Trangie Cemetery

Address: Mungery Street, Trangie 2823 NSW

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This is a delightful little rural cemetery with lots of shady trees and shrubs and obviously well tended by Council staff. It is noticeably free from vandalism and the monuments themselves are upright and generally in excellent condition with legible inscriptions. Even the temporary markers are of substantial steel construction. There was no lawn cemetery when we last visited but I am informed that one was commenced in 2008. There is also a columbarium wall for ashes that was erected about 1983. A basic pit toilet is provided and the site has a water supply connected.

There are several portions separated by roadways but there are no signs to indicate what these portions are. Each time we visited the cemetery, we found the lawns trimmed, noxious weeds under control and an almost complete absence of broken glass. The cemetery is not very old, the earliest memorials found dating from 1887.

In January 2009, Ethne Davey wrote of improvements that have recently been made and are being planned to the grounds. She said, "A group of Trangie people called the Golden Oldies have been fund-raising and have made improvements at our cemetery. The cremation wall now has gardens and lawn around it and an archway over the wall with vines growing over it. Later this year the side gates will be improved to look more like the front gate. The lawn section now has a couple of graves. The lawn and new trees are growing well." Thanks, Ethne. If only every cemetery had a few Golden Oldies to give it some TLC!

Jean and I made digital images and took notes of every visible inscription over three visits between December 2003 and March 2004. In compiling this list, we also consulted the NSW index of births, deaths and marriages. Images of the inscriptions may be viewed and downloaded from the list of all inscriptions for this cemetery.

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Trangie is a small town on the Mitchell Highway between Narromine and Nevertire. From the highway at Trangie, turn onto Dandaloo Street at the signpost to Tullamore and then take the fifth street to the right (Mungery Street). The cemetery is 1.5 km from that intersection. The current cemetery entrance is at the far end of the site.

Latitude/longitude -32.034691,147.963760

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Trangie General Cemetery is controlled and maintained by the Narromine Shire Council, PO Box 115, Narromine NSW 2821 (email:


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Smith28 Richardson20 Lindsay17 Gordon17 McAnally16 Forrest15 Gibson12 
Butter12 Phillips12 Warman11 Stoneman11 Sullivan11 Quigley11 Gale10 
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Dennis9 Watson8 Barry8 Coffee8 Lincoln7 Hardy7 Atkins7 
Cronyn7 Cowan7 Davis7 Russ7 Sykes7 Bailey7 MacKinnon6 
Hilder6 Perram6 Goldsmith6 Brabrook6 Herbert6 Purseglove6 Carter6 
Body6 Graham6 Cowling6 Fitzgerald5 Ferguson5 Rawson5 Sissian5 

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Lat/Lng: -32.034691,147.963760

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