Wellingrove Presbyterian Cemetery

Address: Wellingrove 2370 NSW

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The tiny Wellingrove Cemetery is associated with a Presbyterian Church that dates from 1866. Little now remains of the abandoned township of Wellingrove and the church has long since ceased to be used on a regular basis. Both the church building and the cemetery are heritage listed.

The monuments in Wellingrove Cemetery are in various stages of preservation and range in date from 1875 to 1928. A number of them has fallen and stock being allowed to graze the area without the remaining monuments being protected poses a threat to their continued survival.

Joe Sharman visited the site in September 2009 and recorded all the visible inscriptions. Ray Cork has since contributed digital images of the inscriptions that he made in December 2009. The list of inscriptions has been compiled with reference to the NSW indices of births, deaths and marriages for further information.

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The locality of Wellingrove is 22km north-west of Glen Innes via the Strathbogie Road.

Latitude/longitude -29.640503,151.565063


The number of inscriptions for this cemetery is 21
The number of inscriptions with headstone image(s) is 21
The listing was last updated on 2009-12-31
The listing was complete as at 2009-09-11

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Lat/Lng: -29.640503,151.565063

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