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Frankston Anglican ChurchBay St FrankstonVIC00
Frederick Ashwell Lone Grave Mount TootieNSW00
Frederick Gay Lone Gravebehind Toongabbie Cemetery ToongabbieVIC00
FredericktonGreat North Rd FredericktonNSW3,2773,275(complete to 2014-05-11)
Freeburgh CairnGreat Alpine Way FreeburghVIC00
FreelingCnr Borrow St & Leske Rd FreelingSA00
Freeling Methodist (Greens) Morn HillSA00
Freeling Nain Lutheran FreelingSA00
Freeling Schoenfeldt Lutheran FreelingSA00
Freeling Zum Schmalen Weg Lutheran FreelingSA00
FremantleCarrington St FremantleWA00
Fremantle Alma StAlma Street FremantleWA00
Fremantle Cemetery PalmyraWA10(partial listing)
Fremantle Skinner StSkinner Street FremantleWA00
French IslandThe Rest French IslandVIC00
Frenchs ForestHakea Ave Frenchs ForestNSW16,8420(complete to 2013-12-20)
Freshwater CampShark Bay Rd DenhamWA00
Freshwater CreekAnglesea Rd Freshwater CreekVIC00
Friedensberg LutheranLablacks Rd SpringtonSA00
Friends Burial GroundMellifont St West HobartTAS00
Frogmore CatholicFrogmore Road, FrogmoreNSW121121(complete to 2009-12-26)
Frosts RestCnr Frost & Babers Roads, CooranbongNSW77(complete to 2011-09-08)
Fryerstownoff Market St FryerstownVIC00
Fulham Methodist VaultCnr Henley Beach Rd & Tapleys Hill Rd FulhamSA00
FurnerCliffords Rd FurnerSA00
Gabanintha Star of the Eastoff Meekatharra-Sandstone Rd GabaninthaWA00
GabbinWelsh Rd GabbinWA00
Gabo Island Gabo IslandVIC00
Gaffneys CreekMansfield Woods Point Rd Gaffneys CreekVIC00
Gagebrook Anglican ChurchCnr Briggs Rd & Gage Rd GagebrookTAS00
Gagebrook Uniting ChurchBriggs Rd GagebrookTAS00
Gala Kirk Uniting Church Cranbrook TAS00
GalgaCemetery Rd GalgaSA00
Galong (Galong Monastery)off Galong - Boorowa Road, GalongNSW366365(complete to 2009-10-31)
Gan Gan New Gan GanNT00
Gan Gan Old Gan GanNT00
Gange burial groundGange Place DrysdaleVIC00
GanmainGrave St GanmainNSW00
Gap Beach Road294 Arakoon Rd South West RocksNSW22(complete to 2014-08-13)
Gapuwiyak GapuwiyakNT00
GarahMookoo-Garah Rd GarahNSW00
GardensGardens Road DarwinNT963265(complete to 2008-12-31)
Garners Beach Privateoff Garners Beach Rd Garners BeachQLD00
GarraCemetery Road, GarraNSW138135(complete to 2010-03-07)
GarrundahBicentennial National Trail GarrundahNSW00
Garvocoff Recreation Reserve Rd GarvocVIC00
Gascoyne JunctionKillili Rd Gascoyne JunctionWA00
GattonLake Apex Drive GattonQLD00
Gawler Anglican ChurchCheek Ave GawlerSA00
Gawler Old Pioneer ParkMurray St GawlerSA00
Gawler River Methodist ChurchGawler River Rd Gawler RiverSA00
GayndahDowning St GayndahQLD00
Geelong EasternOrmond Road Geelong EastVIC00
Geelong Memorial ParkBurvilles Rd Mount DuneedVIC00
Geelong Memorial Park and CrematoriumBurvilles Road Mount DuneedVIC00
Geelong WesternMinerva Road Geelong WestVIC00
Geeralying AboriginalCowcher Rd MiniginWA00
Geeveston AnglicanHuon Highway GeevestonTAS00
Geeveston Anglican Church GeevestonTAS00
Geeveston Catholic Church GeevestonTAS00
Geeveston Church of ChristHuon Highway GeevestonTAS00
Geeveston CongregationalCemetery Rd GeevestonTAS00
GelantipyGelantipy Rd GelantipyVIC00
GembrookBlackwood Lane GembrookVIC00
General Bridges GraveGeneral Bridges Drive DuntroonACT00
Genoa GenoaVIC00
George Atkinson MemorialRiver Road LatrobeTAS55(partial listing)
George Southport Lagoon TAS00
George TownMarguerite St George TownTAS00
George Town Mary Magdalene Anglican Church TAS00
George Town Port Dalrymple TAS00
Georges PlainsSt Johns Road, Georges PlainsNSW118107(complete to 2007-03-08)
GeorgetownCemetery Road, GeorgetownQLD139142(complete to 2010-04-25)
Georgetown Catholic ChurchHurtle St GeorgetownSA00
Georgetown SAKoolunga Rd GeorgetownSA00
Geraldine Mine Geraldine MineWA00
GeraldtonAbraham St GeraldtonWA00
Geraldton Apex Park PioneerUrch St GeraldtonWA00
Geraldton Catholic Church CathedralCathedral Ave GeraldtonWA00
Geraldton PioneerEastward Rd GeraldtonWA00
Geramy Station Private OxleyNSW00
Geranium Plains Lutheran ChurchJunction Rd Geranium PlainsSA00
Gerard Mission GerardSA00
Gerilgambeth Private GravesPattersons Rd HarefieldNSW00
German Town German TownTAS00
Gerogery WestMcLeod St GerogeryNSW00
GerringongCnr Belinda & Percy Streets, GerringongNSW1,1531,152(complete to 2007-09-30)
Gerringong Anglican ChurchFern St GerringongNSW00
GeurieOff Mitchell Highway, GeurieNSW359359(complete to 2003-02-04)
GheerullaMoy Pocket Rd GheerullaQLD00
Giants Ck St Johns NSW00
Giants CreekOff Golden Highway, Giants CreekNSW121121(complete to 2001-04-17)
Gibbo River GraveBenambra-Corryong Rd Nariel ValleyVIC00
Giblett Grave211 Glenisla Rd CarmelWA00
GilgaiGuyra Rd GilgaiNSW00
GilgandraCastlereagh Highway, GilgandraNSW2,6552,652(complete to 2004-04-16)
Gilgering Anglican ChurchGreat Southern Highway GilgeringWA00
Gilgunnia GilgunniaNSW00
GillenbahBack Morundah Rd GillenbahNSW00
Gillingall Graves PrivateWoolshed Track VIC00
Gilpepee OutstationTanbar Station WindorahQLD00
Gilwarra (Glenthorne General)Gilwarra Lane, GlenthorneNSW6060(complete to 2008-04-27)
Gin GinCrescent St Gin GinQLD00
Gin Gin Lone GraveWarren Rd Gin GinNSW00
Gindalbieoff Donkey Rocks Rd GindalbieWA00
GinginBrockman St GinginWA00
Gingin Anglican ChurchWeld St GinginWA00
Gingin Catholic ChurchFraser St GinginWA00
Gingin PioneerWeld St GinginWA00
Gingin Willowbrook GinginWA00
Ginninderra Anglican ChurchHoran Pl GinninderraNSW00
Gins LeapKamilaroi Highway, BoggabriNSW55(complete to 2008-02-16)
Gippsland Memorial ParkCemetery Drive TraralgonVIC00
Gipsy PointGipsy Point Rd Gipsy PointVIC00
GirilamboneArcturus Street, GirilamboneNSW119119(complete to 2005-04-14)
Girilambone OldBooroomugga Rd GirilamboneNSW00
GisborneAitken St GisborneVIC00
Gladesville Asylum (Tarban Creek)Victoria Rd GladesvilleNSW00
GladstoneCemetery Rd GladstoneQLD00
Gladstone LawnAerodrome Rd GladstoneQLD00
Gladstone SACemetery Rd GladstoneSA00
Gladstone TASoff Cape Portland Rd GladstoneTAS00
Glamorgan ValeMarburg-Fernvale Rd Glamorgan ValeQLD00
Glebe Road CatholicGlebe Rd New NorfolkTAS00
Glen AliceGlen Alice Road, Glen AliceNSW114114(complete to 2002-08-14)
Glen Huntly Catholic ChurchCnr Neerim Rd & Grange Rd Glen HuntlyVIC00
Glen Huon Uniting ChurchGlen Huon Rd Glen HuonTAS00
Glen InnesGrafton Street, Glen InnesNSW7,5287,524(complete to 2012-01-28)
Glen Innes Catholic Church162 Meade St Glen InnesNSW00
Glen Innes WarGrafton Street, Glen InnesNSW55(complete to 2011-02-26)
Glen Morrison Glen MorrisonNSW00
Glen Osmond Anglican ChurchPridmore Glebe Rd Glen OsmondSA00
Glen Ronald Station VIC00
Glen William NSW00
Glen William AnglicanGlen William Church Road, Glen WilliamNSW102108(complete to 2004-01-01)
Glen WillsOmeo Highway Glen WillsVIC00
GlenaladaleFernbank Glenaladle Rd Iguana CreekVIC00
Glenalvon PrivateGlenalvon MurrurundiNSW36(complete to 2011-11-30)
Glencairn Station Private TullibigealNSW00
GlencoeNew England Highway, GlencoeNSW118118(complete to 2007-09-14)
Glencoe LawnGlencoe Rd GlencoeQLD00
Glencoe Lutheran ChurchGowrie Rd GlencoeQLD00
Glendaruel GlendaruelVIC00
Glendeuart NSW00
GlendonGlendon Lane, GlendonNSW2325(complete to 2011-02-02)
Glendon Brook Catholic ChurchGlendon Brook Rd Glendon BrookNSW00
Glendor Marylands Private NSW00
Glenduart North MoruyaNSW00
Gleneagle CatholicMount Lindesay Highway, GleneagleQLD646646(complete to 2010-05-30)
Glenelg Anglican ChurchTorrens Square GlenelgSA00
Glenella ParkGlenella Road GlenellaQLD00
Glengallan HomesteadNew England Highway GlengallanQLD00
Glengarry Catholic Church GlengarryTAS00
Glengower Kooroocherangoff Creswick-Newstead Rd CampbelltownVIC00
GlenlyonHolcombe Rd GlenlyonVIC00
Glenlyon OldMalmsbury-Daylesford Rd GlenlyonVIC00
GlenmaggieLicola Rd GlenmaggieVIC00
Glenmore NSW00
Glenmore Camden Uniting ChurchMoores Way GlenmoreNSW00
Glenmore Uniting ChurchWine Country Drive, RothburyNSW6095(complete to 2010-04-30)
Glennellen Lutheran ChurchGlennellen Rd GlennellenNSW00
GlenorchyCemetery Rd GlenorchyVIC00
Glenorchy Anglican ChurchGlenorchy GlenorchyTAS00
Glenorchy Campbell Family Private MelroseSA00
Glenorchy Kensington Chapel GlenorchyTAS00
Glenorchy Presbyterian ChurchGlenorchy GlenorchyTAS00
Glenpatrick GlenpatrickVIC00
GlenquarryTourist Road GlenquarryNSW00
GlenreaghCemetery Road, GlenreaghNSW144144(complete to 2011-12-04)
Glenridding Uniting ChurchPutty Road, SingletonNSW525545(complete to 2001-10-31)
Glenroy HartleyJenolan Caves Rd HartleyNSW00
Glenthompsoncnr Scott St & Thompson St GlenthompsonVIC00
GlentromieGreat Northern Highway GlentromieWA10(partial listing)
Glenview PrivateLuna Rd Oman AmaQLD00
GloucesterCemetery Road, GloucesterNSW2,7532,750(complete to 2010-01-17)
Glwyndr Private Oberon AreaNSW00
Gnadenberg Lutheran"Parrot Hill Road," MocultaSA00
Gnadenfrei LutheranMarananga Road MaranangaSA00
Gnadenthal Lutheran PenshurstVIC00
GnowangerupStrathavon Rd GnowangerupWA00
Gnowangerup Aboriginaloff Toompup Rd GnowangerupWA00
Gnowangerup OldQuinn Street GnowangerupWA00
Gnowangerup Pioneeroff Cecil St GnowangerupWA00
GoburYaarck Rd GoburVIC00
Godfrey CreekGreat Ocean Road East of Apollo BayVIC00
Godolphin Graveyardoff West Guyong Rd ByngNSW00
Gods AcreBeatty Rd ArcherfieldQLD00
Gol GolWood St Gol GolNSW00
Gol Gol Lone GraveSturt Hwy Gol GolNSW00
Golden GroveOne Tree Hill Rd Golden GroveSA00
Golf Hill StationSouth St ShelfordVIC00
Gomersal Good Shepherd LutheranGomersal Rd GomersalSA00
Gongolgon NSW00
Goobang (Parkes Old)Wellington Rd GoobangNSW3737(complete to 2014-08-29)
GoodnaStuart Rd GoodnaQLD00
Goodnight Scrub Goodnight ScrubQLD00
GoodoogaChandos St GoodoogaNSW129129(complete to 2014-08-12)
Goodwood Anglican Church GoodwoodSA00
GoolgowiMid Western Highway GoolgowiNSW00
Goolma Lambing Hill (Lambing Hill)Gollan Road, GoolmaNSW77(complete to 2005-02-17)
GooloogongCemetery Road, GooloogongNSW4000(complete to 2005-04-30)
Gooloogong PioneerGrey St GooloogongNSW22(complete to 2014-09-08)
Goolwa OldCnr Kessell Rd & Houlden Rd GoolwaSA00
GoomallingCemetery Rd GoomallingWA00
GoombarganaCemetery Rd GoombarganaNSW00
Goombungee HadenCemetery Rd GoombungeeQLD00
GoomeriWest Rd GoomeriQLD00
GoondiwindiCemetery Rd GoondiwindiQLD00
GoonellabahSkyline Rd GoonellabahNSW00
Goongarrie 1Goldfields Highway GoongarrieWA00
Goongarrie 2Goldfields Highway GoongarrieWA00
Goonoo Goonoo StationNew England Hwy TamworthNSW00
Goonumbla GoonumblaNSW00
Goorangoola AnglicanGoorangoola Road, GoorangoolaNSW9595(complete to 2007-11-30)
Goornongoff Goornong-Barnadown Rd GoornongVIC00
GoovigenLake Pleasant Rd GoovigenQLD00
Gordonoff Slatey Creek Rd GordonSA00
Gordon Anglican ChurchSt Johns Ave GordonNSW00
Gordon Catholic Church Columbarium21 St Johns Ave GordonNSW00
Gordon OldBrougham St GordonVIC00
Gordon VICCemetery Lane GordonVIC00
Gordon WAoff Yarri Rd GordonWA00
GordonbrookGordon Brook Rd GordonbrookNSW00
GordonvaleHighleigh Rd GordonvaleQLD00
Gore HillPacific Highway St LeonardsNSW16,5160(partial listing)
Goree Station Private NynganNSW00
GormandaleHyland Highway GormandaleVIC00
GorokeNatimuk Frances Rd GorokeVIC00
Gosper Private (Brawdy Farm Private)1665 Upper Colo Road Upper ColoNSW00
Goulburncnr Sydney Rd & Gorman Rd GoulburnNSW00
Goulburn AnglicanCemetery St GoulburnNSW9797(complete to 2014-03-19)
Goulburn JewishLong St GoulburnNSW360(complete to 2014-03-18)
Goulburn OldMortis St GoulburnNSW1,34010(complete to 2014-03-19)
Goulburn St Saviour's CathedralBourke Street GoulburnNSW4450(complete to 2012-07-05)
Goulds Country Union ChapelLottah Rd Goulds CountryTAS00
GounyanGounyan Rd GounyanNSW00
GowangardieCemetery Rd GowangardieVIC00
Gowrie Singleton Private NSW00
Grabben Gullen NSW00
Grace Plains Methodist ChurchNairn Rd Grace PlainsSA00
GracemereFisher Street, GracemereQLD369371(complete to 2008-04-16)
Gradgery GravesWarren Quambone Rd GradgeryNSW00
GraftonVilliers Street, GraftonNSW4,8624,858(complete to 2009-03-31)
Grafton Anglican Church NSW00
Grafton Lutheran ChurchCnr Turf St & Fry St GraftonNSW00
Graham NSW00
Graham LodgeLyrebird Dr NowraNSW77(complete to 2014-06-25)
GramanYetman Rd GramanNSW00
GrandchesterSippels Rd GrandchesterQLD00
Granite FlatOmeo Highway Granite FlatVIC00
GrantGrant Rd GrantVIC00
Granton Anglican ChurchGranton GrantonTAS00
Granton Croatian GrantonTAS00
Granton Hestercombe Congregational GrantonTAS00
GrantvilleBass Highway GrantvilleVIC00
GranyaMurray River Rd GranyaVIC00
Grass Patch PrivateRidley Rd Grass PatchWA00
Grasstree Beach GrasstreeQLD00
Grassy King IslandTAS00
Grassy Creek NSW00
Grassy FlatsMonument Rd Grassy FlatsSA00
Grassy Head NSW00
GravesendOff Gwydir Highway, GravesendNSW1516(complete to 2011-12-19)
Grawin (Glengarry)Walgett-Goodooga Road GrawinNSW00
Grawin Creek InnWalgett - Goodooga Rd GrawinNSW22(complete to 2014-08-04)
Grays BridgeCemetery Rd Grays BridgeVIC00
Graysholm Private (Arlington)Cunningham Highway GraysholmQLD00
GraytownHeathcote-Nagambie Rd GraytownVIC00
Great Southern Garden Of RemembranceMount Cotton Road CarbrookQLD00
Great WesternCemetery Rd Great WesternVIC00
Green Cape NSW00
Green LakeCemetery Rd Green LakeVIC00
Green Patch Jervis Bay NSW00
Green Plains Yorke PeninsulaSA00
Greenbanks Methodist GreenbanksTAS00
GreenbushesSouth Western Highway GreenbushesWA00
Greenbushes NorthSouth Western Highway Greenbushes NorthWA00
GreendaleGreendale-Myrniong Rd GreendaleVIC00
Greendale Anglican Church PrivateGreendale Rd GreendaleNSW00
Greendale Catholic Church946-984 Greendale Rd GreendaleNSW00
Greendale Uniting ChurchLot 58 Carnells Ln BroadwayNSW00
Greenethorpe Private (Iandra Private) GreenethorpeNSW3141(complete to 2007-12-31)
Greengrove John Donovan GraveWisemans Ferry Rd GreengroveNSW00
Greengrove St Peter'soff Mangrove Creek Road, GreengroveNSW6565(complete to 2009-05-31)
GreenhillsYork-Quirading Rd GreenhillsWA00
Greenmount200 Mimosa Park Rd MiltonNSW00
Greenmount Lutheran ChurchAcland-Silverleigh Rd GreenmountQLD00
Greenmount QLD GreenmountQLD00
Greenmount VICCemetery Rd GreenmountVIC00
GreenockBevan St GreenockSA00
GreenoughOld Cemetery Rd GreenoughWA00
Greenough CatholicOld Cemetery Rd GreenoughWA00
Greenough PioneerBrand Highway GreenoughWA00
Greens Plains WestRailway Terrace South Extension ThringtonSA00
GreensboroughHailes St GreensboroughVIC00
Greensborough Anglican ChurchSt Helena Rd GreensboroughVIC00
Greensborough PioneersCnr Main St & St Helena Rd GreensboroughVIC00
Greenvale NSW00
GreenwayAvoca Drive YattalungaNSW00
GrenfellHenry Lawson Way GrenfellNSW00
Gresford AnglicanChurch Street, GresfordNSW432432(complete to 2008-02-19)
GretaEvans Street, GretaNSW900899(complete to 2013-01-17)
Greta VICWangaratta-Whitfield Rd GretaVIC00
Greta WarHunter Street, GretaNSW2121(complete to 2013-01-18)
Gretna Anglican ChurchChurch Rd GretnaTAS00
GriffithCnr Blumer Ave & Wakaden St GriffithNSW00
Griffith Catholic ChurchWarrambool St GriffithNSW00
Grinda NSW00
GringegalgoneGringe Dip Rd GringegalgoneVIC00
Groganville QLD00
Grong Grong NewLachlan St Grong GrongNSW00
Grong Grong OldLachlan St Grong GrongNSW00
Groongal Station Private CarrathoolNSW00
Grossard Lone GraveGrossard Point Rd VentnorVIC00
Grove Hill Grove HillNT00
GrovedaleChurch St BelmontVIC00
Grovely Anglican ChurchChurch Rd GrovelyQLD00
Gubbata NSW00
Gudabijin Bulla GudabijinNT00
GuildfordTurner St GuildfordVIC00
Guildford Grammar (Old East Guildford)Terrace Rd GuildfordWA00
Guildford WAKalamunda Rd GuildfordWA00
Gular GularNSW00
GulargamboneMuraiman Street, GulargamboneNSW612610(complete to 2004-10-08)
GulgongCastlereagh Highway, GulgongNSW2,9152,903(complete to 2004-03-14)
Gullen148 Church Ln GullenNSW00
GullewaMorawa-Yalgoo Rd GullewaWA00
Gulwarra Heights Memorial ParkBurke St WarragulVIC00
Gum Flat965 Copeton Dam Road, Gum FlatNSW188186(complete to 2008-10-31)
Gumbalie (Goombalie) GumbalieNSW00
Gumeracha Baptist ChurchLobethal Gumeracha Rd GumerachaSA00
Gunaldaoff Scrubb Rd GunaldaQLD00
GunbarWhealbah Rd GunbarNSW10(partial listing)
Gunbar Station Private GunbarNSW00
Gundagai NorthWilliam St GundagaiNSW00
Gundagai SouthGocup Rd GundagaiNSW00
GundarooLot Street GundarooNSW200200(complete to 2012-10-31)
Gundaroo CatholicSutton-Gundaroo Rd GundarooNSW00
Gundillion (Emu Creek)Krawarree Road, GundillionNSW7475(complete to 2009-12-31)
GundyMerrimuka Road, GundyNSW177177(complete to 2010-02-07)
Gundy AnglicanMayne Street, GundyNSW2731(complete to 2010-03-31)
Gundy Bellevue Private NSW00
Gundy HistoricChurch Street, GundyNSW1515(complete to 2010-01-31)
GungahlinSandford St MitchellACT00
Gungaloff Flaggs Rd GungalNSW00
GunnedahHunter Street, GunnedahNSW3,7963,763(complete to 2009-10-31)
Gunnedah Mercy Convent151-153 Bloomfield St GunnedahNSW00
GunningWombat St GunningNSW95(partial listing)
Gunning CatholicCollector Rd GunningNSW00
Gunningrah GraveGunningrah Rd GunningrahNSW00
Guntawang PrivateGuntawang, Goolma Road, GulgongNSW108(complete to 2011-09-02)
Gunyan Private NSW00
Gunyangara GunyangaraNT00
Gunyerwaraldi GunyerwaraldiNSW00
GunyidiGunyidi-Wubin Rd GunyidiWA00
Gurrandah NSW00
Gurrumah GurrumahQLD00
GuyraNew England Highway, GuyraNSW1,6131,613(complete to 2011-02-28)
GwabegarNarrabri Road, GwabegarNSW172172(complete to 2006-03-02)
GwallaSecond Ave NorthamptonWA00
GymbowenHennessys Rd GymbowenVIC00
GympieMaryborough Rd GympieQLD00
Haberfield Uniting ChurchSt Davids Rd HaberfieldNSW00
HabermannLight Pass Rd BethanySA00
Hadspen Anglican Church of the Good Shepherd59 Main St HadspenTAS6363(partial listing)
Hadspen Entally Chapel HadspenTAS00
Hadspen Good Shepherd Anglican Church HadspenTAS00
Hadspen Uniting Church47 Main Street HadspenTAS259259(partial listing)
Hagley Anglican ChurchChurch Lane HagleyTAS00
Hagley PresbyterianMeander Valley Way HagleyTAS00
Hagley UnitingHoggs Lane HagleyTAS00
Hahnd Lutheran ChurchCnr Church St & Balhannah Rd HahndSA00
HahndorfCnr Snelling Rd & Echunga Rd HahndorfSA00
Hahndorf Lutheran ChurchMt Barker Rd HahndorfSA00
Haigslea LawnCemetery Rd HaigsleaQLD00
Half Moon FarmUpper Half Moon Rd Lower PortlandNSW150(partial listing)
Halidon HalidonSA00
HalifaxRosendahl St HalifaxQLD00
HallWallaroo Rd HallACT00
HallettBarrier Highway HallettSA00
Halls Creek NewSlattery Ave Halls CreekWA00
Halls Creek OldDuncan Highway Halls CreekWA00
Halls Gap Lone GraveHalls Gap School Road Halls GapVIC00
Hallsville MethodistManilla Road, HallsvilleNSW1515(complete to 2007-12-31)
Hamelin Bayoff Hamelin Bay Rd Hamelin BayWA00
Hamelin Pool Lone Graves Hamelin PoolWA00
Hamilton Anglican Church QLDRacecourse Rd HamiltonQLD00
Hamilton Anglican Church SACaroline St HamiltonSA00
Hamilton Anglican Church TASPonsonby St HamiltonTAS00
Hamilton Catholic Church HamiltonTAS00
Hamilton GravesLionsville Rd YulgilbarNSW00
Hamilton Lutheran ChurchTarnma Rd HamiltonSA00
Hamilton South LutheranChatsworth Rd HamiltonVIC00
Hamilton Uniting ChurchBurra Rd HamiltonSA00
Hamilton VICGlenelg Highway (Coleraine Rd) HamiltonVIC00
Hamley BridgeStockport Rd Hamley BridgeSA00
Hamley Bridge Catholic ChurchCnr Ronan Rd & Carrig Rd Hamley BridgeSA00
HammondMiddle Rd HammondSA00
Hammond Bushranger Graveoff McDonnells Ln BrookongNSW00
HampdenOff Bruce Highway, HampdenQLD2222(complete to 2010-08-19)
Hanging Rock HistoricNundle - Hanging Rock Road, Hanging RockNSW8181(complete to 2007-06-02)
Hann Family GraveThe Bluff-Bluff Downs Station QLD00
Hannell PrivateOff New England Highway, HexhamNSW33(complete to 2012-06-15)
Hansborough Lutheran ChurchBen Lomond Rd HansboroughSA00
Happy Go LuckyWalhalla Track Happy Go LuckyVIC00
Happy Valley NSW00
Happy Valley SAChandlers Hill Rd Happy ValleySA00
HarcourtCalder Highway HarcourtVIC00
Harford HarfordTAS00
Harford Methodist ChurchChapel Rd HarfordTAS00
HargravesOff Mudgee Road, HargravesNSW10197(complete to 2004-06-04)
Hargraves Catholic HargravesNSW7171(complete to 2004-06-04)
HarkawayHessel Rd BerwickVIC00
Harley HillBeach Road, BerryNSW3636(complete to 3004-09-30)
HarlinBrisbane Valley Highway HarlinQLD00
Harriet Parker Grave (Booderee National Park)off Jervis Bay Rd Greenpatch BeachNSW11(complete to 2014-09-26)
HarrietvilleCemetery Rd HarrietvilleVIC00
HarrismithStock Route Rd HarrismithWA00
HarrisvilleWarrill View-Rd HarrisvilleQLD00
HarrogateHarrowgate Rd HarrogateSA00
HarrowNhill-Rd HarrowVIC00
Harry Birgan LawnGregory Developmental Rd TollQLD00
HartleyGreat Western Highway, HartleyNSW285285(complete to 2007-08-29)
Hartley Anglican Church NSW00
Hartley Catholic ChurchJenolan Caves Rd HartleyNSW00
Hartley Valeoff Fields Road, Hartley ValeNSW152144(complete to 2009-09-16)
Hartley Vale Methodist ChurchCnr Hartley Vale Rd & Berry Hill Rd Hartley ValeSA00
Hartley Valley NSW00
Harvey LawnForestry Rd HarveyWA00
Harvey OldSouth Western Highway HarveyWA00
Harveys ReturnPlayford Highway Kangaroo IslandSA11(partial listing)
Hastings HastingsTAS00
Hatfield Lone GraveBalranald Rd HatfieldNSW00
Hatton ValeNiemayer Rd Hatton ValeQLD00
Hatton Vale Lutheran ChurchCnr Warrego Highway & Summerholm Rd Hatton ValeQLD00
Hatton Vale Oldoff Warrego Highway Hatton ValeQLD00
Havilah AnglicanLue Road, HavilahNSW1212(complete to 2008-05-23)
Havilah CatholicLue Road, HavilahNSW1818(complete to 2008-05-23)
Havilah VIC (Running Creek) HavilahVIC00
Hawdon Street189 Hawdon St HeidelbergVIC00
HawkerCemetery Rd HawkerSA00
Hawkers Green Hawkers GreenTAS00
Hawkesbury PioneerRose St WilberforceNSW00
HawkesdaleCemetery Rd HawkesdaleVIC00
HayCemetery Rd HayNSW00
Hay Valley Methodist ChurchWoodside-Nairne Rd Hay ValleySA00
Hayden PrivateOff Bruxner Highway BonshawNSW00
Hazel GlenArthurs Creek Road Arthurs CreekVIC00
Hazeldell PrivateHazeldell Rd Mulloon CreekNSW00
Hazelgrove (Slippery Creek)Hazelgrove Rd HazelgroveNSW00
HazelwoodYinnar Rd HazelwoodVIC00
Hazledean (Eton Range)Ball St HazledeanQLD00
Headington Hill LutheranCarey Road, Headington HillQLD44(complete to 2007-02-13)
HealesvilleDon Rd HealesvilleVIC00
HeathcoteCemetery Rd HeathcoteVIC00
Hebden AnglicanHebden Rd HebdenNSW00
HebelCastlereagh Highway, HebelQLD2828(complete to 2007-04-10)
Heidelberg OldHawdon Street HeidelbergVIC00
Heidelberg WarringalUpper Rd HeidelbergVIC00
HelensburgCemetery Road, HelensburghNSW536535(complete to 2009-09-06)
HelidonCemetery Rd HelidonQLD00
Helidon CatholicDip Rd HelidonQLD00
Helys Grave553 Pacific Highway WyomingNSW11(complete to 2014-08-30)
Hemmant TingalpaTingalpa Rd HemmantQLD00
Henbury StationStuart Highway Ghan NT00
HenriettaBourke Rd HenriettaTAS00
Henry Meyrick & Catherine Desailly MemorialMyrtlebank-Fulham Rd MyrtlebankVIC00
HentyGrubben Rd HentyNSW00
Hephzibah Primitive MethodistChurch St SalisburySA00
Herbert Grave NaasACT00
HerbertonSyme Road, HerbertonQLD770769(complete to 2009-09-12)
Hermannsburg Privateoff Larapinta Drive HermannburgNT00
HermidaleGirilambone Road, HermidaleNSW4141(complete to 2005-04-12)
Herons CreekHerons Creek Road, Herons CreekNSW143143(complete to 2010-03-10)
HerrnhutHamilton Hwy Tarrington 3301VIC00
Hervey Bay Hervey BayQLD00
Hestercombe Congregational Austins FerryTAS00
Hesters Scrub (Peters Hill Huppatz) MarrabelSA00
HexhamHamilton Highway HexhamVIC00
HeyfieldTyson Rd HeyfieldVIC00
HeywoodCemetery Rd HeywoodVIC00
Hibbard Port Macquarie221 Hastings River Dr Port MacquarieNSW00
High RangeWonbeyan Caves Rd High RangeNSW00
High Range Anglican ChurchWombeyan Caves Rd High RangeNSW00
Highfields Baptist ChurchKuhls Rd HighfieldsQLD00
Highton (Barrabool Hills)Barrabool Rd HightonVIC00
Hiland CrescentHiland Crescent & Maize Street, TenambitNSW499397(complete to 2006-10-31)
Hill End (Tambaroora General)Mudgee Road, TambarooraNSW456328(complete to 2002-06-30)
Hill End Catholic (Tambaroora Catholic)Off Mudgee Road, TambarooraNSW7677(complete to 2002-06-30)
Hill Smith PrivateEden Valley Road AngastonSA00
Hillbank Little Para Primitive MethodistWilliams Rd HillbankSA00
Hilldale Union Church ColumbariumHilldale Road, HilldaleNSW1212(complete to 2013-02-28)
HillgroveCemetery Rd HillgroveNSW211211(complete to 2014-08-22)
HillstonKidman Way HillstonNSW10(partial listing)
Hillview Private MiltonNSW00
HindmarshCnr Adam St & South Rd HindmarshSA00
Hindmarsh IslandRandell Rd Hindmarsh IslandSA00
Hines HillFeneler Rd Hines HillWA00
Hinton AnglicanCnr Paterson & Elizabeth Streets HintonNSW199210(complete to 2006-01-01)
Hinton PioneerPaterson Street, HintonNSW183177(complete to 2006-01-01)

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