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Coonabarabran Anglican Cemetery NSW. Click here for cemetery details
SurnameGiven NamesBirth DateDeath/BurialAgeRemarksPortionRowPlotImage
?Charles1971peeling marker
?Edward26 Dec 1881? 18820eroded sandstone
?Evelyn26 Jan 1979née Knight; mother
?Romona1935?18 Apr 198247peeling marker
AbbottDaphne May10 Aug 1961rem/Tom & Michael
AbbottHillary (Chark)1954?21 Jun 198026son; brother; uncle; acc. killed
AbbottRuby Evelyn1916?14 Feb 200083née Kable; w/William Albert; mother; gm; ggm
AbbottWilliam Albert1915?5 Sep 199479h/Ruby Evelyn; father; gf; ggf
AdamsIda Mary1878?1 Feb 191334née White; w/Adam Blair; mother
AllanJoyce KathleenDec 193018 Jul 1978marker
AllanStanleyJun 193211 Jan 1987marker
AllanTony20 Sep 19540marker
AlstonAlan4 Feb 192625 Aug 198963161.792 RAAF; son/William Henry & Ivy May
AlstonIvy May1899?15 Jan 197474w/William Henry; mother; gm; bur. Rookwood
AlstonJack4 Feb 19266 Feb 19260son/William Henry & Ivy May
AnshawPhilip J1860?28 Jul 193878husband; father
AntawAlice1878?7 Oct 196486
AntawCaroline Helena1897?30 Oct 198184née Rothery; w/Charles William; mother
AntawCharles William1894?9 Feb 1969742027 Gnr 9 L.T.M.B; h/Caroline Helena; father
AntawDaisy Mary Martha1903?28 Jul 197370née Quinton; w/Oswald Cyril; mother
AntawGeorge1856?23 Dec 193175
AntawJohn Charles1938?9 Oct 196325son/Charles William & Caroline Helena; brother
AntawKaren19691971dau/Cyril Keith & Shirley Jean; marker
AntawOswald Cyril1897?6 Jan 198183h/Daisy Mary Martha; father
ArmstrongFrances Irene1893?23 Feb 192026née Gregory; w/Charles Walter; mother
AttwoodCharles1866?21 Nov 191751h/Ada
BacconElizabethMar?182224 Jun 189270née Smith; w/Thomas Sant; mother
BacconThomas SantSep?181628 Mar 188669h/Elizabeth; father
BaconArthur William Henry30 May 189514 Oct 199095h/Pansy May
BaconEmma Mary1869?15 Mar 195484née Keeping; w/William Henry; mother
BaconFrieda Elizabeth1926?23 Mar 197952w/John Henry; mother
BaconGeorge H1823?14 Aug 191794h/Maria F; father
BaconJean Mary1921?9 Feb 197856
BaconJohn Henry1923?8 Mar 199773h/Frieda Elizabeth; father
BaconMaria F1837?1 Jun 191073w/George H; mother
BaconPansy May27 Oct 189414 Oct 198792née Canham; w/Arthur William Henry
BaconWalter John Marshal1898?31 Mar 196263son/William Henry & Emma Mary; brother; uncle
BaconWilliam Henry1866?22 May 195690h/Emma Mary; father
BaileyAlbert Charles189225 Sep 1953husband; father; gf
BaileyMargaret Maude1902?20 Apr 196361mother; gm
BakerChristopher N28 Mar 19660son/Joan & Paul, brother
BakerPerth1891?6 Mar 195563h/Vera Eileen
BakerTheresa Anne28 Mar 195225 Jun 198028daughter; gdau; acc. killed
BakerVera Eileen1907?16 Oct 198982née Jerrett; w/Perth
BarberEileen Grace1900?21 Aug 197373née Jones; w/Roumaine Lance
BarberRoumaine Lance1884?27 Feb 194358h/Eileen Grace
BarkerEmily Elizabeth22 Nov 191022 Aug 200291née Broadie; w/Roy Cecil
BarkerRoy Cecil3 May 19023 Jul 197472h/Emily Elizabeth
BarnesIda Elizabeth1899?21 May 199293née Brown; w/William Alexander; mother
BarnesJames Albert3 Jan 1974son/William Alexander & Ida Elizabeth; brother
BarnesWilliam Alexander1891?21 Dec 1966753350 Pte 56 Bn; h/Ida Elizabeth; father
BarnettFanny Baker17 Jan 18741 May 195480missionary
BassettWilliam Thomas1934?3 Jan 198247h/Irene; father
BayleyJohn C15 Jul 1988marker
BayleyKathleen May1915?14 Dec 197964wife; mother
BaylissEllen1891?21 Apr 197382
BaylissThelma May1932?8 Jul 197947rem/Harry & Jean
BealeIsobelle Violet1884?23 Dec 194864w/Joseph Stroud; mother
BealeJoseph Stroud1874?2 May 194066h/Isobelle Violet; father
BeazleyAmous C1832?16 Jul 192492h/Emily W; father
BeazleyEmily W1829?3 Jul 191485w/Amous C; mother
BeetonEva Marie1893?9 Aug 197380née Bingham; w/William John
BeetonWilhelmina1848?6 Oct 192173w/William; mother
BeetonWilliam1847?15 Jul 189346h/Wilhelmina; father
BeetonWilliam John1890?30 Aug 194050h/Eva Marie
BellRichard Livingstone1920?6 Sep 19277son/Norman L & Ruth E
BellWilliam Maunder29 Apr 1949h/Kay
BennettDaisy Emma1888?27 Sep 195365née Jackson; w/William J; mother
BennettWilliam1839?8 Jan 193292son/William & Mary J
BennettWilliam John1880?15 Jun 196787h/Daisy Emma; father
BeresfordMary Frances1921?4 Mar 197250dau/Hugh Buckingham & Marjorie Josephine
BeresfordWilliam Coventry de la Poer2 Jun 18879 Jul 193851son/Henry Tristram de la Poer? & Louisa Marguerite
BerneyLynne-Maree23 Aug 195826 Dec 19580dau/Olive & Wally
BerwickRita Marion1922?14 Feb 198966rem/Gordon & family
BibbJack1911?14 Nov 198473h/Jean Kathleen
BibbJean Kathleen1914?14 Dec 198975née Harper; w/Jack
BibbMalcolm1939?13 May 19445son/John & Jean Kathleen
BibbStephen1974?18 Aug 199016
BirchellJim1894?9 Nov 193541h/Maude; father; acc. killed
BirchellMary1857?26 Dec 192164w/William H; mother
BirchellWilliam H29 Sep 1927h/Mary; father
BlackburnAda Amelia16 Oct 189112 Jan 196674née Naseby; w/William J G; mother
BlackburnFamily (The)MOPRA (family monument)
BlackburnOlive May14 May 19233 Jan 19284dau/William & Ada; sister
BlackburnOwen Bruce22 Feb 19331 May 197138son/William J G & Ada Amelia; brother
BlackburnSylvenus Bruce1887?4 Apr 194255N393418 Pte Inf Bn
BlackburnThelma1896?14 May 193539wife; mother
BlackburnWilliam J G16 Jun 188617 Jul 197286h/Ada Amelia; father
BlacklockJoseph A1881?19 Aug 194463husband; father
BlackmanLeila B1884?10 May 196379née McKellor; w/Samuel Alfred; mother
BlackmanSamuel Alfred1864?6 Sep 193773h/Leila B; father
BlackmanSarah Ann1870?14 Aug 195181w/Sidney Herbert; mother
BlackmanSidney Herbert1868?13 Nov 192961h/Sarah Ann; father
BondEleanor1803?11 Jan 187571mother; gm
BonningtonThomas R1871?5 Jul 191948husband
BorderAllan John1928?8 Jun 197951husband; father
BorderAmelia1884?19 Oct 191834née Brooks; w/George H; mother
BorderAnne Henrietta1855?15 Feb 194488w/Frederick Henry; mother
BorderArthur Thomas1892?20 May 195765husband; father
BorderBeryl11 Dec 192816 Apr 195627dau/Gertrude & George
BorderCollin Frederick1930?18 Feb 196534son/John Harold & Tossy Mary
BorderEdith MayJan 1887?25 Jul 18925dau/Frederick H & Anna H
BorderFrederick Henry1856?3 Feb 192265h/Anne Henrietta; father
BorderGeorge HenryOct?188126 Apr 196684h/Gertrude
BorderHenry1818?14 Aug 190284b. England; h/Mary; father
BorderJohn Harold1900?18 Feb 196564h/Tossy Mary; father
BorderMary1822?12 May 190684b. England; w/ Henry; mother
BorderMary Enid14 Jul 191224 Jul 19120dau/Amelia & George H
BorderTossy Mary1905?16 Jun 195550w/John Harold; mother
BorderZellia IdaAug?189710 Feb 191113dau/Frederick H & Anna H
BotfieldEdward Allan1909?2 Jun 195142son/Edward Alfred & May Alice Lily
BotfieldMary Beatrice1917?22 Aug 192710dau/Charles J & Beatrice P
BotfieldOlive May1898?6 Mar 196566née Purvis; w/Willis Roy; mother
BotfieldWillis Roy1902?24 Aug 196765h/Olive May; father
BowdenJohn Lee (Erky)1953?2 Jun 198027
BowenJames1880?12 Sep 195676husband; father
BowenNormysee Graham, Keith
BradberyEdna Dulcie1928?5 Oct 199971
BrainFrederick William1853?23 Dec 194390h/Sarah Ann; father
BrainFredrick William1886?12 Jan 193144son/Frederick William & Sarah Ann
BrainJanene15 Dec 1963dau/Warwick & Lyn
BrainJessie Caroline8 May 190627 Jan 197770w/Victor Edward; mother
BrainJessie Rita1900?31 Oct 194343mother
BrainLeila Mary Florence18 Jan 190315 Jun 197572née Cohen; w/Sidney Charles
BrainSarah Ann1866?1 Oct 192963w/Frederick William; mother
BrainSidney Charles12 Sep 190531 Oct 198479h/Leila Mary Florence
BrainVictor Edward20 Jul 18992 Feb 197474h/Jessie Caroline; father
BridgesBeverley1937?5 Mar 197941daughter; sister
BridgesClarence Leslie1912?15 Sep 197765husband; father
BridgesCora1900?12 Apr 198585w/Harold Cecil; mother
BridgesHarold Cecil1894?20 Dec 1967732992 Tpr 1 ALH; h/Cora; father
BridgesHilda1912?15 Nov 198068wife; mother
BrittonBert HenryNov?191523 Feb 19171son
BrittonFrederick12 Oct 1962father
BrittonFrederick James12 Aug 1972son/Frederick & Mary Elizabeth; marker
BrittonHarriet May7 Jul 1973marker
BrittonHenry (Mick)1868?1 Sep 195789
BrittonKevin1984?13 Oct 19873son/Beryl & Mick; brother
BrittonMary Elizabeth1872?3 Aug 196997mother
BrooksJohn1847?17 Jan 192678h/Maria S; father
BrooksMaria S1852?20 Oct 193280née Proctor; w/John; mother
BrooksRobert1893?6 Jun 194754h/Ruby Sarah; father
BrooksRuby Sarah1894?31 Mar 198186née Leslie; w/Robert; mother
BrownCecil Albert1903?6 May 196360husband; father
BrownCecil Ward1882?9 Jan 193956h/Sarah; father
BrownR1892?9 Nov 194654MC Capt 28 Bn
BrownWalter F1892?1 Oct 1934421546 Sgt 2 Aust Remount Unit; son/Ada S
BruceLyla Beatrice (Jo)1904?4 Feb 194136née Harrison; w/Andrew A
BuckleyRoland "Everest"1888?8 Jan 194657son/Patrick & Ellen
BurboroughCharles6 Jan 1973with Ethel Pearl
BurboroughEthel Pearl1889?9 Aug 197485mother; with Charles
BurnsJoan Violet1938?12 Nov 197032w/Lionel; mother
BushAlexander (Jack)1918?4 Feb 198263brother
BushGeorge1882?29 Aug 195371h/Louise Maude; father
BushLouise Maude1890?23 Jul 196878née Canham; w/George; mother
ByersEdwin1878?25 Nov 194264husband; father
CahillEdward1889?6 Jul 197283ashes; with Mary Jane
CahillMary Jane1883?5 Jul 197087with Edward
CallaghanMaurice S1913?30 Dec 193522husband; father
CallaghanSarah J1892?18 Sep 191826née Sharrock; w/Maurice J
CallaghanVera May1906?14 Aug 197468with Vincent George
CallaghanVincent George1910?5 Dec 196959with Vera May
CameronJohn William1898?20 Sep 194749husband; father
CanhamBertie Allan1898?20 Jun 199294h/Georgina May
CanhamErnest Alfred11 Jan 190024 Apr 198282h/Harriett Alice
CanhamEthel Mary1895?9 Dec 198893née Miller; w/William Edward; mother
CanhamFay1933?13 Oct 19352dau/Ernest A & Alice H
CanhamGeorgina May1902?15 Jan 197976née Arnold; w/Bertie Allan
CanhamHarriett Alice13 Apr 190824 Jul 198880née Cooper; w/Ernest Alfred
CanhamMary Ann1862?7 Feb 195390w/John; mother; gm
CanhamRonald4 Sep 1932son/Ernest A & Alice H
CanhamSidney Allan28 Jun 189223 Jul 19687658540 Pte AAMC; son/John & Mary Ann; h/Victoria M (née Cooper)
CanhamWalter "Mick"6 Aug 190922 Jun 199989
CanhamWilliam Edmund19201984brother
CanhamWilliam Edward1885?9 Sep 196277son/John & Mary Ann (Terry); h/Ethel Mary; father
CarneyHugh1898?4 Jun 197577father
CarrAllan24 Aug 1975marker
CarrHerbert Henry1880?14 Mar 194261husband; father
CarrMary2 May 18661 Apr 1967100mother; gm
CarringtonJean Mary21 Jul 191721 Dec 199982w/Rupert; mother
CarringtonRupert Markam1911?2 May 198675NX9867 Pte 2/4 Inf Bn; h/Jean; father
ChadGordon Granville1919?2 Apr 198869son/Samuel & Linda; h/Jean Irene; father
ChadJean Irene1917?4 Feb 200082née Stoltenberg; w/Gordon Granville; mother
ChappellMary Elizabeth1868?20 Jun 195284mother
ChatfieldAlfred William1894?6 Sep 194551h/Florence; father
ChatfieldAlfred William1861?17 Sep 192160h/Jane Mary; father
ChatfieldCyrilJan 1919?21 Mar 19201son/Alfred William & Florence
ChatfieldGeorge Andrew1896?16 Nov 196165son/Albert William & Jane
ChatfieldJane Mary1869?25 Jul 194071née Cain; w/Alfred William; mother
ChatfieldRussell John1949?20 Jun 19589son/Eliza Josephine
ChinnLeonard Alfred1899?13 Sep 197374
ChinnPeter Alan12 Aug 19616 Oct 19610son/Lois & Alan
Church-OlsenAdaJul?186814 Mar 192960prev. Terry; née Blackburn; w/Charles H; mother
Church-OlsenIvan HansDec 1907?13 Aug 192719son/Charles H & Ada; accident
ClareAnnie12 Jul 184420 Apr 187934b. Liverpool Eng; w/Theodore; mother
ClareJohn Thomas19061993h/Melba; father; gf; ggf
ClareJoseph1 Dec 18711 Jul 18742son/Theodore & Annie
ClareLouisa Mary1878?27 Jul 196587née Lemon; w/Thomas Theodore; mother
ClareMay1908?2 Jun 196355wife
ClareThomas Theodore1870?8 Sep 195989h/Louisa Mary; father
CoatesSarahFeb?183821 Oct 188951w/John A; mother
CoeThomas1879?10 Feb 193757husband; father
CogganCecil Carlisle1904?24 Oct 198379h/Florence Adelaide
CogganFlorence Adelaide1916?27 Jan 196952née Harvey; w/Cecil Carlisle
ColeWestley Walter1893?20 Mar 197884h/Myra Valerie; father
CollierAnthony James1943?3 Mar 197430son/Edward & Mary Elizabeth
CollierEdward John1905?5 Aug 198075h/Mary Elizabeth; father
CollierMary Elizabeth1915?23 Mar 196751née Lumley; w/Edward John; mother
ComberAnnie1859?13 Jun 194182w/John William
ComberJohn William1857?10 Apr 194184h/Annie
Condoleon(3 babies)17 Apr 19340children of C & L Condoleon
CooperEdmund1867?14 Feb 195486h/Harriet Eliza; father
CooperEdmund Roy1910?9 Oct 198373
CooperEileen Elizabeth1901?26 Jun 198382sister
CooperHarriet Eliza1885?29 May 196883née Arnold; w/Edmund; mother
CooperJamesJun?18713 May 194977father
CooperMaud1927?6 Jan 200375marker
CooperNoel Desmond25 Jul 193027 Jun 199564h/Olive; father; gf
CooperOlive1931?13 Dec 198958w/Noel Desmond; mother; gm
CormieAlice Isabel1904?24 Jun 198177née Harper; w/Stanley William; mother; gm
CormieStanley William1902?25 Apr 195553h/Alice Isabel; father
CornwellAlice Maud1894?7 Jan 198388with Samuel Walter
CornwellCharles Stephen1861?4 Mar 192967husband
CornwellSamuel Walter1889?31 May 1957682826 Pte 33 Bn; with Alice Maud
CouzensCharles James1906?12 Sep 198074h/Violet; father
CouzensViolet Ida1905?13 May 198378w/Charles James; mother
CoxArthur Mervyn1936?6 May 198246
CoxGladys1912?29 Aug 196149w/Norman Francis; mother
CoxNorman Francis1900?27 Jul 197373h/Gladys; father
CragoLeslie Maxwell1931?15 Oct 197645husband; father; brother; son
CragoScott Edward1969?27 Dec 198213son; brother; accident
CraneJane1828?9 Mar 191384w/William
CraneWilliam1827?1 Dec 190275h/Jane
CraneWillieJun?189916 Oct 191617son/Herbert & Rachel
CroxonAlbert1872?9 Apr 192452husband; father
CroxonAlfred1828?23 May 189668h/Ursula Rogers
CroxonElsie Olive1890?6 Apr 192333wife; mother
CroxonUrsula Rogers1832?31 Jul 189765w/Alfred
CurreyHenry Albert1895?25 Nov 194045husband
CutlerClara Ann1880?11 Sep 193353dau/John Joseph & Sarah Anne
CutlerSarah Anne1858?11 Oct 194486née Nash; w/John Joseph; mother
DallasCharles Henry29 Sep 18623 Aug 193875h/Mary Susannah; father
DallasGeorge Henry9 May 18194 Feb 190686b. Scotland; h/Eliza (née Taylor); father
DallasMary Susannah5 Apr 18676 Nov 193972née Barnes; w/Charles; mother
DallasNeil RaeJan 19308 May 19300son/Clement Norman & Ivy M (née Godbolt)
DammerelClive William1916?22 Apr 198872NX69699 Gnr; h/Dorothy; father; gf
DammerelDorothy May30 Apr 192523 Dec 200176w/Clive William; mother
DaviesBruce Llanover12 Apr 190429 Jan 198681h/Grace Margaret; father; gf
DaviesGrace Margaret29 May 19104 Apr 199887w/Bruce Llanover; mother; gm; ggm
DawsonCecil Henry1897?5 Apr 1972755681 Pte 1 Bn; h/Eileen May
DawsonEileen May1900?15 Jun 198181née Sinclair; w/Cecil Henry
DawsonGeorge Alfred H1876?29 Aug 193256h/Mary Eliza; father
DawsonHubert Clyde1898?10 Sep 196870son/George Alfred H & Mary Eliza
DawsonJack1921?3 Apr 197857husband; father
DawsonMary Eliza1875?29 Nov 195984née Whitfield; w/George Alfred H; mother
DawsonStanley George1914?18 Mar 197358husband; father
DeansIra1910?7 Mar 19121son/Joseph A & Mary E (née Birchell)
DebneyHerbert Stanley1907?19 Nov 197669
DelaneyLancelot James1901?13 May 197069h/Mildred; father
DelaneyMildred1904?22 Aug 197672née Reakes; w/Lancelot James; mother
DenhamJean Ellen192027 Sep 1964
DenmanBeavis Martha1873?30 Oct 196592h/Isabella Ann; father
DenmanIsabella Ann1875?15 Sep 195176née Beavis; w/Beavis Martha; mother
DennisErnest Sidney1878?20 Aug 195981h/Mary Elizabeth; father
DennisJessie Helene1920?4 Apr 198161wife; mother
DennisMary Elizabeth1885?2 Jun 195267née Crabtree; w/Ernest Sidney; mother
DennisNeil Robert1949?6 Oct 197728son; brother
DickinsonIrene Joyce1923?28 Sep 198461with Edith Jane Leslie
DicksBelcha1890?24 May 197383h/Janet Louise; father
DicksCharles1864?23 Jan 195388with Elizabeth Ann
DicksElizabeth Ann1872?26 Jun 194573wife; mother; with Charles
DicksHannah1861?22 Nov 194887née Riches; w/James; mother
DicksHenry (Darb)1858?17 Aug 195193marker
DicksJames10 Apr 18875 Oct 197083son/James & Hannah
DicksJames1851?31 Mar 191664h/Hannah; father
DicksJanet Louise1890?17 Jul 198797née London; w/Belcha; mother
DicksRoderick James Alexander1913?16 Jun 199784h/Ruby May; father
DicksRuby May1913?25 Aug 197865née Dennis; w/Roderick James Alexander; mother
DicksStafford1936?26 Aug 19382son/Roderick James Alexander & Ruby May
DixonUnnamed26 Jul 19190son/Fletcher C & Inez C
Docker?26 Jan 1920dau/Dr & Mrs Docker
DoddWilliam Rees1906?9 May 198074RAAF; father
DominickJohn1882?29 Sep 197492h/Mary Jane; father
DominickMary Jane1887?23 Nov 196881née Leckie; w/John; mother
DonohoeAlbert JamesSep?19084 Mar 192617son/Patrick A & Minnie A
DouglasFlorence M A1865?19 Mar 192660née Bird; w/George Joseph; mother
DouglasGeorge Joseph1869?16 Jul 195283h/Florence M A; father
DouglasNorman1900?13 Dec 193232son/George Joseph & Florence M A
DouglasStella Hope1894?19 Nov 18984dau/George Joseph & Florence M A
DowAlfred George1893?15 Dec 198390h/Elsie; father
DowBelinda Dianne1 Apr 197812 Dec 19791dau/Ron & Dianne; sister; drowned
DowCarl A1915?17 Feb 197660NX37777 AIF; h/Jean; father
DowElsie1892?13 Aug 198290w/Alfred George; mother
DowGregory Edward30 Nov 19497 Mar 199141son; brother; uncle
DowRonald Fortescue19472005(Puna); marker
DowningGeorge1795?15 May 187277b. Suffolk Eng; h/Eliza; father; not indexed
DowsettBertha Pauline1894?7 Mar 196166dau/Frederick & unknown; with Frederick Alfred
DowsettEline Sophia18 Jul 193813 Sep 199759sis/Ivy
DowsettFrederick Alfred1875?20 May 195984son/George & unknown; with Bertha Pauline
DowsettTrixieEline's beloved fox terrier
EastburnHarry James1936?6 Mar 198649husband; father; acc. killed
EatockWilliam Donald1899?20 Sep 196869son/William & Lucy
EdmonstoneMicheal John16 Jan 1979marker
EdwardsCaroline1873?11 Dec 191845with Fredrick Lennox
EdwardsEdward Douglas1906?23 Oct 198680husband; father
EdwardsEsther (Peg)1907?26 Aug 197568wife; mother
EdwardsFredrick Lennox1871?8 Dec 194877with Caroline
EdwardsIsabel22 Nov 192928 Jul 197242née Blackburn; w/Norman; sister
EdwardsNorman11 Dec 192629 Apr 197447h/Isabel
EdwardsRuth Esther17 Apr 1973mother
EdwardsUnnamed2 Oct 1885? Oct 18850son/Frederick William & Elizabeth; cast iron monument
EmmottHarold8 Jul 189018 Jan 197786R.A.; 776 Pte 11 Bn AIF
EmmottMary Jane13 Feb 190118 Mar 197675
EnrightAnnie Maria1840?29 Nov 187737dau/Thomas; footstone: A M E AD1877
EvansAileen Annette1941?17 Aug 198342
EvansAlwyn Thomas1880?5 Sep 196484h/Lillian Mabel; father
EvansBeatrice37w/Ray; mother
EvansJean Yvonne1936?5 Jul 195418dau/Cecil Morley & Ismay Ida; sister
EvansLillian Mabel1881?31 Mar 196785w/Alwyn Thomas; mother
EvansPamela JoyMar?19471 Feb 19535dau/Edwin Seymour & Edith Elaine
EvansRay62h/Beatrice; father
EvansWallace Walford1888?25 Aug 194355son/John George & Harriet; husband; father
EversonAnnie1839?26 Jan?1930?90?peeling marker
EwingJessie AgnesSep 187628 Mar 18770dau/John P & Eleanor (née Bond)
EwingWilliam James1861?30 Oct 188221son/John P & Eleanor (née Bond)
FeatherbeBetty1933?3 Apr 199259broken marker
FeatherbeEllen Harriet1876?17 Jul 197296with George Frederick
FeatherbeGeorge Frederick1868?25 Aug 195789husband; father; with Ellen Harriet
FeatherbeLavina Mary27 Dec 1948née Harper; w/Alfred G W; mother
FentonSarah Jane1876?16 Aug 193559marker
FiegertAlvina Christina1890?6 Mar 197887with Robert Paul
FiegertRobert Paul1887?22 Jul 197083with Alvina Christina
FieldSarah Jane29 Jan 1934mother
FinlayJames Edward18991900son/Walter J & Sarah A
FitteHenrietta Eleanor1874?29 Aug 196187née Liebentritt; w/Herman Rudolph; mother
FitteHerman Rudolph1876?18 Aug 191135h/Henrietta Eleanor; father
FitzherbertArthur James1883?28 Mar 197086with Violet E
FitzherbertViolet E29 Jul 1965with Arthur James
FloodBarry James2 Jul 19662 Jul 19660son/Barry & Annette
FookWilliam1862?30 Nov 1964102Chinese? lettering
ForrestEdward9 Nov 1935h/Adelaide; father; acc. killed
FouracreAlbert1880?10 Jan 194059h/Alice; father
FouracreAlice1884?15 Oct 195773w/Albert; mother
FoyJong Joe1886?197387with Moya; Chinese? lettering
FoyMoya1886?197690with Jong Joe; Chinese? lettering
FrazerEdwin Everingham1884?29 Oct 196076h/Victoria Ann; father
FrazerHerbert Andrew MillsOct?188112 Apr 18886son/Francis Stephen & Sarah Jane
FrazerVictoria Ann1891?14 Apr 198291née Martin; w/Edwin Everingham; mother
FrenchGeorge James1886?12 Jan 195770h/Ellen; father
FrenchPhona May1961?3 Jan 198422rem/Katrina
FrenchThomas Henry1933?25 Feb 198955rem/Eliza & John
FrenchWalter Clarence1907?3 Jan 195547son/George James & Ellen
FullerHerbert James1893?23 Apr 196976husband; father
FuryEdward A9?Aug 1915Pte AIF; son/Edward J & Mary
GardinerBertram1899?16 Jan 197878h/Ruth; father
GardinerCaroline May1900?29 Aug 193838wife; mother
GardinerElizabeth1843?21 Sep 191269w/William
GardinerFrancis Neville1908?3 Apr 194133son/James & Annie Beatrice
GardinerHannah Eve1874?23 Aug 196389née Phillips; w/William; mother
GardinerHorace19 May 190428 Jul 199187son/William & Hannah Eve
GardinerMavis28 Jan 189428 Jul 198692
GardinerOswald1898?28 Aug 195254husband; father
GardinerRuth1909?26 Oct 199889née Louden; w/Bertram; mother
GardinerWilliam1833?6 Mar 191783h/Elizabeth
GardinerWilliam1873?17 Mar 194268h/Hannah Eve; father
GarnseyCharles Frederick1874?31 Jan 193863son/Charles Frederick & Mary
GermanAmeliaSep?18793 Mar 18844dau/Charles Colwell & Eliza Lemon
GermanCharles Colwell1845?3 Jan 192276h/Eliza Lemon; father
GermanCharles Colwell1874?29 Nov 191743son/Charles Colwell & Eliza Lemon
GermanEliza Lemon1848?19 Aug 191971w/Charles Colwell; mother
GettensAllen Thomas5 Jun 19126 Nov 197866h/Doris Evelyn Julia
GettensDoris Evelyn Julia6?Mar 19083 Aug 1977née Dicks; w/Allen Thomas
GilesJoseph H1862?10 Feb 192461brother
GilmourAlice12 Oct 19077 Sep 199082
GoldfinchJohn Thomas28 Oct 189419 Nov 197076son/John Thomas B & Amelia; AIF WW1
Golding?Jim19 Aug?1957?peeling marker
GordonConnie May1897?22 Mar 196365w/Harold David; mother
GordonHarold David1902?25 May 197977h/Connie May
GouldUnnamed7 Jul 19120dau/H V & W E
GrahamGeorge William8 Jul 191425 Oct 198571
GrahamKeith15 Mar 1987aka Normy Bowen; marker
GranthamMartha1836?17 May 189660née Jolly; w/Thomas P; mother
GranthamThomas P1832?7 May 190977h/Martha; father
GreenAnnie Maria Clements1858?4 Jan 187516dau/G & Sarah
GreenhalghAlbert Keith1897?12 Nov 198285
GreenhalghFrances Sarah1895?15 Oct 197681née Frazer; w/Harold Ernest
GreenhalghHarold Ernest1894?14 Feb 198893h/Frances Sarah
GriffithsMillicent Cora Emily1916?11 May 197458mother
HallJohn12 May 18461 Jan 191669b. England; husband
HardingJames1804?5 Jul 187470father
HardingJamessee Swaddling, Daniel
HardyMay Eustina23 Jun 189515 Oct 195863née Harper; w/Harry V; mother
HardyWalter James1918?28 Aug 195537son/Harry Vincent & May
HarlowWilliam Thomas1884?4 Jul 196783son/Thomas & Jessie Alice (Morton); h/Lillie (Smith); father
HarperAlbert Edward1879?30 May 194364h/Jennett Elizabeth; father
HarperAlma Irene1914?31 Mar 198469née Pulham; w/Edward Leigh; mother
HarperAnnie Bedoria1903?17 Dec 193431née Ainslie; w/Francis G
HarperDavid1872?30 Jul 194472son/William & Eustina
HarperEdward L1913?31 Aug 198875son/Stanley E & Marion A; marker
HarperElizabeth Mary1879?4 Jun 196687née Border; w/William; mother
HarperEustina C1846?15 Dec 191266née Wurth; w/William
HarperFlora Isobel19 Mar 190915 Aug 199788
HarperFrank1899?4 Oct 197576marker
HarperGeorge F1864?3 May 193773h/Maud Mary; father
HarperGladys May1907?25 Jun 200295née Phillips; w/Horace Patrick; mother
HarperHarold1900?9 Oct 191414son/George F & Maud M
HarperHorace Patrick1903?5 Jun 195754h/Gladys May; father
HarperJennett Elizabeth1889?2 May 196475née Louden; w/Albert Edward; mother
HarperLawrence Edward 1915?26 Sep 196853(Sonny); son/Albert Edward & Jennett Elizabeth
HarperMarion Alexandria May7 Feb 1957née Loudon; w/Stanley E; mother
HarperMary E J1879?12 Nov 195879née Mills; mother; with Carl Mills
HarperMaud Mary1864?15 Dec 195894née Martin; w/George F; mother
HarperMaxwellNov?19384 Oct 195819son/Edward Leigh & Alma Irene; late RAN; acc.
HarperMilton JohnMar?19248 Sep 19273son/Patrick J & Theresa J
HarperNoel Horace (Bouble)29 Sep 19322 Nov 199664father
HarperStanley E17 Sep 1963h/Marion Alexandria May; father
HarperSusan Ann1867?18 Oct 192255née Duce; w/James W; mother
HarperWilliam1870?21 Nov 193464h/Elizabeth Mary; father
HarperWilliam1836?29 Sep 191276h/Eustina C
HarperWilliam KeithJul?190517 Mar 19093son/James W & Susan Ann
Harper?Jack1872?May 1947?75peeling marker
HarrisArthur1856?24 Dec 192872h/Maria Ann; father
HarrisArthur Thomas24 Apr 192914 Sep 198758(Sonny Boy); h/Lila; father
HarrisDoris Victoria10 Oct 191016 May 200291née Dicks; w/James Thomas; mother
HarrisDulcie May9 Jul 19280dau/Frederick C & Lillian M E
HarrisEdward George1896?26 Mar 193639son/Arthur & Maria Ann; late AIF
HarrisFrederick Charles10 Sep 190625 May 200093h/Lil; father; gf
HarrisJames Thomas1903?30 Oct 195754h/Doris Victoria; father
HarrisJohn RichardNov?189210 Apr 18941son/Arthur A & Annie M
HarrisMaria Ann1864?18 Dec 194783w/Arthur; mother
HarrisMary Eveline1910?25 Mar 195443née Rogers; w/Walter H
HarrisMayMay 18996 Jun 18990dau/Arthur A & Annie M
HarrisonBrian OwenDec 1947?28 Aug 196517son/Norman Owen & Ilfra Eunice; brother; acc. killed
HarrisonColin DavidApr?196115 Aug 19654son/Norman Owen & Ilfra Eunice; brother
HarveyAlbert Thomas9 May 190831 May 199688son/Henry & Elizabeth Mary
HarveyCharles Richard1905?4 Jan 197973h/Rebecca; father; gf; ggf
HarveyElizabeth Mary1881?12 Feb 195169née Taylor; w/Henry; mother
HarveyHarold J1937?23 Jan 195214son/Raymond John & Marjorie Mary Constance; bro
HarveyHenry1876?17 May 196993h/Elizabeth Mary; father; gf
HarveyRaymond John1913?24 Jul 199683h/Marjorie Mary Constance; father; marker
HarveyRebecca1912?1 Dec 199482w/Charles Richard; mother; gm; ggm
HarveyTracey Maree6 Mar 196227 Aug 19642dau/Beverley & John
HarveyWilliam Robert2 Oct 1985
HawkinsAmy1882?30 Oct 197189née Price; w/John William; mother
HawkinsJohn William1884?30 May 195874h/Amy; father
HaxbyMerle8 Dec 19310dau/Edwin C H & Catherine M
HeadAlfred Ernest1872?24 Jul 194876h/Ellen; father
HeadEllen1868?20 Aug 195789née Davison; w/Alfred Ernest; mother
HellyerElla Ivy1893?10 Feb 197985née Magann; w/Wilfred John; mother
HellyerJohn1846?10 Apr 192781h/Mary Margaret; father
HellyerMary Margaret1850?26 May 192474née Nash; w/John; mother
HellyerMolly (Lilly Mary R)Jan 1926?24 Dec 194721dau/Wilfred John & Ella Ivy
HellyerRaymond William1891?16 Jun 197382son/John & Mary Margaret; uncle
HellyerWilfred John1889?1 Dec 196374h/Ella Ivy; father
HerbertAlice Aroha1906?12 Aug 194337w/Arthur
HerbertEdwin Thomas1886?16 Oct 190014son/George & Sarah Jane
HerbertSarah Jane1859?1 Sep 190546née Taylor; w/George; mother
HewsonErnest1876?26 Oct 194064h/Jessie Cherry; father
HewsonJessie Cherry1882?29 Nov 194260née Kennedy; w/Ernest; mother
HibbertFrancis Joseph17 Oct 186613 Jun 189932son/Joseph & Harriet
HigginsHorace William1905?1 Nov 197873h/Mary; father; gf
HigginsIris1917?19 Mar 198668née Lumley; w/Maurice Edward; mother; gm
HigginsIsabella10 Dec 18703 May 194271b. Braidwood; w/William
HigginsMary13 May 19148 Sep 199783née Callaghan; w/Horace William; mother
HigginsMaurice Edward1912?11 Oct 197159h/Iris; father; gf
HigginsWilliam Maurice (Bill)1935?17 Jan 198246
HillJohn1828?30 Mar 188253?son/Samuel & unknown
HintonJeffrey Eric Charles2 Oct 1956son/Keith Oswald & Kathleen June
HitchenGladys JaneAug?189927 Jul 191919dau/George & Jamessina J
HitchenJamesinna Jane1862?23 Aug 194280w/George; mother
HodgeNorman Rosco9 Aug 1948h/Sarah Christina; father
HodgeSarah Christina25 Jan 1953née Brain; w/Norman Rosco; mother
HodgesH Jane1863?27 Nov 193168
HoffmanTimothy James3 Feb 197029 Jan 19754drowned
HogdenCharles Sidney1908?8 Mar 197061husband; father
HogdenSusan Jane1878?23 Oct 195173mother
Holder-KeepingArthur William1912?13 Aug 196957N463931 Pte; h/Martha; father
Holder-Keepingsee Keeping
HollandIslet Marjorie1914?11 Jan 199984née Thornton; w/Richard Frederick
HollandRichard Frederick1909?14 May 197465NX20682 Spr 2/6 Fld Coy RAE; h/Islet Marjorie
HoltAlbert Alexander1875?21 Apr 195176father
HoltMargaret Mary1873?20 Apr 195077mother
HoneysettJeffrey1937?21 Jun 197841h/Phyllis; father
HoskingAmy Aileen1877?16 May 197093née Winder; w/William; mother
HoskingGeorge1860?8 Dec 194989son/George & Anna Maria
HoskingLila1910?17 Jul 199383née Hewson; w/Richard Roy; mother
HoskingRichard Roy1908?1 Mar 195950h/Lila; father
HoskingWilliam1863?30 Jun 193875son/George & Anna Maria; h/Amy Aileen; father
HullBarbara Jane
HullKeith Leomarker
HumphrysGeorge1875?12 Feb 192044son/George & Jane; brother
HuntCharles1893?7 Apr 196572h/Edith; father; gf
HuntEdith1891?7 Oct 198190née Bacon; w/Charles; mother; gm
HuntNorman Henry5 Dec 191419 Aug 199277"Norrie"; h/Daphne; father; gf
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