Yeoval Cemetery

Address: Tremain Drive, Yeoval 2868 NSW     Inscriptions for Yeoval Cemetery

This site is divided into denominational portions but, other than the Catholic and Baptist portions, they are not identified in any way. It also contains a memorial wall for ashes, erected in recent years from public subscription, and a small cenotaph.

The cemetery appears to be a little more than 100 years old; the earliest memorial we found was dated 1894. When we visited, most of the site had been roughly mown but the areas around the graves had not been trimmed. An attempt by someone to create a garden had been overtaken by the drought. It is fenced but there are no amenities.

This list was compiled from digital images that Jean and I made of every visible inscription and from notes taken on site on 19 and 28 November 2002. We also consulted the NSW index of births, deaths and marriages to help determine some names and dates that were difficult to read and for additional information. Images of inscriptions may be viewed and downloaded from the list of all inscriptions for this cemetery.

How to find it

Tremain Drive runs off the eastern side of the Wellington Road, about 1km north of the township of Yeoval.

Latitude/longitude -32.736839,148.661438

More information

Yeoval township is in the Shire of Cabonne but its cemetery lies just within the boundary of the Shire of Wellington. Contact Wellington Shire Council at PO Box 62 Wellington NSW 2820; phone 02 6845 2099; email:


The number of inscriptions for this cemetery is 448
The number of inscriptions with headstone image(s) is 446
The listing was last updated on 2006-02-14
The listing was complete as at 2002-11-28

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Miller29 Wykes18 Coady13 Tremain12 Whittaker11 Kerin10 Higgins10 
Ryan10 Bowhay9 Johnson9 Wilkin8 Stephens7 Cavanagh7 Sutton7 
Blatch7 Berney7 Vaughan6 Job6 Donnelly6 Chown6 Carpenter6 
Lees6 Longmore6 Knight6 Strahorn5 Benton5 Simmons5 Wirth5 
Gibson5 Conroy5 Brown5 Munro4 Cooper4 Byrne4 Rodwell4 
Agnew4 Miskell4 Morris3 Price3 Cupitt3 Riley3 Neville3 
Edwards3 Howarth3 Sparkes3 Stanbrook3 Collis3 Hunter3 Armstrong3 

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Lat/Lng: -32.736839,148.661438

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