Dural Uniting Church Cemetery

Address: Derriwong Road, Dural 2158 NSW

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The Dural Uniting Church Cemetery embraces a monumental portion that contains inscriptions dating from 1865, a lawn section that appears to have been established in the 1980s and a columbarium (or memorial wall) that displays plaques dating from 1941. Most of the old monuments are in surprisingly good condition and are quite beautiful in their design and execution. The grounds were found in good order and well maintained.

Michael Brookhouse visited the cemetery early in 2009 and made digital images of all visible inscriptions. His pictures may downloaded from the list of all inscriptions for this cemetery. That list was compiled from Mick's images and with reference to the NSW BDM indices and the AWM online military rolls for additional information. We also wish to acknowledge with thanks further information and clarifications provided by Marilynne Black, who has extensively researched her close family links with this cemetery.

How to find it

From Dural, travel south along Old Northern Road for 0.9km; turn right into Derriwong Lane from where is it 0.3km to the cemetery at the intersection with Derriwong Road.

Latitude/longitude -33.691559,151.029419


The number of inscriptions for this cemetery is 400
The number of inscriptions with headstone image(s) is 400
The listing was last updated on 2009-05-11
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Roughley29 Cusbert17 Mobbs14 Hunt12 Fagan12 Waddell9 Schwebel9 
Nicolson9 Hitchcock7 McIlvride7 Bennett6 Knight6 Thompson6 Peebles6 
Gillis5 Semple5 Green5 Williams5 Christie5 Best4 Small4 
Muscio4 Gorton3 Harris3 Wedge3 Jarrett3 Pringle3 Clarke3 
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Edwards3 Smith3 Quin3 Bullock3 Halcrow3 Black3 Kean2 
Godwin2 Moulds2 Grant2 Elliott2 Gare2 Manton2 Ifield2 

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Lat/Lng: -33.691559,151.029419

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