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Taree Estate Private

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The Taree Estate Private Cemetery was established on the property "Taree" during the early years of European settlement in the district. Plaques on the site provide considerable information on the history of the property, its owners and its development. The following is extracted from one of them:

"Residue of the Estate of Henry Flett Esq. MP 1810-1879
In 1846, Henry Flett purchased the property "Tarree", a private grant of 2560 acres made in 1831 to his father-in-law, William Wynter RN. Henry Flett proceeded to develop the farming land on the property with the introduction of tenant farmers. In 1854, on part of the estate, he established and named the private town of Taree. Henry Flett was the first member for Hastings in the 3rd and 4th NSW Parliaments, 1859-1864.

"This cemetery of 2.2 acres was designated by Henry Flett as a cemetery for the use by family members, the families of early settlers and and tenant farmers and their descendants free of charge. His request has been honoured by the Flett family down the years.

"The graves of Henry Flett, Mary Flett (his wife) and Elizabeth Wynter (William Wynter's wife) are in this cemetery. The first recorded burial here was that of John Chamberlain Tilney in 1845. His son, George Tilney, chose this site for the grave.

"This marker is erected to the memory of the early settlers on Taree Estate, to whom we owe so much, by the Flett Family January, 1991."

Paul Fitzgerald visited and photographed all in the inscriptions on 28 September 2007. He says that the grounds are maintained by a group of volunteers and that they were in good condition.

Paul's images may be downloaded from the list of inscriptions for this cemetery. That list was compiled with reference to the NSW BDM indexes and military records for further information.

Taree Estate Cemetery is not visible from the roadside and appears to be a vacant block between house numbers 73 and 75 in Edinburgh Drive. It has no signage at the roadside, however walking or driving up the hill and over the crest you are greeted with a view of the historic cemetery.





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