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Calcifer Cemetery is in the bush at the south-western corner of what was once the small, thriving town of Calcifer in northern Queensland. The town's name was derived from the three minerals discovered there - calcium, copper and iron (ferrous) - and its brief history was centred around the smelter erected in 1894. When a smelter was set up in nearby Chillagoe, Calcifer was abandoned and entirely deserted by 1907.

Peter Patterson-Kane made digital images of the few remaining headstones in September 2011. He says that the site is unfenced and there is no evidence of it ever having been fenced. There are 5 graves enclosed by wrought iron fence surrounds but only four of these are marked. Three of the four persons memorialised were killed in an explosion at the Hobson Mine on 16 July 1903 and the other is of an infant who died three days later.

Peter's pictures may be viewed from the list of inscriptions for this cemetery. In compiling that list, the Queensland indices of births, deaths and marriages were sourced for additional information.

Take the Burke Development Road south from Chillagoe for approx 12km, turn left for 2.1km. Cemetery is 150m to the right. The Cemetery is not easy to find but is approx 350m past the Marble Mine. Peter is grateful to Mellissa for directing him to the cemetery. Lat -17.211969, Long 144.573298

For further information, contact Tablelands Regional Council, PO Box 573 Atherton Qld 4883; phone: 1300 362 242; email: info@trc.qld.gov.au






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