873?14 Sep 194673née Stevenson; w/Richard; mother
BatesRichard1867?21 Feb 193466h/Mary; father
BatesRichard George26 Jun 192312 Jul 198865425918 F/Lt RAAF; h/Betty; father
BatesRoss Deshon12 Aug 19543 May 200348h/Mary; son/Dick & BettyLwn1
BatterhamDorothy Linda1904?26 Jul 199490s/w Stewart Douglas
BatterhamStewart Douglas1908?19 May 198981son/Edward T & Amy Esther F; s/w Dorothy Linda
BattifeltChristina T1836?1 Jun 189862w/William Adam; mother
BattifeltWilliam Adam1840?19 Jul 189959h/Christina T; father
BattleyAnna Jemimah9 Dec 18934 Feb 198389née Cain; w/James
BattleyElizabeth1873?29 Mar 195177
BattleyFay4 Jan 1939
BattleyJames1888?7 Apr 196577h/Anna Jemimah; father
BattleyJames Alexzanda19 Jan 1936son
BatzloffMary Elizabeth1872?28 Sep 194775mother
BauersPaul Charles18851961
BaunachEdwen Philip5 Oct 187930 May 18811son/Anton & Wilhelmine; fallen, broken
BaylissDaniel James Gordon1911?4 Apr 198473husband; father
BaylissJean Edwinda1918?20 Dec 199476mother
BeattyCraig Douglas1 Apr 196819 May 198921
BeattyPercy Frederick1921?23 Sep 199574QX52925 Cpl 2/31 Bn
BeckAllan1919?7 Jul 198768h/Joyce Ruby; father; gf
BeckDarryl WilliamNov?195128 Oct 197119son; brother; acc. killed
BeckElsie Ena1919?25 Dec 200081w/Robert Charles; mother
BeckHarold (Bill)6 Jul 19279 Aug 199871father; gf
BeckHerbert Albert1897?7 Jul 194346
BeckJames Charles1883?22 Jun 195673h/Janet
BeckJanet1890?3 Sep 197282née Kerr; w/James Charles
BeckJoyce Ruby1926?27 Aug 200276w/Allan; mother; gm
BeckLena1835?19 Jan 190064aunt
BeckLilla MayDec 1914?6 Mar 19172dau/Thomas William & Amelia Esther (née Cavanagh)
BeckMichael AllanMar?195727 Oct 197316son; brother; acc. killed
BeckRobert Charles1911?7 Sep 198069h/Elsie Ena; father
BeckRobert Edward1937?3 Sep 198043h/Kathleen; father
BeckWinifred1860?23 Mar 193877
BeckettDaphne Kathleen19268 Apr 1927dau/George Henry & Phyllis Maude (née Waleling)
BeestonJames Edward1878?23 Oct 195981h/Mary; father
BeestonMary1887?26 Dec 197285née Switzer; w/James Edward; mother
BeetsonBernard C5
BeetsonDesmond W3
BeetsonMarie1912?26 Apr 198270
BeetsonNeville Charles19402003h/Raelee; son/Ruby; fatherLwn2
BeetsonRobert Charles1907?2 Aug 198477husband; father; gf
BeetsonThelma Jean1915?31 Oct 199580mother; gm; ggm
BeetsonWayne John0
BeetsonWilliam Henry1897?19 Apr 197578husband; father
BeggsKathleen Ann1883?3 Aug 195572mother
BehrendOswald Stanley Arthur19661994son; brother
BeiarAnnie Catherine1849?11 Feb 194898née Keppel; w/August
BeiarAugust1850?26 Aug 190555h/Annie Catherine
BeiersAlan Hartley26 Jun 190330 Jul 194441Q229104 19 Bn VDC
BeitzCatherine O'Connell1877?3 May 195275nee Page; w/Frank Frederick; mother
BeitzCharles Bernard1923?8 Oct 198562husband; father; acc. killed
BeitzCharles F1892?29 Mar 194451h/Norah; father
BeitzErnest Frederick1901?23 Jul 192625son/Carl Frederick & Rachel (Carr)
BeitzFrank Frederick1898?27 Sep 195052son/Frank Frederick & Catherine O'Connell; brother
BeitzHarold John1926?5 Aug 198761husband; father
BeitzNorah1893?13 Jun 197582w/Charles F; mother
BeitzThelma Jane5 Aug 19306 Aug 19300dau/John W & Jane B
BeitzWilliam David1917?27 Nov 197558brother
BelingGeorge29 Sep 1919?31 Jan 200283QX54181 Pte 25 Bn; h/Phyllis; father. Age does not agree with Birth & Death Dates.Lwn
BellAnnie Beatrice29 Apr 190212 Aug 198381w/Edward Henry
BellArthur William1 Jul 192321 Apr 198359QX40060 Pte 2/16 Bn
BellBetty22 Feb 19272 Jun 200679w/TerryLwn
BellEdward Henry18941977b. London; h/Annie Beatrice
BellJoshua Francis9 May 19670
BellStuart Murray Gordon Sheridan25 Jul 191920 Jul 200282
BellTerence John (Terry)9 Dec 192417 Nov 200176h/BettyLwn
BellThomas Henry1937?25 Sep 19392son; brother
BellW T1892?3 Nov 195159[MM]; 6705 Dvr 9 Bn; husband; father
BendellPaul George25 Sep 189616 Jun 195659son/George Fitzroy & Mary Louisa (née Colahan)
BenhamKate Margaret9 Apr 19869 Aug 19860dau/Richard & Jean; sister
BentleyFred1852?1 Feb 192269h/Margaret
BentleyMargaret1853?20 Nov 193380w/Fred
BeresfordDaisy MayJan 1918?5 Apr 19191dau/Maurice & Eleanor Florence (née Clements)
BerminghamDominic Francis (Frank)9 Mar 192112 Oct 194726
BerryAlan Thomas1921?5 Oct 199776Col
BerryJoan7 Jun 1959
BerryMargaret Jane1894?12 Jun 197682née Thomas; w/Robert William
BerryMoya Eileen1924?16 Jan 198964Col
BerryRobert William1890?25 Apr 195969h/Margaret Jane
BertolottiIvy Elsie1896?17 Nov 197579w/Matteo F; mother; gm
BertolottiMatteo F1897?15 Jun 197073h/Ivy Elsie; father; gf
BickerstaffAgnes18551947née McGill; w/David; mother
BickerstaffDavid18541943h/Agnes; father
BickerstaffFrederica Albertina1881?25 May 191635née Cartwright; w/Hugh; mother
BiddellDorothy Mary1913?9 May 199885w/John; mother
BiddellJohn Mervyn1919?29 Apr 199071
BielenbergPamela Mary16 Oct 19450
BignellJohn Henry1921?16 Jun 199877QX18322 Pte 2/10 Bn; h/Elva; father
BillmanNeta7 Sep 1964w/Harold; mother
BirkettGeorge A1864?17 Jan 190237son/Ruth Robinson
BischoffClarence Victor1905?10 Mar 196458husband; father
BishopAlfred Charles1896?28 Oct 197882son/Charles Philip & Margaret (née Lloyd)
BishopPatrick21 Feb 19431545 Pte 49 Bn
BlackAlice1864?18 Aug 194177
BlackmoreSidney1881?11 Nov 195574uncle
BlairAlexander Frederick1861?27 Aug 195089
BlakePatrick1920?26 Jun 196646brother
BlightSarah1838?23 Apr 191072mother
BlissWilliam PatrickOct?190918 Nov 19101son/William & Florence
BlomfieldHelen Amy1892?1945?wife; mother
BlumeKathleen Mary1923?26 Jun 199774prev. Thrupp
BlundellShirley MargaretMar 1943Aug 2002Lwn2
BodelKevin TennysonOct?191918 Dec 193112
BoggMarion Catherine1876?14 Dec 194468w/Neil; mother
BoggNeil1871?2 Oct 195382h/Marion Catherine; father
BonesJohn Nolan1858?8 Jun 193577
BonesLouisa Mary1858?12 Aug 193678
BonoguoreDoreen Joyce12 Oct 1970wife; mother; gm
BorlandLouis Boyd13 Apr 187926 Feb 194464b. Omeo Vic; Boer War veteran
BorthwickMargaret1886?24 May 194660w/John Cameron
BorthwickMurray Patterson1911?17 Aug 195645
BoultonMartin Snr1820?28 May 189474son/George & Elizabeth (née Staples)
BoundyLeonard Joseph1925?20 Feb 197751husband; father
BourkeKathleen Veronica19041976dau/John & Catherine (née Madden) Bourke; sister
BourneAnnie Mary FrancesSep?18733 Mar 18828dau/Frederick & Frances Elizabeth (née Coates)
BourneViolet AnnieJun 18834 Dec 18830dau/Frederick & Frances Elizabeth (née Coates)
BowdenAntionette Denise5 Jul 19715 Jul 1971sbdau/David & Lynne
BowdenBridget1829?12 Nov 190879née McQueenie; w/William; mother
BowdenCarol1942?1 Dec 195614daughter
BowdenCyril Laurence1909?18 Nov 196657h/Edna Olive; father
BowdenDan1883?9 Oct 195774father
BowdenEdna Olive1911?13 Feb 197462w/Cyril Laurence; mother
BowdenGary James1968?7 Jul 199123son; brother
BowdenLloyd Joseph1947?13 Jun 199952father
BowdenThomas1860?6 Dec 192363son/William & Bridget
BowdenThomas Colin1926?26 May 197953brother; uncle
BowenFrank Cameron3 Jun 192024 Nov 195333QX28096 Gnr 11 Fld Rgt
BoyceBenjamin Richard1875?19 May 195378h/Florence Ada; father
BoyceElizabeth Jane1837?13 Apr 191275b. Eng; née Morgan; w/Samuel Douglas; mother
BoyceErnest Benjamin2 Dec 191029 Dec 19155son/Benjamin Richard & Florence Ada
BoyceFlorence Ada1881?18 May 196281née Ward; w/Benjamin Richard; mother
BoyceGladys Mary1901?28 Sep 198382née Gann; w/Leslie James Carrington; mother
BoyceJames Carrington1862?27 Oct 194583h/Elizabeth Kate (née Ward); father
BoyceLeslie James Carrington1897?8 Sep 196972h/Gladys Mary; father
BoycePhillip Raymond1951?13 Oct 197625h/Elizabeth; father; acc. killed
BoyceWilliam Edward1857?7 May 190649son/Samuel Douglas & Elizabeth Jane
BrachonHoratio13 May 188014 Sep 1931?Boer War vetn; 2131 Pte 45 Bn AIF
BrackerAlbert George (Bert)5 Mar 19257 Dec 198863h/Carmel; father
BradleyAnne1846?5 Dec 191973née Murphy; w/Thomas; mother
BradleyGeorge Charles6 Aug 1892b. Birmingham; son/John & Elizabeth; grandfather
BradleyJohn James1887?29 Aug 196275son/Thomas & Anne
BradleyMargaret1855?10 Oct 191156mother
BradleyMary1874?4 Apr 194470
BradleyThomas1839?27 May 191172h/Anne; father
BradleyThomas James1883?22 Jan 195975son/Thomas & Anne; brother
BradleyWilliam Hugh1891?18 Mar 194856son/Thomas & Anne
BradshawHarry William1894?13 Sep 1969751935 Pte 15 Bn
BradshawJohn Richard23 May ????25 Oct 1923son/Fred & Minnie
BradshawMiesha10 Jun 2002daughterLwn
BradshawMinnieJan 188723 May 1923b. Salford Eng; née Shedlock; w/Fred; mother
BradyBetty Mona1924?28 Mar 196641mother; gm
BradyGordon1932?17 Nov 194412
BradyJohn1876?6 Dec 193963
BradyMary Jane1 Jun 189322 May 197985b. Windorah; mother; gm
BraithwaiteKatrine Hannah (Kit)16 Dec 19113 Aug 200290w/DigbyLwn2
BrandtAntony1894?10 Apr 1974802542 Pte 41 Bn; h/Isabel; father
BrandtColin Maxwell1924?5 May 198662h/Fay; father; gf
BrandtIsabel19001986w/Antony; mother
BrazierEdith1890?2 Oct 195969wife; mother
BrazilDenis Edward1889?3 Jan 194656husband; father
BreckenridgeShelley Margaret6 Apr 195123 Oct 200453wife; mother
BrennanRobert John30 Dec 19265 Feb 198255
BrennanWalter Thomas Edward1918?20 Oct 199981QX43167 Pte 25 Bn; son; brother; uncle
BrindleyDorothy Winifred18992002103motherCol
BrindleyJohn1840?21 Dec 190767son/Thomas & Elizabeth; father
BrindleySusan21 May 1904dau/Denis & Susanah (née Clark) Ryan; broken
BrininEdward Harry1926?3 Jun 199670
BrininElsie Flora1919?23 Nov 197556wife
BrininEster Mary1886?2 Oct 195771née Flack; w/William John; mother
BrininMavis1911?31 Oct 193928wife; mother
BrininWilliam John 1877?17 Apr 194467h/Ester Mary; father
BriskeyGeorge Edward Thomas1867?13 Aug 191144h/Louisa Mary; father; accident
BriskeyJames George1896?15 Sep 198286son/George E T & Louisa M; father
BriskeyLouisa Mary1873?27 Mar 194268née Hanlon; w/George Edward Thomas; mother
BriskeyMary1864?26 May 189127née Cherry; w/Gustav Theodore Otto
BrittonAndrew Reginald1878?10 Jun 191133son/Charles & Mary (née Kennedy)
BroadJames23 Oct 183131 Mar 189664son/William & Susan (née Thompson)
BrookerGeorge1829?16 May 188556h/Myra
BroomhallLeslie George3 Nov 192515 Jul 198963QX60970 Gnr RAA; h/Grace; father
BrosnanRosetta Edith4 Jul 192514 Apr 200478Lwn3
BroughtonKate1905?3 Oct 200297mother
BroughtonKeith5 May 193724 Dec 200164Lwn2
BrownCecil Eli10 Jul 190717 Aug 198982h/Marian Joyce; father
BrownCharles Peter1893?21 Jan 198389163 L/Cpl Anzac AIF; h/Ivy Louisa
BrownDenis Edmund18661924son/George William & hannah Benett (née Beck)
BrownDorothy Haslingden20 Sep 190920 Jun 199585w/Eric George Ferrier; mother
BrownDuncan1854?31 Jan 191863son/Alexander & Katherine (née McQueen)
BrownEdward Russell1940?31 Dec 198141husband; father
BrownEric George Ferrier16 Dec 19069 Apr 197669h/Dorothy Haslingden; father
BrownGail3 May 19616 May 19610daughter
BrownGeoffrey Russell29 Nov 196824 Jul 200132h/Anna; father
BrownIvy Louisa1896?14 Aug 199498née Crouch; w/Charles Peter
BrownJames Pringle2 Nov 190030 Jun 196867son/Thomas Watterson & Elspeth Fitchie
BrownMargaret1855?12 Feb 191761wife; mother; d. Miles
BrownMarian Joyce24 Apr 190730 Sep 198578w/Cecil Eli; mother
BrownMary Middlemiss18761963
BrownMona Irene1914?8 Sep 197864sister
BrowneAnnie Shannon1882?17 Oct 192341dau/Joseph & Henrietta Browne; w/Charles
BrowneArthur Jemotte6 May 188720 Aug 194457son/James Arthur & Jessie (née McPherson)
BrowneFrancis Atkins5 May 18843 Oct 194561
BrowneFrederick William25 Apr 18474 Apr 191163son/Thomas & Catherine (née Jemott)
BrowneKatherine9 Jul 1933w/Philip John
BrownePhilip John1850?15 Feb 192372h/Katherine
BrowneThomas Marryatt25 Apr 184710 Aug 191972son/Thomas & Catherine (née Jemott)
BrowningMay1917?7 Jul 197861
BruceFlorence Lorna26 Feb 192416 Oct 199773née King; w/Keith Albert; mother; gm
BruceKeith Albert (Ken)1924?28 Jul 199470SX13681 Spr RAE; h/Florence Lorna; father
BruceNorman Ralph1949?18 May 19556son/Keith Albert & Florence Lorna; brother
BrumptonAaron9 Jun 19959 Jun 1995sbson; brother
BrumptonBeverley Mavis13 Aug 193311 Nov 200168Lwn2
BrumptonBoyd Powell28 Feb 193125 Jul 199463h/Bev; father
BrumptonClara Rubeena1897?4 Apr 196265w/Reginald John; mother; gm
BrumptonJack Percival19 Nov 192519 Jan 198660
BrumptonPercival Randolph10 Jun 189628 Oct 198791h/Sarah Hilda
BrumptonReginald John1899?8 Oct 195556h/Clara Rubeena; father; gf
BrumptonSarah Hilda13 Oct 189831 Oct 198890née Cook; w/Percival Randolph
BrumptonThomas1873?2 Jun 191340h/Sarah Lavinia
BrumptonVaughan10 Jul 199811 Jul 19980son; brother
BryanStanley JamesApr?19279 Dec 19281son/James John & Elizabeth Mary (née Dunn)
BryantAlice Mary1903?12 May 199087mother
BryantRichard1863?4 Dec 194279h/Susan Jane
BryantRichard Hosegood1877?10 Apr 190326son/Robert & Martha (née Snelling)
BryantSusan Jane1868?10 Sep 190335w/Richard
BuchananEric Albert1904?2 Nov 198884h/Muriel Primrose; father
BuchananMuriel Primrose1907?22 Jun 199386née Rennick; w/Eric Albert; mother; gm; ggm
BuldursAnna9 Mar 192424 Sep 199066s/w Arnold
BuldursArnold16 Jul 19245 Oct 199975s/w Anna
BuntonGrace Zara1922?9 Sep 199876mother; gm
BuntonReginald Henry1920?27 Nov 199676husband; father
BurkeJanetta Stuart (Nettie)1896?28 Feb 192124née Steven; w/William Gladstone; mother
BurneReginald Frederick Scott1904?22 Jun 192117son/Frederick Charles Meredith & Theresa Agnes
BurnesBarbara Ellennée Fox; w/John Michael; mother
BurnesEileen Mary15 Apr 193316 Apr 19330dau/John Michael & Barbara Ellen
BurnesJohn1876?21 Dec 194367husband; father
BurnesKeith Thomas31 May 19312 Sep 19310son/John Michael & Barbara Ellen
BurnesMary Rose1882?7 Nov 195573mother
BurnesMichael John18 Aug 192918 Feb 19399son/John Michael & Barbara Ellen
BurnesWilliam John1906?27 Jul 197165
BurnsFrancis Phillip1941?2 Jan 197331son
BurnsJune Merle1945?2 Aug 19527
BurtenshawDavid FarrarAug?18977 Jun 19002son/William Alfred & Julia Helen (née Morris)
BurtonBill1909?18 Jul 197364h/Thelma Maree; father
BurtonHarriet Ann1881?6 Feb 194765
BurtonJames1877?5 Nov 191942son/Henry & Harriett; h/Maria Ellen
BurtonJohn2 Jul 1955
BurtonJohn Stanley Gordon1907?8 Feb 196456husband; father
BurtonKeith John1941?19 Aug 197029
BurtonMary1874?29 Aug 194773mother
BurtonMervyn (Billy)1928?14 Dec 195123son
BurtonRobert1867?22 Feb 191042
BurtonThelma Maree1913?22 May 199178w/Bill; mother
BurtonUrsula1915?30 Jun 196954mother
BushellJames Macrae29 Dec 19706 May 19710son/John & Marie
BussellElizabeth Beatrice Maude12 Feb 190413 Apr 195652née Ricketts; mother; gm
BussellJohn Henry7 Nov 192010 Mar 199675
ButlerArchibald Henry1906?9 Nov 197468h/Eva Pearl Florence; father
ButlerEva Pearl Florence1903?25 Jun 197168née Gentle; w/Archibald Henry; mother
ByrneDorothy1909?3 May 197263wife; mother
ByrneJames31 May 19292562 Pte 52 Bn
ByrneThomas1887?30 Dec 1954672878 Pte 31 Bn; h/Margaret
ByrnesClarice Ethel1913dau/John Thomas & Kate Ellen
ByrnesDarrell Gregory6 Jan 194115 Oct 199049
ByrnesEileen May1912dau/John Thomas & Kate Ellen
ByrnesElizabeth Margaret1893?28 Mar 196874w/Patrick John; mother
ByrnesEric1914son/John Thomas & Kate Ellen
ByrnesGeorgaina1863?3 Jul 194279
ByrnesGladys May1902?25 Jun 198482aunt
ByrnesJohn Roland1849?27 Aug 192778b.Co Ross Ire
ByrnesJohn Thomas17 Mar 1917son/William & Hannah; h/Kate Ellen (née Mawn); father
ByrnesMargery Florence Ellen1908?22 Sep 199082w/Thomas James; mother
ByrnesPatrick John1883?26 Aug 196683h/Elizabeth Margaret; father
ByrnesRobert Cecil1916son/John Thomas & Kate Ellen
ByrnesRobert Edward1875?25 Oct 195883
ByrnesThomas James1903?20 Nov 198481h/Margery Florence Ellen; father
ByrnesWilliam1866?15 Jan 194881
CainAnna Maria18611913née Meeke
CainEdward Arthur18891937
CainFrederick Henry192719270
CainGeorge Gaydon6 Oct 19287696 Pte 15 Bn
CainThomas Frederick18591910
CameronAllan James1 Oct 191117 Jun 192412son/Donald Fletcher & Fanny Matilda (née Wilmot)
CameronDonald Fletcher1872?14 Jun 195785h/Fanny Matilda; father
CameronDonald Wilmot1907?5 Sep 198376son/Donald Fletcher & Fanny Matilda (née Wilmot)
CameronFanny Matilda1879?15 Mar 194868née Wilmot; w/Donald Fletcher; mother
CameronHugh AllanMar?190110 Dec 191918acc. killed
CameronJean Bertram1920?18 Aug 195535wife; mother
CameronMurray Fletcher3 Apr 19184 Apr 199779QX6992 L/Bdr 2/2 AT Rgt; h/Judy; father
CameronRobert Bruce Lord1936?25 Apr 196024son; brother; acc. killed
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