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Smithfield Uniting Church711 The Horsley Drive, SmithfieldNSW222282(complete to 2009-09-30)
Smiths FlatClarence Way, Upper CopmanhurstNSW233233(complete to 2011-11-05)
SodwallsTarana Rd SodwallsNSW00
Sofala AnglicanHargraves Street, SofalaNSW6977(complete to 2004-06-17)
Sofala CatholicUpper Turon Road, SofalaNSW10271(complete to 2004-06-17)
Sofala GeneralBathurst Road, SofalaNSW184193(complete to 2004-05-07)
Soldiers and MinersCordeaux Rd Mt KemblaNSW354352(partial listing)
Soldiers Flat Memorial BillimariNSW2020(complete to 2005-04-26)
Somerton GeneralOff Oxley Highway, SomertonNSW2323(complete to 2006-01-11)
South BowenfelsGreat Western Highway, South BowenfelsNSW409403(complete to 2007-09-19)
South Brisbane General Part A181 Annerley Road, Dutton ParkQLD24,7439,054(complete to 2008-12-31)
South Brisbane General Part B181 Annerley Road, Dutton ParkQLD11,5804,388(complete to 2008-12-31)
South Grafton GeneralCnr Bent & Tyson Streets, South GraftonNSW2,0822,082(complete to 2009-01-31)
South West Rocks NSW00
South WindsorMacquarie St & Richmond Rd WindsorNSW00
Southam Graves PrivateFairview Rd Couria CreekNSW00
Southport Lawn CemeteryMelia Court, SouthportQLD1,2501,264(partial listing)
Southport NTMira Rd SouthportNT6666(complete to 2013-09-19)
Sparkes CreekUpper Dartbrook Rd Sparkes CreekNSW00
Spencer4350 Wisemans Ferry Road Spencer NSW00
Spicers Creek GeneralGulgong Road, Spicers CreekNSW4143(complete to 2002-06-13)
Spottiswood NSW00
Spring Flat NSW00
Spring HillWarburton Lane, Spring HillNSW87110(complete to 2009-08-19)
Spring RidgeTungenbone Road, Spring RidgeNSW7193(complete to 2008-10-13)
Spring Valley The Hermitage ChurchLucky Pass Rd CurrawangNSW00
SpringdaleSpringdale-Wallundry Rd Springdale NSW00
Springfield NSW11(partial listing)
Springfield PrivateWhans Rd LlangothlinNSW00
Springvale HomesteadShadforth Road, KatherineNT712(complete to 2010-07-25)
SpringwoodDavesta Rd SpringwoodNSW00
St Albans New GeneralWollombi Road, St AlbansNSW266265(complete to 2011-07-09)
St Albans Old GeneralSettlers Road, St AlbansNSW8585(complete to 2011-04-11)
St Albans Webbs Creek NSW00
St Anne's RydeChurch Street, RydeNSW426426(complete to 2011-09-12)
St Charles' Borremeo CatholicVictoria Road, RydeNSW205204(complete to 2011-09-12)
St George GeneralCarnarvon Highway, St GeorgeQLD1,4191,419(complete to 2007-04-12)
St Jude's Anglican DuralOld Northern Road, DuralNSW387386(complete to 2012-12-31)
St LawrenceMalcolm Street, St LawrenceQLD115117(complete to 2010-08-20)
St Leonards NSW00
St MarysGreat Western Highway St MarysNSW00
St Marys Anglican ChurchGreat Western Highway St MarysNSW00
St Peters Anglican187 Princes Highway St PetersNSW00
St Thomas Rest ParkWest St Crows NestNSW1,8280(complete to 2014-10-01)
St Thomas Upper MangroveTen Mile Hollow Road, Upper MangroveNSW2628(complete to 2012-03-31)
StanleyBrowns Road, StanleyTAS670670(complete to 2011-07-09)
Stannary HillsStannary Hills Road, IrvinebankQLD6464(complete to 2009-08-15)
StanniferFraser St Stannifer NSW00
StannumTerrington Rd StannumNSW00
Stanwell15 Earl Street, StanwellQLD142142(complete to 2010-01-31)
Stewarts BrookStewarts Brook Road, Stewarts BrookNSW1921(complete to 2010-03-31)
StockinbingalTemora St StockinbingalNSW00
Stockton GeneralFullerton Road, StocktonNSW2,0122,010(complete to 2003-04-21)
Stockton Hospital MemorialFullerton Road, StocktonNSW3232(complete to 2002-07-27)
Stockyard Creek Stockyard CreekNSW00
Stone QuarryStone Quarry Road, JeebropillyQLD276276(complete to 2012-04-16)
Stonehengeoff Stratford Street, StonehengeQLD1919(complete to 2010-07-15)
StonequarryGolspie Rd TaralgaNSW00
Stoney CreekClifton St TenterfieldNSW00
Stoney CreekOrange Road, FarnhamNSW8585(complete to 2006-01-11)
Stony Crossing Stony Crossing NSW00
Stratford GeneralBowens Road, StratfordNSW207207(complete to 2009-12-12)
Strathfield Anglican ChurchHomebush Rd StrathfieldNSW00
Strathfield Russian Orthodox ChurchVernon St StrathfieldNSW00
StroudJohn St StroudNSW00
Stroud AnglicanThe Bucketts Way, StroudNSW185134(complete to 2008-03-27)
Stuart Town GeneralWallaroi Road, Stuart TownNSW597590(complete to 2002-11-12)
SturtLot 117 Ben Beasley Rd TowambaNSW00
Sturts Meadows Station Privateoff Silver City Hwy Fowlers GapNSW00
Sunny Corner GeneralDark Corner Road, Sunny CornerNSW15646(complete to 2005-01-06)
Sunnyside Boolambayte NSW00
Sunnyside PrivateCastlereagh Highway, ArmatreeNSW88(complete to 2005-03-24)
Surat GeneralIvan Street SuratQLD427426(complete to 2007-06-30)
Sutton Forest Anglican ChurchIllawarra Highway Sutton ForestNSW00
Sutton Forest Catholic ChurchIllawarra Highway Sutton ForestNSW00
Swamp OakMichell Street, WeabongaNSW3030(complete to 2009-04-25)
Swan Creek AnglicanSwan Creek School Road, Swan CreekQLD7777(complete to 2011-01-31)
Swansea Anglican TasWaterloo Rd SwanseaTAS341341(complete to 2014-02-17)
Swansea Catholic TasWaterloo Rd SwanseaTAS6666(complete to 2014-02-17)
Swansea Uniting TasWellington St SwanseaTAS107107(complete to 2014-02-10)
Sydenham Private NSW00
Sylvester Butler Lone Grave Central MacdonaldNSW00
Taabinga Lutheran8965 Bunya Highway, TaabingaQLD4545(complete to 2010-01-31)
Tabbil CreekCemetery Rd Tabbil Creek NSW00
TabletopClothilda Road, CroydonQLD44(complete to 2010-05-22)
Tabulam GeneralRacecourse Rd TabulamNSW9892(complete to 2013-10-21)
Tabulam Old TabulamNSW2023(partial listing)
Taemas NSW00
TahleeTahlee Rd TahleeNSW00
Tallimba Station PrivateAriah Park Rd TallimbaNSW00
TallongLong Point Rd TallongNSW00
Taloumbi Station PrivateBroons Head Rd Taloumbi NSW00
Taltingan Broken HillNSW00
Tambar Springs GeneralO'Rourke Street Tambar SpringsNSW197197(complete to 2007-04-25)
Tambaroora CatholicOff Mudgee Road, TambarooraNSW7677(complete to 2002-06-30)
Tambaroora GeneralMudgee Road, TambarooraNSW456328(complete to 2002-06-30)
Tamrookum AnglicanTamrookum Church Road, TamrookumQLD160164(complete to 2010-05-30)
Tamworth GeneralWestdale Road, TamindaNSW10,15410,100(complete to 2008-08-31)
Tamworth WarForest Road, TamworthNSW2828(complete to 2007-03-22)
Tangmangaroo AnglicanLachlan Valley Way, TangmangarooNSW4451(complete to 2008-01-19)
Tannabutta GeneralCastlereagh Hwy, Apple Tree Flat, MudgeeNSW5052(complete to 2004-05-27)
Tantawangalooff Slaters Lane TantawangaloNSW00
Tara GeneralSara Street, TaraQLD589589(complete to 2007-03-15)
Tarabah Station PrivateColeambally Rd MorundahNSW00
Tarago TaragoNSW00
Taralga Stonequarry NSW00
Tarana AnglicanLowes Mount Road, Mutton FallsNSW222222(complete to 2005-01-12)
Tarana Methodist NSW00
Tarban CreekVictoria Rd GladesvilleNSW00
Tarcutta Anglican ChurchShort St TarcuttaNSW00
Tarcutta GeneralGresham Street, TarcuttaNSW30072(complete to 2008-03-31)
Taree Anglican Columbarium294 Victoria Street, TareeNSW521521(complete to 2009-06-06)
Taree Estate PrivateEdinburgh Drive, TareeNSW291290(complete to 2007-09-28)
Taree GeneralOff Lansdowne Road, TareeNSW3,7573,749(complete to 2008-03-31)
Taree LawnOff Lansdowne Road, TareeNSW2,9972,995(complete to 2008-01-31)
Taree Old GeneralWoola Road, KolondongNSW199192(complete to 2007-09-18)
Taree Presbyterian Columbarium76 Albert Street, TareeNSW2525(complete to 2009-06-30)
Tarraganda NSW00
Tarro GeneralQuarter Sessions Road, TarroNSW141123(complete to 2008-06-19)
Tea GardensYalinbah St Tea GardensNSW00
Telegraph PointFarrawells Road, Telegraph PointNSW3030(complete to 2009-03-14)
TemoraThom St TemoraNSW00
TenambitRaymond Terrace Rd TenambitNSW00
Tennant Creek Telegraph StationStuart Highway, Tennant CreekNT24(complete to 2010-07-14)
Tenterden OlleraNSW394348(complete to 2008-08-27)
TenterfieldWestern St TenterfieldNSW00
Teralba PioneerBilly Goat Hill, BooragulNSW1313(complete to 2010-08-31)
TerrabileHillside Rd CurbanNSW00
Terrible Vale Private KentuckyNSW5353(complete to 2000-12-31)
Terry Hie HieMoree Terry Rd Terry Hie Hie NSW00
Terry Hie Hie OldMoree Terry Rd Terry Hie Hie NSW00
Thackaringaoff Barrier Hwy Thackaringa NSW00
Thalaba Baptist CommunityThalaba Church Road, MarshdaleNSW202201(complete to 2013-02-01)
ThallonWilliam Street, ThallonQLD99(complete to 2007-07-20)
The BightTinonee Road, WinghamNSW316316(complete to 2008-11-03)
The Briars PrivateBriars-Sharrow Rd HoskinstownNSW00
The Circle ParkThe Circle GriffithNSW00
The Grange Macquarie Plains NSW00
The GumsOff Tara Road, The GumsQLD4242(complete to 2007-06-16)
The Meadows Private Oberon AreaNSW00
The OaksSilverdale Rd The Oaks NSW00
The Oaks Anglican ChurchMerlin St The OaksNSW00
The Oaks Burial GroundFlorence St Oaks EstateACT00
The Oaks Catholic Church5-15 Merlin St The OaksNSW00
The Oaks St Matthews Anglican ChurchOld Oaks Rd The OaksNSW00
The PinnaclesFortis Drive The Pinnacles NSW00
The RockMilne Road, The RockNSW700648(complete to 2009-10-31)
ThirlmereStation St ThirlmereNSW00
Thomas Shadforth MemorialGreendale Rd GreendaleNSW00
ThornboroughThornborough Road, ThornboroughQLD4040(complete to 2009-09-30)
ThornthwaiteUpper Dartbrook Rd Sparkes CreekNSW00
ThuddungraBimbi Via Hunters Rd ThuddungraNSW00
Thurlow Methodist ChurchRange Road Baw BawNSW00
TibooburraOff Silver City Highway, TibooburraNSW140140(complete to 2010-07-31)
Tilba Little LakeHaxtead Rd TilbaNSW00
Tilba MethodistCorkhill Drive Central TilbaNSW00
Tilba TilbaCorkhill Drive Tilba TilbaNSW00
Tilpa TilpaNSW00
Tilpa Historical Tilpa al NSW00
Timberry Range NSW00
Timbillica Privateoff Princes Hwy Timbillica NSW00
Tinda Tankoff Nymagee Rd TindaNSW00
TinghaRuby St TinghaNSW00
TingooraCemetery Road, TingooraQLD147147(complete to 2010-01-31)
Tinonee GeneralThe Bucketts Way, TinoneeNSW536535(complete to 2008-10-31)
TintenbarLot 1 Hill St TintenbarNSW00
Tintenbar OldTintenbar Hill North BallinaNSW00
Tintinalogy PrivateWilcannia Rd MenindeeNSW00
Tirrannaville Anglican ChurchBraidwood Rd Tirrannaville NSW00
TocumwalBarooga Rd TocumwalNSW00
Todds Road Private Oberon AreaNSW00
Toganmain Station Privateoff Sturt Hwy CarrathoolNSW00
Tom PriceMt Nameless Road, Tom PriceWA2626(complete to 2009-10-31)
Tomago House ChapelTomago Rd TomagoNSW1616(complete to 2013-12-11)
Tomakin141 Sun Patch Parade TomakinNSW00
TombongTombong Rd TombongNSW00
TomerongPine Forest Rd Tomerong NSW00
Tomingley TomingleyNSW118118(complete to 2014-08-17)
Toms GullyToms Gully Road, Hickeys CreekNSW6464(complete to 2010-09-03)
ToogongToogong Rd ToogongNSW217217(complete to 2014-08-03)
TooleybucLea St Tooleybuc NSW00
TooloomUpper Tooloom Raod TooloomNSW00
Toomelahoff Tucka Tucka Rd Toomelah NSW00
ToompineQuilpie-Thargomindah Road, ToompineQLD55(complete to 2011-05-21)
Toorak Station Private CemeteryCoolreagh Station Julia CreekQLD78(complete to 2013-10-01)
Tooraweenah GeneralOff Coonamble Road, TooraweenahNSW1819(complete to 2006-03-01)
Toorigal AnglicanGolden Highway, MerriwaNSW2140(complete to 2008-08-10)
Top Island Station PrivateIrrigation Way CudgelNSW00
Toragy Point Moruya HeadsNSW00
Toronto354 Awaba Rd TorontoNSW00
Torrens CreekBedford Street, Torrens CreekQLD1718(complete to 2010-08-03)
TorringtonTorrington Rd TorringtonNSW00
Tottenham GeneralUmang Street, TottenhamNSW396396(complete to 2007-11-15)
TowambaLot 117 Ben Beasley Rd TowambaNSW00
TownsendBrooms Head Road, MacleanNSW2,8252,825(complete to 2008-11-07)
Towrang Stockadeoff Carrick Rd TowrangNSW00
Trangie GeneralMungery Street, TrangieNSW1,0201,020(complete to 2004-03-24)
Triabunna Catholiccnr Henry St & Victoria St TriabunnaTAS7781(complete to 2013-11-16)
Trial Bay NSW00
Triangle Flat CatholicTriangle Flat Road, Triangle FlatNSW2828(complete to 2009-11-30)
Trida Station PrivateTrida Rd IvanhoeNSW00
Trigalong StationWynds Rd SebastopolNSW00
Trundle GeneralCondobolin-Trundle Road, TrundleNSW848848(complete to 2009-06-06)
Trunkey CreekLloyd St TrunkeyNSW00
Tubbo StationSturt Highway Darlington PointNSW00
Tucabia Tucabia NSW00
Tucki Tucki GeneralWyrallah Road, Tucki TuckiNSW109109(complete to 2009-08-31)
TuckurimbaWyrallah Rd Tuckurimba NSW00
Tuena TuenaNSW00
Tullamore GeneralTullamore-Tottenham Road, TullamoreNSW372385(complete to 2007-11-15)
TullibigealCrown Camp Rd TullibigealNSW00
Tultabah GraveQuambone-Gulargambone Rd GulargamboneNSW00
TumbarumbaCemetery Rd TumbarumbaNSW00
TumblongAdelong Rd TumblongNSW00
Tumoulin PioneerRacecourse Road, TumoulinQLD1011(complete to 2009-08-08)
TumutCapper St TumutNSW00
Tumut Pioneeroff Yarra Rd TumutNSW00
Tunbridge Old MethodistMain Rd TunbridgeTAS67(complete to 2013-11-11)
Tuncurry GeneralManning Street, TuncurryNSW2,7482,747(complete to 2012-04-30)
Tupra StationOxley Rd MaudeNSW00
Turalla PrivateMathews Lane BungendoreNSW00
Turanville PrivateTuranville Rd SconeNSW00
Turee ValeTuree Rd Turee Vale NSW00
TurimettaMona Vale Rd Mona ValeNSW00
Turnbull Private Lower Portland NSW00
Turondale GeneralTurondale Road, TurondaleNSW5151(complete to 2007-12-13)
Tweed Heads Lawn & GeneralSunshine Avenue, Tweed HeadsNSW3,4613,460(complete to 2008-11-30)
Tweed Heads Old GeneralRazorback Rd, Tweed HeadsNSW918918(complete to 2008-06-30)
Tweed ValleyEviron Rd DuranbahNSW00
TyalgumSwifts Rd TyalgumNSW6464(complete to 2014-09-14)
Tyringham NSW00
Uabba Station PrivateUabba Rd Lake CargelligoNSW00
Uamby PrivateUamby Ln Uamby NSW00
Uarbry GeneralOff Turee Street, UarbryNSW159162(complete to 2004-05-19)
Uardry Station PrivateMurrumbidgee River Rd CarrathoolNSW00
Ulan GeneralOff Main Street, UlanNSW193195(complete to 2004-03-13)
Ulladulla HistoricPrinces Highway, UlladullaNSW66(complete to 2008-12-31)
Ulladulla RacecoursePrinces Highway, UlladullaNSW66(complete to 2008-12-31)
Ulmarra GeneralColdstream Road, UlmarraNSW908907(complete to 2008-05-24)
UnderbankSalisbury Rd BrownmoreNSW00
UngarieCrown Camp Rd UngarieNSW00
UnkyaEungai Rd Eungai Creek NSW339339(complete to 2014-03-19)
Unumgar NSW00
Upper Bingara ChineseUpper Rd Upper BingaraNSW00
Upper Caboolture UnitingCaboolture River Road, Upper CabooltureQLD172174(complete to 2010-07-31)
Upper Castlereagh Methodist305 Old Castlereagh Rd CastlereaghNSW00
Upper Colo Anglican ChurchComleroy Rd Upper ColoNSW00
Upper Coomera Cemetery Road, Upper CoomeraQLD201205(complete to 2009-07-31)
Upper Gundaroo Anglican ChurchSutton-Gundaroo Rd Upper GundarooNSW00
Upper HortonLindesay St Upper Horton NSW00
Upper MangroveTen Mile Hollow Road, Upper MangroveNSW2628(complete to 2012-03-31)
Uralba NSW00
UrallaKingstown Rd Uralla NSW00
Uralla Old GeneralUralla Square, UrallaNSW301287(complete to 2000-12-31)
UranaCoonong St UranaNSW00
Uranquintyoff Olympic Way Uranquinty NSW00
UrbenvilleBonds Rd UrbenvilleNSW261261(complete to 2014-03-18)
Uri East Station PrivateMurrumbidgee River Rd WillbriggieNSW00
Urunga GeneralCemetery Road, UrungaNSW826826(complete to 2011-07-31)
Vacy AnglicanGresford Road, VacyNSW2828(complete to 2008-02-19)
VaucluseOld South Head Rd VaucluseNSW00
Vaughan GraveWade St CrookwellNSW00
Veteran HallHenderson Rd SaratogaNSW1515(complete to 2014-09-16)
Victoria FallsVictoria Falls Road Victoria FallsNSW00
Waddi Station PrivateLachlan Valley Way EuabalongNSW00
Wagga WaggaKooringal Rd KooringalNSW00
Wagga Wagga Catholic ChurchJohnston St Wagga WaggNSW00
Wagga Wagga LawnBrunskill Road Lake AlbertNSW00
Wagingoberembee StationCentral Island Rd GaloreNSW00
Wagongaoff Wagonga Scenic Drive NaroomaNSW00
WagragobillyDarbalora Rd WagragobillyNSW00
WalbundrieRand Rd WalbundrieNSW00
WalchaDarjeeling Rd Walcha NSW00
Walcha CatholicFitzroy Street, WalchaNSW449447(complete to 2010-06-30)
Walgett GeneralBate Street, WalgettNSW1,738172(complete to 2010-02-28)
Walla WallaWalla Cemetery Rd Walla WallaNSW00
Wallabadah GeneralElizabeth Street, WallabadahNSW495519(complete to 1990-06-30)
Wallamba NSW00
Wallangraoff Yetman Rd WallangraNSW00
Wallendbeenoff North Jindalee Rd WallendbeenNSW2410(complete to 2014-04-28)
Wallerawang GeneralPortland Road, WallerawangNSW766765(complete to 2004-12-02)
WalliBelubula Way, WalliNSW812(complete to 2004-12-31)
WallsendSandgate Rd Birmingham GardensNSW00
Walters Family Private St AlbansNSW58(complete to 2011-10-31)
WamberalThe Entrance Rd WamberalNSW4,9750(complete to 2014-03-19)
Wanaaring WanaaringNSW00
WandandianPrinces Hwy WandandianNSW00
WanderaAshford Rd Wandera NSW00
Wandsworth GeneralWandsworth Road, WandsworthNSW1717(complete to 2000-12-31)
Wanganella Wanganella NSW00
Wangwibinda NSW00
Wantabadgery WantabadgeryNSW00
Warangesda Mission PrivateKidman Way Darlington PointNSW00
Wardell General153 Pine St WardellNSW828828(complete to 2013-09-08)
Warden Family Private NSW00
Wards RiverTerreel Rd Wards River NSW00
Warialda GeneralMosquito Creek Road, WarialdaNSW1,6911,689(complete to 2006-10-01)
Warialda PioneerStephen Street, WarialdaNSW289288(complete to 2002-06-04)
Warialda Private NSW00
WarkworthLong Point Rd Warkworth NSW00
Warkworth AnglicanOff High Road, WarkworthNSW173173(complete to 2008-08-13)
Warra GeneralOff Warrego Highway, WarraQLD160159(complete to 2008-04-30)
Warren Anglican ChurchLawson St WarrenNSW00
Warren GeneralIndustrial Access Road, WarrenNSW1,5301,528(complete to 2003-12-10)
WaterfallOff Old Princes Hwy WaterfallNSW2,088315(complete to 2014-07-18)
Watsons Bay Garden of Remembrance331 Old South Head Road Watsons BayNSW00
Watsons Creek Gravesoff Roseneath Rd Watsons Creek NSW00
Watsonville PioneerOff Herberton Petford Road, WatsonvilleQLD97130(complete to 2009-08-15)
Wattle Flat AnglicanBathurst Road, Wattle FlatNSW7378(complete to 2004-05-07)
Wattle Flat RCBathurst Road, Wattle FlatNSW140143(complete to 2004-06-17)
Wattle Flat UnitingBathurst Road, Wattle FlatNSW3131(complete to 2004-06-17)
Wattle Valley Private AberfoyleNSW1010(complete to 2000-12-31)
Wauchope GeneralOxley Highway, WauchopeNSW2,7912,791(complete to 2009-04-30)
Waverleycnr St Thomas St & Trafalgar St BronteNSW00
WeabongaMichell Street, WeabongaNSW3030(complete to 2009-04-25)
Wee Waa GeneralWee Waa - Pilliga Road, Wee WaaNSW1,4041,403(complete to 2006-03-28)
WeekesHyde St Weekes NSW00
Weemelah Weemelah NSW00
WeetangeraWilliam Hovell Drive Belconnen ACT00
WeethalleBarellan Rd WeethalleNSW00
Weilmoringleoff Jobs Gate Rd Weilmoringle NSW00
WejaGiral-Lake Cargelligo Rd WejaNSW00
Welaregangoff River Rd Welaregang NSW00
WelbyMeranie Street WelbyNSW00
Wellingrove Presbyterian WellingroveNSW2121(complete to 2009-09-11)
Wellington Blacks Camp WellingtonNSW1111(partial listing)
Wellington GeneralMitchell Highway, WellingtonNSW3,9893,931(complete to 2002-10-03)
Wellington LawnMitchell Highway, WellingtonNSW2,2002,197(complete to 2004-07-22)
Wellington PioneerMitchell Highway, WellingtonNSW42915(complete to 2002-11-14)
Wellington RC Holy FamilyRenshaw McGirr Way, WellingtonNSW553540(complete to 2004-07-31)
WentworthWilmot St WentworthNSW00
Wentworth FallsMitchell St Wentworth FallsNSW00
Wentworth MausoleumChapel Rd VaucluseNSW00
Werombi Anglican ChurchHayters Ln WerombiNSW00
Werris Creek GeneralMemorial Drive Werris CreekNSW924923(complete to 2007-09-27)
Wertago Station Privateoff Broken Hill - White Cliffs Rd NSW00
Wesley Vale Uniting Church NewPort Sorell Road, Wesley ValeTAS8585(complete to 2008-02-29)
Wesley Vale Uniting Church OldPort Sorell Road Wesley ValeTAS1200(complete to 2007-12-31)
West Bogan AnglicanBrewarrina Road, CoolabahNSW99(complete to 2005-04-14)
West CambewarraBangalee Road West CambewarraNSW00
West Hillgrove Metzoff Sandon Rd West HillgroveNSW00
West MaitlandSouth St TelarahNSW12,3800(complete to 2014-03-19)
West Terrace161 West Terrace AdelaideSA142,0010(partial listing)
West Wallsend GeneralCemetery Road, West WallsendNSW1,2521,247(partial listing)
West WyalongLot 7300 Clear Ridge Rd West WyalongNSW00
Western District Memorial ParkBoothenba Rd Troy JunctionNSW00
Western RoadGreat Western Highway, ParramattaNSW2,5222,516(complete to 2011-07-15)
Weston Anglican59 First Street, WestonNSW255255(complete to 2007-12-31)
WestwoodWestwood Cemetery Road, WestwoodQLD2627(complete to 2010-08-22)
WheeoHawthorn Tree Rd Wheeo NSW00
Wheeo Uniting Church WheeoNSW2929(complete to 2009-12-24)
Whiporie WhiporieNSW00
White CliffsKeraro Rd White CliffsNSW720(partial listing)
White Cliffs GravesMurpheys Rd White Cliffs NSW00
White RockWhite Rock Road, White RockNSW8181(complete to 2007-03-08)
White SpringsCampbells River Road, Black SpringsNSW128131(complete to 2006-10-19)
White Springs Privateoff Campbell River Rd White Springs NSW00
White SwampWhite Swamp Rd White SwampNSW00
WhitebridgeWaran Rd Whitebridge NSW30(partial listing)
Whittingham AnglicanCemetery Road, SingletonNSW2,2972,294(complete to 2013-12-09)
WhittonWilga Rd WhittonNSW00
WiangareeSummerland Way Wiangaree NSW00
WilberforceOld Sackvile Rd WilberforceNSW8420(partial listing)
Wilberforce St Johns Churchyard NSW00
WilcanniaReid St WilcanniaNSW00
Wilderness Rothbury NSW00
Wildes MeadowChurch St Wildes Meadow NSW00
Willeroo NSW00
William Daley GraveOld Post Office Rd CattaiNSW00
William Fletcher GraveBelowra Rd NerrigundahNSW00
Willow PointWillow Point Road, NabiacNSW1322(complete to 2009-05-24)
Willow Tree AnglicanMerriwa Road, Willow TreeNSW186185(complete to 2006-09-17)
Willow Tree CatholicMerriwa Road, Willow TreeNSW5858(complete to 2007-09-24)
Willsons DownfallMt Lindesay Rd Willsons DownfallNSW00
Willunga AnglicanAldinga Road, WillungaSA533533(complete to 2009-06-14)
Willunga CatholicSt Judes Street, WillungaSA371369(complete to 2009-06-20)
Willunga Uniting186 St Andrews Terrace, WillungaSA378381(complete to 2009-06-14)
Wilson Family PrivateToonumbar Forest Rd The RiskNSW00
Wilson PioneerWilson Cradock Road, WilsonSA5672(complete to 2010-08-22)
Wilton Anglican ChurchWilton Rd WiltonNSW00
Windellama AnglicanWindellama Road, WindellamaNSW223223(complete to 2009-11-30)
Windellama Roberts Family PrivateLumley Road WindellamaNSW5249(complete to 2006-12-31)
Windemere NSW00
Windeyer CatholicPyramul Road, WindeyerNSW8787(complete to 2004-05-27)
Windeyer GeneralWindeyer Road, WindeyerNSW138141(complete to 2011-06-19)
Windorahoff Cecil Street, WindorahQLD4141(complete to 2011-05-22)
Windsor Anglican ChurchMoses St WindsorNSW00
Windsor Catholic ChurchChurch St WindsorNSW00
Windsor PresbyterianChurch St Windsor NSW00
Windy GullyCordeaux Rd Mt KemblaNSW5857(complete to 2014-02-14)
WingelloRailway Parade Wingello NSW00
Wingenoff Abbott Street, WingenNSW1316(complete to 2009-04-26)
Wingen Bar NSW00
Wingenbah Graves Privateoff Quambone-Gulargambone Rd GulargamboneNSW00
Wingham Anglican Columbarium7 Bent Street, WinghamNSW136136(complete to 2008-10-25)
Wingham GeneralGlenyarra Road, WinghamNSW2,4802,474(complete to 2008-12-31)
Wingham Presbyterian ColumbariumMoon Street, WinghamNSW2323(complete to 2008-12-31)
Winton GeneralNew Winton Road, WintonNSW1010(complete to 2007-03-15)
Winton QLDCork St WintonQLD2,6321,188(complete to 2014-04-05)
Wirchilleba Station PrivateTara-Tallebung Rd GilgunniaNSW00
Wirrani Station PrivateDevlins Bridge Rd EuroleyNSW00
Wisemans FerrySingleton Road, Wisemans FerryNSW238238(complete to 2011-04-11)
WodenJustinian St WodenACT00
Wolgan Valley Lithgow NSW00
Wollar AnglicanBarigan Road, WollarNSW101114(complete to 2004-05-04)
Wollar GeneralOff Barigan Street, WollarNSW251199(complete to 2011-08-02)
WollombaPacific Highway, NabiacNSW698697(complete to 2007-10-15)
Wollombi GeneralWollombi Road, WollombiNSW801800(complete to 2002-09-18)
Wollombi WesleyanLot 7003 Paynes Crossing Rd Wollombi NSW00
WollongbarAlphadale Road WollongbarNSW432432(complete to 2012-03-31)
WollongongSwan St Wollongong NSW9,4270(complete to 2014-09-19)
Wollongong LawnWylie Rd Kembla GrangeNSW3,8460(complete to 2014-09-19)
Wollongong Memorial GardensBerkeley Rd BerkeleyNSW49,0370(complete to 2014-09-19)
Wollongong Old CatholicCrown Street, WollongongNSW18219(complete to 2004-06-30)
Wollongong Pioneer ParkCnr Bank and Kembla Streets, WollongongNSW130127(complete to 2010-03-19)
WolumlaSouth Rd WolumlaNSW00
Wombarracnr Denmark St & Lawrence Hargrave Road ScarboroughNSW1,3890(complete to 2014-09-19)
Wombat GeneralCaroona & Bibaringa Roads, WombatNSW205204(complete to 2009-09-15)
Wonboyn LakeWomboyn Rd Womboyn Lake NSW00
Wongarbon GeneralVeech's Road, WongarbonNSW4241(complete to 2006-07-21)
WonglepongMundoolan Connection Road, WonglepongQLD8585(complete to 2010-05-06)
WongwibindaGuyra Rd Wongwibinda NSW00
Wongwibinda Private WollomombiNSW77(complete to 2000-12-31)
WoodburnShort St WoodburnNSW530530(complete to 2014-08-12)
WoodchesterWellington Road, WoodchesterSA207207(complete to 2011-03-26)
Woodenbong WoodenbongNSW200200(complete to 2014-03-18)
WoodhillWattamolla Rd WoodhillNSW00
Woodhill QLDHiscock Road, WoodhillQLD469469(complete to 2010-05-26)
Woodside Private NSW00
WoodsreefBarraba Rd Woodsreef NSW00
WoodstockMyalla Rd WoodstockNSW00
Woola WoolaWoola Road, KolondongNSW199192(complete to 2007-09-18)
Woolbrook GeneralBerman Street, WoolbrookNSW140140(complete to 2007-11-06)
Woolgoolga LawnCentenary Drive, WoolgoolgaNSW340326(complete to 2007-11-30)
Woolgoolga MonumentalCentenary Drive, WoolgoolgaNSW630630(complete to 2011-02-06)
WoolominWoolomin Woolomin NSW00
WoomargamaHume Highway WoomargamaNSW00
Woonona Presbyterian Memorial7 Gray Street, WoononaNSW8585(complete to 2010-06-30)
Wooyeo StationElwins Rd Lake CargelligoNSW00
Woronora121 Linden Street SutherlandNSW249,60834,782(partial listing)
WorrigeeGreenwell Point Rd Worrigee NSW3830(complete to 2014-06-21)
WowanWowan Cemetery Road, WowanQLD113117(complete to 2010-10-24)
Wreck BaySummercloud Bay Rd Jervis BayACT00
Wrens Nest Private Oberon AreaNSW00
Wumbulgal CrossingIrrigation Way MurramiNSW00
WyalongLot 7300 Clear Ridge Rd West WyalongNSW00
WyanWyan Rd WyanNSW00
Wyandra WyandraQLD1818(complete to 2007-05-19)
WybongYarraman Rd Wybong NSW00
Wycotoff Silver City Hwy Broken HillNSW00
Wyeeoff Summerhayes Rd, WyeeNSW9696(complete to 2009-02-28)
Wylies Flat Wylies FlatNSW00
WyndhamUmback Rd WyndhamNSW00
WyrallahWyrallah Rd WyrallahNSW00
Wyvern Station PrivateMurrumbidgee River Rd CarrathoolNSW00
Yabtree Station PrivateYabtree Road NangusNSW00
YalgogrinYoungareen Rd Yalgogrin NSW00
Yalgogrin Station Private Yalgogrin NSW00
YalwalYalwal Rd Yalwal NSW2222(complete to 2014-06-25)
YambullaYambulla Rd Yambulla NSW00
Yamma Station Private ColeamballyNSW00
Yandina GeneralCordwell Road, YandinaQLD387387(complete to 2010-04-22)
Yangan Presbyterian49 King Street, YanganQLD7578(complete to 2011-01-31)
Yankalilla AnglicanGlebe Avenue, YankalillaSA232232(complete to 2009-06-21)
Yantabulla Yantabulla NSW00
Yaouk NSW00
Yarara GraveFour Mile Ln Yarara NSW00
Yarra St MarysHume Highway, Yarra via GoulburnNSW4126(complete to 2012-10-31)
YarrabinVarious locations, MerrendeeNSW4242(complete to 2008-06-17)
YarrahapinniStuarts Point Road, Stuarts PointNSW205205(complete to 2012-03-11)
Yarramalong1471 Yarramalong Road Yarramalong NSW202202(complete to 2014-08-13)
Yarramalong St BarnabasRavensdale Road, YarramalongNSW7979(complete to 2011-10-31)
YarramanBundella Rd Yarraman NSW00
YarrawongaGilmore Street, YarrawongaVIC448448(partial listing)
YassIrvine Drive YassNSW00
Yass Anglican Churchcnr Rossi & Pritchett St YassNSW00
Yass LawnIrvine Drive YassNSW00
Yellowrockoff Wollombi Road, BrokeNSW711(complete to 2012-06-15)
YendaBeelbangera Rd YendaNSW00
Yeoval GeneralTremain Drive, YeovalNSW448446(complete to 2002-11-28)
Yerong CreekMittagong-Rd Yerong CreekNSW00
Yerranderie YerranderieNSW00
Yerranderie Grave YerranderieNSW00
Yetholme AnglicanPorters Lane, YetholmeNSW161165(complete to 2006-02-22)
YetmanBruxner Highway YetmanNSW00
Young Anglican ChurchCloete St YoungNSW00
Young Family VaultBermagui Rd Tilba TilbaNSW00
Young GeneralHennessy Place, YoungNSW5,1274,696(complete to 2012-02-24)
Young LawnThornhill St YoungNSW00
Yuleba GeneralOff Warrego Highway YulebaQLD194194(complete to 2007-12-31)
Yulgibar Grave PrivateLionsville Rd LionsvilleNSW00
YullundryBanjo Paterson Way (Obley Rd) YallundryNSW130(complete to 2014-09-23)
YungaburraMulgrave Road, YungaburraQLD249248(complete to 2010-12-05)
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