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Parramatta Anglican

St John's Anglican

O'Connell Street






St John's cemetery, Parramatta, is the oldest burial ground in the Colony of NSW. It contains the remains of notable persons associated with the foundation of the colony and many graves of those identified as having arrived with the First Fleet. The earliest headstone still standing and legible is for Henry Dodd who died in 1791. For many years neglected and overgrown, the cemetery is now recognised for the priceless heritage that it is and considerable restorative work has been done.

Paul Fitzgerald initially contributed several hundred images of inscriptions at St John's and the task of capturing the remainder has been undertaken and completed by Michael Brookouse. Unfortunately, the inscriptions on some of the old altar type graves have suffered the eroding affects of ice over the years and are covered in lichen so that we have been unable to identify them at this stage. However work is continuing to that end.

Paul's and Michael's images may be downloaded from the list of inscriptions for this cemetery. That list has been compiled with considerable reference to the NSW early church records, the NSW indices of births, deaths and marriages, and to the listing compiled by Vernon Goodin in 1950 for further information.

St John's Cemetery is towards the southern end of O'Connell Street, the entrance opposite Aird Street. Lat -33.816857 Long 150.998449

The cemetery is in the care of St John's Cemetery Trust. For further information on the cemetery, contact St John's Cathedral or email: office@stjohnscathedral.org.au





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