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Woolbrook Cemetery NSW. Click here for cemetery details

SurnameGiven NamesBirth DateDeath/BurialAgeRemarksPortionRowPlotImage
??193918 Sep 1964marker
AmidyGwen1932?20 Jul 200169wGordon Richard
AndersonAlick Francis1910?8 Oct 197262son/John J & Florence F; father
AndersonDonald Eric1941?6 Nov 19465son/Alick Francis & Ursula Marsh
AndersonHarold William1913?10 Feb 198167son/John J & Florence F
AndersonUrsula Marsh1913?19 Apr 199077mother
BanisterFrederick John1923?22 Oct 197451son/Stephen Henry & Mary Pearl; father
BanisterMary Eleanor1930?12 Oct 197545mother
BloomfieldJessica Maria18 Mar 191828 Apr 199577
BoneyClara18937 Apr 195965marker1155
BoneyFrederick Ernest1965son/Alfred & Dorothy Jane; marker
BoneyMalcolm George1954?28 Nov 198026
BrownLera Maud (Maureen)2 Mar 1994mother; gm; sister
CartanAnn Jane1859?14 Jul 193879mother
CartanEdward (Ted)21 Dec 19005 Aug 19737263847 Cpl RAAF; father
CartanEdward Roy11 Dec 1957son/Edward & Elizabeth Betsy; father
CartanElizabeth Betsy1899?6 May 196768mother
CartanHilton Anthony1916?24 Mar 197255son/James H & Linda M; h/Mary Marjorie (née Murray); father
CartanJames1853?3 Dec 194491son/Luke & Margaret; father
CartanJames Henry1911?7 May 192918son/James Henry & Linda Martha
CartanJames Henry1882?4 Oct 192543son/James & Ann Jane; father
CartanLinda Martha1889?26 Mar 192434mother
CollierElizabeth Mary3 Nov 191816 Jul 198869
CollierRobert Gordon6 Feb 191525 Jul 199075son/Alfred C & Gertrude A;
CorcoranDaphne Jean1919?21 Jun 196950mother
DavidsonDavid1876?9 May 195983son/William & Jessie; father
DavidsonJessie1839?6 Jul 192384mother
DavidsonJohn James A1871?14 Sep 195685son/William & Jessie; father
DavidsonMary Elizabeth1874?13 Nov 195884mother
DavidsonMatilda1869?24 Sep 194172mother
DavidsonWilliam1842?4 Jun 193290son/William & Lily; father
DoddsAgnes1880?4 Apr 1989109mother
DoddsJames18 Feb 19501109 Pte 33 Bn; son/William & Grace
DoddsJohn1875?18 May 192752son/William & Grace; father
DoddsWilliam Alexander6 Aug 190810 Feb 198980NX78886 Pte 36 Bn; son/John & Agnes
GolledgeCecil Thomas (Jack)1909?29 Jun 195546son/George Francis & Emily May
GolledgeEmily May1883?18 Oct 195370mother
GolledgeGeorge Francis1876?15 Jun 195983son/George Alfred & Norah; father
GoodwinMargaret Fay1938?12 Mar 198849wife; mother; gm
GrieveJames1861?23 Oct 192766son/William & Mary J; father
GrieveMary Janet1860?8 Sep 194383dau/James & Mary; mother
HammondAlyce May19062002
HenryBeverly Ann22 Aug 19540dau/Eric William & Winifred Irene
HenryEdna Iris1912?31 Jan 196956dau/Frederick William & Jessie Ellen Henry
HenryElizabeth1858?29 May 192365mother
HenryEric William10 Mar 192312 Dec 199774h/Winifred Irene (née Hill); father
HenryEva May22 Aug 190527 Dec 198984
HenryFrederick William1880?2 Jul 194060son/Thomas & Elizabeth; father
HenryIsabella Lucy1900?25 Jul 199393mother
HenryJessie Ellen1889?31 Oct 195465mother
HenryLouisa Marion1894?26 Apr 192632mother
HenryNorman Leslie (Plum)8 Aug 19217 Oct 198261NX83564 Pte 9 DOC; h/Joyce Marie (née Bath)
HenryRonald Frederick18 Sep 191122 Feb 198876son/Frederick William & Jessie Ellen;
HenryThomas1856?10 Jul 192771son/Frederick & Cecilia; father
HenryThomas Flint Ramsay1882?22 Jan 195370h/Louisa Marion & Isabella Lucy; father
HenryVicki13 May 19580dau/Douglas Arthur & Margery Martha
HydeLorna Millicent19091962mother
JohnsonMargaret Cecilia1869?28 Jan 194676prev. Tuckwell;
JonesPhyllis Ann1 Sep 193624 Jun 19381dau/Mathew & Dorothy Grace
KentBridget19 Nov 18862 Jun 195063dau/John & Johanna;
MarshallEdward George1866?26 Sep 194478son/Thomas & Eliza; brother
MarshallKathleen1891?23 Apr 195665mother
MarshallOlga Lucy3 Sep 192714 Feb 200577mother; gm
MarshallWalter1888?28 Jan 194556son/Thomas & Eliza; father
MarshallWilliam1871?7 Oct 196392son/Thomas & Eliza
McHattanArthur Donald1918?9 Jul 199476NX84773 Tpr 2/6 AG; h/Joyce Marjory (née Robson); father
McNamarraMichael John1866?29 Jan 193871son/Patrick & Mary Ann
MinterZelma DorisJul?192724 Oct 19281dau/Charles R & Zelma D A
MorganAlan Matthew19041956son/Mathew & Lily May
MorganElizabeth Sarah1878?21 Dec 194769, mother
MorganGordon M19081994son/Mathew & Lily May
MorganIris MarionJul?19186 Feb 19223dau/ Mathew & Lily May
MorganJames Andrew1875?30 Nov 194570son/John & Elizabeth; father
MorganLily May18831950mother
MorganLynton Lloyd1919?19 Jun 195738son/James Andrew & Elizabeth Sarah
MorganMathew18771959son/John & Elizabeth; father
MorganRoy MiltonJun?191511 Mar 19171son/Matthew & Lily May
MurrayMary Elizabeth1902?9 Apr 198280mother
MurrayWilliam Michael1898?27 Sep 195759son/John & Lucy Maurice; father
NattyAlma Pearl1908?16 Jul 197870mother
NattyWilliam Oliver James1904?7 Feb 197570son/William & Mary; father
NoonCatherine1867?7 Mar 195284mother
NoonJames E1863?16 Aug 193269son/George & Isabella; father
NoonJames William Dawson1900?17 Nov 192323son/James E & Catherine
O'DonnellAgnes Maude1887?15 Jan 198092
O'DonnellPhillip1889?13 May 196374son/Philip & Elizabeth;
PriorPercy Reginald (Reg)8 Feb 190929 Dec 198475son/Isaac P & Esther; brother
PriorZillah Ada23 Sep 190623 Aug 198881
ReidArthur James1883?7 Sep 195572son/Thomas & Maria
ReidDbroken marker
ReidMabel Maria1885?10 Jan 196478dau/Thomas & Maria Reid
ReidThomas1857?22 Jul 192871son/Thomas & Elizabeth; father
RobertsonJohn Willis31 May 193023 Aug 199969father
RobertsonSusan Dawn14 May 19372 Sep 199659mother
RobsonAlexander George S1886?17 Jun 195266son/William & Sophia; father
RobsonAllan Clive1914?12 Nov 196955son/Alexander G S & Annie B; father
RobsonAnnie Blanche1888?26 Jun 197587mother
RobsonArchibald Albert1891?21 Jun 197281son/William & Sophia; father
RobsonIris Linda1924?5 Aug 193511dau/Archibald Albert & Lucy Pearl
RobsonJames Alexander1879?30 Jan 195171father
RobsonJohn William1908?20 May 197870son/James Alexander & Mary Ethel
RobsonKeith Alexander1913?12 May 19174son/Alexander George S & Annie Blanche
RobsonLillian May1913?26 Nov 199784
RobsonLucy Pearl1891?17 Mar 198189mother
RobsonMary Ethel1879?26 May 193354mother
RobsonPhilomena Matilda Maud (Till)1914?12 Jul 200288mother; gm; ggm;
RobsonStuart Graham1945?10 Feb 197933husband; father
ScherffHeiko1943?19 Sep 198643rem/Barbara, Wayne & Linda
ScholesDaniel23 Oct 18626 Aug 191754son/Robert & Annie
ScottBetty Joan28 Nov 192824 Apr 200273mother
ScottGeorge Wallis1894?25 Nov 1973796841 Pte 44 Bn; son/James & Mary E;
ScottJames Cleeve7 Oct 19233 Jul 200379father
ScottOlive Lavinia1901?28 Oct 199594
ShanahanBernard Barry1931?4 Feb 200674
ShanahanMary Quinlan1923?7 Apr 200784
ShanahanTerence Patrick1926?5 Nov 200377
SheridanIra Rose21 Oct 190827 Feb 199384mother; gm
SheridanOlive Marie1 Sep 194113 Mar 19420dau/Oliver Basil & Ira Rose; sister
SundersSamule10 Nov 1927son/George & Nellie; indexed as Samuel Sandeers
ThruppMartha Ann18 Aug 19114 Aug 199785b. Walcha; d. Brisbane
TowneyDorothy Doreen1929?4 Oct 200071
TowneyElizabeth1923?14 Jun 198764
TowneyEthel1895?5 May 196065mother
TowneyHilda May1920?5 Jan 196544mother
TowneyJohn Vincent29 Nov 196116 May 200240
TowneyRaymond1925?4 May 198156
TowneyWalter Leonard (Wally)1946?13 Sep 196418son/Leonard & Hilda May
TowneyWilliam1899?12 Feb 196262son/Samuel & Susan; father
TuckwellMargaret Cecilia1869?28 Jan 194676
WaldenRuby Alice19 May 1961mother
WaldenSidney2 Sep 1984father
WebberGeorge Frederick1888?6 May 193345son/George Frederick & Lavinia
WebberGeorge Frederick1861?10 Sep 195291son/George Frederick & Jane; father
WebberLavinia1863?23 Apr 195087mother
WilsonGeorge James17 Mar 192911 Aug 199465son/William George & Mary Jane
WilsonMary Jane19 Jul 18964 Dec 197983mother
WilsonWilliam George9 Jan 189112 May 195261father

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