Mareeba Pioneer Cemetery

Address: Costin Street, Mareeba 4880 QLD     Inscriptions for Mareeba Pioneer Cemetery

Mareeba Pioneer Cemetery appears to have been established shortly before the turn of the 19th century. It contains inscriptions that range from 1896 to 2007. Approximately two-thirds of the burials here are unmarked.

Inside a gazebo in the cemetery grounds is mounted an honour roll of over 1700 names of persons known to have been buried on this site or hereabouts but whose graves cannot now be identified. In what must have been a massive project, information for the honour roll was gathered from many sources including the records of earlier Councils, Queensland death registrations, Queensland State Archives, funeral director records, electoral rolls and newspaper obituaries. The compilers are to be congratulated for their fine achievement in creating such a valuable historical record.

Peter and Karen Patterson-Kane visited the cemetery during November 2009 and made digital images and notes of every visible inscription. They found the grounds in good condition and the monuments mostly erect, although some had become difficult to read through the effluxion of time.

Peter and Karen compiled the list of all inscriptions for this cemetery from their images and notes and with reference to the Queensland births, deaths and marriages online search facility and to the Australian War Memorial online military rolls for additional information.

Council has been requested (6 Jan 2010) to provide a copy of the list of the unmarked graves as displayed in the cemetery. It is hoped to add details of the honour roll to that list in the future.

More information

Mareeba Pioneer Cemetery is administered the Mareeba Shire Council. For further information, contact Council at PO Box 154, Mareeba QLD 4880; phone: 1300 308 461 OR 07 4086 4500 ; email:



The number of inscriptions for this cemetery is 874
The number of inscriptions with headstone image(s) is 873
The listing was last updated on 2010-01-07
The listing was complete as at 2009-11-30

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Tilse13 Smith13 Wilson12 Wright11 Peters9 Kelly8 Casey8 
Roberts8 Sorensen7 Petersen7 Johnston7 Firth7 Taylor6 Bailey6 
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Brown5 Rains5 Sheppard5 Anderson5 Walters5 Troughton5 Trevarthen4 
Thompson4 Grant4 Neill4 Lynch4 Jones4 Costin4 Robbins4 
Glendon4 Pillar4 Couper4 Swan4 Turner4 Walton4 Ray4 
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