Curlewis Cemetery

Address: Off Kamilaroi Highway, Curlewis 2381 NSW

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Curlewis Cemetery presented a rather neglected appearance when Reg visited the site in September 2007. The cemetery is surrounded by trees and there are many trees within the grounds. In places, there were fallen branches and tree litter and the grass was due to be cut. Because of the abundance of trees, many of the headstones are stained by sap and nectar. However, most of the monuments are in good order, standing erect and there are no apparent signs of vandalism

The cemetery is fairly obviously divided into portions but none of these is signposted. The earliest inscription we found was dated 1903. There are many temporary markers and unmarked graves.

The digital images may be viewed from the list of inscriptions for this cemetery. That list was compiled with reference to the NSW BDM indexes and to military records for additional information.

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Curlewis is a small town of about 600 residents 17km south of Gunnedah on the Kamilaroi Highway. Turn off the highway at the Curlewis sign, take the first left and first left again. The cemetery is approximately 500 metres from the highway.

Latitude/longitude -31.126801,150.269104

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The Curlewis Cemetery is administered by the Gunnedah Shire Council. For further information, contact Council at PO Box 63, Gunnedah NSW 2380; phone 02 6740 2100; email:



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Mehaffy2 Kettlewell2 Walker2 Rankmore2 Sampson2 Bayliss2 Rendalls2 
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Lat/Lng: -31.126801,150.269104

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