Cemetery 419 - Rouse Hill Anglican

Rouse Hill Anglican

Aberdour Avenue

Rouse Hill





The Rouse Hill Cemetery was established by Christ Church Anglican in the early 1870s and stands on land donated by Robert Rouse. An on-site notice says: "Before the establishment of this cemetery, the colonials would bury their dead at Parramatta or Windsor and, before that, the early settlers buried family members in secluded corners of their properties. . ."

The cemetery contains inscriptions dating from 1874 to 2000. Some of the early sandstones have obviously been restored in recent times and are quite beautiful; other have degenerated over the years and are now difficult to read. The rows of graves are set out in an unusual oval pattern.

Michael Brookhouse visited the site and made digital images of every visible inscription on 10 January 2009. The list of inscriptions for this cemetery has been compiled from Michael's images and with reference to the NSW BDM indices and Australian War Memorial online military rolls for additional information.

Rouse Hill Anglican Cemetery is administered by the Anglican Church of Australia, Diocese of Sydney.





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