Yetholme Anglican Cemetery

Address: Porters Lane, Yetholme 2795 NSW

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Inscriptions at this little Anglican cemetery of St Paul's date from 1873. Many are roughly inscribed names and dates on small concrete slabs set at ground level with no other information. Because they are horizontal and thus fully exposed to the elements, a number of them are now very difficult to read. A number of small concrete crosses also set at ground level no doubt indicate otherwise unmarked graves. Within the cemetery is a small memorial garden that was dedicated on 5 April 1981. The details of plaques mounted on the garden wall have been included in this list.

When we visited the cemetery on 22 February 2006, we found it in excellent condition, well maintained with the grass cut and trimmed and the grounds free of broken glass and rabbit holes. We found no evidence of vandalism. Jean and I made digital images and notes of all visible inscriptions. In compiling the list of inscriptions, we also referred to the NSW indexes of births, deaths and marriage and to the World War 1 and World War 2 Nominal Rolls for further information.

How to find it

Yetholme is a village on the Great Western Highway between Lithgow and Bathurst. At Yetholme, turn north off the highway at the Yetholme village sign and then right into Porters Lane. St Paul's and its cemetery is located on the right hand side of the road at number 54.

Latitude/longitude -33.448002,149.818497

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St Paul's Church is within the Anglican Diocese of Bathurst. For further information on the church and cemetery, contact the Diocesan Office, 3 Church Street, Bathurst NSW 2795. Email:


The number of inscriptions for this cemetery is 161
The number of inscriptions with headstone image(s) is 165
The listing was last updated on 2006-02-26
The listing was complete as at 2006-02-22

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Turner23 Barnett12 Maccabee9 Baker7 Boyd7 Williamson6 Knight6 
Berry5 Slingsby5 Donaldson5 Walshaw4 Clarke3 Bromfield3 Egan3 
Porter3 Sykes3 Davies3 Guihot2 Rawson2 Roberts2 Reeks2 
Upjohn2 Allen2 Halse2 Gray2 Kerr2 McManus2 Beckett2 
Steel2 Duchesne2 Joyce2 Vrhovsek2 Phillips2 Gant2 Little1 
Harvey1 Nairne1 Forrester1 Brown1 McLean1 Withers1 Rylah1 
Irvine1 Thompson1 Jameson1 Munt1 Morris1 Shumack1 March1 

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Lat/Lng: -33.448002,149.818497

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