Lockhart Cemetery

Address: Cemetery Road, Lockhart 2656 NSW

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Lockhart General Cemetery is divided into Anglican, Catholic, General, Lutheran, Methodist and Presbyterian portions. There is also a lawn cemetery on the site, for details of which see under Lockhart Lawn Cemetery.

The monumental cemetery is maintained in excellent order by the Lockhart Shire Council and contains inscriptions dating from 1891. The monuments are generally in good order and erect. These have all been photographed by Dawn and John Smith who have contributed their digital images of every visible inscription made over a period of several weeks during mid-2008. We would also like to express our appreciation to the Lockhart Shire Council for access to their records of burial. As was expected, over 30 per cent of all known burials at this location are, at least now, unmarked.

Dawn's and John's images may be downloaded from the list of inscriptions for this cemetery. That list was compiled from those images and Council records and with reference to the NSW indices of births, deaths and marriages and the Australian War Memorial nominal rolls of service men and women for both world wars for additional information.

How to find it

From the centre of town, head east along Green Street and continue on Lockhart Road for a further 1.7km to Cemetery Road.

Latitude/longitude -35.220287,146.746094

More information

The Lockhart Cemetery is administered by the Lockhart Shire Council. For further information, contact Council at 69 Green Street (PO Box 21), Lockhart NSW 2656; phone: 02 6920 5305; email: mail@lockhart.nsw.gov.au

See http://www.lockhart.nsw.gov.au/


The number of inscriptions for this cemetery is 1,335
The number of inscriptions with headstone image(s) is 919
The listing was last updated on 2008-09-14
The listing was complete as at 2008-08-15

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Smith28 Matthews27 Gleeson23 Browne20 Lane16 Geppert15 Watson14 
Lynch13 Heckendorf12 Biscaya11 Day11 Wilson11 Nimmo11 Smallwood11 
O'Connell10 Jones10 McKenzie10 Turner10 Rawson9 Bourke9 Maslin9 
Williams9 Lawson9 McDonald9 Mitchell9 Lehmann8 Ralston8 Vance8 
Westblade8 Trevaskis7 Gooden7 Davis7 Schirmer7 Mott7 Schneider7 
Harrington7 Howard7 McDonnell7 Anderson6 Thomson6 Hogan6 Kennedy6 
Rynehart6 Burkinshaw6 Hall6 Bond6 Mahedy6 Doig6 Mathews5 

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Lat/Lng: -35.220287,146.746094

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