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Wellington RC Holy Family Cemetery NSW. Click here for cemetery details
SurnameGiven NamesBirth DateDeath/BurialAgeRemarksPortionRowPlotImage
AitchisonIan Robin28 Feb 19407 Oct 198848h/Irene Mary; father; gf
AitchisonIrene Mary11 Mar 193920 Jul 199253w/Ian Robin; mother
AustinAnne Selina1873?7 Mar 196490née Munn; w/Henry; mother
AustinHenry1864?12 Sep 194076h/Anne Selina; father
AustinMary Clare Josephine1911?1 Aug 197261
BaileyCarolyn Patricia1944?7 Jul 196521m/Stephen Jeffery
BaileyStephen Jeffery7 Jul 19650son/Carolyn Patricia
BarrettAnnie1867?30 Oct 195184née Walsh; w/Richard
BarrettRichard1865?15 Mar 194175h/Annie
BendSarah1844?22 May 192682née Quain; w/George
BestElizabeth21 Jul 1935mother
BestPeter19 Apr 1934son/Elizabeth
BestwickMary Estelle1891?24 Oct 195867w/Thomas; mother
BestwickThomas1888?26 Feb 197687h/Mary Estelle; father
BlackmanCharles1864?16 Nov 194177h/Ellen; father
BlackmanEllen1879?26 Aug 196788née Tincey; w/Charles; mother
BlundenRosa1839?1 May 192384
BoehmeDympna Frances17 Sep 1991w/George R; mother; sister
BoganElizabeth1866?3 Dec 194175née Simons; w/John Bernard; mother
BoganJohn Bernard1862?9 Oct 193876h/Elizabeth; father
BootrosNassoor1859?15 Aug 190748of Mt Lebanon Syria; d. Wellington
BourkeDaniel1854?30 Jul 192571son/Michael Bourke & Catherine Curry; unmarked
BourkeSarah B1879?19 May 195576mother
BradyCharles1810?15 Dec 189383of Warree Stn; h/Kate; father
BradyChristina1862?24 Apr 193270?née Hogan; w/Michael
BradyDesmond Gerald Francis1901?26 Sep 198281h/Edna Elizabeth
BradyEdna Elizabeth1912?1 Dec 198068née Fitzgerald; w/Desmond G F
BradyEthel BergerMar?186214 May 18642dau/Charles & Kate
BradyKate1821?2 Aug 190079w/Charles; mother
BradyMichael1854?17 Apr 192369h/Christina; father
BradyTerence1822?3 Aug 189775d. Warree; with Mary Hogan
BreenHarold Vincent1919?11 Dec 194122412477 LAC RAAF
BrennanAmelia Mary1887?21 Apr 192942dau/William C & Catherine M
BrennanArthur Joseph1888?6 Jul 190820son/William C & Catherine M
BrennanCatherine Margaret1864?7 Jul 194278w/William Collins; mother
BrennanEdmund J1896?2 Feb 1983862163 Tpr 5 LH Regt; h/Mavis G; father
BrennanEthelbergar (Ettie)1903?8 Oct 198784
BrennanMavis G1913?24 Dec 197865w/Edmund J
BrennanRichard Collins8 Aug 19019 Dec 199089husband; father; gf
BrennanWilliam Collins1858?23 Feb 193172h/Catherine Margaret; father
BrennanWilliam Gregory1894?24 Jul 191521son/William C & Catherine M; kia Gallipoli
BroomfieldBrendan E1928?6 Oct 198860brother
BroomfieldJosephine1887?13 Nov 195669née Sparks; w/Rody; mother
BroomfieldRody1884?9 Sep 195470h/Josephine; father
BrownElizabeth1837?16 Jun 191982w/George
BrownGeorge1832?3 May 191078h/Elizabeth
BrownM Lawrence (Sr)4 May 1883RSM
BurkeCecil Marshall Douglas1922?11 Feb 193815son/William Thomas & Ellen (Helen)
BurkeHelen1888?19 Nov 196880née Reidy; w/Wiliam Thomas; mother
BurkeJason Paul8 May 1969son
BurkeLarraine Elizabeth1940?26 Feb 200463wife; mother; gm
BurkeWilliam Thomas1888?22 Aug 196476h/Helen; father
BurnsMary Olive Roddy1920?22 Mar 194928née Roddy; w/Alister C; daughter; sister
CameronLois J19071981
CameronRonald Hugh4 Jan 1999h/Dawn (née Morris)
CameronRonald Hugh4 Jan 1999h/Dawn née Morris
CashmanIrene Beatrix1889?4 Mar 190818dau/Thomas & Annie
ChesterJulia Dorothea1903?18 Jun 199693née Veech; w/Ainsley Charles; mother
Clements(Bridget) Hannah1879?9 May 190829dau/John & Bridget
ClementsBridget1842?26 May 192280née Reidy; w/John; mother
ClementsCisdau/John & Bridget
ClementsGeraldine1862?dau/John & Bridget; d. 1945
ClementsJohn1842?31 May 191876h/Bridget; father
ClementsNora1814?3 Oct 189783w/John; mother
CliffordCatherine1843?19 Nov 190158née O'Shea; w/James; mother
CliffordJames1842?21 Aug 190260h/Catherine; father
CliffordKate EileenFeb 19047 Jan 19050dau/Patrick Augustine & Mary Elizabeth
CliffordMary Elizabeth1872?26 Aug 194876née Barry; w/Patrick Augustine; mother
CliffordNicholas Joseph1884?28 Jul 190622son/James & Catherine
CliffordPatrick Augustine1876?17 Jan 194467h/Mary Elizabeth; father
CollisWilliam1953?22 Dec 198633husband; father
ConnerLinda C1903?6 Dec 198380née Austin; w/Patrick C; mother; gm
ConnerPatrick C1899?25 Jan 196767h/Linda C; father
CooneyAnne Mary1877?19 Nov 195780dau/Nicholas & Elizabeth
CooneyElizabeth Ellen1850?25 Nov 192474née Connell; w/Nicholas
CooneyNicholas1837?22 May 189962h/Elizabeth Ellen
CooneyPatrick1837?7 Mar 191880bro/Nicholas
CorcoranJohn (Rev Fr)1907?29 May 197568Pastor, Cumnock-Yeoval
CormackJohnstone eroded
CroweAllan Cyril1921?11 Dec 194120son/Frank & Verona Mabel; acc killed
CroweEdmond Francis (Rev)1 Nov 18961 Dec 196064b. Dundrum Co Tipperary; P.P.
CroweLewis Edgar (Frank)1887?30 Aug 196275h/Verona Mabel; father
CroweVerona Mabel1890?24 Aug 196070née Syphers; w/Frank; mother
CuddenAnn Therese1941?15 Jan 196725daughter; sister; with Lloyd E J
CuddenBernadette2 Oct 19684 Oct 19680daughter, sister
CuddenLinda Loretta1909?22 Aug 197768wife; mother
CuddenLloyd E J1895?22 Oct 196469husband; father; with Ann Therese
CurryJames1825?14 Jan 191488b. Ire; son/Patrick & Margaret; unmarked
D'arcy(David J)1827?17 Apr 190780Archdeacon; PP Wellington 25 yrs
DaleyJohn Patrick1900?14 Sep 197676h/Olive Mary; father
DaleyOlive Mary1900?9 Nov 199090'Ollie'; née Tupper; w/John Patrick; mother
DanielJames Humphrey13 Jan 1967h/Olive
DanielOlive25 Sep 1961née Ashley; w/James Humphrey
DavisBevan John1912?2 Jan 197663h/Mavis Melva Mary; father
DavisMavis Melva Mary1915?13 Apr 199984née Curry; w/Bevan John; mother; gm
DawAnnie1871?25 Nov 190534née Sullivan; w/William Alexander
DawMary1831?9 Jan 190674w/William; stone fallen
DawMary Philomena7 Jan 190311 Nov 198481
DawWilliam1832?14 Aug 191785h/Mary; stone fallen
DawWilliam Alexander1867?1 Dec 194073h/Annie
DeevesJohn1822?16 Jul 187351
DevineAgnes1890?3 Jan 197382née Reidy; w/Anthony Ignatius; mother
DevineAnthony Ignatius1881?17 Aug 196281h/Agnes; father
DohertyAgnes Ann1892?17 Feb 197380w/John; mother
DohertyJohn1882?16 Nov 195674h/Agnes Ann; father
DohertyKevin Michael1928?2 Sep 200173marker
DolanMichael Charles1871?14 Oct 191443son/Bartholomew & Catherine
DonohoeArthur William JosephDec 1891?24 Jul 190917son/Michael J & Mary A
DonohoePeter Michael1887?29 Sep 18958son/Michael J & Mary A
DowdDoris Sylvia1906?22 Jun 194539dau/Thomas & Mary A; sister
DowdEllen Muriel1894?3 Apr 196571née Barrett; w/William Edward; mother
DowdJane1810?28 Dec 189888w/John; mother
DowdJohn1849?22 Jun 193990son/John & Jane; uncle/Philomena
DowdJohn1817?11 Oct 186447h/Jane; father
DowdJohn P (Jerry)1881?5 Jun 195776husband; father
DowdLeo A1893?4 Feb 1929357574 Pte 10 Bn; h/Ruby; father
DowdMary Ann1863?11 Aug 191754née Kennedy; w/Thomas; mother
DowdThomas1856?6 Nov 194084h/Mary Ann; father
DowdWalter Philip1890?11 May 18944son/Thomas & Mary A
DowdWilliam Edward1880?19 Apr 1974942886 Pte 54 Bn; h/Ellen Muriel; father
DownCharles1878?13 Dec 194163h/Hilda Jane; father
DownHilda Jane1886?12 Jan 194962née Boss; w/Charles; mother
DownOwen Anzac1916?5 Oct 196953son/Charles & Hilda Jane
DrinanM de Paul (Sr)1848?31 May 192981RSM
DuaneM de Sales (Sr)1854?31 Dec 188430RSM
DunbarCecil Thomas1914?7 Mar 199681h/Cecilia Clare
DunbarCecilia Clare1915?10 Feb 197963w/Cecil Thomas
DwyerRichard10 Aug 1956
DyballAlice May1899?19 Sep 199394née Fahey; w/William Henry; mother
DyballJohnathan William9 Jul 19550
DyballWilliam Henry1897?4 May 196568h/Alice May; father
EmelhainzCatherine E1868?22 Nov 194678née Lee; w/George Joseph; mother
EmelhainzCharles J1898?1 Dec 194749son/George Joseph & Catherine E
EmelhainzEdna Joyce1922?20 Mar 199572w/Leonard Francis; mother
EmelhainzGeorge J(oseph)1858?7 Nov 195092h/Catherine E; father
EmelhainzLeonard Francis1912?1 Mar 197158h/Edna Joyce; father
EmelhainzO (Mons)1903?26 Sep 197572'Gol'; Pastor Gilgandra 1943-1968
EvansAlbert Victor1890?6 Aug 196878husband; father
FerraroYvonne1938?30 Jan 19445dau/Armando & Perra; acc drowned
FinucaneVincent James12 Jun 1943Butcher; h/Eva; father
FitzgeraldMargaret AnneMay?19371 Feb 19391dau/William F C & Lily Sylvia
FitzpatrickM Joseph (Sr)1866?18 Oct 194276RSM
FitzpatrickMargaret1840?12 Jun 192484with George & Elizabeth Brown
FitzpatrickRita Mary1918?25 May 193719dau/William Ernest & Annie
FletcherDouglas James1922?2 Apr 199775husband
FlynnM Berchmans (Sr)1855?9 Dec 193883RSM
FrazerAubrey Thomas1917?30 Apr 200386NX30092 Cpl 2/20 Inf Bn
FrecklingtonMarie Edith1911?30 Oct 198675
FrogleyKeith1900?22 Oct 197676h/Letitia Mary; father
FrogleyLetitia Mary1897?22 Apr 196770née O'Brien; w/Keith; mother
GilbourneCon (Rev Fr)1912?30 Mar 197865Former Pastor Gulgong, Carcoar
GlennonRoderick Edward1910?21 Jul 199080N170469 Pte CMF; POW Grn Bn
GreenAlice Maude1873?28 Sep 196996with Annie
GreenAnnie1828?28 Feb 192899mother; with Alice Maude
GreenFrancis Norman7 Mar 19184 Feb 19917237742 LAC RAAF; b. Wilcannia; h/Sheila
GreeneM Angela (Sr)1856?6 May 193579RSM
HarrisBartholomew1862?6 Feb 192562h/Ellen; father
HarrisBartholomew William1913?6 Dec 193118son/Bartholomew & Ellen
HarrisCatherine Annette1925?10 Jul 199469w/James Owens
HarrisEllen1869?28 Nov 194273w/Bartholomew; mother
HarrisFlorence G1883?26 Apr 195269née Owens; w/Herbert V; mother
HarrisFrances5 Jul 1986dau/Herbert V & Florence G
HarrisHerbert V1882?16 Nov 195169h/Florence G; father
HarrisJames1842?29 Oct 193896son/Peter & Johanna
HarrisJames Owens1920?30 Jan 200382h/Catherine Annette
HarrisJohanna1820?21 Dec 189979w/Peter; mother
HarrisLangley H1909?13 Nov 195344son/Herbert V & Florence G; brother
HarrisPeter1817?9 Oct 186447h/Johanna; father
HawkeArthur G1910?3 Dec 196757husband; father
HennessyMary1806?7 Apr 187670w/Maurice; m/Richard
HennessyMaurice1805?26 Feb 186357h/Mary; father; of Fairfield Wellington
HennessyRichard1834?Aug 185218son/Maurice & Mary
HickeyAndrew1858?7 May 193577son/Andrew & Kathleen (Egan); h/Margaret; father; unmarked
HickeyMargaret1862?12 Feb 193774née Ryan; dau/Thomas & Dinah (Buckingham); w/Andrew; mother; unmarkedRC
HoganMary1853?9 Apr 192572wife; mother; with Terence Brady
HopperAnna Pauline1892?24 Dec 194553
HowardJohn Bruton (Rev)12 Aug 187527 Jan 194771M.A.; Ord Dublin 1910; b. Wellington; d. Bathurst
HoweyAgnes18801980w/Robert Bond; m/Mary
HoweyMary Selma1917?30 Jul 198770dau/Robert & Agnes
HoweyRobert Bond1881?10 Jan 195270h/Agnes
HuesonBridget1842?6 Jul 190563w/Thomas; m/Thomas & Charles
HuesonThomas1844?1 Nov 189349h/Bridget; f/Thomas & Charles
HyeronimusAnnie1849?18 Nov 189748dau/Nicholas & Anne
HyeronimusEllen Rubena1859?27 Apr 192162née Flanagan; w/Leopold N; mother
HyeronimusGregory Charles18602son/Nicholas & Anne
HyeronimusLeopold Nicholas1848?11 May 191971h/Ellen Rubena; father
InwoodElmott John1893?15 Jan 196571h/Mary Monica
InwoodFelix John1928?4 Oct 197446with Elmott John & Mary Monica
InwoodMary Monica1905?28 Sep 199287née McAtamney; w/Elmott John
JacksonEllen Kay1942?20 Aug 199048wife
JacksonJoan M1936?26 Nov 198549wife; mother
JohnsonMary Rosa Amanda1855?9 Oct 187520dau/James & Elizabeth
JourdantBetti13 Apr 191715 Aug 199780wife; mother
JourdantVeronica Mary1 Apr 191929 Aug 200081wife; mother; gm
JudgeM Dympna (Sr)1857?13 Jun 194285RSM
KayFlorence Annie1881?3 Mar 194260wife; mother
KellyAlexander Colman1910?13 Dec 198575with Alma Eileen
KellyAlma Eileen1918?9 Sep 198163with Alexander Colman
KellyAnna Maria1860?5 Jul 191757with Michael Thomas
KellyAnne (Mary)1902?20 Sep 198987née McLeod; w/D'Arcy; marker
KellyBede Francis1944?25 Apr 198238with Gwen, Bede P, Peta F
KellyBede Percival1972?25 Apr 198210with Bede Francis & Gwen
KellyBrianJun?19146 Aug 19151twin son/William P & Catherine
KellyCatherine1876?29 Nov 195781w/William Patrick
KellyD'Arcy (Anthony)1910?10 Aug 198979h/Anne Mary; marker
KellyDaniel Joseph1811?24 Dec 187160b. Co Limerick Ire
KellyDorothy May3 Dec 19159 Jul 199276w/Percy John; mother
KellyGwen1948?25 Apr 198234with Bede F, Peta F, Bede P
KellyJeanette Anne1879?2 Aug 196283w/Robert George; mother
KellyJohn Ferry21 Feb 1971with Michael John
KellyJohn James1864?13 Nov 193672
KellyJohn Peter (Rev)23 Sep 18839 Aug 195470b. Co Limerick; P.P. Wellington 1933-1954
KellyMary Anne1872?27 Jan 195885w/Thomas; mother
KellyMichael John24 Jan 1948with John Ferry
KellyMichael Thomas1841?29 Jul 192382with Anna Maria; father
KellyPatrick Bede1902?17 Oct 194341husband; son/William Patrick & Catherine
KellyPercy John7 Apr 19084 Sep 196860h/Dorothy May; father
KellyPeta Frances1968?25 Apr 198214with Bede Francis & Gwen
KellyRobert George1881?2 Jul 193049h/Jeanette Anne; father
KellyThomas1883?15 Aug 193451with Victor H & Helena T Miller
KellyThomas1881?10 Apr 195877h/Mary Anne; father
KellyWilliam Patrick1875?9 Dec 193257h/Catherine; father
KennedyBeatrice Gertrude1866?8 Nov 190741née Payne; w/William; mother
KennedyDaniel1871?1 Jul 190029son/Patrick & Johanna
KennedyDaniel1809?18 Mar 189484h/Margaret; father
KennedyJane1860?16 Aug 187414dau/Daniel & Margaret
KennedyKeith L Jmarker
KennedyMargaret1853?9 Sep 187522dau/Daniel & Margaret
KennedyMargaret1817?6 Mar 189274w/Daniel; mother; stone fallen, broken
KennedyMichael1843?31 Jul 189552brother
KennedyNita1896?7 Dec 192024dau/William & Beatrice Gertrude
KennedyPatrick1838?13 May 187739with Daniel
KennedyPatrick1848?17 May 191971son/Daniel & Margaret; bro/William
KennedyWilliam1855?16 Aug 191964h/Beatrice Gertrude; father
KennedyWilliam Michael Patrick1904?27 Mar 19083son/William & Beatrice Gertrude
KingGladys Ellen1909?16 Sep 196758née Mason; w/Reginald Patrick; mother
KingReginald Patrick1912?1 Dec 196856h/Gladys Ellen
KnowlesAnne Philomena1900?24 Aug 198888née Hopper; w/Arthur T H
KnowlesArthur Thomas Henry1894?7 Jan 197176h/Anne Philomena
KnowlesCecil Benedict25 Dec 19082 Jul 199990with Frederika Wilhamine
KnowlesFrederika Wilhamine17 May 190729 Jan 200294with Cecil Benedict
KnowlesInez1893?17 Jul 197380dau/Thomas C & Mary J
KnowlesMary Jane1868?4 Mar 194475née Sullivan; w/Thomas Charles; mother
KnowlesOlive Bettina1913?23 Dec 197663née Leppinus; w/Vincent F
KnowlesThomas Charles1859?8 May 192061h/Mary Jane; father
KnowlesVincent Frederick1903?22 Feb 196662son/Henry J & Agnes L; h/Olive Bettina
LennonMary Anne1799?25 Nov 189192b. Co Meath Ire; aunt
LipscombDoris Constance1896?29 Sep 197276née Sheridan; dau/Daniel & Margaret; w/Stanley G; mother; gm
LogueAlice M1906?11 Apr 199488née Montgomery; w/Hubert; mother
LogueHubert1903?5 May 197471h/Alice M; father
LogueShirley Agnes1933?19 Sep 194916daughter; sister
LogueWilliam1859?12 Mar 194282father
LongMartin1933P.P. Wellington 2 May 1907- 20 Jan 1933
LucasDorothy Jean3 Sep 19393 Aug 199050wife; mother; gm
LynchEdward1826?26 Jun 191185
LynchEllen1882?3 May 197593aunt; with Rupert Francis
LynchRupert Francis1894?15 Oct 196268husband; with Ellen
MartinJames Mathew1921?18 May 197857
MartinMary Therese17 Nov 1993wife; mother
MartinMichael James1951?6 Jan 19564son; brother
McAtamneyCharles P(atrick)1912?4 Oct 196755h/Elsie Mary; father
McAtamneyElsie M(ary)1912?2 Jul 196654née Barraston; w/Charles Patrick; mother
McAtamneyFelix Joseph1872?21 Jul 195078h/Margaret Martha; father
McAtamneyMargaret Martha1872?18 Oct 195280née Finn; w/Felix Joseph; mother
McAuliffeM Baptist (Sr)1860?10 Oct 193777RSM
McCarthyLeslie1898?16 May 196870husband; father
McCarthyLorettoApr?194428 Nov 19528
McCarthyThomas David1901?24 Apr 196665husband; father
McKayLydia1852?188230w/Dominica?; stone eroded
McNamaraBridget1786?21 Aug 188498with Cornelius & James
McNamaraCornelius1818?7 Feb 189879son/Cornelius
McNamaraJames1840?23 Sep 185313son/Cornelius & Bridget
McNamaraM Immaculata (Sr)1875?1 Aug 195277RSM
MeehanAlberta Rose1884?9 Apr 197591née Tuite; w/Michael; mother
MeehanGeorge Easterfield1913?11 May 194532son/Michael & Rose Alberta
MezesPauline Mary1932?31 Jan 200471marker
MillerDonald1917?28 Jun 199477NX122433 Pte; husband; father; gf
MillerHelena Teresa1897?6 Jun 197477with Victor H
MillerVictor H1888?24 Aug 195163with Helena Teresa
MontgomeryAnnie M1879?17 Oct 195778née Cavanagh; w/William J
MontgomeryEthel (Ettie)1921?29 Apr 198968
MontgomeryJames J1903?4 Dec 195148son/William J & Annie M; brother
MontgomeryWilliam C1899?22 Nov 195354h/Winifred E; father
MontgomeryWilliam J1874?10 Sep 194268h/Annie M; father
MontgomeryWinifred E1902?3 May 194240née O'Connor; w/William C; mother
MooreMargaret Ann187?8stone eroded
MooreThomas James1856?1862?6?stone eroded
MooreWilliam John1860?18644stone eroded
MunnGeorge Timothy1878?9 Sep 196082h/Mary Maude
MunnMary Maude1881?17 Aug 196584née Lang; w/George Timothy
MurphyAloysius Dennis1906?24 Dec 197569NX5882 Pte; son/James P & Sarah J; brother
MurphyJames Patrick1870?2 Aug 194373h/Sarah Jane; father
MurphySarah Jane1875?24 Feb 193559née Montgomery; w/James Patrick; mother
MussHenry Arthur1887?12 Mar 194557h/Mary Maud; father
MussMary Maud1885?12 Dec 196883née Beaton; w/Henry Arthur; mother
NashRichard E1880?7 May 195272son/John & Sarah; brother
NashSarah A E1854?20 Aug 193682mother
NethercliftMargaret Anne188325 Oct 195672née Gaebel; w/Joseph J; mother
NevilleIrene Rella1895?1 Oct 197277'Ollie'; née Potts; w/Robert Thomas
NevilleRobert Thomas1891?25 Feb 197583h/Irene Rella
NewellKenneth G T1890?15 Feb 1961705619 L/Cpl; h/Monica Agnes; father
NewellMonica Agnes1899?14 Jun 196869w/Kenneth G T; mother
NolanJames (Rev)25 Oct 1967Pastor, Wellington 1961-1967
O'BrienJames Joseph14 Feb 19630son/Clem & Judith
O'ReillyFrances Mary1934?1 Jun 194814
O'SheaDanial1856?12 Mar 188124son/Michael & Margaret
O'SheaElizabeth Agnes1849?7 Jan 193080dau/Michael & Margaret
O'SheaElizabeth M1881?5 Jun 195776dau/George & Ellen
O'SheaEllenFeb?184418 Jan 193590née Donnelly; w/George M
O'SheaGeorge MMay?184116 Jan 193290h/Ellen
O'SheaMargaret1818?29 Mar 188566w/Michael
O'SheaMary-Jane1853?26 Dec 187219dau/Michael & Margaret
O'SheaMichael1802?14 Jul 189492h/Margaret
O'SheaPatrick1837?15 Sep 192386son/Michael & Margaret
OwensBridget Anne1881?30 Sep 196786née Haycock; w/Edward; mother
OwensEdward1872?3 Sep 194270h/Bridget Anne; father
OwensKate Ellen1890?1 Jan 192635wife
ParkesDonna LeaApr?196710 Jun 19681daughter
PearsonJames1873?28 Aug 195178
PearsonThomas Henry1850?30 Jun 190252h/Catherine (née Mylecharane); father; unmarked
PlattNorman R5 Jun 192310 Oct 199471h/Maria; stepfather; gf
PortonCatherine1838?19 Jan 192687née Tuohy; w/Thomas; mother
PortonThomas1822?19 Aug 188563h/Catherine; father
PottsAlma ClaraFeb?19048 Oct 192319dau/William Herbert & Clara Ellen
PottsClara Ellen1871?23 Aug 195079w/William Herbert; mother
PottsHarvey Oliver30 May 189616 Jun 198892husband; father
PottsWilliam Herbert1875?14 Jul 196388h/Clara Ellen; father
PowellElaine (Joan)21 Jan 192624 May 199569
PowellMargaret Elizabeth1891?18 Jul 197382née Barrett; w/William Ambrose; mother
PowellWilliam Ambrose1889?31 Oct 196172h/Margaret Elizabeth; father
PowellWilliam Llewyllyn1917?3 Dec 199073NX59897 Sgt 2/1 AA Regt 6 Div
PriceBede Thomas29 Jul 192431 May 19896471064 LAC RAAF; husband; father; gf
QuainJohannah1811?25 Aug 189887with Patrick
QuainPatrick1817?6 Feb 188062with Johannah
QuirkJane1870?16 Oct 194373née Gardner; w/Joseph Henry
QuirkJoseph Henry1860?2 Aug 194181h/Jane
QuirkMary (Molly)1915?21 Aug 198772née Shakespeare; w/Peter
QuirkPeter (Frank)1911?14 Dec 199483h/Mary
RedfernAgnes Mary1907?11 Apr 199184née Knowles; w/Eric M; mother; gm
RedfernAnthony JohnJul?194012 Apr 195211with Eric & Agnes Mary
RedfernCatherine28 Jun 1952née Lynch; w/Thomas J
RedfernEric1905?4 Jan 196256h/Agnes May; father
RedfernEric Denis (Rick)1963?28 May 198320acc killed
RedfernThomas J3 Jul 1961h/Catherine
ReidyAlice J189218 Sep 1961dau/John T & Elizabeth; sister
ReidyArthur1883?13 Jan 189612son/Thomas & Ellen
ReidyBridget1884?14 Jun 18906dau/Thomas & Ellen
ReidyCornelius1866?29 Sep 195185son/Patrick & Mary; brother
ReidyDaniel John PatrickDec 18973 Mar 18980son/John T & Elizabeth A
ReidyElizabeth1862?17 Jul 194482née Kennedy; w/John Thomas; mother
ReidyEllen1855?31 Jan 191357w/Thomas; mother
ReidyJames1871?27 Dec 192049son/Patrick & Mary; brother
ReidyJohanna1868?10 Apr 192052dau/Patrick & Mary
ReidyJohn Thomas1855?26 Jan 190145h/Elizabeth; father
ReidyMargaret Teresa188429 May 1961dau/John T & Elizabeth; sister
ReidyMary Josephine189519 Dec 1948dau/John T & Elizabeth; sister
ReidyMary Quain1837?28 Apr 192487w/Patrick
ReidyMona1890?30 Dec 190010with John T & Elizabeth
ReidyPatrick1833?26 Jun 188552h/Mary Quain
ReidyPatrick1888?22 Dec 18891son/Thomas & Ellen
ReidyPatrick1814?3 Dec 186046b. Co Limerick Ire
ReidyPatrick1866?8 Jun 190034son/Patrick & Mary
ReidyRose Angela1883?9 Jul 197289dau/Patrick & Mary
ReidyRuby Ellen24 Jan 1965with Mary J, Margaret T & Alice J
ReidyThomas1881?21 May 18854son/Thomas & Ellen
RheinbergerCatherine1875?9 Jul 194368with Mary & Peter Joseph
RheinbergerMary1874?2 Nov 193460née Dykes; w/Peter Joseph; mother
RheinbergerPeter Joseph1874?20 Feb 196388h/Mary; father
RhodesJane1806?29 Apr 187266with Maria
RhodesMaria1837?16 Nov 191881with Jane
RobertsGladys Jean6 Sep 191320 Jan 200086née Spargo; w/William O
RobinsonCatherine1875?10 Apr 191641née Rutter; w/Joseph James
RobinsonEllen Ann Dorothy1897?1 Nov 196871'Doll'; dau/Joseph J & Catherine
RobinsonJoseph James1868?19 Mar 194576h/Catherine
RoddyDaniel Vincent1890?8 Aug 195666h/Olive May; father
RoddyJames Edward1923?20 Aug 196037husband; father
RoddyOlive May1894?29 Jan 196671née Pahlow; w/Daniel Vincent; mother
RottonArthur E1868?18 Jan 192859h/Elizabeth A; father
RottonJohn JosephDec 19069 Nov 19070son/Arthur E & Elizabeth A
RutterAnn1844?7 Dec 191874née Tighe; w/Thomas Samuel; mother
RutterIsabella Jane1871?10 Jun 190130dau/Thomas Samuel & Ann
RutterJames William1869?1 Apr 188516son/Thomas Samuel & Ann
RutterThomas Samuel1836?24 Dec 188953h/Ann; father
RyanCatherine Ann1873?17 Dec 194875née Howard; w/Joseph James; mother
RyanDorothy Linda1916?25 Oct 200387née Whitehouse; w/Geoffrey Edmund; mother
RyanGeoffrey Edmund28 Jan 1968h/Dorothy Linda; father
RyanJoseph James1872?27 Sep 194775h/Catherine Ann; father
RyanKatherine1828?4 Apr 190173w/Michael Bourke & Martin Ryan; mother; unmarked
RyanMartin1861?6 Jun 194079h/Mary; father; unmarked
RyanMichael David1946?31 Jul 19526son/Geoffrey Edmund & Dorothy Linda
SayerBridget Eveleen1864?17 Apr 189531née Hueson; w/George G; mother
SayerMary EveleenMar 189522 Jun 18950dau/George G & Bridget E
SayerTeresa Ida1889?1 Nov 18912dau/George G & Bridget E
SchippGeorge1860?24 Jan 190645husband; with Leo
SchippLeo1894?13 Feb 191520son/George J & Ellen
SchmichPeter J1875?2 Mar 195377
SextonLucy Adelaide19041945mother
SheridanAngela2 Jul 1993sister
SheridanAnsel Augustus (Gus)1920?6 Dec 199070NX172186 L/Sgt; husband; father; gf; Service no. on plaque is wrong
SheridanDaniel1863?20 Jun 193572h/Sarah; father
SheridanDaniel1896?22 Jun 196872brother
SheridanEdward James5 Oct 1990brother
SheridanElizabeth (Bet)1909?19 Jul 198071w/Thomas; mother; gm
SheridanFrancis J1909?8 Jun 197667h/Moya M M
SheridanHenry K1886?19 Aug 195064
SheridanMoya M(argaret) M1917?30 Jun 199982née Veech; w/Francis J
SheridanSarah1870?9 Feb 194877née Cole; w/Daniel; mother
SheridanThomas (Tom1909?29 Aug 199485h/Elizabeth; father
SheridanWilliam Percy15 Jun 1978brother
SimpsonEdward Francis3 Mar 18660son/William B & Josephine L
SlatteryAnn13?Dec?186843née Ward; w/Cornelius
SlatteryCornelius1812?24 Jan 188168h/Ann
SloaneBenjamin1870?22 Oct 193666husband; father
SloaneJohanna Bridget1885?9 Dec 195671née Tuite; w/Thomas Samuel; mother
SloaneThomas Samuel1881?23 Oct 194564h/Johanna Bridget; father
SmithJohn Trelawney21 Aug 19370son/Trelly & May
SmithLorna O1934?17 Nov 198450wife; mother
SmithMay1896?19 Jul 198791rem/Veech nephews, nieces
SmithTrelly1895?7 Dec 198691rem/Veech nephews, nieces
SpargoAllan David1909?17 Aug 197263
SpargoEileen Grace1903?19 Apr 198582née Tupper; w/Leslie Thomas; mother
SpargoFlorence Mary1879?29 Aug 195475née Harris; w/Thomas Richard; mother
SpargoHilda Mary1921?19 Feb 199977née Walsh; w/Reginald Bernard; mother
SpargoLeslie Thomas1906?1 Dec 197266h/Eileen Grace; father/Maria, Desmond
SpargoReginald Bernard1912?18 Dec 198270h/Hilda Mary; father
SpargoThomas Richard1871?26 Oct 195180h/Florence Mary; father
SpargoValentine Ralph1917?12 Sep 198972son/Thomas & Florence
SparkeAndrew Peter5 Sep 1968husband; father
StinsonCatherine1832?18 Jun 1862?30w/John
StinsonCharles James1868?22 May 193466son/John & Ellen; d. Glen Willow
StinsonEdward J1873?26 Sep 189320son/John & Ellen
StinsonEllen1836?13 Sep 189155née Killeen; w/John; mother
StinsonHelena E1868?7 Nov 195082
StinsonHonora M1874?25 Oct 196086
StinsonJohn1817?8 Feb 187355h/Ellen; father
StinsonLaura Jean1899?19 Sep 196768
StrangerRobert1876?19 Oct 195276
SturgesMary Angela1870?3 Apr 190535w/Frank (Dr); mother; d. of typhoid fever
SullivanAmelia1840?5 Sep 193090w/Daniel; mother
SullivanDaniel1868?8 Sep 188315son/Daniel & Amelia
SullivanDaniel1837?2 Mar 190062son/Thomas & Mary; h/Amelia; father
SullivanDelia Mary1889?18 Jun 195667née Gleeson; w/Thomas J; mother
SullivanEamonn D V1918?22 Aug 197153brother
SullivanEdmund1878?17 Sep 18835son/Daniel & Amelia
SullivanEllen Kathleen (Nell)1903?31 Jan 199894
SullivanFrancis J1888?3 Dec 190517son/Thomas & Penelope
SullivanJames1841?11 Jul 191978h/Mary Ann
SullivanJohn1844?4 Jan 191065h/Margaret; father
SullivanMargaret1842?9 Sep 192280w/John; mother
SullivanMartha1873?22 Sep 188310dau/Daniel & Amelia
SullivanMary1880?23 Sep 18833dau/Daniel & Amelia
SullivanMary1805?15 Feb 188882b. Co Limerick Ire; w/Thomas
SullivanMary Ann1842?16 Jul 191876w/James
SullivanMary Elizabeth1879?9 Sep 194364w/Sylvester James; mother
SullivanPenelope1835?16 Jul 192287née Fishbourne; w/Thomas John; mother
SullivanSylvester James1868?27 Oct 194779h/Mary Elizabeth; father
SullivanThomas1807?1 May 188982b. Co Limerick Ire; h/Mary
SullivanThomas J1873?23 Jul 194269h/Delia Mary; father
SullivanThomas John1822?9 Jan 191996h/Penelope; father
SullivanThomas Sylvester (Tom)1914?4 Jul 199682
SyphersJames1856?29 Sep 194387h/Roseanna M
SyphersLancelot Eric1905?5 Aug 196863
SyphersRoseanna M1864?17 Feb 193873née Spargo; w/James
TeelowAlice Maud1912?7 Jul 197664née Duff; w/Norman Ray
TeelowDoreen June1939?30 Nov 196627wife; mother
TeelowNorman Ray1900?23 Dec 196969h/Alice Maud
ThurlowMary Rose5 Jan 1955with Imelda T Veech
TuiteAndrew7 May 1885h/Johanna; father; unmarked
TuiteJohanna1851?12 Dec 193483w/Andrew; mother
TuiteVivianna1873?14 Jul 193865dau/Andrew & Johanna (Harris) Tuite; sister; unmarked
VeechAlma Muriel12 May 1932w/Michael; m/Patricia & Neill
VeechAnnie1887?30 Apr 195770née Hudson; w/Donald Bede; mother
VeechAnnie Margaret1885?3 Apr 192641'Tottie'
VeechAustin James Hudson1920?28 Aug 199676son/Donald & Annie; brother
VeechBernard Dempsey1896?2 Jan 196871h/Olive Grace
VeechBernard Edward18 Dec 191820 Apr 198970
VeechBernard Joseph1861?20 Aug 193372
VeechBernard Snr9 Jun 184916 Sep 192980b. & d. Mountain View; h/Mary Ellen
VeechBernard ThomasSep?187913 Dec 18801son/Bernard & Mary
VeechBertram Claude1887?6 Aug 197790h/Catherine May; f/Bernard & Bryan
VeechBeverley Joan31 Jul 1973w/Leonard; m/Michael
VeechBridget1811?1 Dec 189180b. Co Meath Ire; w/Bryan; mother
VeechBridget Agnes1846?1 Sep 193286w/Patrick Joseph
VeechBridget Alice1875?16 Jun 197499b. Mountain View
VeechBridget Catherine18645 Jun 193175unmarked, unmarried
VeechBryan (or Bernard)179211 Sep 186371b. Co Meath Ire; h/Bridget; father; headstone age wrong
VeechBryan Aloysius1892?23 Jul 192129M.B. Ch.M; Capt AAMC; h/Ray
VeechCatherine May1886?5 Sep 197387w/Bertram C; m/Bernard & Bryan
VeechChristopher Patrick1888?21 Feb 197788h/Linda; father/Betty, Lorna
VeechDawn1923?16 Jun 200380wife; mother; gm
VeechDonald Bede1890?19 Aug 196676h/Annie; father
VeechEveleen Helen1918?2 Jan 194324dau/Donald Bede & Annie; sister
VeechFrederick Leslie1890?19 Mar 196170h/Irene; son/Bernard & Mary
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