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The tiny Charleston Cemetery served the original township up to 1910. That year, a new rail link was completed with the terminus on the other side of the Delaney River and the whole town of Charleston, with all its buildings, was moved across the river to the new settlement. At first known as New Charleston, it was subsequently renamed Forsayth. This listing is of the old Charleston Cemetery, the earliest inscription extant being dated 1875.

Peter and Karen Patterson-Kane visited the cemetery in April 2010 and made digital images and notes of all the visible inscriptions. They found the site fenced and the area around the graves mown. Peter says he counted at least 14 unmarked grave mounds so it apparent that fewer than half the burials are now marked in any way.

Peter's images may be viewed from the list of inscriptions for this cemetery. The list was compiled by Karen and reference has been made to the Queensland indices of births, deaths and marriages for additional information.

From Forsayth, take the Einasleigh Road for 1km, turn left onto Curralle Station Road for 1.3km and left into Cemetery Road for 1.6km to the cemetery. Lat -18.565877 Long 143.591523

Charleston Cemetery is controlled by the Etheridge Shire Council. For further information, contact Council at PO Box 12, Georgetown QLD 4871; phone 07 4062 1233






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