Rookwood Old Presbyterian Cemetery

Address: East Street Lidcombe 2141 NSW

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Rookwood Old Presbyterian Cemetery is a portion of Rookwood General Cemetery, said to be the largest cemetery in the southern hemisphere with total estimated burials approaching one million. This portion contains several thousand graves, many now unmarked due to subsidence and vandalism over the years and to earlier periods of neglect. Inscriptions found so far suggest that this portion came into general use around 1840.

These days, the cemetery is better cared for but the TLC came too late to save some historic stones. Many have fallen and broken, in some cases only fragments of the inscriptions remain and other previously existing headstones have disappeared. Unpruned trees and shrubs springing up on grave sites or close to headstones, although beautiful, make access to many of the inscriptions very difficult.

Michael Brookhouse has digitally recorded and listed all visible inscriptions in this portion. In compiling the list of inscriptions for this cemetery, we consulted the NSW indices of births, deaths and marriages, the Australian War Memorial online military rolls, the Bi-centennial listing of inscriptions compiled by the Society of Australian Genealogists in the mid-1980s and the online cemetery name search facility for additional information.

How to find it

The Old Presbyterian portion is located on the western side of the cemetery, near the Victoria Street gates.

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Latitude/longitude -33.870956,151.048096

More information

For further information, contact the Rookwood Independent Cemetery Office in the cemetery grounds. It also provides an online name search facility at the following URL.



The number of inscriptions for this cemetery is 4,580
The number of inscriptions with headstone image(s) is 4,271
The listing was last updated on 2013-05-02
The listing was complete as at 2013-09-18

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Lat/Lng: -33.870956,151.048096

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