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Camberwell Anglican Cemetery NSW. Click here for cemetery details
SurnameGiven NamesBirth DateDeath/BurialAgeRemarksPortionRowPlotImage
AdamsAnnie Mary1856?2 Jun 195195née Beh; w/Henry; motherAng
AdamsErnest Albert20 Mar 189312 Oct 191017son/Henry & Annie Mary; brotherAng
AdamsEthel Victoria1883?5 Feb 196783née Drane; w/Stephen HenryAng
AdamsStanley Stephen1910?13 May 199181son/Stephen H & Ethel VCol
AdamsStephen Henry1883?6 Jan 195167son/Henry & Mary; h/Ethel VictoriaAng
AndrewsAbraham1809?22 May 188273h/Sarah; fatherAng
AndrewsAbraham 1878?2 Mar 194768son/William & Mary; h/Agnes Jane; fatherAng
AndrewsAbraham John1851?2 Oct 190453son/Abraham & Sarah; h/Alice Maria; fatherAng
AndrewsAgnes Jane1884?1 Mar 198297née Bennett; w/Abraham; motherAng
AndrewsAlice Maria1862?21 Aug 194078née Puxty; w/Abraham John; motherAng
AndrewsAlton Ascot1916?8 Jul 198670son/Abraham & Agnes; brother; uncleAng
AndrewsFrederick William Aug?187925 Nov 18801son/Abraham J & AliceAng
Andrews John (Jack)1900?14 Jan 197877son/Abraham J & Alice M; h/KathleenCol
AndrewsKathleen (Kit)1900?1 Aug 198080née Woods; w/JohnCol
AndrewsKathleen Kate1924?30 Jan 200681dau/Abraham & Agnes Andrews; sister; auntAng
AndrewsMerle Mary1910?16 May 199989dau/Abraham & Agnes Andrews; sister; auntAng
AndrewsNorma Nance1921?27 Aug 200382dau/Abraham & Agnes Andrews; sister; auntAng
AndrewsSarah 1812?25 Jun 188977w/Abraham; motherAng
AndrewsWilliam1842?27 Jun 189856son/Abraham & Sarah; h/Mary (née Ryan); fatherAng
ArchinalEsther 1845?23 Oct 188035dau/James; w/Henry; motherAng
ArmstrongAdelaide CharlotteJan 18804 Dec 18800dau/Peter & MarthaAng
ArmstrongMartha1841?19 Nov 189857née Walton; w/Peter; motherAng
ArmstrongPeter 1831?19 Sep 191483h/Martha; fatherAng
ArmstrongPeter Ernest James31 May 187412 Oct 18740son/Peter & MarthaAng
AsimusElizabeth (Lizzie)May?187929 Jan 189515dau/Jacob & FriederickeAng
AsimusFriedericke1856?1 Jul 191761w/Jacob; motherAng
AsimusJacob1857?3 Feb 190951h/ Friedericke; fatherAng
BarrattHorace Edward25?Aug 190229 Sep 19020son/William W & May L EAng
BeckAgnes1874?31 Jan 193156née Freer; dau/Frederick & Hannah; w/Herbert JAng
BeckAnn1823?22 Nov 187552née Chilcott; w/James; motherAng
BeckEllen A1843?26 Sep 189249née Barber; w/James Chilcott; motherAng
BeckJames Chilcott1842?19 May 191169son/James & Ann; h/Ellen A; fatherAng
BeckJames Ernest1883?20 Oct 192542son/James Chilcott & Ellen A; h/ Ellen (née Ball) Ang
BennettEthel May1933?22 Apr 200774w/John Angus; motherAng
BennettJohn Angus1926?25 Sep 198155h/Ethel May; fatherAng
BoonBlanche Adelaide1890?25 Sep 198999née Puxty; w/Frank W; motherAng
BowerAlan Drake1903?22 Nov 196360son/Frederick Gottleib & Emma LucyAng
BowerBertha Mary1889?17 Feb 18922dau/Frederick & Emma LAng
BowerEdward1888?26 Oct 196375son/Frederick Gottleib & Emma LucyAng
Bower Emma Lucy1865?5 Sep 1966101née Drake; w/Frederick Gottlieb; motherAng
BowerFrederick Gottleib1860?9 Jul 191959son/John A & Mary; h/Emma Lucy; fatherAng
BullEdith Joan1909?7 Nov 197667née Peebles; dau/David Chambers & Marguerite; sister; auntAng
CamdenVivian Berena ClareJan 190429 Jun 19040dau/James Richard & AnnieAng
CheethamWilliam1927?25 Feb 199668Col
ChurchillAmy May Celeste1908?29 Apr 199587née Smith; prev Williams; w/GeraldCol
ChurchillGerald1913?24 Jul 200188h/Amy May CelesteCol
CoyleFrederick William (Fred)19412006markerAng
DennisArnold Gordon John1907?29 Nov 196760son/John & Loretta; h/Maisie JeanAng
DennisMaisie Jean1907?7 Jul 198881née Rowe; w/Arnold Gordon JohnAng
DrakeBertha MadelineAug?18741 Jun 189116dau/Edward & Sophia ElizaAng
DrakeEdward 1829?5 May 190778son/Henry & Mary A; h/Sophia Eliza; fatherAng
DrakeHenry1804?9 Jun 188581son/Edward & Elizabeth; h/Mary A; fatherAng
DrakeSophia Eliza1840?25 Jan 193695w/Edward; motherAng
EdwardsDorothy May13 May 192016 Apr 19232dau/John E & Sybil DAng
FreerFrederick1883?23 Sep 195269son/Frederick & Hannah; h/Marion Mary MargaretAng
FreerFrederick 1854?8 Feb 190853son/Samuel & Sarah; h/Hannah; fatherAng
FreerHannah 1855?5 May 193681dau/John & Ann; w/Frederick; motherAng
FreerJohn Edward1879?16 Jan 190525son/Frederick & Anna; acc killed in the Dulwich mineAng
FreerMarion Mary Margaret1897?7 Jun 198083née McGregor; w/FrederickAng
FreerWilliam1899?13 May 196162son/Frederick & HannahAng
GreedyDorine Pearle 20 Apr 19067 Jan 196962née Haines; w/Albert OCol
HainesAlice Mary1882?16 Jan 195471née Innes; w/Thomas; motherAng
HainesAllan James1913?21 Jul 198269h/Kathleen Constance; father; stepfatherAng
HainesGarry Allan1949?19 Aug 197425son/Allan James & Kathleen Constance; husbandAng
HainesHector Keith1920?4 Jul 199171fatherAng
HainesKathleen1910?19 May 199787mother; gmAng
HainesRoy Lewis1912?20 Jun 199280son/Thomas & AliceCol
HainesThomas1872?3 Aug 192957son/Lewis & Sarah A; h/Alice Mary; fatherAng
HammerDeanna Charlotte1939?3 Nov 200162née Moss; w/VictorCol
HartsuykerBob2 Aug 2007markerAng
HewittGeorge A1837?5 Aug 192285son/Henry & Sophia; h/Helen; fatherAng
HewittHelen1838?26 Dec 192385née Tulloch; w/George A; motherAng
HewittMary Ann1875?17 Mar 194670née Sinderberry; w/William Apsley; motherAng
Hewitt William Apsley1874?10 Jun 192551son/George A & Helen; h/Mary Ann; fatherAng
HilderHarriet 1837?4 Aug 188447dau/George N & Ruth; w/James; motherAng
HillierIrene1936?27 Jul 199761prob. née Cheetham; w/John RobertAng
HincksJason Byron Paul1964?5 Oct 198420Ang
HoradamBetty Irene1934?14 Jun 196127dau/Oscar Stanley & Ella Myrtle Horadam; sisterAng
HoradamJoseph1857?16 Aug 192164son/Henry & Catherine; h/Mary; fatherAng
HoradamMary1853?5 Jun 193481dau/Edmund & Margaret J; w/Joseph; motherAng
IrwinErnest Henry26 Jan 188313 Nov 18830son/James & HarriettAng
IrwinHarriett1857?3 Jan 188527née Baldock; w/James; motherAng
IrwinJames E C5 Jan 18850son/James & HarriettAng
KettlewellFrederick Brian1920?11 Aug 199272NX3042 Spr RAE; h/Phyllis GertrudeAng
KettlewellPhyllis Gertrudenée Johnston; w/Frederick BrianAng
KnightCatherine CSep 18671 Mar 18680dau/Charles & MaryAng
KnightCharles1836?23 Jun 189458son/William & Lucy; h/Mary (née Adaway) father; brotherAng
KnightHannah E29?Jun 18623 Aug 18620dau/Charles & MaryAng
KnightJohn1829?30 Nov 188758son/William & Lucy; brotherAng
LaneAllan Kenneth1937?25 Mar 198648husband; fatherAng
Lane Ellen Selina1912?23 Feb 198673née Rowland; w/Ernest William; mother; gmAng
LaneErnest William 1911?2 Mar 197361son/James John & Clara May; h/Ellen Selina; father; gfAng
LaneFlorence May1907?11 Jul 197568née Rowland; w/Reginald Samuel; mother; gmAng
LaneMargaret Alice4 Sep 19450dau/R & F LaneAng
LaneMary Ann1938?23 Aug 196830wife; motherAng
LaneReginald Samuel1908?22 Jul 198072h/Florence May; father; gfAng
LawlerMary Ann1876?19 Jul 195276dau/Michael & AnnAng
LuxfordIris Marys/w Sidney ArthurAng
LuxfordSidney Arthur1918?26 Dec 199274s/w Iris MaryAng
MacleanAmelia Margaret1926dau/James T & SusannaAng
MaherAnthony Richard5 May 197127 Mar 199321Ang
MaherClarence Sylvester19071970son/Thomas & Vera; h/Minnie; father; gfAng
MaherMinnie1911?30 Oct 196352née King; w/Clarence Sylvester; motherAng
MaherNeil J W1934?18 Mar 200368Ang
MarshallAugustine Campbell20 Sep 18911 May 198391son/James & Agnes; h/Enid RabyAng
MarshallEnid Raby16 Oct 190027 Mar 199392née Moore; w/Augustine CampbellAng
McGregorDorothy Ruth Elizabeth1902?8 Sep 199694dau/John C & Elizabeth A McGregor; sisterAng
McMahonAgnes11 Feb 190619 Jan 199285b. Chesire Eng; née CheethamAng
MitchellRobina Gai1950?2 May 197929dau/Fred & Audrey MitchellAng
MoodyLucy1822?31 Dec 190785née Chilcot; w/George; motherAng
MooreMargaret Ann1939?1 Sep 200768née HainesCol
MortonMargaret Gordon9 May 19005 Jul 19088dau/Oswald G & GraceAng
MossAmy Mildred 1909?20 Oct 198273dau/Robert & Elizabeth J Moss; sisterAng
MossCecil John1906?8 Sep 197973son/Giles & Margaret J; h/JeanCol
MossGiles1869?26 Mar 195181son/John & JaneAng
Moss Jane1847?27 Feb 194193née Mason; w/John; motherAng
MossJean1912?8 May 199482née Brown; w/Cecil JohnCol
MossJohn1849?22 Jun 190152son/John & Jemima; h/Jane; fatherAng
MunzenbergerJoseph (Joe)1924?8 Jul 200581husband; father; gfAng
NettleMary1820?18 Apr 187454née MacArthur; w/Peter; motherAng
NettlePeter1801?24 Aug 187473son/William T; fatherAng
NobleArnold Audley1917?14 Jan 198769Col
NobleAudley John1880?20 Nov 195676son/James & Jane; h/Rachel May; fatherAng
NobleBrett Francis1970?12 May 198717Col
NobleDoris Lillian1897?29 Jan 192022dau/Cyrus W & Laura V (née Drake) NobleAng
NobleEdward William1856?6 Sep 190852son/John & Mary; h/Eleanor ChristinaAng
NobleEleanor Christina1865?13 Jun 190136née Armstrong; w/Edward WAng
Noble Garnet GardnerAug 192012 Dec 19200son/Audley John & Rachel MayAng
NobleJames 1842?16 Nov 192381son/John & Mary; h/Jane; fatherAng
NobleJane1849?18 Apr 191061née Strummey; w/James; motherAng
NobleJohn1811?17 Sep 189483h/Mary; fatherAng
NobleJohn Graeme1963?11 Jul 198724son/Eric & Barbara; acc killedAng
NobleLillian May1907?9 Apr 200093née Wellard; w/OliverCol
NobleLinda Clarice1898?12 Sep 198385née Skinner; prev. w/Henry Smith Ang
NobleMary1817?8 Mar 189981dau/James & Elizabeth; w/John; motherAng
NobleOliver1901?16 Feb 199290son/Charles F & Sarah J; h/Lillian MayCol
NobleRachel May1890?9 Aug 196878née Gardner; w/Audley John; motherAng
NobleSusan (Susie)1869?13 Dec 189728née Stevenson; w/Ernest A JAng
NormanKenneth1927?28 Jul 198457husband; father; gfAng
NowlandAlfred1851?1 May 193281son/William & Mary A; h/Lauretta Annette; fatherAng
NowlandJohn11 Jan 1860Ang
NowlandLauretta Annette1854?19 Oct 193278née Aldwell; w/Alfred; motherAng
NowlandMary AnnApr?181327 Nov 189582née Farlow; w/William; motherAng
NowlandReginald Oswald1885?3 Sep 196580son/Alfred & Lauretta Annette; bur. WhittinghamAng
NowlandWilliamSep?180428 Apr 188479son/Michael; h/Mary Ann; fatherAng
PearceArthur JamesJun 18989 Nov 18980son/Richard & Mary JAng
PearceEliza 1832?6 Mar 189966dau/George; w/George Vick; motherAng
PearceGeorge Vick1831?3 Aug 190069son/Miles V & Priscilla; h/Eliza; fatherAng
PearceHerbert Richard1869?2 Jun 195182son/George Vick & Eliza; h/Mary Jane; fatherAng
PearceJohn Robert1896?8 Dec 198387son/Herbert Richard & Mary JaneAng
PearceMary Jane1870?4 Oct 194777née Wellard; w/Herbert Richard; motherAng
PeeblesDavid Chambers1852?1 Jun 194189son/David & Unity; h/Marguerite; fatherAng
PeeblesIvor Thomas Vernon16 Aug 190713 Sep 197770son/David C & Margaret; h/Vera Hilda; father; gfAng
PeeblesMarguerite1874?1 Dec 194672née Fennamore; w/David Chambers; motherAng
PeeblesVera Hilda 31 Oct 190715 Nov 199184née Henry; w/Ivor Thomas Vernon; mother; gmAng
PigottVictor WilliamJul 191317 Nov 19130son/William J & Susan FAng
PlumbGeorge Charles Sydney1900?13 Feb 199291h/Muriel Alice GertrudeCol
PlumbMuriel Alice Gertrude1908?20 Aug 199486née Webb; w/George Charles Sydney; motherCol
PowellAlison6 Feb 196817 Nov 200537w/Brad; motherAng
PuxtyErnest188418840son/Frederick William & Helen MargaretAng
PuxtyFrederick George188318830son/Frederick William & Helen MargaretAng
PuxtyHelen Margaret1863?23 Oct 189936née Hewitt; w/Frederick William; motherAng
PuxtyHercules John188918890son/Frederick William & Helen MargaretAng
PuxtyJohn1856?16 Jan 190750son/John & Phoebe; h/Sarah Anne; fatherAng
PuxtySarah Anne1858?24 Jan 192566née Hewitt; w/John; motherAng
PuxtyWilliam E189918990son/Frederick William & Helen MargaretAng
RichardsHenry1841?24 May 191978son/Henry & DorotheaAng
RowlandAlice Selina1876?9 Mar 194568née Gardner; w/John; motherAng
RowlandJohn1882?5 Dec 195472son/Henry & Kate; h/Alice Selina; fatherAng
SamuelsYvonne1928?26 Nov 195123dau/William & Ella Samuels; sisterAng
SchultzRichard Robert5 Mar 191815 Mar 200486QX21675 Tpr 2/4 AR; h/Nita; father; gf; ggfAng
ShumackDavid Samuel1964?7 Mar 198419son/Richard Raleigh & Thelma Irene; brother; organistAng
ShumackElizabethw/John Bryce; mother; bur. SydneyAng
ShumackJohn Bryce1938?4 Nov 197638h/Elizabeth; father; son; brotherAng
ShumackJohn Everest17 Oct 189623 Jun 197983?son/Samuel & Sarah; h/Thelma. Age does not agree with Birth & Death Dates.Ang
ShumackRichard John8 Sep 19638 Sep 1963sbson/Richard Raleigh & Thelma IreneAng
ShumackThelma11 May 191024 Aug 199282née Edwards; w/John EverestAng
ShumackThelma Irene1941?2 Apr 200362née Lane; wife; motherAng
SinderberryEllenorMay?184215 Oct 192381dau/John; w/Robert; motherAng
SinderberryRobert 1837?24 Jul 192285son/Robert & Harriet; h/Ellenor; fatherAng
SinderberryRobert JohnJul?18656 May 18759son/Ellenor & RobertAng
SinderberryWilliam ThomasMay?18719 Oct 188211son/Ellenor & RobertAng
SkinnerHonorah Monica1915?10 Oct 200388s/w Reginald Holmes SkinnerAng
SkinnerJohn Reid1869?13 Aug 194879son/William & Charlotte; h/Violet Holmes; fatherAng
SkinnerReginald Holmes1909?30 Aug 199485prob. son/John R & Violet M; s/w Honorah MonicaAng
SkinnerViolet Holmes1872?17 Mar 194976née Moore; w/John Reid; motherAng
SmithDoris Alice1916?24 Dec 200185née Sutherland; w/Roy Stewart; mother; gmAng
SmithEllen 1858?31 Jul 192264née Puxty; dau/John & Phoebe (Pascoe); w/Samuel; motherAng
SmithEva Janet1896?2 Jan 198083née Wilson; w/George Herbert; motherAng
SmithGeorge Herbert1888?18 Dec 196779son/Samuel & Ellen; h/Eva Janet; fatherAng
SmithGraham Herbert1945?26 Nov 197631son/Roy Stewart & Doris Alice; husband; fatherAng
SmithHenry1895?18 Apr 195762son/Samuel & Ellen; h/Linda Clarice; fatherAng
SmithSamuel1854?30 Aug 193581son/John & Mary A; h/Ellen; fatherAng
SmithWalter John1879?28 Jul 191031son/Samuel & Ellen; acc. killedAng
SpinksCecil Charles Harold1904?6 Feb 197267son/John & Maria; h/Sylvia MyrtleAng
SpinksSylvia Myrtle1905?8 May 198782née Jarrett; w/Cecil Charles HaroldAng
StrumeyArthur Joseph13 Jul 188125 Dec 18810son/Joseph & Sarah MaryAng
SutherlandKeith N4 Jun 1984b. Scot?; d. "Runnymeade" HebdenAng
SuttonIsabellaMay 186324 Oct 18630dau/James & JaneAng
SuttonJames1811?4 Aug 189685son/Richard; h/Jane; fatherAng
SuttonJane1830?19 Oct 191181née Andrews; w/James; motherAng
SuttonJob1871?12 Oct 192857son/James & Jane; h/Louisa; fatherAng
SuttonLouisa1871?3 Sep 195685née Boston; w/Job; motherAng
Sutton Mary1852?Aug 186917dau/James & Jane SuttonAng
SuttonSusannaMay 186925 Jan 18700dau/James & JaneAng
SweeneyMatilda1849?29 May 192374dau/John & Mary; wifeAng
Taffe Ada May1909?19 Apr 196960née Hackett; w/AlexanderAng
TaffeAlexander1906?1 Nov 197973son/John & Sarah; h/Ada MayAng
WardPatricia1938?19 Feb 200667w/Ken; mother; gmAng
WatsonTara27 Feb 1991dau/Alan & PamAng
WellardEmma Gisbone1833?7 Sep 187037dau/Henry & Louisa Varley; w/John Appleton; motherAng
WellardGeorge1861?28 Jul 194685son/John Appleton & Emma Gibson; h/Martha May; fatherAng
WellardJohn Appleton1825?3 Sep 189873h/Emma Gisbone; fatherAng
WellardMartha May1873?17 Jun 196794née Welsh; w/George; motherAng
WelshEdmund John (Ted)1924?26 Dec 198359Col
WilbrahamAnn1833?22 Dec 189764w/John; motherAng
WilbrahamJohn1823?27 Apr 192097son/John & Anne; h/Ann; fatherAng
WilsonAlbert Edward1866?27 Feb 192558son/Joseph & Emily; h/Mary Ann; fatherAng
WilsonBevan Charles1927?16 Apr 198558sonAng
WilsonCharles Campbell1901?21 Oct 196766son/James & Sarah Ann; h/Ellen Marie; fatherAng
WilsonEllen Marie1902?22 Oct 198179née Edmonds; w/Charles Campbell; motherAng
WilsonJames1860?11 May 193474son/George & Sarah; h/Sarah Ann; fatherAng
WilsonKevin Charles7 Dec 192515 Oct 200377h/Barbara May (née Mitchell); fatherCol
WilsonMary Ann1871?29 May 193463w/Albert Edward; motherAng
WilsonSarah Ann1862?21 Jul 193674née Proudfoot; w/James; motherAng

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